Can You Have Cancer Without Symptoms

Colon cancer is a tricky disease. You can go without symptoms for many years until the disease has progressed into the later stages. However, just because this is possible does not mean you should not be on the look out for the signs and symptoms of colon cancer. Because when it is caught in time, you can completely recover from colon cancer. This is particularly why colon cancer screening is so important. However, there are many things you can keep an eye out for as well. BleedingRectal bleeding is a major sign of colon cancer. However, bleeding can be a sign of many other conditions such as hemorrhoids, fissures, the consumption of certain foods or iron supplements. Make sure to eliminate the possibility of these conditions before becoming overly concerned. PainIf you have pain in your lower abdomen, it could be a sign of colon cancer. Again, this can also be a sign of many other conditions, so it is important to see your doctor. Change in Bowel MovementsA change in bowel movements is always a sign that something is amiss. It could be due to a change in diet, stress or some other factors, but again, see your doctor to find out for sure. This is especially the case when you have dramatic changes such as suddenly having watery stools, frequent stools, constipation or feeling as though your bowels have not entirely emptied. AnemiaSometimes, a sudden onset of anemia can be a sign of colon cancer. Visit your doctor to find out the cause. Weight LossA sudden, dramatic or unexplained weight loss can be a sign of colon cancer. It is a somewhat rare symptom, so should definitely warrant immediate medical attention. Abdominal TendernessSometimes, the lower abdomen can be tender to the touch if you have colon cancer. It all depends on where the cancer is located in the colon, really. Narrow StoolsIf your stool suddenly appears thin or narrow, it may be a sign of colon cancer. This is especially the case if your stools become narrow all of a sudden. Stools typically take on a narrow appearance due to an obstruction in the bowels. FatigueA sudden loss of energy can be a sign of many conditions, but it can also be a sign of colon cancer. If you feel run down and unable to function, it may be a good time to head off to the doctor. BloatingAgain, bloating can be a sign of many conditions, but it is also indicative of colon cancer. You may simply feel bloated for no reason or your abdomen may be visibly distended. In either case, it is a good idea to have the condition checked out with your physician. Shortness of BreathAs you may have gathered by now, symptoms of colon cancer can imitate many other conditions as well. If you feel out of breath often or feel as though you can not catch your breath, see your doctor.So you see the common theme here? See your doctor! Symptoms of colon cancer can be sneaky and the key to successful treatment is early diagnosis. Do not risk it. If you feel off and exhibit any combination of the above symptoms, let your physician know about it.

can you have cancer without symptoms

Acoustic Neuroma Removal

Many new homeowners dislike acoustic ceilings. When youre preparing your home for acoustic ceiling removal in Concord, you will want to rely on experts for much of the job. The homeowner has minor responsibilities but they are still important. To expedite the process, Custom Painting, Inc. asks homeowners to take down or put away small home dcor items like pictures, mirrors, wall hangings plants, lamps and figurines.

By getting rid of the non-essential items, the acoustic ceiling removal process becomes much more efficient. It will also help the crew be more productive. Rather than covering or removing various items, they are able to focus on the task at hand, which is removing the acoustic ceiling from their home.

The Custom Painting, Inc. crew will take care of the bigger items such as furniture by covering it up. It isnt necessary to remove the furniture from the home. Many companies will require the homeowner to remove the furniture from those rooms they would like the acoustic ceilings removed. This can be a huge ordeal, especially for older couples, those with health problems and individuals who arent able to get anyone to help them.

If people wish to have the acoustic ceilings removed from their home, they will need to take everything down from top shelves, if need be. Everything else, including clothes and shoes, can stay.

Because many homes dont have acoustic ceilings in the bathroom or kitchen, instructions about preparations in these areas generally arent necessary. However, in case a home does have acoustic ceilings in these rooms, the homeowner will need to put away anything that is prone to breaking or being tipped over.

There are numerous reasons why an individual would want to have their acoustic ceilings removed, one of the most important reasons being concern for the entire family's health. Acoustic ceilings attract and trap dirt which can irritate those with asthma and other lung disorders.

Acoustic ceilings are dated. They were popular in the 1970s, which is quite a long time ago. People that would like modernize their home may want to have these ceilings removed.

Getting rid of acoustic ceilings and replacing them with something more modern and attractive, can help increase your homes re-sale value. While it wont make it significantly more valuable, it may give the home the edge over another home a buyer is considering. Today, real estate is a buyers market. Sellers have to do whatever that they can to give themselves an edge. Having nice, modern ceilings, though seemingly inconsequential, is one way to do so.

If youve decided that the acoustic ceilings have to go, preparing your home for acoustic ceiling removal in Concord makes sense. Let the experts at Custom Painting, Inc. help you with this task and get great results.

acoustic neuroma removal

Acoustic Neuroma Definition

Video conferences serve a variety of purposes in modern society. You could use a video conference to stay in touch with a loved one who is far away on work or in the military. Video conferences can also be used to chat with important businessmen and to set up meetings when the other person can't make it in person. Finally, video conferences are also great ways for friends to have a good time together without being with each other in person. There are a lot of opportunities to use video conferencing, and high-definition video conferencing will do the job better than standard definition will.

High-definition video conferencing has several advantages of standard definition. The first and most pronounced distinction is often in the clarity of the streaming of the video. Standard definition videos tend to skip around a lot, and they also often become blurry very easily. HD video conferencing is always much clearer and crisp. There won't be any lags in the picture quality, and if all parties involved are using HD video conferencing, then the video will look great the entire time.

Another very obvious upgrade from standard definition videos for conferences and high-definition videos is the sound quality. The microphones inside of high-definition video cameras tend to produce much finer sound quality, so that the video is not only clearer visually, but audibly as well. Standard definition cameras often have lower-quality microphones that can make the voices sound choppy and disorganized, just like the videos from standard definition video cameras often are.

The reasons that these upgrades are so important are numerous. To begin with, the audible and visual clarity of conferencing calls can make the difference between proper communication and poor communication. Imagine a business meeting complete with charts, graphs, sales figures and other important pieces of information where the picture is blurred and the sounds are unclear. How would you be able to communicate with your business partners effectively if you can't properly read the props they have or understand what they are saying? Standard definition video conferences are often a recipe for disaster for businessmen for these reasons.

If you have husband or wife that travels a lot, you would like to see their face every once in a while, wouldn't you? With phones calls, you could always get high-quality audio conversations, but high-definition video conferences can be even better, since you'll get to see and hear the person at the same time. Good videos and audio on your camera will make that experience much better than choppy standard definition video conferences. The full experience of getting back in touch with your traveling loved one can't be had with standard definition videos.

Many groups of friends enjoy video conferencing with each other as well. Nothing would ruin a good social event online more quickly than substandard video feeds and indecipherable audio malfunctions on cheap microphones. To be able to communicate with your friends more effectively, you would need high-definition video conferencing with better cameras. These cameras make great gifts for anyone any time of the year if they like to stay in touch this way.

High-definition video conferencing is the way to go for any purpose. If you're going to use videos to chat and see the people you care about or to talk business, you may as well give it the best shot you can.

acoustic neuroma definition

Acoustic Neuroma Association

An association is a group of individuals that are known as members. Each member is technically an owner of the association because they pay membership dues that go toward the organization and help finance its fiscal responsibilities. The entire organization is governed by a board of individuals that are elected by voting members. The governing board may be made up of committees, task forces, and association subunits. The board also usually votes to elect an executive director and a chief executive officer. The chief executive officer or executive director are usually responsible for day-to-day activities of the organization and management of paid staff.

As you can tell by the complexity of the association organizational structure, there is a particular type of management of the people involved called, rather appropriately, association management. Association management is a subset of organizational management that affects more than 500,000 professionals across the United States. There are more than 25,000 national associations in this country and more than 65,000 state or regional associations. Each group is managed by its members in accordance with association management practices.

In many ways, association management is similar to the management of any other business or corporate entity. Other organizations require most of the same things as an association, such as human resources, financial and accounting, meeting coordination, technical resource development, and general project management. Almost all companies have departments to meet these organizational needs and often hire multiple people to oversee each area.

However, there are a few areas of organization that are unique to association management and the structure of associations. These include such things as issues dealing with membership, accounting that takes into consideration tax-exemption, as well as fundraising. The membership aspect of associations is unique and requires constant recruitment and retention of individuals in the community and across the nation. Also, fundraising is an important aspect of association management and must be planned for accordingly. The finances from fundraising are often exempt from many state and federal taxes, so there should be an attorney or accountant on staff that is familiar with these type of legal issues.

Professionals that deal with association management must also be familiar with the rules, regulations, and court proceedings that affect associations. There is a degree called the Certified Association Executive in which an individual can become credentialed in association management and learn the ins and outs of this type of particular organizational management. The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) offers the Certified Association Executive degree.

As you can see, association management has a few things in common with management of other types of corporations and organizations. However, there are enough unique aspects of association management that make it a subspecialty that requires an individual with a certain level of expertise and education. Be sure to contact a professional in your area today if you require the services of an association manager.

acoustic neuroma association

Acoustic Neuroma Forum

Even though you can often unearth cost effective electric guitars in the same cost range as acoustics, you will also want to shop for an amplifier and cable for an electric. Preserve this in thoughts if your price range is incredibly limited.

You may perhaps be tempted to decide to buy the least expensive guitar that you can discover, but don't fall into this mindset. When you are initially learning an instrument you want to feel like you are regularly producing progress, not fighting its limitations. Low-priced, or poorly made guitars are not enjoyable to play, and if it is not fun, you almost certainly will not stick with it. You don't have to buy an high-priced model, but do attempt to get one that feels like it is properly created. If you have guitarist associates, you can ask them what they recommend for your spending budget range. Alternately, you can acquire a guitar forum over the internet and ask other folks what they would advocate.

An additional factor you may assume about is whether or not you need to have a brand name guitar or not. Not all brand names are produced equal. The pricey model that your guitar hero is playing won't have a complete lot in frequent with the entry level models of the similar brand. They can appear related, but the comparisons will probably end there. A higher priced experienced instrument will not be of the very same caliber as a starter. Given that of this, never dismiss some of the lesser identified brands, as they can basically cater to the price range marketplace.

1 way you can conserve some dollars when guitar shopping, yet still get a great worth, is to obtain applied. A nicely made used guitar can perform considerably much better than an equally priced brand new "starter" guitar. Examine out the utilised section at your nearby music retailer, or search your favourite on-line auction and you may possibly unearth a excellent deal on a quality instrument.

With these few suggestions and a small searching, you can discover an cost effective top quality instrument to get you started on your way to becoming the guitar player that you want to be.

acoustic neuroma forum

Acoustic Neuroma Pictures

Table of Contents

  1. A 20 year old picture saved
  2. A book on' talking pictures of the past'
  3. 1980's Hair Pic Saved
  4. Untouched original photo
  5. Trophies were lost in a move
  6. More trophies lost during a move
  7. An old damaged photo from 1976
  8. 1980's Fantasy Hair Competition
  9. Hawaiian Hair Fantasy
  10. A close up of Hair Fantasy Competition
  11. The model; "Why do I do this"
  12. The New York International Hair Show
  13. A VERY old photo of my kids
  14. Any Camera will do!
  15. Taking pictures of special things
  16. Old photos of good friends
  17. Special people and great memories
  18. An old newspaper article

  1. A 20 year old picture saved
  2. A book on' talking pictures of the past'
  3. 1980's Hair Pic Saved
  4. Untouched original photo
  5. Trophies were lost in a move
  6. More trophies lost during a move
  7. An old damaged photo from 1976
  8. 1980's Fantasy Hair Competition
  9. Hawaiian Hair Fantasy
  10. A close up of Hair Fantasy Competition
  11. The model; "Why do I do this"
  12. The New York International Hair Show
  13. A VERY old photo of my kids
  14. Any Camera will do!
  15. Taking pictures of special things
  16. Old photos of good friends
  17. Special people and great memories
  18. An old newspaper article
  19. Take pictures of your pictures!
  20. A glare? I don't care!
  21. Have you saved your photos?
  22. Like it? Click the thumbs up button to let me know ~ and remember to leave a comment below
  23. Guestbook Comments
  24. About Karin Hiebert
  25. My current pages;
  26. Other pages of interest

A 20 year old picture saved

You can preserve an old photo

This picture is approximately 20 years old (at the very least - could be older) it is a hair shot of my model from an Avant-garde hair styling competition I was in.

I have an album of old photos from years ago of hair shows and competitions that I competed in.
This picture and hair- do was way ahead of it's time.

It's one of the old photos that I would never want to lose.

I used my iPhone to take a picture of it and uploaded it to my computer. I was able to share it with my friends on Facebook.
My friends in the hair styling industry loved it, and remembered it well!
It brought back great memories and we all shared some old and new photos of hair competitions, and it was fun to chat about 'the good old days'

While the quality of the photo isn't the greatest mainly because back then we simply didn't have the great quality cameras that we have today - I was still able to take a pretty good picture of the picture.

I now have this, and most all of them saved to my computer and phone for viewing and sharing.

You can do this with anything that you want to save and preserve in the event that you might lose an album or two for some reason.

Albums are great to have with our old photos, and I hope I never lose them. But, just in case; now I have them all saved in this way!

A book on' talking pictures of the past'

It's like our old photos do have words...they come with memories...and stimulate great conversations...
What do your old photos say to you? What do your photos say 'about you'?
Talking Pictures: Images and Messages Rescued from the Past

Talking Pictures: Images and Messages Rescued from the Past

by Ransom Riggs

I found this little gem of a book about what our old photos say...they really are 'talking pictures'
What do your old photos say to you?

What do your photos say 'about you'?

Do photos speak? They do to me...check out this book and find out about 'talking photos'

Buy Now

1980's Hair Pic Saved

80's Hair Competition Saved!

This was another gem that I didn't want to ever lose, among many other 'old' hair pics from way back when.
This was an Avant- garde hair competition. I was nominated as one of the top 5 hair stylists across Canada in the Avant-garde category.

The model was shot under black light for added effect...for back then that was way ahead of its time as well.

It's fun to look through them once in a while without having to pull out a bunch of photo albums. I still have the albums and hope I always will...
I have heard countless times however where people have had all of their photos lost or destroyed.
In the event that that might and could happen to me, now I have all of mine in digital online form!

Untouched original photo

You could touch up photos these days to clean them up; I chose not to

I could easily touch up this picture and remove a few unsightly hairs with a photo editing program and make this hairstyle look 'cleaner' and make the workmanship of the hair style look better by than it really was...I chose not to...this is original work and how the style turned out.

Editing it to make it look better in my opinion would be 'cheating' - it wouldn't be the same.

This was from the Canadian Hairstylist of the year awards Avant- garde category.
It was my 'twist' on the bee hive hair do.

It's saved and preserved in it's original state.

I do like to look at it and 'see' my mistakes in the hair style, and it's a great training tool to show other hair stylists where and what they need to focus on when competing...exactly where and in what areas they need to 'clean up' stray hairs.

This was from the early 80's as oldy but goldy!

Trophies were lost in a move

The awards and trophies

During one of my moves we lost an entire box of awards and trophies.
We took some photographs of some of our awards one day.

I found the picture in another shoebox of old photos...
While my trophies are long gone ~ I still had the picture of some of them.
This was taken in the early 80's

I can now view them or use them online...I am so glad I found the picture!
(not every trophy in this particular picture is mine, some belonged to my partner)

By doing this I am able to share and view them on my computer and on social media sites.

Ah, back in 'the day'

Great idea to take pictures of special things and have them turn out 'OK.'

More trophies lost during a move

These are a few more awards and trophies that were unfortunately lost in a move.

This was taken in the late 80's in one of my salons.
I had the picture in that shoebox of photos, and took a picture of it.

Granted it wasn't a great photograph in the first place by no means and it was taken with a very inexpensive camera. (I think it was a Kodak instant disposable camera that cost me about 15.00!)

Still I am glad I had it and found it.

I now have a hair folder on my computer which means that I will always have it, even if I lose the shoebox or album!

An old damaged photo from 1976

This damaged photo is still a treasure

For it's day this was another hair cut that was ahead of it's time. I wanted to save it as well even though it was a damaged was in a shoe box filled with photos that weren't stored properly.

Even though it was damaged and old, it still is a very special picture of a very special competition. It was for the big L'Oreal Canadian Championship hair competition...
We had several done in black and white back then...

The haircut wasn't executed nearly as well as I could do now, it was my second hair competition.
We did win with it so it's a great memory!

Taking pictures of your originals helps hang onto those memories when they are uploaded to a folder on your computer or uploaded to social media sharing sites.
The photos are viewed more easily and frequently on your computer than if they were in a shoe box or album.

1980's Fantasy Hair Competition

Back in the olden days!

Back in the day - 1980 Winnipeg held a Fantasy Hair competition.

This was a picture of our win! It was way ahead of it's time for the 80's...and although the award and trophy is long gone (lost in a move) I was glad to have this picture.
The picture wasn't taken by a professional photographer - I'm sure you can tell! It was taken with another cheap camera...
In fact I didn't even take it...someone took it and later dropped it off at the salon.

I took a photo of the picture...again...I now have it forever...

No worries if I do lose the actual photo, although I hope that never happens.
I like physical photos...But, I also like to be able to view and share them online.

And Yes, it's all real hair...hours of work!

Hawaiian Hair Fantasy

Distorted from blowing it up so it's not the greatest!

This too was from the late 80's it was a Hawaiian Fantasy Competition.
It's distorted from enlarging the photo; I do still have it in its original size.

I wanted to throw in a big picture to show you that you can indeed enlarge them if you want...

The picture quality is lost when you enlarge them.
I didn't do anything to make the picture 'clearer' with any editing programs.

You certainly can do that...

I do prefer to leave them as is in their original state though.

This was a great hair competition, a lot of fun, and a fantastic memory!

A close up of Hair Fantasy Competition

This is the original size of the photo.
The picture above is this size when not enlarged.

It took days to get the color placement just right to achieve the look of the ocean, brown on the palm tree base and the green tops of the palm trees.

It was a huge hit at this competition, and work that I was very proud of...
I wouldn't want to lose pictures like this.

The picture itself was taken with a very inexpensive camera. And we're talking years and years ago!
I was still able to get a pretty good picture of the picture.

(In case you were wondering, yes, we did win first place)

The model; "Why do I do this"

I think she was gettting tired!

Hours of work went into this creation. How could I not take a picture of a picture?
The model was getting tired and started shaking her head at it all. (In a good way!)

I posted this into my Facebook album. It was a great 'share'
These are pictures that I have in my hair album, it's nice to be able to share them online and to know that I have these now online and in my computer!

These are special times from the days where we didn't have today's technology or the great cameras available to us today.

The image is exactly preserved as it is in it's physical form.

The New York International Hair Show

International Avant-garde Hair Show

This photo was from the late 70's...and was taken from a distance. Again with a very inexpensive camera so the picture quality was poor in the first place.

It's unfortunate that I don't have a close up of it...still, I.m glad I have at least this one!
I never took photo's of my work - with all of the tension and excitement of competing and making sure you had all of your tools and products, a camera just wasn't on the list of priorities.

We didn't have cell phones with cameras back then and purchasing a good camera wasn't important...I did rely on others or professional photographers to take pictures and send them...more often than not - that didn't happen.

It's great that I have at least one of these! AND that I was able to take a picture of it too, to have and share!

A VERY old photo of my kids

Old family photos

This photo was already slightly damaged because I didn't have it in an album. It was unprotected in my wallet for years, and then went into a drawer as I updated my wallet photo.

I cam across it and didn't ever want to lose it either. Plus it was fun to post it on my kids Facebook walls!

The little one had cut her own bangs and I managed to straighten them up as best as I could. What a cutey!
It's an adorable picture of my 3 little beautiful babies...again a picture that I never want to lose. Now that I posted and shared it with them, they too will have it forever!

So, not the greatest quality of a photo... however, the point is to have them in another format.
You can scan your photos and upload them that way - I found that scanning them made the picture look grainy...taking a picture of the original photo seemed to work better than scanning it.

You can try either one, and once uploaded you could always adjust things lie 'red eye' and crop them. I chose to leave the photos exactly as they were, and are. No touching up, cropping or anything.
Simply my can do whatever you want in saving or editing your photos.

This is one great way of having and storing your photos besides in an album.

Any Camera will do!

You can use any camera.

Take a few shots- try with natural light, a flash or no flash

Experiment - take a few pics and chose the best or one that is closest to the original

You can edit them, crop them or just leave them as is, or was, like I did!

Taking pictures of special things

A reason to take a picture of something old

This is a picture of a seasonal hockey schedule. It was the last season the the Winnipeg Jets Hockey team were playing in the NHL.

That's my son in the middle of the picture of the schedule waving with his dad holding up that 'Winnipeg Jets' flag!
Of course this is special in so many ways for so many reasons.

It's a treasure.

I did expand the size of it because it was a pocket schedule, so it was small- wallet size.

Naturally there is distortion and its not a great picture...far from it. However, it's the point that I have it and always will have it in its physical form and now online.

I do have it on my Facebook (not blown up like this) it is as well as on my son's wall. He is in his 30's now and he appreciated that I posted it...sometimes we forget about these old it's nice to 'resurrect them' and share them!

Old photos of good friends

While we're on the topic of hockey! :)

We sent Teemu Selanne of the Winnipeg Jets hockey team 54 roses the day after he broke the record of the most goals scored by a rookie in a season...Teemu was a hair client, and eventually became good friends of the family.

We sent the roses to his home, and his wife took this picture and brought it into the salon.
A lot of the Jets were clients and did give us autographed pictures to hang in the salon or to give to our son (and daughters)

This one was and is special in so many ways.

A great memory of that game that we attended, and a great memory of a good friend who accomplished something spectacular!

This was back in the early 90's, and I don't know what kind of camera was used to take the picture. This looks equally the same as it does in its physical form.

Special people and great memories

This is another was a very small photo of our babysitter and our 3 kids...

The picture is exactly the same 'quality' as in it's physical form.

I haven't cropped it or have done anything to it whatsoever.
Again, something I was able to share online with the babysitter who lives in another part of the world, but someone who I reconnected with on Facebook.
I shared the photo there with her...

It was a great conversation of great memories...we absolutely loved this girl and it's the only pic we have of her with our children.
Another treasure.

An old newspaper article

This is a full page news article about a hair competition I competed in where I won first place in women's hair cut and style and first place in men's cut and style.

I'll toot my own horn here! I had a perfect score in both categories- which rarely happens! So I also won the Mayor's trophy; you can only win the Mayor's with perfect scores across the board from all judges.

(Yes, hair competitions is SERIOUS business!)

I took this picture of the newspaper article. Naturally the newspaper had yellowed and aged over time...but here I have it isn't going to get anymore damaged, nor will it age anymore than it already has!

And I can view it in large to read it's content by zooming in...

A great way to keep and preserve something special...and a great way to share with others.

Let the 'Remember when?' conversations begin...

Take pictures of your pictures!

The important thing to know is that you could lose your physical photos.
ALL of those great pictures that you have and have saved for years could be in digital form.
You'll never lose them, and they can't be destroyed!

A glare? I don't care!

The special pictures

We all have them...special pictures from long of our children perhaps, school class photos...

Although I did get a glare on this photo, I still don't mind it. I tried several lighting...without flash, closing blinds and more experimenting...I simply couldn't get it without the glare as the actual picture had a shine to it already.

This picture is of my son when he played hockey at our near by community club...
It's a little treasure as well.

For me personally I don't even mind that it isn't perfect!
It's the picture of him that I wanted to save.

Like it? Click the thumbs up button to let me know ~ and remember to leave a comment below

I'm also a poet, didn't you know? O.K. did not just believe that.

Do leave a comment...
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acoustic neuroma pictures

Lungs Symptoms

Pleural mesothelioma starts in the lungs. The pleura is a membrane around the lungs and is inside the chest. Whenever doctors refer to pleural or pleura this is the area they are talking about. Pleural mesothelioma symptoms are similar to many other pleural diseases and cancers. Pleural disease is often one of the early mesothelioma stages of pleural mesothelioma.

Pleural mesothelioma and pleural diseases begin by attacking this membrane, which makes it more difficult to breathe. Chest pain is a very common mesothelioma symptom; however it is also a symptom of many pleural diseases, including pleural mesothelioma. Both benign (not progressing) and malignant (progressing and getting worse) pleural diseases and pleural mesothelioma will produce symptoms of chest pain and shortness of breath. This is because the natural fluid that flows between the outer shell of your lung and the membrane over it (the parietal pleura) gets interrupted.

The fluid in this pleura space keeps your lungs breathing smooth and rhythmically when it s flowing peacefully. It revolves in a continuous state of production and removal. When asbestos enters the lungs and chest and mesothelioma symptoms begin, the balance disappears and excess fluid accumulates. The fluidity of breathing disappears, and the pleural disease begins making breathing difficult. When there is excess fluid in the pleural space, it s called pleural effusion. Pleural effusion can be one of the early mesothelioma stages, but if you have pleural effusion, that does not mean you have pleural mesothelioma.

Pleural diseases are not rare. If you ve been exposed to asbestos, statistics published in British medical journals show that there is likely a 50% chance that you will have a pleural disease. Pleural disease is also common in many cancers, including breast cancer and lung cancer it is not relegated to pleural mesothelioma or malignant mesothelioma. Medical journals report that 40% of cancer patients experience pleural effusion. In asbestos related pleural effusion, pleural effusion is sometimes followed by one of the next mesothelioma stages, diffuse pleural thickening.

Diffuse pleural thickening and pleural mesothelioma are not as common as pleural effusion and pleural plaques. Pleural plaques can occur from a brief exposure to asbestos, but may not be observed until 20 years later. Diffuse pleural thickening can be noticed anywhere from 3 years to 40 years after asbestos exposure, although it may occur as soon as a year after asbestos exposure. Medical tests must be given to determine the extent of the disease, and to monitor the progression which would indicate the likelihood of pleural mesothelioma or other malignant mesothelioma. For malignant pleural mesothelioma, the disease could be latent for 40 years or more. But pleural effusion is often diagnosed first, and can sometimes be noticed as early as a year after asbestos exposure. The degree of calcification (similar to a hardening) often determines how early the pleural disease can be identified. However, the stages of pleural calcification and mesothelioma stages of malignant mesothelioma will differ with each individual.

Pleural mesothelioma or pleural disease is not unlikely if you ve been exposed to asbestos. If you ve been exposed to asbestos, even for short time, and are having chest pain, it is important to start with chest x-rays to be able to monitor the progression of the disease. Medical tests for pleural diseases and pleural mesothelioma have the potential to halt the progression of malignant pleural mesothelioma as best as today s medical discoveries allow. Early mesothelioma treatment lengthens mesothelioma life expectancy. Medical tests for pleural mesothelioma should start with any signs of pleural disease. Your doctor must know you ve been exposed to asbestos. Find a pulmonologist or oncologist who is familiar with asbestos pleural diseases such as pleural mesothelioma and get the early mesothelioma treatment that you and your family deserve.

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Natural Cures for Motion Sickness

Delicate symptoms embody headache and nausea; severe symptoms embrace dizziness, excessive sweating, vomiting, fatigue, and distress.

Motion sickness is caused by the effects of movement on the inner ear. The inner ear controls our balance, but when we are in motion, generally the signals our brain receives from the inner ear conflict with signals returning from our eyes -- our sight. For example, if you're in the cabin of a big boat, your inner ear will sense the boat's movements, but your eyes might not corroborate this information. These mixed signals end in motion sickness.

Most medications for motion sickness should be taken before travel; some medications are sedatives, whereas others scale back feelings of nausea. Once motion sickness starts, it's laborious to manage whereas you're still in motion, thus follow the directions that come back together with your prescription exactly, taking the medication at the prescribed time before travel.

There also are some natural remedies for motion sickness that may help. Ginger is one natural food that has been used for millennia in Asia to treat numerous conditions, including nausea, upset abdomen, and diarrhea. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties which will ease joint pain associated with arthritis. And ginger has been shown to skinny the blood, reducing cholesterol levels. Ginger has a plus over prescription medications in that, as a natural substance, it does not cause facet effects.
Ginger can be consumed as recent root, as a cooking spice, boiled in tea, as capsules or tablets, as liquid extract, as candied slices, and in alternative forms. To stop motion illness, it's recommended to take ginger up 12 hours before traveling; or if you're going to take an extended flight or cruise, take ginger for many days leading up to your travel. Some grams of powdered ginger per day, or the equivalent in another type, ought to be sufficient. Ginger is in fact gift in gingersnap cookies and ginger ale, however at a abundant lower content, therefore these snack foods could not be as effective as ginger in purer form.

Another natural remedy that's commonly mentioned is using an acupuncture wrist band. These are bands that you just wear on your wrists; the bands have plastic studs that press gently into your wrists. The pressure that your body senses in your wrists restores the balance that has been thrown askew in your inner ears. It might appear odd that the brain can be tricked in such a manner, however acupuncture wrist bands are shown to figure effectively in countering motion sickness.

There are plenty of logic precautions that you'll be able to take before traveling in addition that can help scale back your probability of getting motion sickness. Avoid eating greasy or acidic foods for many hours before travel, together with occasional, however don't starve yourself, as an empty abdomen is just as dangerous. Eat fruit, breads, and cereals, and drink low-acid beverages like milk, apple juice, and water. Of course, drink lots of water, both before and throughout your travel. Alcohol is another substance to avoid; if you're on a party cruise, however, and need to keep up along with your mates, alternate alcoholic drinks with glasses of plain water.

If you do start to feel queasy, wanting toward a distance purpose is better than focusing on something within the foreground. If you have got soda crackers, these facilitate reduce nausea.
If you're susceptible to motion sickness, it could be difficult to avoid completely, but there are steps you can take to at least alleviate your discomfort.

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Facial Nerve Treatment

Solution for Bell's Palsy and Facial Paralysis

Named after Sir Charles Bell, a 19th century Scottish surgeon, Bell's palsy refers to facial paralysis caused by an irritation to the cranial nerve VII (number 7). It is this nerve that controls most of your facial muscles which include even those that control your smile, blink and wrinkle the forehead.

What causes Bell's palsy?

The cause of Bell's palsy or facial paralysis is not clearly known till date. It is not known till date as to why irritation occurs in the cranial nerve VII. There are many who believe that facial paralysis is caused due to extreme exposure to cold conditions though there is no evidence to suggest this. There are others who believe that facial paralysis happens due to an inflammation of the cranial nerve VII which may have been caused by a viral infection.

Recognizing the symptoms

One of the first symptoms of Bell's palsy or facial paralysis is when you begin drooling after brushing your teeth or when you drink water. Likewise, when you notice that your mouth is not properly aligned and is slightly twisted. Some of the other symptoms include inability to whistle or blow your cheeks or have excess tearing in one eye.

Treating Facial paralysis

One of the major causes of concern in the treatment of Bell's palsy refers to eye care. This is because the patient is unable to close one eye which can cause corneal abrasions or any other kinds of injuries. Irrespective of what kind of treatment you are taking, it is suggested that you always have a dark glass on and use eye drops to prevent the eyes from drying up. Further, it has been observed that oral steroids like prednisone are very effective in reducing the course of this disease and at the same time improve the recovery rate quite effectively. In very severe cases surgery helps in relieving the pressure on the nerve, thereby preventing permanent nerve damage.

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Facial Nerve Problems

Skin is the largest organ in human body. In terms of surface area and weight, skin measures more than any other single organ of human body. Skin has a lot of functionalities that makes skin a vital organ of human body.

It forms the outer cover of the body; hence it provides a natural protection for the internal body parts. Skin contains thousands of nerve-endings; thus it is also responsible for relaying sensation. It is skin that controls heat and moisture content of the body. Skin takes part in excretion too; sweat glands of skin secrete sweat that contains excretory products. Skin stores lipid and water and it synthesizes vitamin D; the only vitamin D intake takes place in human body is through skin.

Top of all, skin adds to the overall look of individuals and that is what makes skin so important for many of us. People are hardly aware of the biological importance of skin as the functionalities are complex. But the texture of skin is well-felt and admired.

With age, skin undergoes certain changes. Men and women strive to stop aging with the desire to look younger. Wrinkles, dark circles, under-eye puffs, black heads, acne, pimples etc. are said to damage skin and enhance aging process. Therefore, the primary objective of skin care is to get rid of these skin problems and keep the skin toned so that it looks younger.

It is true that natural facial products are proved to work well for skin treatment, but learning few things about the causes of various skin problems and diseases before using any skincare product can help you find out the right solution easily.

Some of the rashes and black spots found on the skin are not actually a skin problem. Mal functioning of liver often leaves spots on the skin. In such cases, along with natural facial skin care products, internal medication is also important.

There are some misconceptions about black heads too. People often think that black heads occur because of dirt on the face; hence washing the face with a face wash is all we need to do to remove black heads. But that is not the case. When the skin pores get enlarged, cellular debris precipitate there which gets oxidized by air and create the blackheads. Those who know how blackheads are formed will definitely go for the facial skin care that contains honey the natural antioxidant.

Most natural facial products and skin care products are made of organic matters like flowers, essential oils, herbs, shrubs, roots etc. that have been observed to cure certain skin diseases. In earlier days, people used to prepare their organic facial products in their home. In countries like China, India, Egypt and some other regions of Middle East people were aware of the curative power of herbs and they started using them. Honey, sandal wood, jojoba, rose water, coconut oil, turmeric etc. are often used for various skin problems.

Natural skin care products make use of these organic materials and concoct the right ointment and lotion for skin diseases. A thoughtful use of natural facial skin care can help individuals delay wrinkling and hinder aging successfully. The best thing about natural or organic products is they do not have any side effect.

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