Staging For Lung Cancer

Malignant cells appear within the mesothelium, the sac that acts as protecting cowl for many of the inner organs within the body.New Lung Most cancers Staging System A mesothelium is made of cell layers - one that straight covers the organ and another that surrounds it. The mesothelium is liable for producing a fluid that acts to lubricate the organs, similar to the guts and the lungs, permitting them to maneuver safely towards other parts of the body. With out thorough examination and exams, it could possibly easily be mistaken for lung cancer.

Relying on the part of the body the place it appears, mesothelium is referred to in numerous ways. If it covers the organs located in the abdominal cavity, it is referred to as the peritoneum. The mesothelium that gives safety for the guts is named the pericardium. If it covers the lungs and wall lining of the chest, it's called pleura. In the uterus, it is called the tunica serosa uteri and in the reproductive organs of the male, it's known as the tunica vaginalis testis.

Mesothelioma and lung cancer

The time period mesothelioma means cancer of the mesothelium. It isn't the identical as lung cancer. Compared to other forms of most cancers, it is relatively uncommon, with only a mean of two,000 cases being recognized every year within the United States. This illness can affect each men and women and can appear at any age.

The risk of creating mesothelioma is increased as a result of publicity to asbestos. In reality, at the very least 70% of mesothelioma circumstances showed individuals with a history of publicity to the material. It could additionally have an effect on people who find themselves living with a person who has been uncovered to asbestos. This does not restrict mesothelioma to this group of people, however. It is also known to appear in other sufferers even if they have not had prior exposure.

How is mesothelioma recognized?

Differentiating mesothelioma and lung cancer is rather troublesome, especially if the disease is already in the malignant stage. Nevertheless, there are certain exams that a physician may perform, including a physical examination, chest x-ray, CBC or complete blood rely, removing of tissue samples for biopsy, bronchoscopy and thoracotomy. A cytologic exam can also be conducted where a small quantity of fluid is taken from both the lungs or the stomach and examined.

A few of the signs that benefit a go to to the doctor embrace: difficulty in breathing, chest pain (often situated beneath the rib cage), lumps, swelling or ache within the stomach and unexplained weight loss.

Is there a treatment for mesothelioma?

As of in the present day, no treatment for mesothelioma has been discovered. However, there are remedies obtainable to assist handle the disease. Some of these treatments embrace surgical procedure, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Surgical procedure

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The most typical remedy for mesothelioma is surgical procedure, where part of the affected part is removed, along with among the surrounding tissue. This is the treatment that is typically used in the course of the early levels of the disease. It helps gradual the progression of the disease and will help scale back the symptoms. In instances the place the diseased has progressed extensively, different remedy choices are considered.


Radiotherapy removes most cancers cells through the use of excessive energy radiation beams. Radiotherapy is effective in eradicating cancer cells that may stay even after surgery. To ensure that radiation beams hit the goal cells, x-rays and computer imaging are also used throughout the process. This makes positive that solely cancer cells are destroyed and reduces the variety of wholesome cells that are affected.

Radiotherapy can also be used as a palliative form of treatment and helps control the spread (metastases) of the cancer. Additionally it is useful in alleviating symptoms like difficulty in respiration and pain.


Chemotherapy is usually administered intravenously or by the use of catheters, permitting anti-most cancers medicine to enter the blood stream quickly. It is often advisable for sufferers who can not endure a surgical procedure.

Chemotherapy has some unintended effects, together with nausea, vomiting, fever, fatigue, diarrhea or constipation. Bruises may seem and even sores in the throat or mouth area. The type of symptoms that seem in a affected person relies on the chemotherapy therapy, dosage and on that particular patient's reaction.

These treatments are mean to take away as a lot of the cancerous tumors as possible and to offer reduction from painful symptoms. They are also meant to assist lengthen the lifetime of the patient.

Is there a remedy for mesothelioma?

Additional research and clinical trials are being carried out to help discover the most effective remedies that are the simplest in opposition to mesothelioma. No treatment has been discovered yet. As of now, early detection and treatments have been displaying higher and better survival rates. Like lung cancer, mesothelioma can be halted if it is detected earlier.
Most cancers survivor, Karon Beattie, has compiled a most cancers remedy reference book detailing over 350 alternative most cancers therapies used by thousands of people that beat cancer. New Lung Cancer Staging System 2009 Although lung most cancers just isn't at all times responsive to conventional cancer treatments, Beattie gives quite a few accounts of individuals surviving lung most cancers utilizing different treatments. She states that these therapies are not covered by the FDA and usually not patentable by drug companies, resulting in poor data amongst doctors.

Specifically in relation to lung most cancers, Beattie's book, "Natural Most cancers Treatments That Work", describes instances where a mix of nutritional dietary supplements cured a affected person's lung cancer. She gives an account of an across-the-counter complement that nearly doubled the tumor response fee for non-small cell lung cancer together with chemotherapy.

Beattie goes on to explain how nine males with untreatable lung cancer experienced major improvements of their conditions after taking a standard vitamin.

Beattie additional describes a remedy that heats tumors with out damaging surrounding tissue, leading to survival rates of 91% at eighteen months after analysis of non-small cell lung most cancers for patients who had failed to reply to chemotherapy and radiation. This appears an astonishing consequence for a cancer given a poor prognosis by oncologists.

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Beattie goes on to detail how a patented soup of cancer-fighting ingredients reversed a woman's stage IV non-small cell lung most cancers and how a 54-yr-old man eliminated a bean-sized tumor on his right lung after five weeks taking a mineral originally found in Lourdes, France, now extra widely available. As well as, the writer has collected first-hand accounts from 156 people who overcame lung cancer using natural and alternative treatments. It seems unimaginable that if stories like this are true, that they are not standard treatment for lung and different cancers.

Beattie says that the creators of the therapies detailed in her e book, embrace revered Nobel Prize winners, biochemists, docs, scientists and Ph.D.'s. She believes that many medical doctors may be unaware of these treatments because they only prescribe, and indeed are educated to prescribe therapies regulated by the FDA. Most of the different therapies she lists contain herbs and nutritional vitamins which are outdoors the jurisdiction of the FDA. But they're available.

Beattie doesn't advocate self-remedy and provides an in depth information on the place most cancers patients can get these sorts of therapy and support.

Tales like these are onerous to disregard for cancer victims and their loved ones who surely deserve one of the best accessible treatments.

See Our site for more details on new lung cancer treatments.and new lung cancer treatments.

staging for lung cancer

Lung Cancer Type

Colon cancer is thought to be the second most common type of cancer, after lung cancer. The presence of polyps in the colon lead to colon cancer. There are several ways to detect colon cancer, all tests done at your doctor' s office.The presence of polyps in your colon should not be so frightening, because the majority are benign. However, in time, they can lead to colon cancer. Studies have shown that people that have their polyps removed lower the risk of developing colon cancer. To detect these polyps and even colon cancer can take as less as five minutes.One of the tests that your doctor can do to detect if you have colon cancer is flexible sigmoidoscopy. This test is very useful because with it' s help doctors can detect colon cancer in the early stages, thus reducing the risk of death. Doctors can also tell if you are at risk of developing colon cancer with the help of this test, thus being able to prevent it. However, this test is not very suitable when it comes to hereditary cases of colon cancer. If you suffer from such a case, it is best that you use colonoscopy as a way of detecting colon cancer. Flexible sigmoidoscopy can be done without the help of sedation and this colon cancer test only takes about five minutes. This test can detect as much as seventy percent of all colon cancer cases and the number is even higher when it comes to detecting polyps. When having this test to detect colon cancer, you will fell no discomfort at all. The biggest advantage when using this test is that it can find colon cancer in its early stages and so your changes of getting cured are very big.The second procedure that one can have to detect colon cancer is colonoscopy. This is still the leading procedure when it comes to reducing the risk of colon cancer. More than ninety percent of all people that use this test reduce considerably their risks of developing colon cancer. This is also a very good procedure when it comes to biopsy or the removal of your polyps. Although the other test seems a little better when it comes to colon cancer, this is the most used and it also gives very good results.In conclusion, a few minutes of your time can mean the difference in developing colon cancer or not.

lung cancer type

Acoustic Neuroma Post Surgery

There are, irrefutably, many plastic surgery recovery establishments in Los Angeles. A considerable number of them are located in, surprise, surprise; Beverly Hills. They are partnered with the top industry medical professionals, access to luxury travel services, lavish hotel accommodations and with LAs premier personal trainers. Professional recovery and after treatment makes a huge difference for complications-free post operation experience that usually leaves patients stresses and frustrated.

Plastic surgery must be planned carefully from pre-operation to post operation. Post operation accommodation must be carefully planned from transportation to room accommodation. With this needs being taken care of by premier class plastic surgery recovery Los Angeles centers, you are guaranteed a discreet and secure place to stay while under recovery. In the hotels, you have a private entrance and a dedicated hotel wing, it has access to key hotel amenities including spa and fitness and a specially designed menu from world renowned chefs and yes, even dieticians.

The services include nurse supervision during recovery, post-operative care and monitoring, customized meals and nutrition care, dressing changes, transportation to and from surgery and all post-surgery appointments.

In addition to post-operation plastic surgery recovery Los Angeles, most of these recovery centers, also accommodate patients with cosmetic dentistry reconstruction and post podiatry recovery.

Most of these businesses are being owned and managed by reputable people. Suffice to say, they are the dependable experts in their respective fields. There couldnt be any better hands to take care of you.

Also available in these recovery centers (thats causing quite a fuss nowadays) is the G-shot. This is the latest service that is being done to mommies. G-shot is not only for mothers it is also for women who want to be more sensitive. This is a shot to womens g-spot in order to be more sensitive. They are affiliated with doctors from vaginal rejuvenation institutes who are of course, leaders to vaginal rejuvenation breakthroughs. The shot increases both sensitivity and pleasure for four months. This breakthrough will help a lot of women who are having problem related to this issue.

There are different types of vaginal surgeries and one is labioplasty. This procedure is common for women who have just given birth because their labia may have been stretched. Another surgery is vaginal tightening or vaginal rejuvenation. Women will go for vaginal rejuvenation because of incontinence after child birth while others aim to be more sexually active and in tune with themselves, since the procedure is done by tightening the vaginal walls.
Women or dominantly mothers are not afraid to say what they want nowadays. No woman wants to face the idea of incontinence and sexually undesirable.

acoustic neuroma post surgery

Acoustic Neuroma Surgery Video

Airborne noises are becoming an issue nowadays. Due to technology innovations, there are more high tech and high quality sounds generated on each device you or your neighbor powers on. Dogs bark every now and then. Airplanes and helicopters hover on the air. Even smooth music when tuned up very loud can be disturbing. Even to some who are just having a fun time with their lifes leisure can become as disturbing to others. All those mentioned are called airborne pollutions because they pollute ones head.

As a solution, sound engineers designed and created acoustic foams. Acoustic foams are generally made from two blended organic materials; vinyl and nitrile. The tiny air cells compressed on the foam makes it essential in minimizing the amount of sound wave that hits it. The frequency turns the sound waves in to heat. This happens when the sound waves hit the air cells.

The padding is thick that makes it capable of holding the sound waves back by absorbing it. It also reduces the frequency. Acoustic foams have designs and shapes that are purposely created to suit a specific requirement.
There are air permeable and open cell acoustic foams. Having an air tight property keeps the sound waves from reflecting that causes echoes while open cell foams allows flow of sound waves to go through freely.

Acoustic foams can be used as walling on music studios. It traps sound waves that could cause echoes.

For home users who have their own music room, they can definitely tap up their bass drum to their beat without disturbing other members of the house and the nearby neighbors as well. Acoustic foams can absorb sound vibrations so sound waves wont exhaust out the room.

Not only that it can absorb sound waves and sound vibrations, it also absorbs vibrations produced by machineries that are used on industries. This is to prevent affecting the nearby residents.

Basically, there are two main purposes why this acoustic foam is created. First, is not to absorb sound waves and vibrations to create a high quality of sound. The purpose of absorbing sound waves to eliminate airborne pollutions comes second.

There are designs, shapes and colours made not only to absorb sounds and produce high quality music but also to give life and add creativity to the room. Choosing the right quality and the correct measure (size and thickness) determines the quality of the our come of the purpose.

acoustic neuroma surgery video

Treating Cancer Naturally

Are you looking ways to cure nail fungus naturally? Just keep reading.

Nail fungus, also known as Onychomycosis, is a common type of fungal infection. The fungus distorts the nail making it ugly, painful and thick. Prescription oral drugs are often used for a nail fungus cure, but they can be harmful to the liver and may produce many other grievous side effects.

Causes Of A Nail Fungus Infection

Nail fungus is especially caused by a group of fungi, called dermatophytes that thrives on the protein of the nails and skin called keratin. Nail fungus can be caused by lots of more reasons. Several of them are listed below:

Athlete's foot typically affects the skin on the feet between the toes, and can easily cause the nail fungus if not treated early.

Fingernails can also get infected by a fungus if one accidentally scratches the itchy toes and toenails. Furthermore, fungus can erupt in fingernails because of prolonged wetness or sweating since moisture can cause the fungus and bacteria to grow in your nails and thus cause the infection.

Nail fungal infection is also caused by an injury or damage to nails or walking barefooted in dampen places like swimming pools.

Those who suffers from chronic diseases, such as immune-deficiency, diabetes, or circulatory problems are also at a risk of having a nail fungus infection.

If you live in warm and humid climate, you are more open to the danger of a nail fungal infection.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Nail Fungal Infection?

It is suggested that you time and again check your fingernails and toenails for any signs of infection, this could help in treating it early and fast. Some of them are as follows:

Firstly, nail fungus can be identified as a painless white or yellow dot simply on the edge of the nail. If you generally wear nail polish, it would be troublesome for you to see the initial symptoms of a nail fungus.

Gradually, the symptoms exacerbate as the fungus spreads on the entire nail. The nail gets deformed, thick and more discolored. The nail also becomes flakey, and dust gets gathered under the nail and emits stale odor. The painful infected nail may invite difficulties for an individual to do even the habitual activities like walking and wearing shoes.

In grave cases, the nail may split from the nail bed, also known as Onychomycosis. In time, it may wholly fall off.

Try ZetaClear For Treating Your Nail Fungus Naturally

Topical ointments are the appropriate mode of treatment for nail fungus because they do not give rise to dangerous side effects as caused by prescription drugs. ZetaClear is a natural nail fungus treatment, which is applied topically and include natural ingredients like lemon grass, jojoba oil, tea tree oil, clove oil and undecylenic acid from castor oil. All these ingredients are antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral, which on combination is very powerful.

ZetaClear softens the inflammation around the skin, extremely reduces the nail discoloration, and boosts the development of a healthy nail growth. ZetaClear is altogether nontoxic to use and is 'all natural' as it has gained the approval of the FDA (Food And Drug Administration).

ZetaClear simply treats the early stages of the nail fungus infection. However, if you are having a bad nail fungus infection, ZetaClear will still treat it permanently.

treating cancer naturally

Acoustic Neuroma Surgery Side Effects

Do you have painful neuropathy or know someone who suffers from this condition? If so, you know how debilitating it can be. The good news is that there is now an effective approach called cryosurgery that eliminates or significantly reduces the pain with fewer side-effects than other approaches.

Neuropathy is a nerve disorder that can cause pain, numbness, weakness and disability. There are many known causes for neuropathy, diabetes being the most common. Other causes include alcohol abuse, chemotherapy, stroke, back problems and leprosy. There are also times when no known cause can be found.

Diabetes is being diagnosed at alarming rates in all age groups. There are countless people walking around right now with diabetes and they may not become aware of their disease for years.

There are many signs and symptoms associated with diabetes; however, one of the more disturbing, life changing and painful conditions is diabetic neuropathy.

Neuropathy typically occurs in about 50% of those with diabetes; however, half of that group (25% of all diabetics) will develop painful neuropathy that causes significant foot pain.

Neuropathy can cause debilitating shooting pain and throbbing throughout the feet. The foot pain may occur while sleeping, falling asleep or during normal daily activities.

There are few treatments that are targeted specifically for neuropathy. Many attempt to treat symptoms, such as giving sleeping pills to allow those that suffer to sleep through the night. Those treatments that are specifically for neuropathy often only provide minor relief or they involve highly-invasive surgery or a lifetime of strong medications with side-effects.

There is hope now for those who have painful neuropathy. Cryosurgery is minimally invasive, yet provides long-term relief by freezing the nerve which causes the pain. Dr. Marc Katz, a Podiatrist with Advanced Podiatry in Tampa, FL, became a Cryostar-certified Cryosurgeon and began using this FDA approved technology to treat painful nerve conditions in the foot, ankle and leg. He became interested in the Cryosurgery technique and its possible applications for those patients with diabetic neuropathy. Dr. Katz developed a Cryosurgery treatment protocol for neuropathy and noted that the success was truly remarkable. Patients had significant pain relief and they were often able to return to their favorite activities and discontinue or decrease the use of strong medications.

The Cryosurgery Procedure:

The procedure is minimally invasive and takes 15-45 minutes to perform. During a typical in-office procedure, the painful area is infiltrated with a local anesthetic, so that the cryoprobe can be introduced without discomfort. A puncture just large enough for the probe to easily pass through is made in the skin. Next, a small diameter instrument called a trocar is placed through the puncture site to create a pathway for the cryoprobe to be inserted. The probe is inserted through the puncture site to the area of pain. The freeze cycles are then initiated. Upon completion of the freeze cycles, the probe is removed and an antibiotic ointment is placed over the puncture site and a sterile dressing is applied. Sutures are not necessary due to the small size of the puncture. The dressing may be removed within 24 hours and a shower is then permitted. Postoperative discomfort is minimal. Most patients are advised to decrease their normal level of activity over the first 48 hours. In some cases more than one treatment is needed to obtain optimal results.

Success rates have been between 80 and 90 percent in most patients, says Dr. Katz. As with any treatment, results will vary. However, most patients get significant relief and rarely will get worse with the Cryosurgery treatment. Some patients may require treatment of different areas of the foot and may need the procedure repeated to gain further relief.

acoustic neuroma surgery side effects

Acoustic Neuroma Surgery


This surgery is outpatient and takes about 90 minutes long. You are given anesthesia to keep you asleep for the whole surgery and won't know anything until you are brought to in recovery. When you wake up you will feel groggy and have gauze taped to your nose for the drainage. Your mouth will be dry feeling from the breathing tube. The nurse will bring you water to sip on and Popsicle's. Popsicle's will become your best friend during recovery! Your nose will feel stuffed up due a stint in each side because of the Septoplasty done to straighten the septum. You will have some packing inside the nose as well. The stints and packing will be removed one-week after surgery. You may need some pain medicine during recovery as well. After you've been watched for a few hours after surgery you are then sent home to recover.

Recovery is very important so follow all directions!

Photo by ClipArt Of

My Decision

I had this surgery because I've had a lot of problems with chronic sinusitis and allergy's. This last year was the worst it's ever been for me. It was first suggested to try allergy shots but that would only be helpful during spring and Fall season. My doctor then suggested this nasal surgery; Septoplasty to straighten my septum and endoscopic sinus surgery to open the airways. This would be the most beneficial for my all the time chronic sinusitis symptoms. As I researched and looked into it and asked questions; everyone had all positive end results afterwards. That made me feel very hopeful about it. I decided to go ahead with it.

The surgery itself isn't so bad because are asleep for it. The recovery has been a little rough for me. Although I am sure everyone tolerates pain differently than the next. I am, however, very sensitive to pain so I've been resting the whole time until it time for the stints to come out which is soon. The stints put a lot of pressure in your head, nose, eyes; my ears at times. Pain medication has been very helpful during this time. So for the first week you do nothing by take it easy and rest!

Rocker Recliner's

Flash Furniture AM-9320-4170-GG Contemporary Top Hat Berry Microfiber Rocker Recliner

Flash Furniture AM-9320-4170-GG Contemporary Top Hat Berry Microfiber Rocker Recliner

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Nose Stints

Week 2

The stints were in my nose for one week; then removed. It felt weird when they came out but very relieved. My taste and smell slowly came back. I could taste jello once again along with everything else I ate. My smell was a little icky coming back but it did. Since there was packing still in my nose I smelled that a lot at first but with doing the nose rinsing twice a day that got better. It is very important to do the nose rinsing!! My headaches calmed down and my energy level started to return as well. I could get back to what was normal for me slowly.

Keep Recovering!

Week 3 and 4

My Doctor says I am half-way through my recovery which means I am in my third week. He was very impressed with my latest recheck appointment. I did my nose rinsing twice a day like a good girl which rinsed all the packing out and didn't have to have it removed. He said it looked good in my nose; just a little crusty but that would heal up over time during the rest of my recovery. The sutures meaning stitches have dissolved nicely.

So a few more weeks of recovery for me yet. I am getting back to normal now which is exciting. The end result of having this surgery is what I've been waiting for. I'm looking forward to my sinuses being much better and manageable.

Until the next Dr check-up.....

Me Right After Surgery


Photo by Cards by Sandra Rose


One Week

  • Keep head elevated. Use recliner or propped with up pillows in bed.
  • Avoid bending over as this increase pressure in head
  • Avoid any strenuous activity
  • Rest, Rest and Rest!

Photo by Kootation

Bed Pillows

Aller-Ease Hot Water Washable Allergy Pillow, Queen, Medium

Aller-Ease Hot Water Washable Allergy Pillow, Queen, Medium

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Resting With My Nose Sling Bandana

Symptoms to Expect

During Recovery

  • Watery eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • Headache
  • Achy in teeth, nose and jaw
  • Swelling or discoloration nose and eye area
  • Small amount of bloody mucus drainage
  • Packing and stints will be removed in one week by Dr.

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Warm Mist Humidifier


This is just like mine I have been using in my room. It has been very helpful and moisturizing to your nose
Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier with Auto Shut-Off

Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier with Auto Shut-Off

Humidifer has automatic shut off and holds one gallon water. It has a vicks cup on top.

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Keep them close by!

You will go through a lot of Kleenex's. Keep a box where ever you are sitting or laying at.
Kleenex Ultra Facial Tissue Regular (3 boxes)

Kleenex Ultra Facial Tissue Regular (3 boxes)

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Kleenex Lotion Facial Tissue (4 boxes)

Kleenex Lotion Facial Tissue (4 boxes)

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Water Tumblers

Drink plenty of water. Sip at first and until your throat feels better. Then drink what you can for juices. Stay hydrated!
Aladdin Migo Aero 16-Ounce Insulated Water Tumbler with Straw, Purple

Aladdin Migo Aero 16-Ounce Insulated Water Tumbler with Straw, Purple

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Oggi 20-Ounce Double Walled Tumbler with Drinking Straw, Clear with Green Lid

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Care Instructions

Follow Dr's Orders!

  • No blowing nose for a week
  • Sneeze through an open mouth
  • Mustache Gauze is a taped gauze pad under nose to absorb drainage. Change as needed
  • Nose Sling is sling to put gauze in if don't want to tape for a little more comfort.
  • Nose Rinse 2 times a day after at least the first day home.

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Nose Supplies

These are your supplies for gauze mustache. Smiles. When you not wearing the nose sling; use it as a bandanna.
3M Transpore 1527-0 Plastic Hypoallergenic Adhesive Tape, 10 yds Length x 1/2

3M Transpore 1527-0 Plastic Hypoallergenic Adhesive Tape, 10 yds Length x 1/2" Width

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Kendall Gauze Sponge 4x4 Sterile 2/PK 25PK/BX

Kendall Gauze Sponge 4x4 Sterile 2/PK 25PK/BX

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Prestige Medical 5.5

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Nose Rinse

Use this nose rinse twice a day to rinse your nose. It is soothing and helps a lot.
NeilMed Sinus Rinse, Premixed 50 Sachets

NeilMed Sinus Rinse, Premixed 50 Sachets

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Diet and Meds

Eating soft food will be soothing to your throat. Your teeth may be achy and eating harder or crunching foods will hurt. Popsicle's will become your best friend. They were really great the dryness and needing your throat soothed.

Take your pain medicine as needed and directed by doctor is important.

  • Soft foods and drink plenty of fluids.
  • Resume regular foods as tolerated
  • Popsicle's are super important!
  • Take prescribed pain medicine are directed; take with food.
  • No driving or drinking alcoholic beverages with meds

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Your BEST Friend!

These are especially good for your sore, dry throat after surgery and during your recovery at home. I've been living on them.
Pop Ice Assorted Flavors, 100-Count

Pop Ice Assorted Flavors, 100-Count

Assorted flavors pop ice! Perfect for a dry throat.

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Sunny D Orange Citrus Freezer Pops 2 Pack

Sunny D Orange Citrus Freezer Pops 2 Pack

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Your Best Friend!

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Nasal Surgery Videos

Videos on nasal surgery, nasal rinse and recovery.
by PashaSnoringandSinus | video info

1 rating | 403 views The nasal septum is made of bone and cartilage and it divides the right and left sides of the nasal cavity. Normally, the nasal septum lies in the center of the nose and rests on the maxillary crest (bony part of the floor of the nose). When the nasal septum does not align with the middle of the nose it is called a Deviated Nasal Septum. This may have occurred from trauma, perhaps as a child, or you may have been born with a deviated septum. Almost everyone naturally has some curvature or crookedness to his or her septum. If the septum is too deviated it may block one side of the nose or obstruct the openings of the sinuses causing recurrent sinus problems requiring a Septoplasty. Septoplasties are performed through the nose without any scars on the outside of the nose or face. An incision is made on the inside of the nose. The septum is then straightened by removing or reshaping the cartilage and bone and a plastic splint is temporarily placed to support the septum. Dr. Pasha does not routinely use nasal packing, making recovery easier. The total time for this operation is 20-30 minutes and, it is performed using general anesthesia (while you are asleep). You should anticipate going home the same day unless other medical conditions complicate recovery. Since Dr. Pasha rarely uses packing, significant pain and discomfort usually resolves within the first 2-3 days. The plastic splints may prevent you from breathing well until they are removed one week later. After one week, you should find a dramatic difference in your nasal breathing immediately after removal of the splints. Dr. Pasha routinely combines septoplasties with partial turbinate reductions to widen the nasal cavity. If you have recurrent sinus disease, he may also recommend endoscopic sinus surgery or balloon sinuplasty to allow access to the sinuses. The septum is the wall that divides the left and right sides of the nose. Bony Septum Cartilagenous Septum

  • <img src="" alt="

    The nasal septum is made of bone and cartilage and it divides the right an" title="Septoplasty" />

  • <img src="" alt="
    There are a number of ways to correct a crooked or deviated sep" title="Nose Surgery Septoplasty - Closed Rhinoplasty" />
  • <img src="" alt="Entry for video contest: NeilMed Sinus Rinse Video Contest

    This is a video I did for a video contes" title="VIDEO CONTEST - NeilMed Sinus Rinse helped me!" />

  • <img src="" alt="Update 3/4/13
    Nose is fantastic! Breathing great!

    Feel free to ask me any questions you have. :)" title="Septoplasty recovery and outcome" />

curated content from YouTube

To Be Continued.....

Half-Way Through Recovery!

acoustic neuroma surgery

Trigeminal Neuralgia Tumor Symptoms

Trigeminal neuralgia is a type of facial pain which develops in the middle and late age. The pain caused by trigeminal neuralgia commonly comes from the branches of the trigeminal nerve. There are three branches of this nerve: The maxillary, the mandibular and the ophthalmic. The trigeminal neuralgia pain is generally felt in the maxillary nerve and it runs along the nose, cheekbone, upper teeth and upper lip. Other affected part is the mandibular nerve which runs along the lower lip, lower cheek and jaw. This kind of pain lasts for a few minutes or for a few seconds. Trigeminal neuralgia occurs because of the disorder in the nerve pains and it feels like stabbing, sharp electric shocks.

Mostly, women of more than 50 years get affected by Trigeminal neuralgia, and it is very rare in case of women younger than 30 years. Studies have proved that Trigeminal neuralgia is generally related to the damage caused by the diseases of the central nervous system.

People who are suffering from trigeminal neuralgia symptoms stay in panic of painful and unpredictable attacks which can interfere in their daily activities like sleeping or eating. This fear results in under eating and sleep deprivation and later it causes depression, irritability, severe preventive anxiety and often severe malnutrition and suicidal depression.

What are the causes of Trigeminal neuralgia?

  • As said by experts, Trigeminal neuralgia syndrome occurs because of the traumatic damage of the nerve. The damage condenses the nerve and it also results in shedding the conductive and protective coating of the nerve cell.
  • According to a recent notion, an abnormal vessel of blood condenses the nerve.
  • The Trigeminal neuralgia syndrome also stalks from the biochemical modification in the nerve tissue.

Symptoms of Trigeminal neuralgia:

  • The syndrome of trigeminal neuralgia takes place in the areas of the face like cheek, lip or nose and when stimulated with a vibration or light touch, it triggers a pain.
  • It feels pain while brushing the teeth, chewing, washing face, talking, eating or shaving
  • The patient who suffers from trigeminal neuralgia often feels sensation like hitting of wind in the face.

If you are facing any of these symptoms, see a doctor immediately or seek an instant medical attention before having serious troubles. Trigeminal neuralgia can easily be controlled with appropriate course of medication of trigeminal neuralgia. If the medication doesn t relieve the pain, go for some immediate relief like surgery or the therapeutic ultrasound treatment.

trigeminal neuralgia tumor symptoms

Types Of Lung Cancer Tumors

Statistics show that, nasopharyngeal cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, and cervical cancer have been focused specially, for the patients occupies 80% of cancer death. What s more, nasopharyngeal tumors have higher malignancy and they are likely to have close structural violations and neck lymph node metastasis.

Now, it is the transition period of seasons, and many people will catch cold during this period. Some people have stuffed nose and they will restore to health quickly. However, some people have rhinitis disease such as nasosinusitis and nasal polyp. We should not ignore these symptoms because there may be big disease hiding behind such as Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma.

Rhinitis is divided into a variety of diseases, and the common types are turbinate hypertrophy, nasal polyps, allergic rhinitis, nasal septum deviation, and nasosinusitis and so on. The damage degrees are varying from different diseases. People with the following symptoms need to raise the alarm: nasal congestion; back tears with blood; tinnitus, hearing loss; visual impairment; headache, facial numbness, difficulty swallowing, difficulty in opening mouth; ears and neck masses and so on.

Patients and doctors must have a high degree of alertness. Once the common symptoms of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma appear, patients should have detailed check, including nasopharyngeal endoscopic examination, endoscopic direct observation of the nasopharynx, nasopharyngeal MR, and biopsy.

The clinical data indicates that early detection and early treatment of nasopharyngeal carcinoma could make the cure rate of nasopharyngeal cancer up to 80%. One third of the advanced nasopharyngeal cancer patients could win living chances above five years if they are treated. However, the nasopharynx locates behind the nostrils and above the oropharyngeal cavity. So the early symptoms are not obvious for people to notice.

Conventional radiation therapy would bring complications to patients and seriously affect the quality of life of patients. With the development of radiation therapy, three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy and intensity modulated radiation therapy have been used in the treatment of nasopharyngeal cancer, which can reduce the radiation doses of surrounding tissue and organ to improve the life quality of the patients.

types of lung cancer tumors

Pain Diagnosis

Back pain is one of the most common complaints in medical conditions. It is also one of the most frustrating cases for doctors because there are several causes of back pain which makes it hard for them to diagnose what disorder you have when you are complaining of back pain.

When you are experiencing back pain, there are things that you should observe carefully. You should take note of when it started to happen and what you were doing when it happened. Take note of the type of pain if it is stabbing, radiating or just localized in one area of your back. Note also if it worsens when you move, when you bend and if there are certain positions when it is relieved. These pieces of information will be useful for your doctor so that it will guide him in making a back pain diagnosis.

For most back pains, these will last for a few days and will be completely resolved by then. However, when it recurs, you should definitely seek for treatment. When the back pain remains or worsens even after a few days, you should then see your doctor. Do the same when you are awakened by the back pain at night, when it becomes difficult for you to control your bladder or bowels, if it is accompanied by chills, profuse sweating, fever and other signs that indicate infection and if there are other unusual symptoms that you experience.

Why is it important to see a physician when you have back pain? This is because the causes of back pain are complex. It can be caused by muscle train on the lumbar area of the back or a ruptured intervertebral disc. Some other causes are spinal stenosis, arthritis that affects the lumbar spine, osteoporosis and spinal osteomyletis. Most of the time, back pain is just a symptom of another underlying disease, which is why it is hard to diagnose. To help your doctor so that an accurate back pain diagnosis is made, you need to provide all the information that is being asked from you. It may be a bit uncomfortable if your doctor probes information from you that you do not want to tell anyone but remember that he is doing this for you. Also, doctors observe confidentiality so whatever you told him, you can be sure that it will be just between you and him.

When the proper back pain diagnosis was done by your physician, then the proper treatments will be carried out. The treatment will of course depend on what the cause of your back pain is. You will be given medications for the pain such as analgesics and muscle relaxants. Heat therapy and massage therapy are also advised in some cases. There are also particular exercises that will be advised as well as physical therapy. In some cases, these will need surgical interventions to correct the underlying problem.

With the complexity of back pains, it is vital to get an accurate back pain diagnosis. So whenever you are experiencing back pains, keep in mind what were mentioned above for the proper treatment.

pain diagnosis