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Symptoms Colon Cancer

Colon cancer symptoms are not apparent all times, in particular in the initial stages of development of cancer cells. Learning briefly about what is colon cancer helps you in better understanding of colon cancer symptoms.

Colon forms major part of the digestive system of the body and plays an important role in absorption of essential nutrition and water, thus facilitating good health. Further, colon also assists in removing the toxic substance and body waste through stool or as stool. Major portion of large intestine is comprised of Colon. Development of cancerous cells or malignant tumors in the colon is referred as colon cancer. Let us see the colon cancer symptoms in detail.

As stated earlier, colon cancer symptoms are not apparent in the initial stages and can be detected only when it is progressed to advanced stage. However, with deep and intense screening, it is possible to detect the signs of colon cancer.

Symptoms of colon cancer can be classified into two types namely local symptoms and systemic symptoms. Former is associated with digestive system and the later affects the entire body. Some of the symptoms of colon cancer found to be sings of other health conditions and illnesses, in particular the local symptoms. Proper diagnosis helps in detecting the cancerous growth.

Bloody stool: Blood discharge in the stool is the most common and apparent symptom of Colon cancer. However, bloody discharge is associated with some other health conditions. Moreover, the stool gets discharged in red color like bloody discharge when you eat beetroot or watermelon. Eventually, the condition can be diagnosed by Fecal occult blood test.

Constipation: It is rare sign of colon cancer and it is associated with many digestive illnesses. Constipation at frequent intervals and chronic constipation might be dangerous, because such condition is usually developed when the growth of cancer cells obstruct discharging stool.

Diarrhea / watery stool: Since the colon is obstructed by cancer tissues, it becomes difficult in discharging normal stool and lead towards watery stool, ribbon like stools and chronic diarrhea.

Unusual bowel movements: Irritable and unusual bowel movement with swollen abdomen is one of the obvious symptoms of colon cancer, where there will be a sensation of fullness of stomach, even when it is empty. And it is caused due to growth of cancer cells in colon and digestive system.

Fatigue: Fatigue and general weakness is a common problem experienced by almost everyone. But, continuous fatigue and weariness for several days is the apparent symptom of a severe health condition. Colon cancer symptoms include fatigue associated with anemic condition which is caused due to loss of blood in stool and diarrhea.

Pain in the abdomen: Difficult in discharging stool, bowel movements, fullness of stomach, blocked digestive system due to tumor cells, etc lead towards abdominal pain.

Other colon cancer symptoms include the following:
Unexpected and accidental weight loss without involvement of diet or any other weight loss plans
Loss of energy and extreme weariness
Anaemic condition or iron deficiency with much low counts of red blood cells
Loss of appetite

Since most of the colon cancer symptoms can be realized only in the advanced stage, where the tumors affect the entire digestive system, it is good to get appropriate diagnosis with several medical examinations, when one or more signs mentioned above are experienced. Earlier detection of colon cancer can prevent the development of cancer cells and enhance the survival rate.

symptoms colon cancer

Cancer In Lymph Nodes

Lymph nodes cancer can affect men primarily, and not particularly, also , the high-risk group is among the age range 15 to 35 or those in excess of 55. Men out side this specific age bracket and also females, even though statistically at less danger, can be also prone to the particular lethal decease. This kind of cancer generally known as lymphoma accounts for approximately 5% of all of the varieties of cancer and like any other cancer, early discovery and treatment solutions are the main factor for the success and also recovery.

Hodgkins lymphoma (Hodgkins Disease) is a kind of lymph nodes cancer, that emanates from white blood cells known as lymphocytes. Named after Thomas Hodgkin, who first observed the problems in the lymph system, this particular decease is characterized by the orderly distribution of disorder from one precise lymph nodes group to the next and so on and development of systemic warning signs with advancement of disease. Some of the most basic symptoms suffered by victims with Hodgkins Disease are night sweats, mysterious weightloss, consistent exhaustion and inexplicable fever.

The majority of lymph nodes cancers are of the non-Hodgkins variation, although the symptoms of both forms are pretty common. Individuals with a family history of lymph nodes cancer tend to be more prone to the decease and form a high risk group of being infected with the sickness.
The number of cases of lymph nodes cancer in the USA has grown alarmingly by approximately 75% since 1970s, statistically. One out of every fifty men and sixty women in the united states gets non Hodgkin lymphoma. Medical research attribute this high incidence associated with the decease to the accelerated exposure to herbicides as well as pesticide sprays.

Like all other type of cancer, lymph nodes cancer is curable if identified at a beginning state and productive treatment methods are adopted. The person with lymph nodes cancer has a more significant chance of getting healed of this disease in recent times and if cured can easily expect to live a lot longer and like all other normal person. Nowadays quite a few completely new as well as impressive treatment options for lymph nodes cancer have been introduced. The medical forum has a far better comprehension of lymph nodes cancer than ever before. Quite a few medication approaches that have been experimented early on and have been found to be productive are now being used with better results in treating lymph nodes cancer.

cancer in lymph nodes

Throat Cancer Pictures

If you are suffering from throat cancer so it is advised that you take consult of a physician to examine the nature of throat cancer and the physical condition of the body before proceeding for any treatment. The test will be useful in the development of the nature of the treatment is carried out.

Surgery: Surgery is usually done to remove the tumor in the throat. Surgical treatment is the main cure for cancer of the pharynx. Surgery is of two types depending on the cancer whether this type of surgery is performed to remove the tumor or to improve the functions of the throne. While going for a surgery there is less chance of complications after surgery such as bleeding or blockage. If the tumor is in initial stage and then a small surgery is done to remove the tumor, otherwise the operation will be extended. Laser microsurgery is a type of surgery is usually performed to treat tumors and small-sized. The advantage of this type of surgery is preservation of normal tissues, shorter hospital stay and less post-surgical complications. A tracheotomy is not necessary in this type of surgery.

Radiation therapy: Radiotherapy was performed with the aid of X-rays to kill cancer cells or to be inactive. Usually, this type of therapy needed to treat small tumors. The tumor is large, then radiation therapy is combined with other treatments such as chemotherapy to treat cancer. If the tumor is so small it can not be removed during surgery can be eliminated with the radiation therapy. Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) is an advanced therapy available at the Radiation Therapy. IMRT uses computer software to determine the exact amount of radiation given to treat. The high radiation dose (HDR) is another form of radiation used to irradiate from inside spare healthy surrounding the area around the tumor. The main advantage of this type is that it reduces the possibility of surgical treatment.

Chemotherapy: This drug is used to kill cancer cells i.e. tumors. The drugs are taken through the veins and orally. The type of care and medicines to be taken depends on the nature of throat cancer. If the tumor is large, then the treatment is a combination of chemotherapy or surgery other. Chemotherapy is used to treat cancer has spread widely beyond the region of the throat. Fractionated dose chemotherapy is a type of chemotherapy treatment that parts the doses of drugs in small doses given over a number of days. There are many cancer hospitals in India where chemotherapy drugs are applied to cancer cells.

Angiogenesis inhibitors: This is a type of medicine used to stop the growth of new blood vessels needed by cancer cells to grow. Cetuximab or Erbitux is used for this purpose. These drugs have of late been approved for use with chemotherapy to care for the tumor in the oral cavity.

There are many cancer hospitals in India where you will get world class treatment by proficient doctor and more over cancer treatment in India is available at an affordable rate when compared with Western Countries. Due to less expense lots of overseas patient come to India for cancer treatment.

throat cancer pictures

Cancer Centers

In a meta-analysis from Australia, Dr. Kiely and colleagues analyzed first-line chemotherapy randomized controlled trials involving patients with metastatic breast cancer, published between 1999 and 2009. They looked at disease and patient factors, as well as parameters of survival curves including overall survival (OS) and progression-free survival (PFS) from each trial. From each curve, they extracted the following percentiles: 90th (worst case), 75th (lower typical), 25th (upper typical), and 10th (best case). The results showed that the mean median PFS was 7.5 months and mean median OS was 21.5 months, with a ratio of median OS to PFS of approximately 3. Means for each OS scenario were as follows:

Worst case (10th percentile), 6.25 months;
Lower typical (25th percentile), 12 months;
Upper typical (75th percentile), 36 months; and
Best (90th percentile), 56 months.

Simple multiples of the median gave accurate estimates in excess of 95% of the OS curves for all scenarios, except for the worst-case scenario, for which simple multiples of the median gave accurate estimates in 73%.

Estimating survival probabilities for metastatic malignancies is a challenge for physicians. Considering the heterogeneity of disease and patient factors, it is desirable to approximate a potential prognosis not only to inform a patient and her loved ones but also to help guide therapeutic decisions.

This elegant analysis for patients eligible for first-line therapy for metastatic breast cancer likely included patients of a higher performance status and lower tumor burden than the average patient with metastatic breast cancer. In addition, many of the patients who were part of the meta-analysis had not received the community standard adjuvant therapies offered to patients today after initial diagnosis. As such, the estimates for survival from this analysis would likely be higher than we would expect in the average population of patients with metastatic breast cancer presenting in the community today.

Being able to provide this information as well as worst-case, median, and best-case scenarios to patients and their family members is important to help them plan for the future and make choices for treatment and supportive care.

I hope that these and other investigators will work to derive similar information for clinicians to use in other palliative situations such as advanced lung cancer, glioblastoma, advanced pancreatic cancer, and other metastatic situations.

cancer centers

Cancer Astrology

Cancer horoscope forecasts best, next week, List month, all year round for tomorrow, website horoscope We are holding the prediction of cancer horoscope astrology free. A review of the website of each astrology in directory format, Cancer horoscope is featured by astrologer predicted monthly astrology cancer every day. For 2011 installed, we cancer weekly horoscope of our also not have to include a link to the prediction of horoscope by astrologer, has been organized by date of publication throughout the week the annual Star of cancer outlook of the year ahead I've spent thousands of hours about to find, the Cancer horoscope online best, including fortune-telling. Why not look at the horoscope, cancer of our love that describes the astrology of men and women in the relationship. You may also like to explore the nature of the following, the characteristics and features of the constellation for men and women.

There was a conflict astrology whether the otherwise continuous science. Without dwelling at length on this topic, I astrology science can be full rank both as art and as a science - even though we say. Among astrologers are seeking it as a combination of science. It is a combination of astrology is to give a prediction of the similar epoch requires is a fact. I have all the qualifications to be ranked "science", in astrology, as repetitive morality, attitudes and ie. Assumption of astrology and are laid timetabled satisfaction, all the rage prevailing, they can be applied to authentication and dig at this time of the initial sentence. Will suffice to mention some of the moving parts normally at this time. The Brihat Prasahar horashastra. Brihat Jatak, Sarvarth Chintamani, such Jatak Parijat.

Signs of water and all the earth gives life to them, characteristic of acceptability and passivity of nature and female symbol yang energy of the other, giving a more certain sign of the sun of Cancer, feminine. Of course, regardless of everyone, you will have both of whether it is male or female, of the energy of yin and yang. Cancer has a survival instinct tremendous. In fact, because the cancer has the quality of the Cardinal, and drive action trend, it is this instinct. And they will have to in order to protect their loved ones and their own home, they, they treasure family. They find the location and bearing, but in such relationships have a modest characteristics, cancer, may seem shy at first and they are very sweet. To find something familiar about them most, these men and women blend the initial withdrawal after people. As Taurus, they are women security, or oriented very men. They can be and its partners fact leave hurt by dull sometimes their personality is very problematic to the point. They are soft when you feel it is appropriate, but because it is a tough. They will be able to swing from dark mood in a romantic fantasy that it is sentimental and practical. They are men and women faithful furiously.

The shadow-side, it is possible to go to extremes that cancer give not received from another appropriately. They will be able to hold the imagination insult or be in a bad humor, indulge in self-pity. When they lose sight of things, they can be set to be involved in loyalty and cause when too to commit themselves.

You Cancer, in order to obtain the take of themselves with astrology astrological prediction and prediction of horoscope, may be in order to visit the special section of our astrology on the best on the web, learn a lot does not. Please visit every day to see the update week, month, and year to bookmark us for free horoscope astrology. In one convenient location, by collecting web site of astrology of the best on the Internet, we eliminate the need to search the Web for hours to you! Finally, you can find the prediction of cancer and astrology horoscope of the best without a lot of hunting.

If you would like to know more about the signs and moon rise of cancer and Western astrology, you take a look at the deep outline our more zodiac and zodiac astrology primer of us.

Where you will be able to use their ability to get inside you can be where to organize, so to speak, or head, of the people, "to maintain the house" that is not good professional, the Cancer them. Since there is a possibility that represents the entrepreneurial personality winning streak and a creative or artistic they, but they are diverse. Mentally, I make a good listener and they have a nature contemplative and introspective.

These characteristics, there are times when it is displayed in those cancers with the month of Cancer rising and in the natal chart their as well.

cancer astrology

Skin Cancer Face

Exactly what are age spots?

Exactly what precisely are age spots and should 1 be unduly worried about them? Well bluntly putting it age spots are dark brown or brownish markings on the skin brought on by over-exposure to the sun. A lot of people mistake these spots for either freckles or some kind of skin cancer but absolutely nothing could be further from the truth.

Firstly freckles generally go away when exposed to sun over a time period. How many of us remember that little freckled guy or gal across the street who had been our friend but today is the most good looking or beautiful individual around. I certainly do. And also we ask, "hey where the hell did all the freckles go?"

The second thing is, any time you see just about any spots on your skin, see a doctor right away to get rid of the possibility of some type of skin cancer and do not pay attention to your pal who says it is possibly "age spots skin cancer", presently there is no such disease or cancer. Age spot on face, your hand, breasts or any uncovered place of your skin is just that. Unless of course otherwise explained by a healthcare doctor.

Ought I be worried?

Well yes and no, in the event you ask me. If you are a young individual and in the hunt for a spouse or searching for a job in the beauty industry, it might be a hugh issue. The reason being, in those two fields, skin beauty or beautiful skin is really a major component which you are unable to get away from.

And yes, you do get age spots from any age as soon as you permit your self to be exposed to the ultra violet rays of the sun for extended periods of time. Why these types of spots might be more typical among older persons is because the body's natural protection against UV rays of the sun has been significantly decreased in more mature folks is due to the ageing process.

However, if you're at an age or stage of your life where you're comfortable with mate, self and occupation, what the hell if you have a couple of age spots. Continue living your life as it pleases you.
I am from a location where there is sunshine all year around and hell I've a couple of age spots but they do not bother me 1 little bit. I simply just protect myself from the sun's rays, the very best I know-how and proceed living my life as I think acceptable.

What are the treatments and home remedies?

The treatments and remedies for age spots on your face, hands or any part of your entire body can vary from the pharmaceuticals, like skin creams and lotions, to laser removal treatments and even alternative home remedies. It is always recommended to check with your doctor, ideally a skin doctor before commencing any treatment in respect of the treatment or avoidance of age spots.

Stuff you can do to prevent or confirm age spots

1. Steer clear of excessive sunlight

2. Always use a sun screen lotion or face cream

3. Get correct diagnosis from your doctor

4. Start a restorative course of action as soon as practical

skin cancer face

New Cancer Treatments

Know the reasons of cancer and follow a healthy lifestyle

In this modern age, millions of people die due to cancer through out the world. The reason for cancer can be different in each individual. It can be hereditary or it can be due to unhealthy lifestyles which includes, eating fast foods, smoking, usage of drugs etc. Cancer is often considered as one of the deadliest disease whose cure is not 100% sure if not diagnosed in the earlier stages.

New inventions and researches are being conducted to produce good results in the treatment of cancer. Many countries have great achievements in the area of cancer research in the treatment of cancer.

Cancer can affect different organs of the body like, kidneys, lungs, skin, liver, uterus, breasts etc. cancer is the abnormal growth of body cells which results in the malfunctioning of body organs and in turn it damage the whole organ if not treated. Among different types of cancer, lung cancer is most common among individuals who lead an unhealthy lifestyle. Smoking is the main cause of lung cancer which results in the abnormal expansion of lung tissues.

Know about various types of lung cancer treatments

Patients, who suffer from lung cancer shows symptoms like wheezing, lose of appetite, breathlessness, fatigue, difficulty in swallowing food etc. Nowadays with the advancement in the field of science and technology new methods of lung cancer treatment is available for affected patients. All these methods are found to be successful in treating patients but depend on the stage of your disease and the kind of lung cancer you have. We shall discuss few lung cancer treatment methods which are found to be very effective and successful.

Chemotherapy- This is an effective lung cancer treatment which includes swallowing or injecting anti- cancer drugs. Drugs are injected intra venous or orally swallowed.

Radiation therapy- This lung cancer treatment uses high energy radiation to kill cancer cells with the help of highly sophisticated machines that directs the radiation to the affected part.

Surgery- There are many type of lung surgeries depending up on the severity of the disease which includes the removal of entire lung or section or part of a lobe.

Targeted drug therapy- This is a new lung cancer treatment which works by targeting specific abnormalities with the help of specific drugs.

Cancer research institute and its merits

Many cancer research institutes are mushrooming all around the world with the best intention of providing new innovative treatment methods for this deadliest disease. Cancer research institute are a real boon to affected patients. They make innovative approach to prevent, control and cure all cancer patients with their immune based treatments. They provide world wide treatments and research for cancer.

Many certified dedicated and experienced scientists works for cancer research institute who make discoveries and inventions like cancer vaccines, immune systems interacting with cancer etc. Cancer research institute find new answers and harness the power of the bodys own immune system to fight against cancer.

In this way people affected with lung cancer are getting better treatments and getting chances to live longer. It is very important to note that all lung cancers are not same and its treatment and prognosis of each patient is different.

new cancer treatments


Atheist Centre of India

An atheist charity organization helping people since the 1940s

photo by Asif Akbar
Atheist Centre of India supports intercaste marriages and actively works to end child marriages and caste separation. The also provide aid to women in distress such as single mothers and prostitutes and promote equality of the sexes. Their education campaigns are designed to fight dangerous superstitions and practices such as witch hunts which can result in harm to innocent people.

Atheist Centre provides many services such as a Working Women's Hostel and a home for women with social problems. One of their programs, Vasavya Centre for Social Development, provides outreach services for more than 50 villages. The outreach program includes education, health care, advanced medical care including eye banks and corneal transplants, social programs, training for women, counseling and career guidance, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, sanitation facilities, drinking water facilities, sex education and contraception education, youth programs, and cr ches for children along with many other humanitarian services.

Really, the Atheist Centre of India provides so much that it's difficult to summarize it in one module. Atheist Centre of India has been providing relief, support, and care since the 1940s. That makes it perhaps the oldest continuously operating atheist charity in existence.

Atheist Charities are Nothing New!

Once people get past the idea that atheist charities actually exist the next major misconception about atheist charities is that atheist charities are something brand new.

Foundation Beyond Belief

Offers a variety of guaranteed secular charities to support

image created by the Out CampaignFoundation Beyond Belief is an atheist charity which launched January 1, 2010. Each quarter Foundation Beyond Belief features five charitable organizations. Members can choose which cause or causes to support from the featured causes.

Foundation Beyond Belief
by FoundBeyondBelief | video info

73 ratings | 5,655 views A charitable and educational foundation created to focus, encourage, and demonstrate the generosity and compassion of atheists and humanists. Members sign up for automatic monthly donations in the amount of their choice and distribute them across ten categories of giving. Every three months, all donations are forwarded to the charities and a new slate is selected. Members can research, debate, and nominate charities through an online forum and social network. The Foundation also helps build and support local secular parenting communities. Join us at .

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Atheist group that provides humanitarian aid for victims of religious conflicts

photo by Sigurd Decroos, SXCEarth's Atheist Resistance To Holy Wars And Religious Devastation or EARTHWARD provides humanitarian aid to victims of religiously motivated violence. EARTHWARD provides aid suited to the victims usually in the form of food, clean drinking water, temporary shelters and medical aid.

Their mission is to help victims of religiously motivated crimes and violence whether committed by governments, individual terrorists, or organizations that claim religious justification for their crimes.

Learn More About Atheist Views

Fellowship of Freethought

Atheist charitable organization

photo by Yarik Mishin, SXCAmong their outreach activities, the The Fellowship of Freethought organizes blood drives, collects food for local food banks, participates in holiday toy drives for needy children, and collects donations for deployed soldiers.

International Humanist and Ethical Union

A union of atheist and secular charities from around the world

image by Billy AlexanderThe International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) is a union which includes more than a hundred atheist, secular and freethought organizations from 40 different countries around the world. IEHU fights for freedom of expression, human rights, and separation of church and state. They support the victims of religious persecution and superstition. IHEU fights to end untouchability, caste systems which place people in abject poverty with no hope of escape due to accident of birth.

IHEU is very active in trying to save people convicted of religious "crimes" (homosexuality, women wearing trousers, loss of virginity, witchcraft, or similar accusations) from imprisonment, torture, and execution.

Is Atheism Incompatible With Charity?

Does Atheism Make A Person or Group Unable to Be Truly Charitable?

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Atheists Helping the Homeless

Atheists providing small comforts to homeless people

Atheists Helping the HomelessA small group of atheists in Austin Texas saw a need. There are quite a few charities providing food for homeless people there but few seemed to be providing things such as soap, toilet paper, toothbrushes and other hygiene items. By researching what was being given out by groups already, AHH discovered that some groups gave out toiletries, but very few groups, and very few toiletries to very few homeless people. No one specialized in toiletries, not even close. AHH, or Atheists Helping the Homeless, started collecting and giving out these items to homeless people in Austin, Texas in late 2009.

PSA - Atheists Helping the Homeless - PLEASE SHARE!
by aajoeyjo | video info

0 ratings | 3,106 views

Atheists Helping the Homeless PSA number 1. Please share this! Seriously, please go nuts with favoriting, sharing, posting, re-posting, bugging old friends, and busting out to new ones! :o) Please consider donating and/or volunteering with us under the bridge. It's fun! Public music: "Distance" by Karsh Kale Please check out: Also also our Myspace site: PSA: Public Service Announcement A J.A.M. Production

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American Humanist Association

The humanist charities of the American Humanist Association have now established a Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund to distribute food and supplies to the people of Haiti.

Kiva Lending Team: Atheists, Agnostics, Skeptics, Freethinkers, Secular Humanists and the Non-Religious

image created by the Out CampaignKiva Lending Team: Atheists, Agnostics, Skeptics, Freethinkers, Secular Humanists and the Non-Religious has provided ,093,550 in loans to small business owners in the developing world at the time of this writing. They have helped 169,972 small business owners since the group formed in August of 2008.

They are a Kiva Lending Team, a group which provides small loans to people seeking to reach economic independence and to improve living conditions for their families and communities.

Humanist Soup Kitchen Video

From a man who works for a humanist charity giving food to homeless people

Humanist soup kitchen
by xmeltrut | video info

10 ratings | 282 views

The idea that atheists don't give to charity and volunteer is of course laughable but I thought I would spell out a few of the reasons why in case anyone is unclear.

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Secular Humanist Aid and Relief Effort

Atheists providing funds for medical care in Haiti

photo by Funch, SXCSecular Humanist Aid and Relief Effort (S.H.A.R.E.) provides general humanitarian aid, food assistance, and medical relief to disaster and accident victims. They have provided aid to Sri Lankan tsunami victims, hurricane Katrina survivors, families displaced by California wildfires and Tennessee tornadoes, and many others.

Currently, SHARE is turning all of its attention to aiding Haitian earthquake victims. You can donate to the Haiti Quake Relief through this link. 100% of your donation, with no administrative fees retained, will go to Doctors Without Borders operating in Haiti.

More Atheist Charities

Atheist Relief Fund
Atheist Relief Fund is currently raising money to help earthquake victims in Haiti.
Secular Center USA
Performs various secular volunteer activities including food bank donations, Humane Society Dog Walk, and aiding local animal shelters.
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
A giant charity organization which performs relief efforts, fights poverty and disease, spreads education, and provides medical assistance to people in need. The Gates Foundation's efforts to fight malaria and AIDS in Africa are of unparalleled scope. Their motto is "All Lives Have Equal Value."
HIVOS (Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation)
HIVOS is a Dutch humanist organization which supports a wide range of sustainable projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Secular and Atheist Charities

Compassion For Others Is Simply Human Nature

Human Nature
by AcquiredKnowledge | video info

23 ratings | 809 views

Showing the world that religious faith has nothing to do with one's morality, and strengthens the fact that our compassion for others is simply human nature. All the charity organisations and individuals shown in this video are secular and humanist in nature or have no religious affiliations. Please distribute this video to anyone, at anytime, for any reason. No permission is required. Please rate and comment :)

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Is That All the Atheist Charities in Existence?

Nope, this page doesn't even begin to scratch the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of atheist, secular, and humanist run charities. As time allows, I will be adding more to this page.

Would You Support an Atheist Charity?

Assuming you were in a position to donate to charity would you donate to an atheist or secular charity?

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<div id="poll_chart_container77089761" data-labels="{"fa0fb32fa37879fdbc58ec3791abaec5":"Yes, I would donate based on what the charity does.","a17f4563df7ddd3e5d9eae7f57964f10":"Yes, I prefer secular charities.","e315410ad133407d8d93a9725a4fe9b2":"No, I would never donate to a secular or atheist run charity.","b6aba780c5dbbae0a0618a7c5b5cb517":"No, I prefer to donate to charities aligned with a religion.","bb8c057647e3f84d017de00b9175ea23":"Other, I'll explain in the guestbook."}" data-chart-type="classic" >