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Type Cancer

With cancer running rampant, second only to heart disease in the United States, prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer in men. Statistics show that at least 80 percent of men under the age of 80 have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. There are very few signs, but it can be identified by pain and discomfort when men urinate. Over two million men in the United States are survivors of prostate cancer, and because it is so common, it only makes sense to consult a physician if there is any discomfort.

The prostate gland is an almond shaped gland that is a part of the male reproductive system. It is located above the rectum and winds around the urethra, which explains why pain in urination is a good indicator of prostate cancer. This type of cancer is typically found in men over 55, and is especially dangerous because it is difficult to detect, which allows it to easily spread to other organs.

Cancer is the same disease wherever it is detected in the body. The toxic cells multiply out of control in that general area, and as the malformed cells multiply, they force the healthy cells to be damaged. This is how a tumor is formed. The National Cancer Society already reports 238,590 new cases in 2013 with 29,720 deaths. This form of cancer is out of control, and it is up to the male population to stop it.

The exact cause of cancer has not been determined in recent research, but many professionals attribute external conditions to the body that react internally to be a primary cause. Researchers believe that the inherited gene, and the food, medicines and environmental conditions are all major contributors to cancer because they instigate free radicals to reproduce.

Scientists have found that certain medicines, chemicals and preservatives contribute to the malformed cells multiplication. Steroids in animals that are then sold to the public are also attributed to creating cancer cells. Grass fed beef and free-range chicken should be consumed instead.

Pesticides, environmental pollution and chemically laden water are also contributors. If the male population could reduce these toxic factors there is a good chance that they could prevent more cancer from being diagnosed. Eliminating sugar from the diet would immeasurably help in prevention of cancer growth because defective cells feed on sugar, and reproduce damaged, cancerous cells.

type cancer

Pancreatic Cancer Types

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most lethal diseases and usually is not diagnosed until it has reached an advanced stage. The usual survival rate is 3 to 6 months for most patients once they have been diagnosed with this disease. The five year survival rate is less than 5%. Research is being conducted in the field of cancer treatment and many types of cancer are successfully treated with modern medicine and technology. However, the prognosis for pancreatic cancer has not changed over the past 50 years. Many people have lost dear ones to this dreaded disease and some have taken it upon themselves to do something about it. People have started to contribute to the effort of finding a cure for this disease by setting up a pancreatic cancer foundation.

Such a foundation not only provides support to patients diagnosed with this disease, it also funds regular and advanced research in finding a possible cure. At the same time, an emphasis on increasing the survival period of pancreatic cancer patients and improving their quality of life during this period is on-going. There are both government and non government entities that are involved in the research for the treatment of pancreatic cancer and these foundations are making great progress because of the continued support provided to them by society.

You don't have to be suffering from this dreaded disease to make a difference. It is true that in our hectic lives we have little time to devote to charitable activities, but a small portion of our income can make a huge difference to the progress made by such foundations and they are dependent on pancreatic cancer charity. They accept one time donations, monthly payments and stocks. Even one dollar can help make a difference!


  • It develops from malignant cells in the tissues of the pancreas.
  • It is a silent disease as the signs and symptoms are noticed only at a later stage. Early signs and symptoms are generally vague and go unnoticed.
  • It is the fourth leading cause of deaths in the USA, and most cases with advanced cancer die within a year.
  • There are different types of pancreatic-cancer, the most common being adenocarcinoma tumor which is known to disperse quickly, whereas a neuroendocrine is known to progress slowly.
  • There is much more research needed on this type of cancer, which may offer hope for effective long term treatment and ultimately a cure for this deadly disease.
  • 90% of people suffering from this cancer are more than 50 years of age.
  • Risks that increase the chance of pancreatic-cancer include smoking cigarettes, alcohol, diabetes and poor diet.
  • Diagnosis is performed with a physical examination, biopsy, ultrasound, MRI, or CT scan.

All in all, pancreatic cancer is a severe disease, and there is no permanent cure if it is not detected early.

pancreatic cancer types

Ovarian Cancer Symtoms

Ovarian cancer is the 2nd most common cancer of the female reproductive system. It affects approximately 1 in 70 American women at some point in their lives. The risk of developing ovarian cancer heightens past the age of 40 and menopause further increases the risk.

The cause or causes of ovarian cancer are not known. Risk factors include not having gone through pregnancy and childbirth; exposure to asbestos or radiation; high dietary fat intake; the use of talcum powder in the genital area; personal history of breast, uterine, colon, or nonpolyposis colon cancers, family history of breast or ovarian cancer; hpv infection; early onset and or late cessation of menstruation; obesity; and a diet high in saturated animal fat and low in fiber. Taking birth control pills has been known to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer by 50 to 60 percent.

Ovarian cancer symptoms and sign
Often there are no obvious symptoms until the cancer is in its later stages of development. Weight loss, unexplained vaginal bleeding or abnormal menstrual cycles. Vague abdominal discomfort, indigestion or other mild gastrointestinal problems. Abdominal swelling or bloating, and pelvic fullness or pressure. Urinary frequency.

Recommended diet and nutrition for ovarian cancer symptoms
You have to know that a diet that is high in fiber and low in saturated animal fats is a good defense against ovarian cancer. Quercetin has been found to have properties that protect against ovarian cancer. Low levels of selenium have been associated with a greater risk of ovarian cancer

Additional recommendation for prevention and treatment
Now, to bring your experience to the next level in dealing with ovarian cancer symptoms. It's about time to stop it at the early stages. For effective prevention, protection, treatment and cure that we have not discuss in this short article. We highly recommend the trusted and proven "One Minute Cure for All Diseases". Very effective all around, holistic natural alternative therapy and is highly endorsed by almost 15,000 European doctors. Take the time to discover and study this one why it is hidden from the general public.

Just follow the link and watch the 5minute video presentation:

One Minute Cure For All Diseases .

ovarian cancer symtoms

Eye Cancer Pictures

Red eye is no doubt one of the family photographer's most annoying problems. How many of your holiday photographs have been ruined by the red-eyed monster?

Red-eye is a common problem for photographers that use a flash, so don't stress if your photographs seem to be full of glowing red bulbs. Thankfully this red eye problem is easy to predict and can be prevented with just a little bit of preparation.

What Causes Red-Eye?

Red eye is simply a reflection that takes place when light reflects off the inside of the pupil. To better understand how this works, you have to first understand how the pupil of a person's eye works. The pupil is the part of the eyeball that expands and contracts to let light enter the eye. This helps your eyes to adjust to bright days or low light situations such as taking a walk by moonlight. When you take a photo in low light with a flash, the pupil is unable to close fast enough to block the light so the flash reflects off the back of the pupil and hits the camera. This is also the reason why you see spots when you suddenly get flashed with a bright light.

How to Avoid Red-Eye

The simple solution to red-eye is to avoid the situation in the first place. However if you can't avoid it, you can use photo editing software to remove the red eye- it just takes time to remove it especially if you have a lot of pictures to do. Here is how you can help avoid the dreaded red eye in your next picture.

First, use an external flash unit that isn't situated directly on the front of your camera. By just changing the angle of your flash it will change the reflection and often get rid of red eye or at least reduce it. You can accomplish this by holding an external flash off to the side, or by using a standalone unit hooked to your camera.

Second, turn the lights on! If your subjects are in an area that's well lit, then their pupils will be able to adjust to the light. This will significantly reduce the chance of having red eye in your picture. Just turning the lights on, will also likely eliminate the need for using a flash and will get rid of your chances of having a stack of red-eyed pictures.

So, whenever possible try to avoid using your flash. Natural light is more flattering for your subjects in most cases, and not every photograph needs a flash. By learning to work with the light you have, you'll not only avoid red eye more often, you'll also make your photographs look even better. Remember to only use your flash as a last resort.

Finally, if you absolutely must use the flash, try picking up a digital camera with "red-eye reduction." These cameras are designed to have the flash go off multiple times when you hit the shutter button to help minimize the chance of red eye. These preliminary flashes will give your subject's pupils time to close and will help minimize the red eye. It's worth noting, however, that this feature is in no way foolproof.

Red-eye is seen by many as a necessary evil of flash photography, when in fact it can be avoided in almost any lighting situation. If you take a little time to understand how light can impact your picture and take measures to accommodate the light, then you'll be able to safely avoid red eye and the many problems it causes. If you take time to think before you shoot, you'll find that red eye will soon be a concern of the past.

eye cancer pictures


Zeolite Cancer Cure

There are many methods by which it is possible to invigorate your health using a regular plan. Workout routines, healthful eating, fresh fruits and leafy green vegetables, yoga and fitness and a little bit of treatment allows you to live more time. So that you can live a bit longer and much healthier you have to get eliminated all sorts of dangerous elements such as chemical compounds, heavy metals and toxic compounds which are accumulated in the body. The medicines and tobacco, alcohol which you consume is loaded with countless dangerous substances and toxic compounds. An easy method to recharge your quality of life and live a balanced life is to get rid of all the toxic compounds and damaging components within your body. Zeolite is a confirmed, safe and sound, analyzed and easy way health supplement by which all toxic compounds can be taken off from the human body.

In the case when you go through fatigue, exhaustion or trouble sleeping, or perhaps stress and anxiety, this is certainly all as a result of toxic compounds contained in your system. In case your skin becomes rough and you also notice situations of irregularities throughout your sleeping time, or appetite, this is also as a result of toxic compounds. Large boost in heavy metals and toxic compounds in the body system results in this kind of sicknesses and irregularities. In order to recharge lifestyle once again and come back on track, it's so necessary to get rid of toxic compounds. Liquid zeolite or health supplement facilitates elimination of toxic compounds in very simple methods. This is a liquid health supplement for sale in the health industry and also at online healthcare shops at inexpensive prices and in various dimension containers. Utilization and dose with this liquid zeolite is really quite simple to recognize. Soon after the initial serving of Zeolite you are able to experience a lot of alleviation and freshness within just 7-8 hours.

Zeolite is ideal to cleanse your body as well as eliminates all toxic compounds using its own method, with body sweat and urine. All the dangerous components within the body can be effortlessly caught in this liquefied nieral and afterwards eliminated in just a couple of hours. Using this liquefied supplement is safe for individuals of all ages, children, women, men, expecting mothers and seniors. You will not experience any kind of unpleasant side effects and adverse reactions related to this health supplement.

Zeolite has developed into one leading remedy for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. It is now easy to free yourself from almost all skin issues and diseases by taking out the toxins efficiently. A rejuvenating life is today just a couple of drops aside. All possibly harmful components contained in the body system are easily eradicated by using zeolite. The most effective function of this health supplement is that you simply do not need to confront any kind of problems or unwanted side effects by having it within your regimen diet. It is now time for you to revitalized and live much healthier, for a longer time!

Frequently Asked Questions

    Has anyone used Zeolite Enhancer and had good results?
    I have read that Zeolite Enhancer is very good for curing cancer.

    • ANSWER:
      It works well for curing poverty and creating income for the zeolite sellers and distributors. Don't you think if zeolite really worked that all people with cancer would be avoiding surgery and chemo and just taking zeolite? Zeolite is not new. It's even sold on ebay. Zeolite by the way is related to asbestos but is probably not dangerous in the form in which it is being sold. It is also ineffective against the 200 or so different disease processes lumped under the generic name of cancer. There are no magic bullet cancer cures.

    Has anyone used Zeolite Enhancer and had good results?
    I have read that Zeolite Enhabcer is very good for curing cancer.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes i have used this b4 and when i heard my aunty had cancer i told her about this as i looked into home cures

      I have read many stories where ppl have been diagnosed with cancer and immediately start taking zeolite

      The next time they went back the physicians couldnt believe it as the cancer had gone i have heard many of stories all positive
      you take 2-10 drops a day
      My Aunt unfortunately' didnt receive hers in time and died but yeah i have heard this is a miracle little bottle and tastes of water..

    Is anyboday taking the supplment zeolite? Is it dangerous for your body?
    I am specifically interested in experience from parents of autistic kids. Most of things that I read online are from the company itself, or websites related to sell its products. I would appreciate any input.

    • ANSWER:
      As Panda has mentioned erionite is the most hazardous zeolite. Almost any fibrous mineral material is hazardous. The zeolite group of minerals is large and contains many useful materials. These can be made into water softeners, air and gas purifiers, and can be used to make ceramics.

      The supplement you refer to, even though it is patented, is not a zeolite, but is actually derived from a zeolite. It has never successfully completed human clinical trials.

      You may find a lead to something more effective here.

    Are Zeolites connected to Cancer Improvements?

    I am a serious scientific researcher who has worked with zeolites for over 30 years. They are remarkable compounds used for cracking petroleum to gasoline, purifying water and air and much much more.

    Now I am reading (on this site) that they are spoken of as a (possible) cancer cures. Can anybody bring me "up to speed" on this so I can consider if it warrants time, effort and research on my part to see if there is something to this?


    • ANSWER:
      Might want to look at this:

    Where can I purchase Celluar Zeolite in the state of Indiana.?
    Celluar Zeolite is used to cure Cancer.Thanks for your help

    • ANSWER:
      Go to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative medicine. If you cannot locate this product on their list, than all you will be doing is using an ineffective treatment, wasting precious time, and making marketers wealthy.

      According to the American Cancer Society there is some question among researchers about some forms of zeolite that may be responsible for mesolithioma (a type of lung cancer). So caution should be urged as the product may cause cancer, not cure it.

      With any type of cancer treatment you should investigate the product or option thoroughly to see how effective it will be against your particular cancer. Do not be swayed by 'testimonials' as they are not 'proof' that something will work for you. Look for independent, documented proof from clinical trials, medical journals, or evidence based resources.

      The harm with unproven treatments is that you delay finding effective treatment (waste time and money) and also, unfortunately, cancer cells are part of the human body and what is good for the body often ends up good for the tumor too. With unproven treatment you may be helping the cancer grow faster.

      You should discuss this with your oncologist or healthcare provider as some medicines will not be compatible.

      Good luck

    How long can a patient live with Dementia?

    • ANSWER:
      Months to years

      You don't have to spend the last few years of your life in a "rest home" because your brain has failed to operate. By avoiding key foods (e.g. trans-fatty acids, other bad fats, heavy metals, etc.) and by taking some key nutrients that your brain needs to function properly, you can avoid living your "golden years" in a mental fog.

      The way food is processed these days is killing your brain. Food processing is ADDING trans-fatty acids and other bad fats to your diet, plus it is DESTROYING the essential fatty acids that our brain needs.

      I have not checked this out yet, but I have heard that methyl is another thing needed by the brain. MSM is in the list below, and it contains 2 methyl groups and 2 oxygen singlets. DMSO, also mentioned below, contains 2 methyl groups and 1 oxygen singlet, but DMSO can cause a lot of body odor when used in theraputic doses.

      1) A product that has been around for awhile is making waves among those who already have dementia. The product is called Vibe, by a company called Eniva. It is making significant changes in mental clarity within a matter of days. The suggested dose is 1/2 ounce for 2 days, 3/4 ounce for 3 days, 1 ounce for 3 days, then level off at 2 ounces a day. Within 2 weeks there should be a significant change. Here is a vendor:

      2) For the long term, your brain needs key essential fatty acids (e.g. omega 3). Seventy-five percent of the myelin is made up of fats, mostly essential fatty acids. However, do not just go out and buy omega 3 supplements. You need at least 2-4 tablespoons a day of refrigerated, liquid flax seed oil, or some combination of refrigerated, liquid flax seed oil and liquid fish oil. The omega 3 must be made water soluble, which is done by mixing the omega 3 with a sulfur protein, usually in the form of cottage cheese or yogurt. See this article on the Budwig diet for details on how to make water-soluble omega 3.

      3) If there is such as thing as a "cure" for dementia, that cure would be the Bob Beck Protocol followed by high doses of water soluble omega 3. The Bob Beck Protocol removes every microbe from your body, whether virus, bacteria, fungus, etc. Removing the microbes from the brain is probably the most important part of any dementia treatment!! See this article on cancer for more information about the Bob Beck Protocol.

      4) Your brain needs oxygen singlets (e.g. MSM, DMSO and stabilized oxygen [e.g. Prime pH, Aerobic O7]). Take 12 drops of a stabilized oxygen product and 12 drops of 70% DMSO a day, mixed in a fruit juice (take this at night). Children should take 6 drops of each. Instead of the DMSO, you could take 2 to 5 grams of MSM per day (make sure it is an MSM that is NOT a pill, and has not had any additives). See the theory and a testimonial:

      5) Your brain also needs key minerals. Products such as: Vibe (from Eniva - mentioned above), Cell Food, Vitamin O, Xango Mangosteen juice, Tahitian Noni juice, etc., are great for getting the necessary minerals into the brain.

      6) You also need to chelate heavy metals from your body. Different supplements chelate different heavy metals from your brain. Here is a list of supplements that chelate heavy metals:
      a) Natural Cellular Defense (zeolite),
      b) Vitamin C (take high quality 500 mg, 4 times a day, for a total of 2 grams),
      c) Chlorella, which is a food, not a supplement.
      d) The Karl Loren product

      1) strokes (whether known about or not),
      2) free radicals (i.e. oxidative stress),
      3) illegal drugs,
      4) prescription drugs,
      5) lack of oxygen (as the body gets older, less oxygen is absorbed),
      6) diet, which is high in bad fats (e.g. trans-fatty acids) and low in good fats (e.g. omega-3). This includes taking certain kinds of fats (e.g. saturated fats) frequently. such as eating peanut butter regularly,
      7) years and years of an acidic diet, and the lack of things that alkalize the body, which leads to yeast, fungus, mould and bacteria thriving in the body,
      8) aspartame, Monosodium Glutamate, HVP, cysteine and other "excitotoxins" (which kill brain cells)

    Does anybody know anything about liquid cellular zeolites?
    They are used by some people to fight cancer.

    • ANSWER:
      There is no documented scientific evidence that this product is of any benefit to cancer patients.

      It is a product that is being heavily marketed by those who claim otherwise. Any type of heavy marketing scheme for 'cancer cure' should immediately by suspected. People marketing the product are motivated by financial gain and not the overall health of a patient. If any efficacy existed for the use of this product for cancer it would belong in the realm of the research laboratory and carefully controlled clinical studies.

      One of the ironies of the promotion of zeolite is that this silicate mineral is commonly found in the soil in Turkey and has been linked to extremely high rates of mesothelioma (a type of lung cancer) and other malignancies. So, instead of being of benefit it may actually cause cancer.

      You can find out more about the study of the mineral at Entrez Pubmed:

    Natural remedies for curing cancer?
    i have read some reviews on the net, thatLiquid Cellular Zeolite, has had great results in beating cancer, is this really worth ago? Or just ppl out to make money? Has anyone tried natural remedies for fighting cancer and caould share there experiences, Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      No scientific documented evidence exists that anyone has ever been cured' or found benefit using cellular zeolite. You should always check independent sources . . you can check for literature and documentation about any cancer product on PubMed . . which is peer reviewed research and studies.

    i know someone that has terminal cancer, i have heard of a mineral called zeolite has any1 used does it work?
    does zeolite work as a cancer cure??

    • ANSWER:
      No! If it did, all physicians would be using it, and I assure you, I've NEVER heard of it in the 35+ years I've worked in the medical field

    What is a breif history of Skin Cancer?
    Thanks heaps ;-)

    • ANSWER:
      Probably originated in oneself upteen years ago, prior to its manifestation.

      May have been caused by chemicals in our environment . . . food we eat (depleted soils, fertilizers, pesticides...) in the air we breath, in our precious to life itself.

      These "FDA approved" (over 60,000 known) chemicals federally allowed for the market (toxic waste, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, household cleansers, makeup . . .) for whatever reason, are harmful to mankind in someway....yet they are $$$ makers. Or..may have been caused by reprocussions of the products readily employed via government decision.

      During the 1950s era the "D" word was not to be publically brought forth (divorce.) Then, during the 1980s era the "C" word was not to be discussed (cancer) because this might bring on exasperation, disguss. unbelief, dishonor, anilation from differentiation, and separateness from the masses. "C" was relatively a new phenomina and not understood or accepted by many other than a gasp.

      21st century places cancer cells (simply put....abnormal growths) into most every human on the planet. which arises a question.....why do some acquire life-threatening cancer conditions and others not?

      chemicals (predominantly mankind) have played havoc with the human body to the point of toxifying us. only with a strong immune system, doing its normal job of ridding us of that which ails us, do we combat such happenings.

      those who are compromised, either physically, emotinally, mentally or spiritually are more likely to contract abnormal growths out of something all of us contain.

      those who strive to know who they are and take care of themselves rise above the additional growths of taht which we all have. the "c" maintains a controlled maintainance which cannot manifest by way of stimulants, but is rather suppressed to lay dormant.

      skin cancer, in particular, can be controlled very easily.
      most folks don't know about 'Pele's Tears' or 'Zeolites' which the ancients used as curing agents. e-mail me & i will b happy to share more with you on this subject.

      a skin doctor once told least you can say you enjoy your life.....yachting, hiking, swimming, kayaking . . . . . . when many people only dream of such things.

      MD seems to feel (and believe) our O-zone problem is responsible, or the fact that we were not cognizant of UV rays and did not use protection.

      either cancers are no more than a normal cell in one's body growing in an abnormal way.

      skin is the largest organ of the body. for protection. and was designed for a purpose.

      don't fret. all is curable.

    Has anyone had experience with Zeolite, Gumbi Gumbi, Essaic Tea, Laetrile, with regards to cancer treatments?
    I am researching natural / alternative cancer treatments and would like to hear from anyone who has had positive or negative experience / results from using such products.

    • ANSWER:

      Your question is delightful. I must tell you the words "Essaic Tea," in your question, inspired old memories of my best bud Tina, who, in 1994, at the age of 43, learned she had lung and brain cancer

      She refused to discuss non traditional medicine - especially herbs, which, because of their colors, she considered vegetables. (She hated vegetables.)

      She spent the next two years of her life, dancing the surgery-chemo-radiation shuffle. My beautiful, funny friend withered away. The "cure" disfigured her body, incinerated her skin and ripped off her beautiful blonde hair - but worse, it destroyed her spirit, leaving her always sick, always tired - but ironically, not from the cancer -- from the "cure."

      After her last surgery, the docs shook their heads, gave her three weeks to live and two bottles of liquid morphine. Bearing very little hope, she decided to try the dreaded herbs.

      I knew a midwife who made Essaic Tea - she swore by it and was thrilled to share her personal version of the recipe. She insisted I use only fresh herbs purchased from a reputable dealer who would ship overnight.

      The next day, herbs in hand, I drove west out of Tucson, caught up with Interstate 8,and landed in San Diego before dark.

      She hadn't eaten for the last couple days and was so weak she couldn't walk to the bathroom. She quit taking the morphine because it made her groggy and sick to her stomach. I brewed a huge batch of Essaic, and drank it with her, on schedule, every two hours. On the second day, Tina was up, out of bed, asking for strawberries and clams.

      Her color came back first, then her smile and by the end of the week she was up and around. Her headache from the brain tumor left for the first time in months. We even drove to the ocean so she could put her feet in the water for a few minutes.

      She passed away at the end of Feburary and tho she lived only four months longer than predicted, I feel strongly that if she had the Essaic in the beginning, along with minimal chemo and radiation, she just might have made it.

      I witnessed a dramatic change in Tina as the tea brought her body to a healing state. Change such as that indicates the body does respond to Essaic in some form.

      Essaic, along with other alternative medicines, are worth a much closer look
      Best of luck,

    Zeolite Enhanced now with DHQ?
    Is this another scam drug to cure cancer?

    • ANSWER:
      Zeolite is basically kitty litter.

      If it really cured cancer I think it would have made world wide headlines by now.

    has any one heard of zeolite powder..its suppose to be a cancer fighting supplement..what are the ingridents?
    my dad has cancer and want to know what zeolite powder has in it..and possibile side effects..i have heard it has been known to CUREcancer..please help

    • ANSWER:
      It does NOT cure cancer or anything else. It is ground up ash. If you breathe it in, it's been shown to cause lung cancer.

    Is zeolite for real?
    So many people with cancer are claiming to be cured but if this is truly real than why isn't the medical profession jumping on it. Have any of you had success yourselves?

    • ANSWER:
      Most people who claim to be cured using items like zeolite never actually had cancer that was diagnosed by a real oncologist.

      Zeolite is a mineral which can be toxic if the dust is inhaled when it is mined. Raw zeolite is similar to asbestos. Zeolite provides a steady income stream for the "cancer professionals" working on ebay and elsewhere. If you look closely at the websites touting zeolite, many of the health claims are in the form of questions, so as to avoid making a direct claim at treating cancer. This is done because they know zeolite is an MLM scam and not a real treatment for anything.

      Ever read Hulda Clark's The Cure for All Cancers? Most of the people she claims to have cured were self diagnosed, never had biopsies or CT scans to start with and there is zero documentation for followup on the people she claims to have cured of various cancers. LOL

    Does cellular zeolite liquid help cure cancer?

    • ANSWER:
      Nope but there are plenty of people on ebay selling the stuff that will tell you it cures all types of cancer.

      If anyone tells you there is a product, supplement or juice that treats all cancers then you know one of several things
      (1) They don't understand that cancer is a generic name for hundreds of different diseases many of which require very different treatment approaches to achieve any hope of a cure.
      (2) They consider you a potential income stream and only want your money.
      (3) They honestly believe that whatever they are selling will help your cancer but because they don't really understand cancer, don't have your type cancer or first hand experience with your type cancer and third and most important - they don't realize the real damage they do by causing people to waste precious time by seeking magic bullet miracle cures.

      If you have cancer see an oncologist as soon as possible.

    didanyone ever try Zeolite to cure cancer?

    • ANSWER:
      I have never understood why anyone would think liquified Kitty Litter would cure cancer.

      That is right, Zeolite in it's solid form is Kitty Litter.

    Can Medicine Man Tea and Zeolite (clinoptilolite)?
    help cure lung and other types of cancer? If so how safe and can they be taken in stage 4? If so, which is the better of the two?

    • ANSWER:
      Please go to the National Library of Medicine site at Entrez PubMed to start research on this. Type in zeolite or medicine man tea.

      You should be aware though that some types of natural zeolite has been associated with causing cancer.

      Also, there is at least one report that this type of tea can cause a hepatitis like disease, so you should be cautious.

    While scraping an oxygen purifying machine......?
    There is liquid zeolite......have you heard of it?....then there is also powdered zeolite.....have any of you used it before?

    While scraping an oxygen purifying machine we removed a sieve bed containing zeolite then removed the zeolite this form of said zeolite be used in the cure for cancer? 'As with like the liquid form'?

    • ANSWER:
      Simply put, if zeolite compounds could cure cancer, no one would be suffering from cancer now. Zeolite compounds are primarily used in medical processes because they form lattice structures with regularly sized holes, thus only allowing certain sized molecules to pass through.

      Zeolite-based oxygen concentrator systems are widely used to produce medical grade oxygen. The zeolite is used as a molecular sieve to create purified oxygen from air, in a process involving the absorption of undesired gases and other atmospheric components, leaving highly purified oxygen and up to 5% argon. Zeolite is also the active component in QuikClot, a hemostatic agent used as an emergency coagulant.

    Have you ever heard about zeolite?
    I heard about it and its "excellent health benefits". I googled it and found all sorts of waffle about it curing cancer and docs not wanting to use it because it doesn't support the pharmaceutical companies and other such sh!t!

    I know I cant trust these crappy websites, so what exactly is it and is it actually beneficial?
    I could have looked at wiki myself! i just said that I didnt trust most of the websites that I seen and just because wiki doesn't mention anything doesn't mean its not beneficial!

    I wanted peoples own knowledge and understanding of it.

    • ANSWER:
      Zeolite is a naturally occurring porous polysilicate, i.e. its a mineral. The name comes from Greek, it means "the stone that boils" and the name was given by Swedish mineralogist Axel Fredrik Cronstedt. Its uses range from heavy industry to detergent manufacture, construction and even the production of cat litter! The nearest I could come to a health benefit was a hemostatic agent that stops bleeding by using a calcium form of zeolite.
      So you are right about a great deal of kerfuffle going on about zeolite being anti-carcinogenic and detoxifying. All the websites I looked at claimed a great deal of its benefits, had a great deal of impressive testimonies, but not one shred of medical evidence.
      Therefore, there are no medical grounds for zeolite's use and I would advise you to stay away.

    Help! My Mom has cancer?!?
    :( I'm 15 and my Mom just told me she has Hodgkin's Lymphoma Cancer, but she said her doctor is quite sure it's curable. But I am shaking and I am so scared because I don't want to lose my Mom.
    Please help and give me some advice on how to feel better. Im so scared please help me.
    I always spend time with her, I'm a mamasboy.
    And I don't do any normal teenage things :(

    AGAIN: it is Hodgkin's Lymphoma.
    and PLEASE don't even mention death!

    • ANSWER:
      Hey Brandon, Try not to worry so much you will get yourself sick ^_^. As for this cancer, it is the most curable cancer we have ever seen. Infact studies show when it is caught early on it has a 98% cure rate where the cancer never shows up again. To further help you ease your mind I would tell mom to look up a product called "Zeolite" or Natural Cellular Defense.

      My girlfriend had kidney cancer and I researched days till i found this product. It's an anti-oxidant that cleans the body however to cancer patients it helps them produce cancer fighting hormone that they lack. This product is expensive but worth it because my girlfriend since taking it has gone from 63% to a astounding 23% kidney failure rate. With 2 treatments from the doctors she is expected to make full recovery.

      The reason why doctors will not tell you about this form of treatment sadly to say is that there is no profit to be gained from it. I learned this information from my girlfriends doctors. I hope this info helps you and good luck to you and mom.

    Looking for a hope for cancer?

    This is a product that was put on the FDA's GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) list last year. While clinical studies are still being carried out, take a look at the findings for this product as a treatment for some types of cancer like Epithelial Cell Cancer:

    • ANSWER:
      I would say that there is no hope for anything on any FDA list.
      The FDA is known to be a corrupt agency, which looks after the drug manufacturers interests.
      There are hundreds of known alternative cures fro cancer, which the FDA will not approve, because they would ruin the profitability of the cancer industry.

    alternative medicine: Zeolite - is this a hoax?
    In a company's self-promtion, I found this 'recommendation' of Liquid Zeolite, a natural alternative medicine (or something like that), by the "USA Patent office":

    "The composition of the present invention is synthesized from a naturally occurring non-toxic zeolite, and has a 100% kill rate within 72 hours against buccal mucosa and ling squamous epithelial cell cancers. It is not cytoxic to healthy human cells…"

    Source: selfhealingdetox. com

    Am I paranoid? Should I be paranoid? Should we all be paranoid?

    In no on-line search of medical terms did I see the combination of the words "ling squamous epithelial cell cancers". 'ling' doesn't exist in ANY online medical dictionary except as a suffix, as in swelling.

    Could this entry by a US patent office TYPIST be a mere TYPO, allowing the company selling "Liquid Zeolite" to use this official-sounding statement to perusade the public that their product does as they claim?

    Fiction? Not enuf info to incur a legal sanction?

    • ANSWER:
      I think ling must be a typo, because why would you advertise a cure for a condition that doesn't exist? Perhaps they mean 'lining'.

      I would be paranoid too.

      If they have actually found a substance that will kill 100% of cancerous cells without harming normal cells then that would be called a 'cure for cancer' and they would get a nobel prize or something. It would at least be big news.
      I would like to know what testing they have done.

    My father has Osophagus Ca. terminal fase. do you know anything?
    we have medicine social security and etc. he is so weak that doctors donot want to start chemotherapy. we need miracle food and nutritional material that make my father gain weight and empower his immune system. do you have any information about this kind of nutritients?

    • ANSWER:
      There are over 200 different kinds of cancer. Some things work for some types of cancer, and other things work for other types.

      You might have heard of the studies in which cancer cells were injected into very healthy prison inmate volunteers (to reduce their sentence, if the cancer didn't kill them), and the prisoner's bodies--without exception--killed the cancer cells, not the other way around. Not one prisoner developed cancer. Not one. The body can totally cure itself of cancer, and it absolutely can, as these findings demonstrate.

      For a diseased body to regain its ability to heal itself, all of these 12 things are important--

      ANTIOXIDANTS--Vitamin C and E, silenium, germanium, many others.

      ENZYMES--pancreatic, CoQ-10, and papaya--are necessary in many cases, until the body starts working right.

      MINERALS--zeolites, and take magnesium, chromium, selenium, potassium iodide, zinc and germanium.

      STOP METASTASIS--Vitamen B-17 keeps cancer from spreading to new locations. Apricot kernels, peach kernels, apple seeds, etc.

      DETOXIFICATION--the bowels and bladder MUST be working properly to heal! Appropriate colon/parasite cleanses are absolute musts, and systemic candidiasis cleanse if necessary. This step, and food addiction, are the hardest things for most people to handle.

      DENTAL METAL--Nickel, mercury, lead and cadmium turn off the immune system and cause cancer. They are used extensively in dental work. Many alternative healers won't work with a patient till these metals are removed from the mouth. This is so significant that many people heal by doing this and nothing else. EDTA, zeolites, bentonite clay or garlic, can temporarily help with heavy metals, but as soon as you stop, they start building up again.

      DIET--'pulse', as the Bible calls it--veggies and beans, the fruit of the earth--and whole grains. Cut out soda, sugar, trans fats and fast food; address your sodium/potassium balance (very low sodium during healing); and adjust your pH as necessary.

      HERBS AND SPICES--burdock, garlic, ginger, cayenne, chaparral, licorice root, sheep sorrell, cat's claw, cleavers, red clover, pau d'arco, stillingia root, barberry, poke root, prickly ash bark, buckthorne bark, turmeric, and others. Highly recommend a good herbalist.

      PURE WATER--at least charcoal filtered, best if steam distilled; tap water and some bottled waters contain things that turn off the body's ability to heal.

      STRESS--lower it. Also, do any necessary grieving for losses in your life, and heal emotionally. Constant negative emotions depress the immune system.

      EXERCISE (and oxygen)--absolutely indispensible--you will not get well just sitting around. Period. No exceptions. Get on your feet and get active, and get the lymph system working and get oxygen to the tissues--or die.

      EDUCATION--get a working knowledge of the above areas. Convince yourself that living and thriving again is possible. Dr. Hulda Clark, a contributor mentioned above, has legally proven her approach cures cancer, and she claims a 95% success rate. She publishes the pictures, x-rays and lab reports to prove it, as did Harry Hoxey and Max Gerson.. It is tragic that they are blacklisted.

      If alternative medicine is to provide a way for the body to heal itself of cancer, we must be willing to unlearn much that we take for granted in Western civilization, and change our life. It is sad that we are a nation of sheeple--uninformed, fearful, and easily distracted by our pastimes. Bet you didn't know that the very first use of flouride was in the Russian penal system to keep prisoners calm and manageable. Well, it was. And today, it's in many municipal water systems in our country, even though it has serious documented side effects. But that's another story.

      Healing our bodies is absolutely possible! Some do not have the courage, motivation and self-discipline to change and heal, but many people do. If you have cancer, just take the area mentioned above that you are most interested in, and learn about that. Make it part of your life, and go on to the next area. You'll be glad you did. Best of luck.

    Are you or anyone you know taking Poly-mva?
    If so, what results have you seen? I am interested in responses from people you actually know, not something you've read or somebody you've heard about. Also, are there any negative side affects observed?
    Poly_mva has just recently been approved by the fda for trials concerning the treatment of cancer. Dr. Forsythe (oncologist) completed a 2 yr study showing a 71% success rate with terminally ill (stage 4) patients. Thru this study, the FDA has approved it for clinical trials.
    My 14 yr old son has OsteoSarcoma and has been given a 30 to 40% chance of living 5 years.

    • ANSWER:
      Like you really care what the freespeach-fool said, but he's an idiot. Wow I can't believe he would write that. When someone you know has a terminal illness you have to fight for them, I'm worried about my aunt.

      I've been searching the internet for cures for cancer also. I'm not sure about Poly-mva, but try it also with sativa oil. I've just heard about that oil, here on yahoo answers (last week), it sounds interesting. Here's Rick Simpson's video

      The only other thing I've heard about is zeolite, but that would carry away the minerals in Poly-mva. So, they couldn't be used at the same time.

      I'll pray for your son.

zeolite cancer cure

Pictures Of Types Of Skin Cancer

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that is painful, uncomfortable, and looks terrible when viewed on Herpes pictures. The victims of Herpes find it difficult to get rid of this disease and they are not able to participate in routine activities. The two most common types of Herpes are Simplex 1 and Simplex 2.

Simplex 1: Herpes pictures of this type of Herpes show the full form of the disease on the face. Lips get swollen and bubbles form on them. These are also known as cold sores. Simplex 1 can be prevented by avoiding too much caffeine and alcohol and taking vitamin supplements.

Simplex 2: The most common form of Herpes is in the genital area. Genital herpes pictures show the disease on the victim's legs, arms, or torso and the common name of this disease is shingles. The most common cause of shingles is a type of virus that leads to chicken pox. Even after it is cured, the virus remains dormant in the body and makes its home in the spinal area. When the immune system of the body becomes weak, the virus becomes active again and gives rise to shingles. Genital herpes can be prevented by wearing a condom.

Vaginal Herpes: Herpes pictures of the vaginal area show an outburst of blisters in that area. It is a form of Simplex 2 and it is a lifelong disease. Its virus can affect both men and women but in varying patterns. Vaginal herpes virus is transmitted from one person to another by skin to skin contact if there is any exchange of semen, saliva, vesicle fluid from active lesions, or cervical fluid. Mere contact with the extinct keratinized cells of the outer layer of the skin does not allow the virus to get transmitted. It is only when the virus comes in contact with any abraded skin or mucosal cells it starts to infect and replicate.
Women are at a higher risk of contacting vaginal herpes infection than men. A non-infected woman will be more likely to get this infection if she has intercourse with an infected man as compared to a non-infected man getting infected due to intercourse with an infected woman.

Vaginal herpes can be very painful and vaginal herpes pictures show many small blisters in the vaginal area even during the primary outbreak of the disease. The most affected are the areas around the urethra and the small lips or labia minora. The real pain starts when ulcers begin to develop. The vaginal herpes pictures taken during the ulceration phase show that the areas where the blisters were located lose their skin and cause a lot of pain particularly during urination.

Herpes pictures of the vagina also show swollen lymph nodes in the groin area caused by the initial onset of herpes.

In order to decrease the risk of the spread of vaginal herpes, it is essential for both men and women to use condoms. Moreover, antiviral medication like acyclovir can also help in preventing an outbreak of herpes. Vaginal herpes pictures also show the dorsal nerve root where the virus resides.

The nerves to the vagina are also prominent in stressful times.

Herpes pictures are very helpful in locating the areas of infection and for remedial measures, although it is very difficult to get rid of this disease.

Frequently Asked Questions

    How does skin cancer look on the arm?
    About two weeks ago I woke up and I saw a little red dot like when a mosquito bites you. Since then it started growing only in diameter, it's not a bum it's rather flat and red, it's not hard it feels like normal skin just a bit bumpi. I worried that It might be skin cancer, could it. I'm going to the doctor in a week, but Im always thinking about it. I've looked at pictures of skin cancer and it doesn't look like any of the types of moles. Please help.

    • ANSWER:
      Skin cancer, to my knowlage is usually in the form of a mole, so i think you're okay but definitly get it checked, ASAP

    How long does it take for a skin tumor to metastisize?
    I discovered three days ago what looks like a skin blemish about the size of a pinkie fingerprint on my upper middle of my back. When I last checked my back two weeks ago it was not there. It is slightly darker than the surrounding skin and not raised. If it is skin cancer, have I caught it in time, and if it is the melignant type, how long does it take to metastisize?

    • ANSWER:
      Try looking here for some info

    If a mole is skin cancer, will it get bigger?
    I've got like a small flesh colored mole on my shoulder, and there's a brown spot on top of the mole. The mole is perfectly round, but the little spot isn't and it's different shades of brown, which worries me. I just recently noticed it like yesterday. I think i've been thinking it was a scab since I have a bad habit of picking at things on my skin.

    If its skin cancer, will the brown part get bigger? Right now it's like the size of a dot made by a thick pen.

    • ANSWER:
      I certainly would go to a physician or nurse and have them assess that mole, for certain, Growth of the mole might not be outward- it might grown INTO your skin, where you cannot see it.

      Here is an excerpt from the National Cancer Institute's website. I will leave the url link below.

      Dysplastic Nevi

      About one out of every ten people has at least one unusual (or atypical) mole that looks different from an ordinary mole. The medical term for these unusual moles is dysplastic nevi. The "Pictures of Ordinary Moles and Dysplastic Nevi" section shows the differences between ordinary moles and dysplastic nevi.

      Doctors believe that dysplastic nevi are more likely than ordinary moles to develop into a type of skin cancer called melanoma. Because of this, moles should be checked regularly by a doctor or nurse specialist, especially if they look unusual; grow larger; or change in color, outline, or in any other way.

      Please make that visit to a health provider soon, and best of luck!

    How do you make your skin soft and smooth?
    What kind of body wash and body lotion makes your skin super soft? I'm not sure of my skin type. It's not oily(like my face) but I'm not sure if it's considered dry or normal. My skin is also kinda sensitive and if I use lotion from Bath&Body Works it stings and burns. So if anyone can recommend a good moisturizing lotion and wash that would be fabulous! :)

    • ANSWER:
      1. Staying out of the sun. If you have gotten sunburned before you're 18, you'll have dark spots or brown spots, some get freckles and those will get darker and bumpier as you get older. It's best not to make them darker or bumpy, and staying out of the sun will prevent that. Just from the heat, can make anyone flaky. I use my wide brim hat everywhere I go, and while I'm inside a car as a rider, I use blanket over the window or sit where it's shady. Lotions does not protect you from sunburn, same with cancer and could permanently discolor your skin. Lotions does not protect you from skin diseases. Take the Skin Picture Quiz - Identify These Common Skin Conditions on MedicineNet.

      2. Don't go in a tanning bed. You'll aged 10-15 years faster.

      3. Bathing or showering in hot water and too much chlorine can make you looking like 'dishpan hands'. Use warm to cool water. Too much sun & water causes aging, skin's worst enemies.

      4. Use a washcloth when taking a shower. I use Bath & Body (Suave, Dove, Irish Spring, etc.) wash for body & face. No baths! The less you're in the water, the less you'll get wrinkles.

      5. For oily skin, the less you fuss with your skin, the better. Keep your face oil-free & dry from dirt & perspiration. Blot it with a tissue or blotter, and keep them dry. Using powder foundation, blush & eyeshadow is best. Less is best, less product poisoning. Google Elizabeth Taylor when she's 16, then Google her when she's 79.

      6. Servings of 3-5 fresh fruits & vegetables daily. Google: FIVE FOODS TO EAT FOR BEAUTIFUL SKIN
      All the vitamins & minerals you need for good skin care comes from all the healthy foods you eat from Mother Nature, not made by man, those can do more harm than good.

      7. For your hands, wear gloves winter, spring, fall, and wear gloves for every chores you do, so you don't have to wash them often. In the garden, office, kitchen. Thank God for those! Too bad they don't have ones for feet.

    What type of moisturizer can i use to get rid of scars?
    I've been using cocoa butter lotion for a couple weeks but just the regular one, does it work and if so how long til it does?
    Or is there anything better?
    And by scars i mean marks from sores, eg marks on the back of my feet from heels, falling scraping the skin off etc..

    • ANSWER:
      Adam Lambert has the worst acne scars. With all the money he's making now, even beauty products can't do anything about his face.
      Avoid exposure from the sun, use a floppy hat. The sun can darken them, even skin where it never saw daylight. The sun can go through clothing.

      Sunscreens or lotions does not protect you from nasty, painful burns. Lotions does not protect you from skin cancer. Lotions does not protect you from skin diseases. Lotions does not protect you from discolorations - permanently. And lotions does not protect you from skin tags, freckles, moles, they will only get larger, darker, and bumpier as they are exposed from UV.

      Take the Skin Picture Quiz - Identify These Common Skin Conditions on MedicineNet.

    Do you know anything about skin cancer?
    I have my own tanning bed at my house. I use to tan way too much sometimes twice a day. But here latly, I have only been tanning about everyother day. My question is that two days ago, I got out of the tanning bed, I noticed a little red bump appearing, I blew it off like it was a pimple or something but it is more like a blister now. My aunt has skin cancer from tanning she said that the doctor told her your body can only hold so much color, then it does like an overflowing cup, and that is when you start to get skin cancer. Does anyone know anything about skin cancers? I tried to google it but there are so meny kinds and all the pictures looked different.

    • ANSWER:
      I didn't think you could get skin cancer from tanning beds, I thought it was only from direct sunlight.
      But I don't tan so I'm definetly not an expert.

      Here's a couple of informative artcles I was able to find on the net regarding skin cancer.
      I do know that out of all the cancers, skin cancer is the easiset one to treat and survive from.

    How to get an even skin tone?
    I've tried lemon juice, beauty products, egg masks, honey, and every remedy you can think of but I can't get an even skin tone. like my forehead and around my eyes are much darker than my color. suggestions please!

    • ANSWER:
      You've had a self-tanner mishap...or you have a benign condition called melasma that's often associated with oral contraceptives, says Dina D. Strachan, M. D., a dermatologist in New York City. Doctors aren't sure why some birth-control pills cause these dark patches on the forehead, cheeks, or upper lip, but they do know UV exposure makes them worse.

      For one thing: Oral contraceptives can upset your skin, since hormones in BCP make pigment cells more sensitive to the sun, resulting in brown blotches.
      Doctor's advice: Talk to your doctor about switching to a low-dose estrogen formula, like Yaz or Ortho Tri-Cycles Lo, or the non-estrogen type of contraception known as the mini pill, says Sundaram. Wearing sunscreen will also help. "If you've had hyperpigmentation on the pill, you're likely to be sensitive during a pregnancy too." she says. In bulk cases, higher levels of hormones are to blame.
      ~ Allure 1-12

      Have you watched 1-9-13 People Choice Award? Kaley Cuoco (“The Big Bang Theory”) hosts, had dark UNDERARM, and she's not that concern about hers, the makeup expert couldn't even do anything to lighten hers.

      I've been protecting myself from the sun since age 9, by using umbrella or floppy hat. But no matter, I got Discoid Lupus, but it took 12 years for them to fade. Other than that, I've had flawless skin all my almost 60 years of my life. Use a floppy hat or umbrella.

      Have you seen Jennifer Hudson's flea bitten scars on her legs?
      Take the Skin Picture Quiz - Identify These Common Skin Conditions on MedicineNet.

      Wash cloth, exfoliate them, using bath & body wash when you take a shower, your skin heals, just give it time. But keep them protected by not exposing them to the sun, so they don't get darker.
      Sunscreen will not protect you from getting burned.

      Sunscreen does not protect you from getting moles or freckles, they will only get darker & bumpier or larger from each exposure from the sun.

      Sunscreen will not protect you from skin cancer.

      Sunscreen will not protect you if you have allergies, I never thought I had allergies!

      Sunscreens also discolor your skin - for ever!
      Sunscreen also is flammable after it is on your skin. A Massachusetts man said he suffered second-degree burns from a grill after applying sunscreen aerosol spray on parts of his body.

      Any skin-lightening products containing hydroquinone would be considered new drugs, according to the proposed FDA regulations. The products would require FDA approval before being sold to the public and would only be available with a doctor's prescription.
      Skin Creams, Soaps and Lotions Marketed as Skin Lighteners and Anti-aging Treatments: May Contain the Toxic Metal, Mercury. BB Creams, too.

    How fast can skin cancer spread?
    Oh, and why are some cells affected by skin cancer, more than others?
    (Basal, squamous, etc...)
    Specifically squamous, and melanoma.
    Would anyone know how fast these cancers can spread?

    • ANSWER:
      If it is Basal cell it doesn't usually spread, if it does it does so slowly, it is the least serious of skin cancers. Then the squamous is the next most serious.
      You can find a lot of info by typing in the type you are concerned with such as basal cell carcinoma do it on the Yahoo search and you will even see pictures of the different types.

    What causes a person to have grayish/green complexion with bumps on thier face?
    I recently saw this very pretty, attractive woman that had this. It was sad because i saw her drivers license picture and she didnt have it only a few years ago. She was obviously inflicted with some illness. I think she has the same thing that this former russian politician had, Viktor Yushchenko. He was poisoned but is there a disease that makes people look this way?

    • ANSWER:
      Gray or pale complexion is the condition of having an unnatural paleness which needs medical investigation. It is sometimes referred to as pallor. Pallor may be attributed to certain disorders and conditions that a person has. Severe illness, such as cancer of any type, severe anemia, leukemia and heart conditions, can cause gray or pale complexion. Paleness that is not localized may indicate poor circulation on the area. Pallor, in its clinical term does refer to the symptoms of having severe anemia. Paleness can be cured if the right diagnosis is made. However, a pale skin does not always mean a person is sick. Severe anemia tells of deficiency in bodily nutrients, chronic blood loss for women who experience heavy menstruation, conditions that cause hemolysis, toxic exposures and parasitic situations. Pallor will suggest that the flow of blood is not as good and it also happens as the red blood cells count very low.. Tests to help diagnose gray or pale complexion may involve extremity arteriography, complete blood count or blood differential. Treatments for gray or pale complexion involve addressing the total health of the person. Eating balanced meals can prevent anemia. Getting enough rest can also contribute to looking healthy. Pallor may be experienced when the person is not exposed to the sun. Furthermore, getting y exercise to improve blood flow is advisable together with a sensible diet program to reinforce the drive to living a healthy life. References:

    How to remove Skin brown spot?
    Hi all, I m almost 30 years, but I have problem related to brown spots on my skin, especially around cheek, cheekbone and lower eyelid. My skin is sensitive and allergic. Please tell me remove them naturally or homemade tips.

    • ANSWER:
      Could mean: You've had a self-tanner mishap...or you have a benign condition called melasma that's often associated with oral contraceptives, says Dina D. Strachan, M. D., a dermatologist in New York City. Doctors aren't sure why some birth-control pills cause these dark patches on the forehead, cheeks, or upper lip, but they do know UV exposure makes them worse.

      For one thing: Oral contraceptives can upset your skin, since hormones in BCP make pigment cells more sensitive to the sun, resulting in brown blotches.
      Doctor's advice: Talk to your doctor about switching to a low-dose estrogen formula, like Yaz or Ortho Tri-Cycles Lo, or the non-estrogen type of contraception known as the mini pill, says Sundaram. Wearing sunscreen will also help. "If you've had hyperpigmentation on the pill, you're likely to be sensitive during a pregnancy too." she says. In bulk cases, higher levels of hormones are to blame.
      ~ Allure 1-12

      I've been protecting myself from the sun since age 9, by using umbrella or floppy hat. But no matter, I got Discoid Lupus, but it took 12 years for them to fade. Other than that, I've had flawless skin all my almost 60 years of my life. Use a floppy hat or umbrella. Exfoliate using a wash cloth, bath & body wash every time you take a shower. They don't fade away right away, give it time. Lotions does not protect you from nasty, painful burns. Lotions does not protect you from skin cancer. Lotions does not protect you from skin diseases. Lotions does not protect you from discolorations - permanently. And lotions does not protect you from skin tags, freckles, moles, they will only get larger, darker, and bumpier as they are exposed from UV.

      Take the Skin Picture Quiz - Identify These Common Skin Conditions on MedicineNet.

    What's the perfect age to start a beauty regime like this?
    My daughter is 15 years old and due to her daily under the sun activities in school, her skin darkened and I observed sun burns on her face. I've decided to let her use iWhite korea moisturizers. Do you think it's ok for her to use this at her age? If not, please suggest a good beauty regime for her to follow. Serious answers are highly appreciated. Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      Sunscreens, moisturizers or any type of lotions does not protect you from nasty, painful burns. Lotions does not protect you from skin cancer. Lotions does not protect you from skin diseases. Lotions does not protect you from discolorations - permanently. And lotions does not protect you from skin tags, freckles, moles, they will only get larger, darker, and bumpier as they are exposed from UV.

      She's 15 and already you're concerned about her skin darkening, which is good, but in order to be protected (from all of the above) clothing like denim, floppy hats, umbrella are your best bet.

      I've been protecting myself from the sun since age 9, but no matter, I got Discoid Lupus. Google that one. It was like someone punched my chin and it gave a purplish mark. It took 12 years for that to fade, so now I'm using a wide brim hat or umbrella for protection. Gene Simmons & Shannon both have been seen hold an umbrella during an event. They were invented before beauty products, for a reason. Google also Bullous Pemphegoid another skin disorder. My husband's aunt recently got MELANOMA IN HER LUNGS, and in hospice now. When only last Christmas, she was behaving and very happy like she's 35 again! She's almost 84. She was a golfer and did stained glass.

      Take the Skin Picture Quiz - Identify These Common Skin Conditions on MedicineNet.

      You will get burned, no matter what anyway, since sunscreen does NOT protect you from the heat of the sun.

      Read the label. The SPF or sun protection factor, relates solely to the degree of protection a formula provides against UVB rays. UVBs known as the 'burning rays, vary seasonally (peaking around noon), damage the superficial layer of the dermis (which may contribute to skin cancer), and generally result in a sunburn. UVA rays - which account for 95% of the ultraviolet radiation that reaches the Earth's surface, and which cut through clouds and glass year-round - are somewhat stealthier. These are the ones that have a longer wavelength, allowing them to penetrate deeper into the skin, destroying collagen and elastin, which contributes to photo-aging (sagging skin, wrinkles), and triggering cell mutations, which may initiate skin cancer. ~ Vogue May or June 2011 issue.

    How long will it take to tan?
    I know that I'm able to tan, as I have done so in the past when I was a kid. Like everyone, my skin tone would fluctuate based on the time of year and how much I went outside. I lived in Houston and some summers I was outside quite a bit (I swam, played with friends, etc), so consequently I had a nice tan. Other years I would stay inside more often playing video games. After I turned 13 this was the case more often. Between ages 13 and 18 I only achieved a tan of some sorts a couple of times. The rest of the time I was either pale (will get to my skin type in a second) or had a little color.

    Family history if you think it's necessary, if not skip down to the background on myself: My dad has light brown hair and was able to tan, but it took him a while. He has a natural red hue to his skin and his side of the family isn't know for being tan. He's the only one on his immediate side of his family that has a tan and can tan. It just takes him a while. During his time in Vietnam (he did two tours over there) he was very tan, and stayed that way for a while (when not over on a tour he lived in San Diego). His family also has freckles. He doesn't have any on his face anymore (not since he was a kid), but he has them on his arms etc. I had a few freckles (not man) when I was a kid, but not anymore. I have freckles nowhere else.

    My mom's the tan side. She has brown hair and brown eyes, and as you can imagine, can tan well although she doesn't stay out long enough anymore to tan. Her dad was very tan and would get darker just walking outside to get the paper. The rest of her family has been able to achieve a tan. She has six brothers and sister with varying traits. Most have blue eyes (two don't), and 2/3 of them have brown hair. The other 1/3 have blonde hair.

    Background on myself: My natural skin color (with no sun whatsoever) I would place at about an 11, maybe 12. My hair color is medium brown, maybe a bit darker, and my eye color is blue. I've only had freckles when I was a kid, and only a few. I no longer have them. From my experience when I was younger (and this may be everyone), once I get a base tan I can tan easily without burning. One summer we went to Phoenix, Arizona. I went with a base tan and 3 days later I had a really nice tan.

    As far as burning goes, I was in Hawaii last April with just a little bit of color (just enough to not make me look ghastly pale, but still light colored) and it took me about 45 minutes without any sunscreen to get a little burned. I hardly burned, though, it didn't bother me. However, my feet got burned really bad after going out on a boat for 4 hours without any socks or shoes on.

    Anyways, my question is how often should I tan outside, what type of sunscreen should I use? Where I live now the sun usually isn't that intense (I live in Tennessee now). I can lay out on my roof for about an hour with no sunscreen on and not get burned. It gets in the mid 60's in March (although cold spells can happen), so I plan to start laying outside then. By April I'll be golden and it will be warm enough to go outside whenever. Also, my job now causes me to take frequent trips outside. During a slow day I may spend 1-2 hours outside. During a fast day I can spend up to 5-6 hours outside. I have to wear a shirt, but I can wear shorts. So my calves, face, neck, and arms will get a little more sun during that time.

    So, how long should I tan outside for, how often, and how long would you estimate it would take to establish a base tan. I'd like to get as tan as possible because I'm moving to California late in the summer. So I essentially have from March to the first day of August to tan.
    Sur La Me: Thanks for the info. I know the risks associated with tanning.

    • ANSWER:
      Tanning comes & go, unless you do them everyday 24/7. But in the end the only thing you'll benefit is either moles, freckles, skin tags or discolorations from sunscreens, lotions, etc. and the more you do, the more they get larger, darker & bumpier, even skin diseases like Bullous Pemphegoid or Discoid Lupus. Like exercising, your muscles will sag, when suddenly you stopped, same with getting a tan, they will fade. If you live in California, you'll be tanned by the end of the year maybe even SOONER.

      Tanning, is a result for 'damaged skin' and no products can reverse you from skin cancer or damaged skin, may prevent you from pre-mature aging, but that's part of the billion dollar beauty industry. To get super than you will have to be tanning for @ least 60 years, George Hamilton & Tom Jones are two examples, who ARE super tan! Google them.

      Melanoma is the leading cause of death from skin disease. An estimated 76,259 new cases of skin cancer will be reported particularly among women in their 20's & 30's, and that's 6,020 more than 2011, people died from the disease, according to the National Cancer Institute. Two million people are diagnosed with skin cancer in the US each year, according to the EPA's Sun-Wise Program. That's more than breast, colon, lung and prostate cancer cases combine! Now however, a recently published study suggests that those people with ginger hair and fair complexions face a much higher risk of developing dead skin cancer even if they are completely protected. Nov 2nd, 2012.

      BTW: Lotions does not protect you from nasty, painful burns. Lotions does not protect you from skin cancer. Lotions does not protect you from skin diseases. Lotions does not protect you from discolorations - permanently. And lotions does not protect you from skin tags, freckles, moles, they will only get larger, darker, and bumpier as they are exposed from UV.

      I've been protecting myself from the sun since age 9, but no matter, I got Discoid Lupus. Google that one. It was like someone punched my chin and it gave a purplish mark. It took 12 years for that to fade, so now I'm using a wide brim hat or umbrella for protection. Gene Simmons & Shannon both have been seen hold an umbrella during an event. They were invented before beauty products, for a reason. Google also Bullous Pemphegoid, photos, another skin disorder.

      Take the Skin Picture Quiz - Identify These Common Skin Conditions on MedicineNet.

    If I picked a nose zit a long time ago and has not healed, can it be skin cancer?
    am gonna see a dermotologist soon, but curious and nervous!! i had it looked at a while back and the nurse did the abcd's of skin cancer and said it didnt look like is a small, round red bump on my nose with some broken blood vessels underneath it. i picked the zit about 4-5 years ago and it HURT LIKE HECK!! my friend told me to use tooth paste on it and she saw a change, i also see a little less pink underneath. havent had sun burns there in a long time it possible to be cancer or is the nose that dang sensitive?
    it never bled or pussed or changed since the day i popped it. smaller than a pencil eraser ...

    • ANSWER:
      If it is any type of cancer I would say it could be a rodent ulcer which is the least serious type. It very rarely spreads beyond the place it first appears and if left untreated gradually destroys the area it is on. Removal usually sorts it out 100%.
      I have given you a link to some pictures so you can have a look and see what you think.

    What types of make-up colors would look good on me?
    I have very pale skin, dark brown, shoulder- length hair, and blue-gray eyes. I have tons of freckles, and I'm also slightly sunburnt(yes, I had on sunscreen, and no, I can't tan).
    I'm having my senior pictures done on Wednesday, and I want to look my best. I don't like to wear a ton of make-up; usually just bronzer(on eye's too), lip-gloss, and a little clear mascara. I usually keep what I do wear pretty natural. I just don't know what would look good, and I'll be changing to several different outfits. Can you help me? Any help is greatly appreciated!

    • ANSWER:
      Try a fair skin tone loose powder, peach powder blush on, dark brown mascara, olive or any other subtle green eyeshadow and a mauve lipstick-pink with purple undertone-. Also try the Frieda or Frederich Glaze for Brown Hair-really deepens the color of brown hair and gives it a WOW Shine-comes in red,blonde and brown. Can also try a subtle liquid makeup one that is barely there but one has to get the right shade and shouldn't be able to tell difference face and neck has to be blended in. I prefer the loose powder with sunscreen( Sunscreen should be every AM whether sunny or cloudy or rainy-Neutragena Sunscreen +30 is great for also moisturizes.-you'll be glad for protects not only cancer but also from wrinkles) Instead of Mascara I take a darkbrown eyebrow pencil and line top lid right where lashes end and smudge a bit and also lower lash line-right where lashes go into skin not too dark why dark brown just right. For me its Eyebrow pencil-brows and eyes, blush on(a must for me for adds color to my face) and mauve lipstick. A must every AM is Witch hazel after cleaning, Sunscreen-neutrogena +30. The witch hazel keeps skin clear and eyes from being puffy. Hope I helped. I just know tht you'll look great..

    What do microcysts ON THE SKIN look like?
    I keep finding eye pictures apparently microcysts are found in the cornea or something.. But I'm talking about the skin. What do those look like? Are they red or skin-colored? Painful or itchy? Bigger than pimples?

    • ANSWER:
      Also try:

      corneal microcysts,
      epithelial microcysts,

      Search results

      Corneal Microcysts | Doctor |
      These are tiny cystic vesicles present on the outer (epithelial) surface of the cornea. They can arise in a number of different conditions: Associated... - Cached
      cluster breast microcysts - At
      A breast cyst is the most common benign finding in breast cancer screening, and as many as 1/3 of all women will develop a cyst at some point in her life. - Cached
      Sonographically Depicted Breast Clustered Microcysts: Is ...
      Abstract. OBJECTIVE. The objective of this study was to evaluate outcomes of lesions prospectively classified on breast sonography as clustered ...
      microcysts - Symptoms, Treatments and Resources for microcysts
      microcysts - MedHelp's microcysts Center for Information, Symptoms, Resources, Treatments and Tools for microcysts. Find microcysts information, treatments for ... - Cached
      More results from »
      Microcysts: clinical significance and differential diagnosis.
      1. Optometry. 2001 Jul;72(7):452-60. Microcysts: clinical significance and differential diagnosis. Keay L, Jalbert I, Sweeney DF, Holden BA.
      More results from »
      Microcysts are typically 10-50 microns in diameter and appear similar to micropunctate corneal staining. Figure 3. Observation of Unreversed ... - Cached
      What is microcysts - The Q&A wiki
      From what I can find, Microcysts, are caused by extended wearing of some types of contact lenses, i.e more than 1 week of continuous wear including during, sleep ... - Cached
      More results from »
      Effects of long-term contact lens wear on the cornea ...
      Microcysts tend to appear three months after contact lens wear begins and increase in number over time as long as contact lens wear resumes. - Cached
      More results from »
      epithelial microcysts - definition of epithelial microcysts ...
      microcysts, epithelial. Very small, round vesicles containing fluid and cellular debris observed on the surface of the cornea under slit-lamp examination in some ... - Cached
      More results from »
      Corneal microcysts - The Dry Eye Zone :: Patient Information ...
      What what what? I'm at work... on the way my eye started to feel sore, I'm having a ... Thanks for a good resource, McGoldilocks. This answers the question raised in ... - Cached

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      epithelial microcystsapocrine microcysts
      microcysts corneaeye microcysts

    Moles and Freckles popping up over the last few years?
    I have fair skin, red/blonde hair, and have had light freckles and some moles over the years. However within the last 2 years it seems like they are suddenly popping up all over and they are all different looking, its starting to scare me, is this normal?
    I have spent time in the sun over the years, I have tanned in a tanning bed a few times as well.

    • ANSWER:
      Symptoms of Skin Cancer

      * A small lump (spot or mole) that is shiny, waxy, pale in color, and smooth in texture.
      * A red lump (spot or mole) that is firm
      * A sore or spot that bleeds or become crusty. Also look for sores that don't heal.
      * Rough and scaly patches on the skin.
      * Flat scaly areas of the skin that are red or brown.
      * Any new growth that is suspicious

      Keep in mind that these growths are usually painless, but can be painful. See pictures of basal cell carcinoma and pictures of squamous cell carcinoma for detailed examples.

      These skin cancer symptoms did not include the symptoms of melanoma, a highly dangerous type of skin cancer.

      It is recommended that everyone perform a regular skin self-examination to look for abnormal skin changes. It is also recommended to have a yearly clinical skin exam by your doctor. If you suspect that a lump, spot, or mole may be suspicious of skin cancer, see your doctor. It is recommended that those who are at a higher risk of developing skin cancer see a dermatologist, who is a skin specialist and has more experience in screening for skin cancer.

      Everyone is at risk for developing skin cancer. However, certain characteristics make people more at risk for developing skin cancer:

      * people with freckles
      * those with fair skin tones
      * those who burn easily
      * people with light colored eyes, such as green and blue eyes
      * people with naturally red or blonde hair
      * people who spend a lot of time outdoors
      * people who have a personal or family history of skin cancer or melanoma

      If you are unsure of your skin cancer risk, talk to your doctor. In the meantime, be sure to follow safe sun practices.

    Is it true peanut butter makes a good acne mask?
    I'm having other thoughts on this, because peanut butter is very greasy/oily. But I remember reading it on a website, also my friend posted something about peanut butter being a good acne mask- along with a picture of her and her sister with their faces covered in peanut butter. If not, what are some better homemade acne masks?

    • ANSWER:
      You know, I've also heard that dog crap makes a good acne mask. And crocodile dung is a good contraceptive. Oh, and apparently if you squirt lemon juice into your eyes, it makes dark circles go away. And if you soak your head in honey, your hair will grow really really long really really fast. And if you take this pill, your penis will grow 15 inches in 3 days. And if you drink this stuff, your boobs will grow by 5 cup sizes over night. And if you give a Nigerian prince your bank account number and routing number, he'll send you 50 million dollars. And that you can buy the Brooklyn Bridge. And that if you pour coca cola into your vagina after unprotected sex, you won't get pregnant.

      Do you see the common theme in what I wrote up there? It's all kind of stupid, yes? The kinda stuff you'd try to trick your friend into doing so you could have a good laugh?

      Look, there are really only a couple things that have any effect on acne. One is astringents, which dehydrate and dry out the skin, causing it to shrink. Isopropyl, or rubbing alcohol, works the same way. In fact, that's the primary ingredient in may astringents. Then you have cortisone, which reduces inflammation without dehydrating your skin. There are many commercially available products out there made for this. The funny thing is, you can use Preparation H as an acne cream. It will make your face numb because it contains an anesthetic, but it will have the same effect.

      All this crap you see about honey and lemon and all that other crap that people think works is essentially either a weak way to trap moisture in the skin, plumping your face up to hide wrinkles, or a type of acid to burn and dehydrate your skin. Lemon juice? That's an acid. Egg whites? That traps moisture in the skin.

      If you feel that your acne is impacting your life, you should speak with a medical practitioner, most likely a dermatologist, which is a doctor that went to school to study skin. Exclusively. That's what they specialize in. Oncologists specialize in cancer, Neurologists specialize in the brain and nervous system, Obstetricians and Gynecologists specialize in the female reproductive system, Dermatologists specialize in skin.

      Follow your dermatologist's advice, not idiots on the internet.

    Why do people wear a rubber band on their wrists?
    i have seen lots of people on tumblr and twitter wearing a rubber band on their wrist, some of the pictures so them pinging the band against their skin.
    why do they do this? is it something to do with self-harming?

    • ANSWER:
      Some people do this to relieve stress. Some do this to support things like breast cancer or hispanic or black american history months. Some do this to remind them of something. Sometimes peole ware bands with scriptures written on them. Some times the rubber bands represents sexual types of acts people have done or will do based on color coating. Hope this helps.

    I was wondering what the characteristics of skin cancer are?
    Are there websites that offer lists and pictures of what possible cancer "bumps" and "moles" might look like?

    • ANSWER:
      i actually just saw this article on the yahoo gives the basic descriptions of what to look for and explains the differences in the different types..i hope this helps!

      if you have any doubts, get it CHECKED OUT! unfortunately my grandfather did not catch his melanoma in time, so seriously, if you notice anything abnormal, do not hesitate to see the doctor!

    How can i make an easy facemask from home ingrediants?
    I just ran out of facemask and i need to make one from scratch. i need recipies that are healthy. i dont want to use things like egg or milk or yogurt. more like avacodo and banana. please help. i just need recipies and reasons that its good for my face. Thanks if you can help!

    • ANSWER:
      I have an easy oatmeal and honey mask on my profile. Just click my picture for the recipe. You can add banana and/or avacodo if you want. You can use or omit any ingredients based on your skin type and what you feel like playing with.

      I could write a whole book on why each of these things is good for you, different choices and options based on how different ingredients would be beneficial for different skin types and conditions. As a matter of fact, I did! Imagine that. If you're interested in my book, which includes essential oil information on 37 oils and the best sources for natural ingredients online (the sources I use for my business), click my pic and send me an email...

      Don't use toothpaste. It's NOT made for skin. The fluoride will increase UV absorption and increase your risk of skin cancer. It doesn't just 'rinse off', the chemicals are dermally absorbed through your skin.

    What are some examples of UV rays, X Rays and Gamma Rays?
    I have a project and I need help finding examples of them. I have to draw pictures of the example and write how it is used in daily life. I am just having a hard time finding examples. Help?

    • ANSWER:
      UV Rays: The Earth's atmosphere blocks UV radiation from penetrating through the atmosphere by 98.7%. A positive effect of UVB exposure is that it induces the production of vitamin D in the skin. It has been estimated that tens of thousands of premature deaths occur in the United States annually from a range of cancers due to vitamin D deficiency. Another effect of vitamin D deficiency is bad absorption of calcium which can lead to bone diseases. Some studies show most people get adequate Vitamin D through food and incidental exposure, many countries have fortified certain foods with Vitamin D to prevent deficiency. Eating fortified foods or taking a dietary supplement pill is usually preferred to UVB exposure, due to the increased risk of skin cancer from UV radiation.

      X Rays: Used by doctors frequently for examination of the inner parts of the human body; in case there are broken bones or something.

      Gamma Rays: Due to their tissue penetrating property, gamma rays/X-rays have a wide variety of medical uses such as in CT Scans and radiation therapy (see X-ray). However, as a form of ionizing radiation they have the ability to effect molecular changes, giving them the potential to cause cancer when DNA is affected. The molecular changes can also be used to alter the properties of semi-precious stones, and is often used to change white topaz into blue topaz.
      Despite their cancer-causing properties, gamma rays are also used to treat some types of cancer. In the procedure called gamma-knife surgery, multiple concentrated beams of gamma rays are directed on the growth in order to kill the cancerous cells. The beams are aimed from different angles to focus the radiation on the growth while minimizing damage to the surrounding tissues. Gamma rays are also used for diagnostic purposes in nuclear medicine. Several gamma-emitting radioisotopes are used, one of which is technetium-99m. When administered to a patient, a gamma camera can be used to form an image of the radioisotope's distribution by detecting the gamma radiation emitted. Such a technique can be employed to diagnose a wide range of conditions (e.g. spread of cancer to the bones). In the US, gamma ray detectors are starting to be used as part of the Container Security Initiative (CSI). These US million machines are advertised to scan 30 containers per hour. The objective of this technique is to pre-screen merchant ship containers before they enter US ports.

    How can a black teen girl raise her self esteem?
    I seriously HATE being a black girl. It is a curse! No guys like me, and many say they won't date me mainly because I am black. We are constantly viewed in a negative way by many people. Everyone thinks I'll be ghetto when they first meet me, and quickly change their mind after a while. My features are "undesirable" and my hair is "nappy" :(. I wish that I was any race but black. I have NO ONE, absolutely no one to help me raise my self esteem. My mom died when I was 13 so I never got the "you're beautiful just the way you are" talk. No matter what I do, I will always feel like I am worthless. It's like I can't win. I can't change my hair type, my skin color, my face, so what now? :(

    I hate myself...

    What can I do to raise what little self esteem I have?
    Let me add, that my problem isn't just that guys don't like's that I can't look in the mirror without wanting to break it. I want to see myself is pretty butI know I am not
    Honestly, there's nothing to love about my face. I look like a 10 year old boy. Nothing about my face says feminine :(

    • ANSWER:
      Alright... let's break this down into a few discussions;

      ▬►Your Society
      • It seems as if your society isn't wear you should be. If you got people claiming they won't date you solely because you're black... then you need get of the there quick fast like a heart beat.

      • There is no "desirable" features... that is just propaganda, it's visual cancer created by the media. That isn't to say some lil' brain washed suckers don't buy it... because frankly some do. But y'all ain't even wanna be with someone like that anyway
      • Beauty if subjective... ask me what I like. I find the bigger the lips, the better. I find dark skin attractive. I find coily hair attractive. I find flat noses to be attractive.... I find black girls to be the most attractive on average. That's my opinion, it's completely subjective.

      ▬►Mental Health
      • You can't look in the mirror because you hate your own appearance. This is simply brought upon yourself. I was (and still am to a degree) there.... I didn't care what others thought about me, I cared about what I thought about my self... obviously though, that was derived from others sayings things about me that hurt me... But yo, it takes time... accepting yourself if you got self-hate ain't easy. I was there, I ain't fully done, but I've made progress.
      • I figured out this all on my own... like fixing my issues. And here's the deal... what you gotta do is this;
      ---1. Make a list of all the things you love about your self (appearance wise)
      ---2. Make a list of all things you hate about your self (appearance wise)
      ---3. Those are the easy parts... you see, you don't fix anything without well... fixing it. So you gotta do a bunch of research to see certain ways in which you can possibly change your features. And it is possible without surgery... although easier with. For example someone could easily make there nostrils bigger by stretching them. But for real, you going to need to do a lot of experimenting on these issues...
      ---• You say you hate your skin color, your hair, face... but what do you hate about your face? Ain't there something you love?

      Look I think a lot of this has to do with your environment though... so get the ferg outta there ASAP.

      EDIT: Then post a picture... you could just be being to hard on yourself... plus 10 year old boys ain't looking masculine lol.
      Can you and anyone else please gimme your 2 cents and advice? Thanks.

    what are the signs of skin cancer?
    im freaking out and i think i may have it. what are signs of the early stages of it?

    • ANSWER:
      I tried to attach a file to show picture but it wouldnt work Go online and type skin cancer photos
      There are plenty of pictures Compare what U see online to what you think may have If any resemblance go to the doctor

    What is the other thing a woman should get every year beside a Pap Smear and Mammogram?
    I saw this on the Oprah Winfrey Show, but I forgot. They said to get a Pap Smear,Mammogram and a MRI I think? She mentioned some blood test you should do also. What should you get besides a Pap Smear and Mammogram?

    • ANSWER:
      I am trying to find exactly what you are asking and having trouble. Here is what I could find:

      "Take charge of your health! Dr. Mehmet Oz shares the ideal age when you should begin getting health tests for many serious health threats:

      Age 20: Cholesterol test
      Age 21: For women, gynecology exam and pap smear (get tested earlier if sexually active)
      Age 35: Blood sugar, anemia and thyroid exams
      Age 40: For women, mammogram (start at age 25 if you have had two female relatives with breast cancer). Also, for men and women, skin exam by partner (take pictures of moles) and baseline electrocardiogram (a test that records the electrical activity of the heart)
      Age 50: Colonoscopy (get one every five years). Also, for men, prostate test
      Age 50–60: Exercise stress test or coronary CTA (if obese or diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes)
      Age 55–60: Thyroid-stimulating hormone blood test (used to detect problems affecting the thyroid gland); memory test (Tell a complex story and repeat key points or have someone tell you a phone number and see if you can remember it—if you can't pick it out of a list of numbers, this could be a sign of early Alzheimer's disease.)"


      "In Your 20s and 30s
      A complete physical exam, including a blood pressure and cholesterol check
      A yearly pelvic exam and pap smear by age 21—whether you are sexually active or not
      Regular breast exams
      Total skin checks every three years to analyze freckles and moles to catch skin cancer early. It is one of the deadliest cancers for women under 30.
      A thyroid check at age 35. An unhealthy thyroid can lead to depression, weight gain, mental and physical fatigue, and heart damage.

      In your 40s, 50s and 60s+
      An eye exam once a year after age 40. Make sure your doctor tests for glaucoma, a disease that can cause blindness without any symptoms or warning.
      A yearly mammogram
      A colonoscopy at age 50 to check for colon cancer, even if there is no family history of the disease
      For women 65 and older, checkups should include a blood pressure check, complete blood work, a urinalysis and a hearing test.
      Since women are more than twice as likely as men to develop osteoporosis, get a baseline bone mineral density test to monitor your risk."

      I have never heard of a woman getting any type of MRI screening exam on a yearly basis. We will do yearly studies to follow a brain tumor, for example, but that is on a patient who has been diagnosed with a problem.

    How do you interpret results from gene array analysis?
    As in, what form of results does one expect to get? And what do the results tell you about the samples?

    [I've read the Wikipedian article, so pls tell me something more understandable]

    Thx in adv!

    • ANSWER:
      In a gene array analysis you can test which genes are expressed in a certain type of cell. "Expressed" means which genes are read and transcribed and translated into proteins. All the cells in your body have the same gene content (same chromosomes, same genes) but a cell in a muscle will "express" other genes then a cell in - say - your skin. Every cell type will use a different, specific subset of genes to make the proteins that type of cell need. You can compare it to e.g.two chefs, each cooking in an identical kitchen. Each kitchen is equipped with the same large selection of pots, pans and utensils. But one chef will need to make e.g. sushi, and the other chef will need to make stuffed turkey, so each chef will use a different subset of utensils.
      Sorry for the long explanation, but I am trying to explain what expression means.

      A gene array will visualize which genes ("utensils") are used in a certain type of tissue ("kitchen"). So researchers might want to compare e.g. the genes that are expressed in a muscle cell to that of a skin cell. Or they might want to compare blood cells of a healthy person to that of a patient with cancer.

      A microarray contains a large set, representing most of the genes in the human genome. Now the researcher can isolate the RNA (expressed DNA) from e.g. blood of a healthy person and label that with a green color, and take the RNA from the blood of a sick person and label that with a red color. (Actually, the RNA is reverse-transcribed into cDNA, but I am trying to keep this a simple story). Then, the two samples are mixed, and added to the array. The microarray is about the size of a credit card and contains many different spots, each spot represents one gene. The mixed, labeled RNA will hybridize to their complementary gene spot.
      Then, the array is scanned twice with a laser, one to detect the green signal, and one time to detect the red. This will result in 2 pictures (e.g. tiff files or jpgs), that are actually black and white. With the aid of specialized software, the two signals (red and green) are combined.

      Now if a gene is expressed in similar amounts in a sick person as in a healthy person, that spot will bind as much red as green signal. The software will show that as a yellow (mixed) spot. A spot that will be more expressed in the sick person will bind more red than green, so it shows up red. A spot that is more expressed in a healthy person (or in other words down regulated in the patient) will show up green. A spot that did not bind any signal will just be black.

      This is just an example. You can also compare many other types of experiments, switch the colors, etc.

      Hope this is a bit helpful.

      Here is a cool animation in which two other experiments are compared. Not sure what the Hallelujah at the end adds to the story.... but otherwise pretty cool.

    Can someone with an uneven olive skin tone use tanning lotion?
    I mean would it look good or I must be white in order to get perfect results?

    • ANSWER:
      First of all, you have UNEVEN olive skin tone.
      Could mean: You've had a self-tanner mishap...or you have a benign condition called melasma that's often associated with oral contraceptives, says Dina D. Strachan, M. D., a dermatologist in New York City. Doctors aren't sure why some birth-control pills cause these dark patches on the forehead, cheeks, or upper lip, but they do know UV exposure makes them worse.

      For one thing: Oral contraceptives can upset your skin, since hormones in BCP make pigment cells more sensitive to the sun, resulting in brown blotches.
      Doctor's advice: Talk to your doctor about switching to a low-dose estrogen formula, like Yaz or Ortho Tri-Cycles Lo, or the non-estrogen type of contraception known as the mini pill, says Sundaram. Wearing sunscreen will also help. "If you've had hyperpigmentation on the pill, you're likely to be sensitive during a pregnancy too." she says. In bulk cases, higher levels of hormones are to blame.
      ~ Allure 1-12

      I've been protecting myself from the sun since age 9, by using umbrella or floppy hat. But no matter, I got Discoid Lupus, but it took 12 years for them to fade. Other than that, I've had flawless skin all my almost 60 years of my life. Use a floppy hat or umbrella.
      Lotions does not protect you from nasty, painful burns. Lotions does not protect you from skin cancer. Lotions does not protect you from skin diseases. Lotions does not protect you from discolorations - permanently. And lotions does not protect you from skin tags, freckles, moles, they will only get larger, darker, and bumpier as they are exposed from UV.

      This year, 56,900 new cases of skin cancer will be reported; most of these people (not so coincidentally) don't take care of their skin when out in the sun.
      March 5, 2011 2:28 PM:
      Melanoma is the leading cause of death from skin disease. An estimated 68,130 new cases of melanoma were diagnosed in the United States during 2010 and about 8,700 people died from the disease, according to the National Cancer Institute. Two million people are diagnosed with skin cancer in the US each year, according to the EPA's Sun-Wise Program. That's more than breast, colon, lung and prostate cancer cases combine!

      Take the Skin Picture Quiz - Identify These Common Skin Conditions on MedicineNet.

      The use of TANNING lotion can only make the uneven skin tone MORE DARKER, or worst from the sun.

    what are the signs and symptoms of cancer?
    i have what looks like a mole on my back it has changed somewhat in size however i have a lot of pain in the area around it and what seems like a mass i'm worried how do i know if its cancer? what are some other symptoms?

    • ANSWER:
      The site below has photos and signs and symptoms of the major types of skin cancer. There is basal cell, squamous cell and the worst is melanoma. Personally I try and get anything I think is suspicious checked by my doctor as soon as possible. I think you already are aware that if there is a change to an existing mole that it is time to have it checked by a doctor. Please have a good look at the pictures below and what is said about them and even if you are not sure, just get it checked.

    My father may have pancreatitis or a pancreatic tumor. Why is it so hard to diagnosis?
    My father has had a endoscopy and a MRI. And they still don't know what the cause is? Why do the physicians have such a difficult time differentiating the two?

    • ANSWER:
      If a patient has symptoms that suggest pancreatic cancer, the doctor asks about the patient's medical history. The doctor may perform a number of procedures, including one or more of the following:
      Physical exam -- The doctor examines the skin and eyes for signs of jaundice. The doctor then feels the abdomen to check for changes in the area near the pancreas, liver, and gallbladder. The doctor also checks for ascites, an abnormal buildup of fluid in the abdomen.

      · Lab tests -- The doctor may take blood, urine, and stool samples to check for bilirubin and other substances. Bilirubin is a substance that passes from the liver to the gallbladder to the intestine. If the common bile duct is blocked by a tumor, the bilirubin cannot pass through normally. Blockage may cause the level of bilirubin in the blood, stool, or urine to become very high. High bilirubin levels can result from cancer or from noncancerous conditions.

      · CT scan (Computed tomography) -- An x-ray machine linked to a computer takes a series of detailed pictures. The x-ray machine is shaped like a donut with a large hole. The patient lies on a bed that passes through the hole. As the bed moves slowly through the hole, the machine takes many x-rays. The computer puts the x-rays together to create pictures of the pancreas and other organs and blood vessels in the abdomen.

      · Ultrasonography -- The ultrasound device uses sound waves that cannot be heard by humans. The sound waves produce a pattern of echoes as they bounce off internal organs. The echoes create a picture of the pancreas and other organs inside the abdomen. The echoes from tumors are different from echoes made by healthy tissues.

      The ultrasound procedure may use an external or internal device, or both types:

      o Transabdominal ultrasound: To make images of the pancreas, the doctor places the ultrasound device on the abdomen and slowly moves it around.

      o EUS (Endoscopic ultrasound): The doctor passes a thin, lighted tube (endoscope) through the patient's mouth and stomach, down into the first part of the small intestine. At the tip of the endoscope is an ultrasound device. The doctor slowly withdraws the endoscope from the intestine toward the stomach to make images of the pancreas and surrounding organs and tissues.

      · ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography) -- The doctor passes an endoscope through the patient's mouth and stomach, down into the first part of the small intestine. The doctor slips a smaller tube (catheter) through the endoscope into the bile ducts and pancreatic ducts. After injecting dye through the catheter into the ducts, the doctor takes x-ray pictures. The x-rays can show whether the ducts are narrowed or blocked by a tumor or other condition.

      · PTC (percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography) -- A dye is injected through a thin needle inserted through the skin into the liver. Unless there is a blockage, the dye should move freely through the bile ducts. The dye makes the bile ducts show up on x-ray pictures. From the pictures, the doctor can tell whether there is a blockage from a tumor or other condition.

      · Biopsy -- In some cases, the doctor may remove tissue. A pathologist then uses a microscope to look for cancer cells in the tissue. The doctor may obtain tissue in several ways. One way is by inserting a needle into the pancreas to remove cells. This is called fine-needle aspiration. The doctor uses x-ray or ultrasound to guide the needle. Sometimes the doctor obtains a sample of tissue during EUS or ERCP. Another way is to open the abdomen during an operation. Most of the time, biopsies are done without the need for surgery. Biopsies may not be required before proceeding with surgery if there is a high likelihood that a pancreatic cancer is present.

      Many people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer want to take an active part in making decisions about their medical care. They want to learn all they can about their disease and their treatment choices. However, the shock and stress that people may feel after a diagnosis of cancer can make it hard for them to think of everything they want to ask the doctor. Often it helps to make a list of questions before an appointment. To help remember what the doctor says, patients may take notes or ask whether they may use a tape recorder. Some patients also want to have a family member or friend with them when they talk to the doctor-to take part in the discussion, to take notes, or just to listen.

      Before starting treatment, a patient may want a second opinion about the diagnosis and the treatment plan. Some insurance companies require a second opinion; others may cover a second opinion if the patient requests it. Gathering medical records and arranging to see another doctor may take a little time. In most cases, a brief delay to get another opinion will not make therapy less helpful. Always feel free to seek a second opinion.
      The UC Pancreatic Disease Center
      Specialists In Pancreatitis & Pancreatic Cancer Treatment
      Disease Of The Pancreas > Pancreatic Cancer

      Pancreatic Cancer

      What is Pancreatic Cancer?
      What are the types of Pancreatic Cancer?
      What are the symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer?
      What procedures are used to diagnosis Pancreatic Cancer?
      What causes Pancreatic Cancer?
      What are the treatment options for Pancreatic Cancer?
      What is the prognosis for Pancreatic Cancer?

      About Pancreatic Cancer

      Pancreatic cancer is now the 4th leading cause of cancer death in the United States. It will cause more than 30,000 deaths this year in the United States alone. Pancreatic cancer is difficult to detect, hard to diagnose, early to metastasize (spread) and resistant to treatment.

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      Types Of Pancreatic Cancer

      The most common type of pancreatic cancer is also known as pancreatic duct adenocarcinoma or simply pancreatic carcinoma. Other types of pancreatic cancer can occur as well including those arising from endocrine cells or exocrine cells. Endocrine cancers are also known as islet cell or neuroendocrine cancers. These tumors can produce hormones that produce a variety of symptoms such as changes in blood sugar or diarrhea. Exocrine pancreatic cancer is a disease in which cancerous cells originate within the tissues of the pancreas that produce digestive juices. The following information focuses mainly on pancreatic carcinoma, the most common cancer of the pancreas.

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      Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer

      Pancreatic cancer is sometimes called a "silent disease" because early pancreatic cancer often does not cause symptoms. But, as the cancer grows, symptoms may include:

      · Weight loss

      · Pain in the upper abdomen or upper back

      · Yellow skin and eyes, dark urine, and light stool

      · Weakness

      · Loss of appetite

      · Nausea and vomiting

      These symptoms are not sure signs of pancreatic cancer. An infection or other problem could also cause these symptoms. Only a doctor can diagnose the cause of a person's symptoms. Anyone with these symptoms should see a doctor so that the doctor can treat any problem as early as possible.

    Should I use the neutrogena rapid tone repai night?
    The bottle says it can cause redness and flaking. My skin is dry and flaky already beacuse if my acne treatment. I would say I have acne prone skin I really want to get rid if my dark spots though.

    • ANSWER:
      Could mean: You've had a self-tanner mishap...or you have a benign condition called melasma that's often associated with oral contraceptives, says Dina D. Strachan, M. D., a dermatologist in New York City. Doctors aren't sure why some birth-control pills cause these dark patches on the forehead, cheeks, or upper lip, but they do know UV exposure makes them worse.

      For one thing: Oral contraceptives can upset your skin, since hormones in BCP make pigment cells more sensitive to the sun, resulting in brown blotches.
      Doctor's advice: Talk to your doctor about switching to a low-dose estrogen formula, like Yaz or Ortho Tri-Cycles Lo, or the non-estrogen type of contraception known as the mini pill, says Sundaram. Wearing sunscreen will also help. "If you've had hyperpigmentation on the pill, you're likely to be sensitive during a pregnancy too." she says. In bulk cases, higher levels of hormones are to blame.
      ~ Allure Jan. 2012

      "Not all brown spots are the same," Yasuhiro Suzuki, PhD, manager of R&D public relations for Pola Orbis a Japanese Company where in their data base contains 13 million skin samples for 23 years, developed a product H20Plus for the U.S. There are those spots caused by cumulative photodamage, often called sun spots or age spots, which usually appear on the cheeks, temples, back of the hands, freckles, which first emerge as a genetic gift from our parents but proliferate from sun exposure ad often fade or darken depending on the season; post-inflammatory pigmentation, which results from trauma to the skin; the melanoma, which, thanks to its association with fluctuations in female hormones, has been dubbed by dermatologists to be the gold standard for skin lightening (which have proven contributed to cancer in rodents). Melasma responds well to hydroquinone,; sun spots do not. "All of the hydroquinone in the world isn't going to to get rid of a sun spot." says New Jersey-based derma Jeanine Downie, MD. "If you're going to scratching or picking at that spot, you're making the pigmentation issues even worst. Specially those with eczema or psoriasis, hands off! You're going to have a dark patch there for either months or years depending on how unlucky you are." "Hyperpigmentation that's hormonally induced is the most difficult to treat because no matter what you do, it has a memory and always seems to return with the slightest amount of sun exposure. Think of it this way, if you have a zit and you walk out the door without sunblock on, you're getting darker, and so is your pimple. You're basically tanning your pimple."
      ~ Elle Sept. 2012

      I've been protecting myself from the sun since age 9, by using umbrella or floppy hat. But no matter, I got Discoid Lupus, but it took 12 years for them to fade. Other than that, I've had flawless skin all my almost 60 years of my life. Exfoliate using a wash cloth, using bath & body wash, each time you take a shower, & stay out of the sun @ least 90% of the day.

      Take the Skin Picture Quiz - Identify These Common Skin Conditions on MedicineNet.

      Sometimes just the oil on your face from make up and lotions, even from your hair can travel to your face causing acne to come out. Others, from stress, hormones & diet or foods.
      "If you have breakouts, dairy is the devil' it is inflammatory and will add hormones to your already hormone-rife system. Get calcium elsewhere, or try nonfat organic dairy products. For PMS breakouts, avoid dairy and bakery items the week before your period - sugar and flour are both causes for pimples and collagen." Dr. Jessica Wu, M.D. University of Southern California School of Medicine and author of the new book Feed Your Face.


      Lea Michele recently revealed her secret to clear skin—She gives it room to "breathe." "Maybe I'll put on a little mascara. But other than that I try very hard to just let my skin breathe," she told "I care more about letting my skin breathe than how I look."
      Another good example is Lily Collins, actor, writer, artist: "When I travel to Europe, I go days without putting anything on. It feels healthier. I just never understood the idea of caking it on. The more you have on your face, the more there is to smudge and go wrong." Glamour - Sept. 2012.

      I have 5 decades of great skin care starting @ age 9. My aunt & uncle are doctors.

    Me Nd my volleyball do to do something special to remember this little girl who past away today?
    We hAve a member of our volleyball and her little sister is so perfect and cute and she past away today and we want to do something special for games to make everyone to remember her but during games we can't where ribbions in our hAir or markers on our skin that shows does anyone have anything that we could do it remember this special little girl?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm so sorry to hear what happened :( Something similar just happened to my team. Our coach just past away from cancer 2 days ago and we want to have some way to remember her. Here are our ideas:

      Write her initials on your socks

      Wear matching headbands that say her name, initials, or that are the color of what she died from (if it was from cancer, or a well known disease)

      Put her initials on your uniform jersey. Not sewed or anything but they have felt-like letter stickers that stick really well even through a game.

      Make t-shirts in honor of her and wear them to school (if you don't have a school uniform), over your jerseys before games, and even sell them to classmates and give the money to the organization that represents the cause of death.

      Make your "ACE" cheer involve her name

      If you buy or have matching bags or jackets you can write something about her on there like "We will never forget you, _________"

      I would say ribbons, but you guys aren't allowed to do that

      You can spell out her name on your nails with nail polish

      If you guys have a team room within your locker room, you can make an area of it dedicated to remembering her.

      Make a banner that you guys have around where you sit that has her picture on it and a few nice words about her

      Dedicate your season to her and with every win, ace, or kill (probably not the best word but its an idea) everyone donates a certain amount of money and have a tracker in your gym or that you carry to other gyms. In my school, before our coach passed, we were going to do "kills for cancer" and every time we got a kill we'd donate money to the cancer society.

      Have matching key chains you have on your bags that have her picture on it and her name

      Make or sell some type of bracelet (i know you won't be able to wear these during the game but its a way to remember her before and after or just to hold onto when you are on the bench) in the form of a live-strong kind of bracelet. Our school did this for a couple people with cancer before they passed away.

      Say her name as a cheer before the game, after practice, after the game, and after a time out. Normally you would say your school name or mascot, but this way you remember her before during and after the game.

      That's all I can pretty much think of. Hoped it helped you out. Sorry for your loss.

    What SPF would I need to not tan at all?
    What SPF would I need to not tan at all?
    I like my skin color right now and I already have naturally tan skin and I want it to stay that way through the summer, so what SPF would I need to completely prevent tanning?

    • ANSWER:
      I would very much suggest Banana Boat sunscreen. They have a spray kind that goes on nice instead of getting all built up and thick like most of the lotion-types do. It's a quick spray. Just spray it on evenly and don't rub it in, just keep it on like it is. It doesn't feel all nasty and it's GREAT.

      I feel the EXACT same way that you do. I like my skin color, I just don't want to burn and don't want to get any tanner. I want to stay right where I am. But in the summer, you're forced to be out in the sun a lot, wihch is fine, so I've already tried everything, been there, done that.. and this is the best of the best, from my experiences.

      I have found, also, that it's not always the SPF, but sometimes it's how reliable the company is. I've tried SPF's that claimed to be 50, and I burnt like a tomato. And I've tried SPF 5, and the sun didn't touch me. It's all about the brand and you have to learn which one to trust.

      So personally, Banana Boat, the sunscreen that sprays in the orange bottle--it's SPF 30, called SPORT , body and scalp.. and I'll put a picture below--it works great for me. Protects me from burning or skin cancer from the sun, and I stay the same color I am. It's amazing.

      Well.. I hope this helped, good luck sweetie! <33

      I would check it out if at all possible.
      I got mine at Wal Mart but I'm sure any convenience store has them. Mine was like, , and it's great. :)

    Have you had a skin cancer that looked like an ordinary facial bump?
    I have a bump on the upper part of my nose. I first thought it was just a pimple from where my glasses were irritating my face. It doesn't have anything inside it and that wasn't strange because most of the bumps I get on my face are not whiteheads, they are just bumps and they come and go...but this one will not go. It has been there for a couple of months at least and no matter how well I cleanse or what I put on it it won't go away. I have now begun to think that it may be a skin cancer. I have made an appointment with the dermatologist but they can't see me until January, so I won't know for sure until then. I have looked at pictures on the internet of all the different types of skin cancer but none of them look like my bump. Has anyone had a skin cancer that looked like this?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, some types of both basal and squamous cell carcinomas can look like a small ordinary facial bump. The basal cells can look particularly benign looking while the squamous cells will have a reddish or pinkish tint. Eventually this appearance will change but I know someone who had a basal cell along side their nose for 15 years. Squamous cells would change quicker into a lesion looking worse.

      note- I am not talking about all basal or squamous cell carcinomas, but only the small percentage that can and do look like an ordinary facial bump (for a time).

    How to tighten up loose skin?
    Recently, i lost about 50 pounds in about 3 months.... ive been running and lifting weight also and the result have been great. The only problem i have is that i have a somewhat loose skin, you cant see it when i stand up straight but when i am in the push up position my stomatch sags, and when im sitting down it also sags a lil.. so i was wondering how i can tighten my skin back up without surgery

    • ANSWER:
      Loose Skin is a very common trend to individuals who drastically lose weight, such as yourself or individuals who have lost weight that were over-weight for a latter part of there life.

      The common thing to realize is that loose-skin in TIME will eventually regain it's elasticity. Depending on the condition of your loose-skin this can take from months to years.

      Because you're situation has been identified as recent, there are many things I can suggest which work but will take some time and effort to do I myself had suffered from loose-skin and know how you feel about that awkward sag when doing push-ups or having to go missionary on your girl.

      Right now you might be thinking to yourself this guy typing this up is scamming you, but my friend - I can provide pictures for proof.

      Before proceed reading, please let me emphasize that these methods will take time and the results will not be automatic like surgeries. The amount of time it will take for results to show, depends on your diet and exercise program. So yes that means results can show within a month or within two months. But in the end, being consistent till the loose-skin and stretchmarks have vanished is the key. Like dieting and exercising to lose weight, tightening up that skin revolves around being CONSISTENT as well.

      So if you're ready, go ahead and proceed...

      1. Anti-Oxidants - Surprised? So was I when I learned about it. Aside from Anti-Oxidants providing a healthier immune system by ridding your body of free-radicals. Anti-Oxidants helps revitalize your Skin. In what ways? Gives it nutrients resulting in your skin looking healthier, younger and radiant while also helping your skin regain it's elasticity ** hint hint **.

      Strong Sources of Anti-Oxidants: Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Acai & Grapefruit.

      2. Tanning - Surprised? Don't be. Tanning helps tighten up the skin baby. Tanning gets rid of that excess water-weight underneath the surface of your skin and tightens it up ** hint hint**. On top of that, it makes you look more defined. **bonus**

      Unfortunately Fake'N'Bake tanning proves to show stronger results then Natural U.V Rays. Either way, make sure when you do Tan. The tanning lotion you have should contain some amount of SPF.

      As well, because you are tanning - make sure to consume lots of Anti-Oxidants to help fight off the Cancer Cells as well. **Please refer to #1 about Anti-Oxidants**.

      3. Preparation H - Holy shit?! Hemorrhoid Cream? You got it. If you heard it in the gym, news, club. It's no rumor or some thing people should make fun off, unless you're a Gino Pansy using it to try and make yourself look cut.

      What does Preparation H exactly do if you apply it to your skin? Basically, Preparation H will completely suck the water right out of your skin and tighten it up like crazy.

      How do you apply it? Apply Preparation H onto your skin and place Saran-Wrap around the area - make sure it's tight but not to tight that you find it hard to breathe.

      When to apply it? I'll list the popular ones accordingly -

      * Before you go to bed. Sleep with it and let Preparation H do its magic while you're sleeping. Have a towel handy though when you wake up the next day because you might have a little puddle of sweat.

      * When you are doing Cardio.

      * When you tan. However, when you tan DO NOT apply the tanning lotion around the loose-skin and DO NOT wrap it unless you want to become BBQ

      What Preperation H to use? The GEL not the Ointment. The ointment contains Shark-Oil which utterly smells like Dead Fish x1000 while the Gel smells like mint. Unless you can stand smelling like a Dead Fish go ahead and get the ointment but go for the GEL and save your smelling senses.

      IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT USING PREPARATION H - Only use Preparation H at the end of the week of each month. This should not be used on a consistent basis like the Tanning. If used to often, Preparation H can make you sick, can permanently damage your skin then what you're originally aiming for, can permanently discolor or worse comes to worse disfigure your skin. This is by means no joke. Use Preparation H on a rare occasion that's why I only suggest using it at the end of each month for a couple days.

      4. Water - Yep! Drink lots and lots of water. Water helps replenish the skin and maintains it's elasticity. Aim to drink lots of water throughout the day. Double your consumption.

      Aside from that, I wish you the best of luck. You're more then welcome to send me a MSG if you have any concerns, question or need more clarification with what I explained as I realize there pretty summarized.


      ** Edited April 23rd, 2009 at 12:04 p.m est. **

    My doctor has told me i might be able to have Cryotherapy/Cryosurgery for my stage 3 cervical cancer?
    My cells are in progression to cancer but are not currently. im confused, First she said i have stage III cancer and then she says they have not reached full completion ?????

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Baby_amy.
      I am sorry you are going through this honey. Doctors are nut cases? Kaitlyn that is the most negative statement I've ever heard. My doctors are the sanest people I know.
      Found this at the National Cancer Institute;
      1. What is cryosurgery?

      Cryosurgery (also called cryotherapy) is the use of extreme cold produced by liquid nitrogen (or argon gas) to destroy abnormal tissue. Cryosurgery is used to treat external tumors, such as those on the skin. For external tumors, liquid nitrogen is applied directly to the cancer cells with a cotton swab or spraying device.

      Cryosurgery is also used to treat tumors inside the body (internal tumors and tumors in the bone). For internal tumors, liquid nitrogen or argon gas is circulated through a hollow instrument called a cryoprobe, which is placed in contact with the tumor. The doctor uses ultrasound or MRI to guide the cryoprobe and monitor the freezing of the cells, thus limiting damage to nearby healthy tissue. (In ultrasound, sound waves are bounced off organs and other tissues to create a picture called a sonogram.) A ball of ice crystals forms around the probe, freezing nearby cells. Sometimes more than one probe is used to deliver the liquid nitrogen to various parts of the tumor. The probes may be put into the tumor during surgery or through the skin (percutaneously). After cryosurgery, the frozen tissue thaws and is either naturally absorbed by the body (for internal tumors), or it dissolves and forms a scab (for external tumors).
      2. What types of cancer can be treated with cryosurgery?

      Cryosurgery is used to treat several types of cancer, and some precancerous or noncancerous conditions. In addition to prostate and liver tumors, cryosurgery can be an effective treatment for the following:
      * Retinoblastoma (a childhood cancer that affects the retina of the eye). Doctors have found that cryosurgery is most effective when the tumor is small and only in certain parts of the retina.
      * Early-stage skin cancers (both basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas).
      * Precancerous skin growths known as actinic keratosis.
      * Precancerous conditions of the cervix known as cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (abnormal cell changes in the cervix that can develop into cervical cancer).

      Cryosurgery is also used to treat some types of low-grade cancerous and noncancerous tumors of the bone. It may reduce the risk of joint damage when compared with more extensive surgery, and help lessen the need for amputation. The treatment is also used to treat AIDS-related Kaposi sarcoma when the skin lesions are small and localized.

      Researchers are evaluating cryosurgery as a treatment for a number of cancers, including breast, colon, and kidney cancer. They are also exploring cryotherapy in combination with other cancer treatments, such as hormone therapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery.
      3. In what situations can cryosurgery be used to treat prostate cancer? What are the side effects?

      Cryosurgery can be used to treat men who have early-stage prostate cancer that is confined to the prostate gland. It is less well established than standard prostatectomy and various types of radiation therapy. Long-term outcomes are not known. Because it is effective only in small areas, cryosurgery is not used to treat prostate cancer that has spread outside the gland, or to distant parts of the body.

      Some advantages of cryosurgery are that the procedure can be repeated, and it can be used to treat men who cannot have surgery or radiation therapy because of their age or other medical problems.

      Cryosurgery for the prostate gland can cause side effects. These side effects may occur more often in men who have had radiation to the prostate.
      * Cryosurgery may obstruct urine flow or cause incontinence (lack of control over urine flow); often, these side effects are temporary.
      * Many men become impotent (loss of sexual function).
      * In some cases, the surgery has caused injury to the rectum.

      4. In what situations can cryosurgery be used to treat primary liver cancer or liver metastases (cancer that has spread to the liver from another part of the body)? What are the side effects?

      Cryosurgery may be used to treat primary liver cancer that has not spread. It is used especially if surgery is not possible due to factors such as other medical conditions. The treatment also may be used for cancer that has spread to the liver from another site (such as the colon or rectum). In some cases, chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy may be given before or after cryosurgery. Cryosurgery in the liver may cause damage to the bile ducts and/or major blood vessels, which can lead to hemorrhage (heavy bleeding) or infection.
      5. Does cryosurgery have any complications or side effects?

      Cryosurgery does have side effects, although th

    What is the best HGH product for shoulder surgery recovery?
    What is the best products to buy for a full shoulder repair? HGH Gluclosomine Condroriton MSM and other products and brand names that might help. This is my 3rd surgery so i don't want scar tissue to be another problem any help would be greatly appriciated.Quality is most important but where can i find the best products for the best prices

    • ANSWER:
      HGH is human growth hormone. The supplemental forms of this in the US are actually taken from the glands and brain of pigs. There is very little known about what the spectrum of effects could be. Clearly there can be benefits, judging from people I know who have used it. It is pretty obvious to me too that it could exacerbate certain diseases, although who knows which ones (I'll bet on any kind of tumor, cancer, and reproductive issues). Most probably, it causes your own body's natural production of HGH to slow down as the supplement floods your system, and when you stop taking it, there's a good chance your body won't be able to pick up the slack. Probably won't hurt you, I don't think its worth the experimentation.

      So, as for good stuff: there are a few very effective nutrients for repair that I would suggest.
      ***Please note it is best to wait until several days after your final surgery to begin a regimen because many supplements will thin the blood and you need that to be clotting for a while after the surgery.***

      MSM (1000mg in 2 doses a day, or more with a Dr's advice) - is a sulfur compound that is supportive of tissue repair and proper inflammatory reactions. Not sure about this right after surgery, wait 7 days or more to start it, use 1 dose daily to start and work up).

      vitamin C - (500 mg once or even twice a day, or as rec'd by a Dr) - the "helper" vitamin that makes other nutrients more efficient. it may reduce blood clotting, so don't use it right away (see above)

      Biosil by Natrol - this is a special type of silica. Natrol is touting BioSil as a beauty supplement, but the company that sold it for years before Natrol told the whole story: it helps in repair and maintenance of connective tissue (ligiments, cartilage, skin) and is used in the building of bones. This stuff is amazing, but it will seriously thin the blood.

      The best prices and quality can usually be found in a good local health food store. Try to find one in your area that is independent or a co-op and has staff in a vitamin section who can guide you around the shelves. They will often have the best prices overall, as the shipping/handling and even the sale prices online are often not good. Also, generally vitamins need to be stored/shipped and handled in a temperature and time sensitive manner and who knows with online delivery if they're stored in 120 degree storage unit in Arizona before they are shipped! Stores buy directly from the brands (speaking from experience, here since I've been an enthusiast for years).

      Good brands for MSM and vitamin C:
      Jarrow, Bluebonnet, Natural Factors, Soloray, Nature's Way, Country Life.

      Try the homeopathic remedy Arnica Montana 200c potency before and after surgery to encourage proper blood-setting and prevent huge bruises and swelling. At the store they will tell you how to use them (little pellets usually).

      Good luck! Visualize little cells healing other little cells, it may help your body get the picture :)

    My mole has developed some extra skin, do I have cancer?
    I have a mole on my back from before and now it has extra skin. When I was young it wasn't like this.
    I can pull it a bit and it sort of stretches. Does this mean I have cancer?


    ps. I am 13 years old and I've had the mole since i was really young.

    • ANSWER:
      Brittany, your "mole" sounds more like a skin tag--a harmless outgrowth of skin. Your doctor can very easily snip this off for you next time you are in for a check-up. Tell your mom you want to have this checked and removed at your next doctor appointment so she can tell them ahead of time.
      ...more info:

      Also: You may want to do a Google search but at the top of the screen hit the "images" button and then type "skin tag", you'll get hundreds of pictures of these to compare yours with.

    What's the difference between UVA and UVB?
    Too much could be not good while not enough could also be depriving yourself. But what's the difference between 'A' and 'B' ultraviolet? When I was a kid, nobody cared but today it's a big thing to protect yourself against. What is UVA and UVB?

    • ANSWER:
      Ultraviolet A: One of the three types of invisible light rays (together with ultraviolet B and ultraviolet C) given off by the sun.

      Although ultraviolet C is the most dangerous type of ultraviolet light in terms of its potential to harm life on earth, it cannot penetrate earth's protective ozone layer. Therefore, it poses no threat to human, animal or plant life on earth.

      Ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B, on the other hand, do penetrate the ozone layer in attenuated form and reach the surface of the planet. Because ultraviolet A is weaker than ultraviolet B, scientists long blamed ultraviolet B as the sole culprit in causing skin cancer in persons with a history of sunburn and repeated overexposure to ultraviolet radiation. Recent research, however, has also implicated ultraviolet A as a possible cause of skin cancer. In addition to natural light from the sun, artificial light from tanning lamps contains ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B. Electric arc lamps can also generate ultraviolet light to heat furnaces for melting and to enable motion-picture projectors to show movies.

      Though ultraviolet light can damage health, it can also maintain or improve health. When ultraviolet light strikes human skin, it triggers the production of vitamin D, which promotes the growth of bones and teeth.

    I have a lot of new moles, should I be worried?
    I've naturally always had a lot of moles, and they are all normal, regular moles. Within the past year I've gotten four new moles on my hand and they all seem to gradually be getting larger in size. They look normal, I checked the ABCD's for skin cancer and I dont think any of them appear cancerous. I'm going to see a dermatologist in a few weeks, but should I be as worried as I am?

    • ANSWER:
      Wait to see your Dr for best treatment. Family member had this problem and after 40 she had some removed and cancer found. If you get check ups, and I mean butt crack and legs spread, you need to check every part of your body by the Dr. get ready for a life time of this type of check up every 6 to 12 months. Do not let it pass for years and if something seems strange have it checked.
      I suggest a camera and take pictures for your self. photo every part of your body, including the private areas. Keep these pictures and in the future take more. If things change from original pictures have the Dr look you over. Get a good Dr cause you will need it for your life time.

      There is no reason you can not lead a normal life and be comfortable. Just need a little extra care.

    I have something on my skin, It kinda looks like a rash, but I'm worried it might be skin cancer, what is it?
    I dont know how to add a picture of it if someone tells me how to add pictures I'll add one. I'm kinda worried about this because I just noticed it, and I know its not normal.

    • ANSWER:
      The ONLY type of doctor who can answer that for you is a dermatologist. It is interesting to note how many rashes and really ugly looking skin growths are actually benign and harmless, while others are serious. When in doubt, definitely seek help from a dermatologist. Sometimes even they don't know until they actually do a biopsy.

    Does cancer show up as white or black on an X Ray?

    Thanks everyone. I hope I don't have cancer to worry about. Had bowel X rays. Waiting doctors report.

    • ANSWER:
      I'll need to clarify a couple of points before I answer your question.

      First, to avoid a long discussion about the defintion of cancer, I'll just say a cancer is an abnormal growth of a certain part of your body. Saying someone has cancer is about the same thing as saying someone has a disease --the statement is not very specific.

      Thus, you may want clarify what type of cancer you are interested in. In fact, any tisse can experience abnormal growths. You can have lung cancer, bone cancer, brain cancer, and even cancer of the blood.

      Next, I'll say a few words about xrays. When an xray is taken, a machine will shoot actual xrays (a form of ionizing radiation) through the patient. The xrays will then be collected in a flat panel detector. Nowadays, the detector is taken to a computer, which then processes the image in a picture format.

      All the xrays that are able to penetrate the body and get to the detector are processed by the computer to display black. Any xrays that are absorbed, reflected, deflected, etc by the body are processed by the computer as white.

      Thus, air looks black, but bones, the heart, and most other soft tissue appear as various shades of white.

      Now, regarding the appearance of cancer on xrays, if the growth is large enough, you should be able to see it as a white spot. If this white spot is in the lungs, which normally should be mostly black because of all the air in the lungs, one may suspect that the patient has lung cancer.

      However, if you take cancer of the bone, remember that xrays do not penetrate the bone very well and generally appear as white. If you have an abnromal growth that destroys the architecture of the bone, then you may guess that more xrays pass through that area of damaged bone. This damaged area will show up as a dark area on the xray. This feature can be seen in certain bone cancers such as osteosarcoma.

      Thus, I hope you can see that to answer your question, the matter is simply not whether or not the image appears white or black, but one must ask the type of cancer and what part of the body is being imaged.

      Also, you should understand that if the growth is too small, then you may not see the growth on an xray, and there are many cancers that are just not generally seen on xrays. Blood cancers (leukemias) will not be seen on xrays because leukemias generally do not produce visible growths. Likewise, skin cancers will not be seen on xrays. While skin cancers can present as easily visible growths (to the eye), xrays tend to penetrate through skin fairly easily. Thus, skin will generally look black on an xray. Finally, Colon cancers are also generally not seen on xrays.

      Hope I was able to answer your question!

    How do I get rid of my waxing scars?
    I'm 13 and I used Veet waxing strips on my upper lip!
    Now i've got a horrible scab / scar. I need to get rid of it fast because school starts in 2 days.
    Can you please suggest home remedies if possible - I don't have time to go shopping!
    Please help fast!
    file:///C:/Users/family/Documents/scab.png - that's the link!
    And I don't wear makeup!


    • ANSWER:
      SCARS, whether they're from acne, or wax scars . . .
      Adam Lambert has the worst acne scars. JLo, even Demi Moore have been seen with scars on their faces during interviews. Seal, the musician, Heidi Klum's ex have you seen the scar on his face? Demi in October 2012 issue of 'People magazine, showed her freckles (acne?) on the cover and inside article photo showed she had them removed but there was a 'hole' and no makeup could fill that in. How about Jennifer Hudson 'flea beaten scars' on her legs, as if she had itched them and got infected. I had some of those when I was a kid. Just as recently as October, I had a tiny spider (?) bite where my watch was, and after 2 weeks, it was dried and I thought it was healing, so I peeled it. Even though it was covered by my watch, there is a tiny freckle there now, but it had heeled, except it was darker. I should just let it fall off, when it was time instead of 'rushing it, exposing tender skin. This is now Dec and the freckle is not going away. Anyway . . . with all their money they're making now, even beauty products can't do anything about their faces or should I say scars.
      Avoid exposure from the sun, use a floppy hat. The sun can darken them, even skin where it never saw daylight. The sun can go through clothing.

      Avoid too much sun exposure, so it won't make your scars even DARKER. Skin heals. So let your scab heals. When they start to heal, use a wash cloth to exfoliate your skin, using bath & body wash. Keeps the skin softer, silkier, smoother. Google: FIVE FOODS TO EAT FOR BEAUTIFUL SKIN

      Sunscreens or lotions does not protect you from nasty, painful burns. Lotions does not protect you from skin cancer. Lotions does not protect you from skin diseases. Lotions does not protect you from discolorations - permanently. And lotions does not protect you from skin tags, freckles, moles, they will only get larger, darker, and bumpier as they are exposed from UV.

      Take the Skin Picture Quiz - Identify These Common Skin Conditions on MedicineNet.

      As for waxing or using hair removal creams
      CREAMS there are side effects and people violate those warnings: Skin damage, odor, more hair growth, uneven skin & hair growth, allergic reaction. Keratin is the main protein that forms a hair strand. The result is the hair is wiped away with gentle friction. There are several chemicals based on the strength, color and coarseness of the hair. Before applying the cream, the skin type is also considered. Example from a VEET user: ."I used Veet to wax off my moustache which wasn't anything tragic,(STUPID ME) around 12 hours ago.....And for the first time I've got this reaaally bad skin irritation, I'm as red as a pepper for Gd's sake!" One girl put the cream on her nipples: "I just tried using nair for the first time and I tried putting it on my nipples because I am dumb and didnt read the directions. (and yes, I have hairy nipples. please dont make fun of me because it bothers me already). now my nipples are REALLY burning along with the rest of my skin." "I've waxed my upper lip by myself in the morning using a veet strip and peeled 3 large spots of skin and its really red and it burns !? help me plz i have skool after 2 days ! i waited 7 hours but nothing happeened ?" This may not be a good option for you if you have sensitive skin. If your skin develops severe irritation afterwards, go see a doctor!

      Waxing warrants caution: home waxing kits come in both cold and hot wax varieties – cold kits may not work as well but are certainly safer to use in the genital region. If you’re going to a salon, choose a professional location that makes safety a priority.

    Which Soap should i use for my uneven skin tone?
    my mother said i inherited my father's beard shadow so my cheeks are lighter than the rest of my face and it looks like big circles on my face. I can't decide if Black soap would help or Cocoa butter soap.
    Which one would help more?

    • ANSWER:
      You have several issues here, let's tackle each one:
      Dark Circles: The answer? No beauty products can do that. If you have concealer on, and you look sideways, you can still see those dark bags under the eyes or some calls it dark circles. Only in magazines they're airbrushed & TV, they look like they're NOT THERE.

      Without wearing tons of make up, they can't just go away. Don't believe me? Google them and see their latest photos.
      Jane Fonda had surgery done, admitted she hated surgeries, but that's ONE she actually had done.

      You CAN try to sleep the same amount of hours everyday, and eat all the healthy foods from Mother Nature.

      It's possible changing your sleep & diet can do miracles.
      Sleep deprivation, chronic allergies and vitamin deficiency can cause undereye circles - so eat greens and be sure to get plenty of sleep!" Dr. Wendy Roberts, M.D., past president of Women's Dermatologic Society. Vera Wang is a billionaire, designing the best wedding gowns around in this part of town, Kim Kardashian's 3 wedding gowns are from Vera. Take a look @ her eyes, she's got one of the worst bags around, and with all that money and best beauty advisers, she can't get rid of her dark circles.

      Even Julianne Hough (Rock of Ages - Dancing with the Stars) she's 23 btw, Oprah & Hilary Clinton who buys the best concealers money can buy can't cover theirs.

      Someone on YA! asked 'why does concealer/foundation never cover spots?
      for me it always rubs off within an hour, any tips?'
      My answer was: 'It's a billion dollar business. I was watching @ the mall yesterday a LIFE-SIZE video poster advertisement for a teen cover magazine called LUCKY, while waiting in line for H&M for 30 mins. This model was wearing makeup, but once she looked up, you could see 'bags under her eyes!' That's right, and I've posted many times here since 2009, NOTHING CAN COVER BAGS UNDER EYES (see above for my reply).'

      UNEVEN SKIN TONE: Could mean: You've had a self-tanner mishap...or you have a benign condition called melasma that's often associated with oral contraceptives, says Dina D. Strachan, M. D., a dermatologist in New York City. Doctors aren't sure why some birth-control pills cause these dark patches on the forehead, cheeks, or upper lip, but they do know UV exposure makes them worse.

      For one thing: Oral contraceptives can upset your skin, since hormones in BCP make pigment cells more sensitive to the sun, resulting in brown blotches.
      Doctor's advice: Talk to your doctor about switching to a low-dose estrogen formula, like Yaz or Ortho Tri-Cycles Lo, or the non-estrogen type of contraception known as the mini pill, says Sundaram. Wearing sunscreen will also help. "If you've had hyperpigmentation on the pill, you're likely to be sensitive during a pregnancy too." she says. In bulk cases, higher levels of hormones are to blame.
      ~ Allure 1-12

      I've been protecting myself from the sun since age 9, by using umbrella or floppy hat. But no matter, I got Discoid Lupus, but it took 12 years for them to fade. Other than that, I've had flawless skin all my almost 60 years of my life. Use a floppy hat or umbrella. Use a wash cloth each time you take a shower, and bath & body wash.

      Take the Skin Picture Quiz - Identify These Common Skin Conditions on MedicineNet.

      LIGHTENING SOAPS: The FDA have banned 23 more whitening products. Google it. About 17,600,000 results.
      The reason cited for the proposed ban is that studies in rodents show "some evidence" that hydroquinone may act as a carcinogen or cancer-causing chemical, although its cancer-causing properties have yet to be proved in humans. Hydroquinone also has been linked with the medical condition known as ochronosis in which the skin becomes dark and thick. Dome-shaped yellowish spots and grayish-brown spots also are observed in ochronosis among black women and men in South Africa, Britain, and the U.S. Ochronosis has been observed in conjunction with hydroquinone use even in persons who have used hydroquinone-containing cosmetics for a short time. Some studies also report abnormal function of the adrenal glands and high levels of mercury in people who have used hydroquinone-containing cosmetics. For these reasons, hydroquinone has already been banned in Japan, the European Union, and Australia.

      Any skin-lightening products containing hydroquinone would be considered new drugs, according to the proposed FDA regulations. The products would require FDA approval before being sold to the public and would only be available with a doctor's prescription.
      Skin Creams, Soaps and Lotions Marketed as Skin Lighteners and Anti-aging Treatments: May Contain the Toxic Metal, Mercury

    How do you Get Rid of a scar that used to be a birthmark?
    i got rid of my birthmark it was a dot but it was very noticable, i got rid of it somehow and now its like redish,like a scar of a pimple.

    • ANSWER:
      What kind of a birthmark? Pigmented or non-pigmented.
      Pigmented should not be addressed with except by a physician. The strawberry types are "usually" hemangiomas (collection of tiny capillaries close to the surface of the skin. (I am "guessing that is the type you are describing) In time they sometimes evolve to a scar that continues to get less noticable...but will likely always have something left to detect. Even to have it surgically removed would likely cause a scar. A dermatologist would give you the best options of what could be done ...maybe a laser treatment of some type.
      You should review the skin changes of a birthmark ...describing those you need to have a physician evaluate right away(...could be a skin cancer evolving ---esp."melanoma"). Do a web search on "melanoma" just to learn about broaden your knowledge base...something everyone should know about.
      There are makeups specially made to hide birthmarks/scars...for special occasions. If it is a simple scar...we all have them. Remember, in this day of digital pictures you can erase any skin blemishes

    How can I remove facial moles?
    I have several facial moles and I'm looking for an effective cream to remove them.. That or some home remedy!

    • ANSWER:
      There are many types of moles, and you need to have a doctor see them first, so they can tell if they're just the regular moles or if they're melanoma. Beauty products just can't 'burn' moles.

      Ice T- and Cindy Crawford - famous Million-Dollar model, even Madonna has a good mole on their faces! Google Celebrities with beauty marks. Celebrities with beauty marks 122,000,000 r results (0.17 seconds)
      There are good moles and there are bad moles. Elizabeth Taylor has good mole, sometimes it keeps moving, but in reality she has more than just one. When I had a pimple that never went away, it was in the same area where Liz' mole was, I felt blessed! But, it got infected because I picked on it & picked on it when it got bumpy, it had been on my face for 4 years. One year it didn't get bumpy, so it was flat for one year after that. I picked on it again, and now it's flat and it's almost faded - like any acne on our faces!!!! But usually, I even try to darken it with eyebrow pencil. I've always have clear complexion, but I noticed when it gets cloudy I couldn't protect myself from the heat, so that's why it got bumpy again. After 3 years, it finally went flat, when I picked it for the last time but my doctor told me it was OK.

      My aunts, my mom and two of mom's in-laws have the same chin moles like you described, since they were teenagers. When they have photos together, you could say they could have been separated from birth! I'm not making this up.

      I had a mole on my thigh that was throbbing. It was the size of a pencil eraser. Dermatologist told me it wasn't cancer, but I had it removed (3 stitches) but it got infected. I couldn't keep water from it when I take a shower and it left me a 3" scar, but it was still throbbing. My other dermatologist injected something around it, and it got flatter, but the throbbing stopped. That was 6 years ago, but the throbbing starts again, but the scar is almost gone. I should have left it alone, but the throbbing was annoying me!

      Laser will zap it right out. Cost 0 per session for each large freckle or mole Risk: blistering or sunburn, which can be prevented with the use of sunblock and Aquaphor.
      Example from one who had laser surgery to remove freckles:
      I had laser surgery to remove my freckles yesterday . . .?
      she said it will be sore the first day and boy was it and she said i may have some swelling, well i woke up this morning and the skin under my eyes is swollen so bad that my eyes are almost closed. i took a goodies headache medicine because it says it contains an anti-inflammatory drug, i also have an ice pack on my eyes. What else should i do? Should what i'm already doing help?

      Do you know how many freckles, moles or age spots do you have?

      The next best solution is to avoid the sun. Those freckles, moles or age spots will only get larger and darker. One example from YA about tanning: "i used to go tanning a ALOT, but then started to get more freckles so i stopped haha. "
      Sunscreen will not protect you from getting burned.

      Sunscreen does not protect you from getting moles or freckles, they will only get darker & bumpier or larger from each exposure from the sun.

      Sunscreen will not protect you from skin cancer.

      Sunscreen will not protect you if you have allergies, I never thought I had allergies!

      Sunscreens also discolor your skin - for ever!

      But I had Discoid Lupus caused from the sun. Google it. Took 12 years for mine to almost 'fade'. I don't want any more lupus appearing on my skin, so now I'm more & more into protecting myself. Bullous Pemphegoid is another skin disorder. Google that, too!

      Take the Skin Picture Quiz - Identify These Common Skin Conditions on MedicineNet.

      I'm the kind of person who has families with moles as large as raisin-size. I don't want moles on my body, so I always have been concern about that. But, how I got lupus? I don't know! I got it period.

      The sun is more powerful than most people think.
      Morgan Freeman, does he look pretty with his freckles? He's older now, and those on his face, are no longer freckles. In the beginning of the Titanic, you'll see the introduction of Rose DeWitt Bukater, played by Kate Winslet. Her face had a lot of freckles, covered with foundation, but you can see right through them.

    how long does it take for weight loss to show using anorexia?
    my friend is 288 pounds and shes in the 9th grade.
    she hasn't ate for a day and half because shes depressed her boyfriend of a year and a half broke up with her. Shes considering Anorexia, and i would like to know the side affects to help her and also how long. she thinks she can loose 40 pounds in two weeks by not eating nothing at all and also not exercising. please help.

    • ANSWER:
      It is physically impossible to lose weight as soon as you get anorexia. However, there is a bigger picture that I would like to stress. Your friend cannot "consider" anorexia. Anorexia is a terrible psychological disorder that screws up your perception about what healthy eating is. It is accompanied by very low self esteem and usually other psychological issues such as depression. As someone with an eating disorder, I am disgusted that your friend is considering such a thing. If she wants to lose weight, she should go to a dietian and lose weight in a healthful manner.

      I got this list from a Facebook forum targeted at eating disorder support, originally written by Bony Pink:

      Psychiatric complications from anorexia, bulimia and ED-NOS:

      (Most of these can occur before or after the onset of the eating disorder.)

      Depression; social anxiety/phobia; personality disorders; abuse (ED sufferers are at a higher risk for all types of abuse, including physical, emotional and sexual, as well, rape and abuse are the number one cause of eating disorders); suicidal thoughts and actions; low self-esteem; self harm; isolation; aggression; paranoia; psychosis; body dysmorphic disorder; self-hatred; difficultly in relationships; drug abuse and alcoholism; obsessive compulsive disorder; sexual dysfunction; need for psychiatric observation in a locked ward; fear of the opposite sex; lack of motivation to find work, go to school, etc.; anxiety; panic attacks; "forget" how to eat normally; obsessions; easily addicted; etc.

      Medical complications from anorexia, bulimia, and ED-NOS:

      Fatigue; dizziness; hair loss; motor skill impairment; lanugo (downy hair that grows all over the body after extreme fat loss, as a last ditch effort to keep warm); insomnia; sleep cycle impairment; tooth decay; tooth loss; increased susceptibility to infection; liver failure; kidney failure (extremely common, and often sets in early on during starvation), heart failure; heart attack; anal prolapse; muscle deterioration; ulcers; decreased or absent bowel function; loss of menstruation leading to: ovarian cysts, increased risk of ovarian or cervical cancer, hormonal imbalances, infertility, etc.; lack of calcium, leading to decreased bone density and eventually osteoporosis -- symptoms of which are pain, shrinkage of the spin and limbs, regular fractures in the bones; constantly feel cold; confusion; slowed metabolism; nail breakage or loss; inability to walk; bruising; difficultly clotting blood; difficulty healing from minimal injuries (cuts, scrapes, etc.); incontinence (inability to control one's bowels, leading to 'accidents' in public places); cardiac arrhythmias (abnormal heartbeat); diarrhea; exhaustion; impaired ability to regulate body temperature and sweat production, increasing the risks of hypothermia and over-heating; inability to control urination; bed sores; arthritis; various diseases of the colon, many of which are fatal and necessitate the removal of most of the colon; gallstones; kidney stones; frequent nausea; uncontrolled projectile vomiting after meals (not self-induced purging, stomach will no longer accept food); hepatic problems (liver); memory loss; perforation of the stomach due to purging; tearing your esophagus (throat); choking or inhaling vomit during purging; coma; brain damage due to coma, electrolyte imbalance, etc.; dry skin; slow heart rate; diabetes; irritable bowel syndrome; stunted growth; low blood sugar (causes confusion, dizziness, aggression, fainting or collapsing, seizures, coma and death); low iron/anemia; impotence in males; edema (swelling); increased risk of various cancers; vision loss/disturbances; fainting; collapsing; injury due to fainting/collapsing; hearing loss; circulation problems, and risk of losing limbs as a result (gangrene); acid reflux; indigestion; pulmonary (lungs) symptoms; HIGH risk of kidney and urinary track infections; blockage in the bowels; dehydration; over-hydration (water poisoning); high cholesterol; loss of sex drive; low blood pressure (risk of multi-organ failure, fainting, etc.); spinal shrinkage (hunchback); internal bleeding; digestive track failure; constipation; nerve deterioration; shrinkage of the brain; heart shrinkage; overdose on "regular" adult dose for medication, due to inability to metabolize drugs; and, of course....


      Which is definitely permanent.

    Ive been haveing really bad pains on the left side of my stomach, what can this be?
    It's been accuring every other day or so, and its painfull. What could it be and how do i prevent it?

    • ANSWER:
      Ovarian Cysts

      Doctor's PCOS Healthy Diet eBook

      An ovarian cyst is a fluid-filled sac usually found on the surface of an ovary. There are many types of ovarian cysts, each with a different underlying cause. Many women will have them at some point during their childbearing years. Most are completely without symptoms. However, some types can cause serious health problems.

      You have two walnut-sized ovaries. These are located on either side of the uterus, nestled under the fringed ends of the fallopian or uterine tubes. These tubes create a pathway for a released egg to reach the center of the uterus. During the menstrual cycle, one ovary will develop and mature an egg. The egg is encased in a sac called a follicle. About day 14 of the menstrual cycle, ovulation occurs and the egg is released from the ovary.

      Are They Dangerous?
      Types of Ovarian Cysts
      How They Are Diagnosed
      How They Are Treated
      Can They Be Prevented?
      Diet and Ovarian Cysts

      Picture of Ovarian Cyst

      Are Ovarian Cysts Dangerous?
      Most are harmless "functional” or "physiologic" cysts. Between 4% and 10% of women of childbearing age develop a potentially serious metabolic dysfunction, known as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Multiple cysts are one hallmark of PCOS. PCOS also includes hormonal disruptions that can result in persistent acne, excessive body hair, thinning scalp hair, infertility, obesity, and increased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and uterine or breast cancer.

      Ovarian cysts can cause discomfort during intercourse. They may bleed, rupture, or twist the ovary, causing significant pelvic pain. Sudden or severe pelvic pain, especially with vomiting or a fever, should be treated as a medical emergency.

      Some ovarian cysts can become cancerous. These are all rare cancers and are most common in women in their fifties. Cancerous ovaries are usually not painful unless they grow very large before they are discovered. Annual pelvic exams are the best preventative method for detecting gynecologic cancers in the early, most treatable stages.


      Ovarian Cyst Symptoms
      It’s not easy to know whether you have ovarian cysts. You can have cysts without any symptoms at all, or you may have vague abdominal symptoms that could suggest a number of health problems that are completely unrelated to ovarian cysts.

      Some abdominal conditions with symptoms similar to painful ovarian cysts are: appendicitis, diverticulitis, intestinal inflammation or obstruction, gall bladder disease, kidney stone, or bladder infection. Gynecologic problems with symptoms similar to ovarian cysts are: pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, ectopic or tubal pregnancy, or mittleschmirtz, the pain some women feel at mid-cycle, after normal ovulation.

      In general, one or more of the following symptoms could be related to ovarian cysts:

      Menstrual irregularities.
      Pelvic pain – a dull ache, either constant or intermittent, possibly radiating to the low back or thighs.
      Pelvic pain during intercourse.
      Pelvic pain just before your period begins or just after it ends.
      A fullness or heaviness in your abdomen.
      Feeling of pressure on your bladder or rectum.
      Nausea or breast tenderness similar to when you’re pregnant.
      Continuous, creamy or clear-like-eggwhite vaginal discharge that persists unchanged for a month or more.
      Any of these symptoms are sufficient cause to consult with your health professional.

      If you have sudden, severe or spasmodic pain in your lower abdomen, especially if accompanied by fever, vomiting, or signs of shock (cold, clammy skin, rapid breathing, weakness), go immediately to the emergency room of the nearest hospital.

      Types of Benign Ovarian Cysts
      1) Functional (physiologic) cysts. The most common type of ovarian cyst is the functional cyst, also called a physiologic cyst. "Physiologic" means the cyst is non-pathogenic. It develops from tissue that changes during the process of ovulation. Your ovaries normally grow cystic structures called follicles each month. Typically, these resolve back to normal ovarian tissue after ovulation. But sometimes there is a glitch and the fluid-filled cyst stays on for a while.

      Functional cysts fall into two categories; follicular cyst, and corpus luteum cyst.

      Follicular cyst. The pituitary gland in your brain sends a message, by increasing luteinizing hormone (LH), to the follicle holding the ripening egg. This is called a “LH surge”. Normally, the egg is released from the follicle and starts down the fallopian tube where it may then become fertilized by a sperm cell. If the LH surge does not occur, the follicle doesn’t rupture or release its egg. Instead, it grows until it becomes a cyst. These cysts seldom cause pain, are usually harmless, and may disappear within two or three menstrual cycles.

      Corpus luteum cyst. When there is a successful LH surge and the egg is released, the follicle responds by becoming a new, temporarily little secretory gland called the corpus luteum. The corpus luteum produces large amounts of progesterone and a little bit of estrogen, to prepare the uterus for conception.
      But occasionally, after the egg is released, the escape hatch seals off prematurely and tissue accumulates inside, causing the corpus luteum to enlarge. This type of cyst will usually disappear after a few weeks. Rarely, a corpus luteum cyst can grow to 3"-4" in diameter and potentially bleed into itself, or twist your ovary, thus causing pelvic or abdominal pain.

      2) Dermoid cyst. A dermoid cyst is mainly fat but can also contain a mix of different tissues. They are often small and usually don’t cause symptoms. Very rarely, they become large and rupture, causing bleeding into the abdomen, which is a medical emergency.

      3) Endometrioma or "chocolate cyst". These are cysts that form when endometrial tissue (the type that lines the inside of the uterus) invades an ovary. It is responsive to monthly hormonal changes, which causes the cyst to fill with blood. It’s called a “chocolate cyst” because the blood is a dark, reddish-brown color. Multiple endometriomas are found in the condition called "endometriosis". Although often asymptomatic, chocolate cysts can be painful, especially during your period or during intercourse.

      4) Cystadenoma. Cystadenomas are cysts that develop from cells on the surface of your ovary. They are usually benign. Occasionally, they can become quite large and thus interfere with abdominal organs and cause pain.

      5) Multiple cysts – the polycystic ovary. Women who don’t ovulate on a regular basis can develop multiple cysts. The ovaries are often enlarged and contain many small cysts clustered under a thickened, outer capsule. There are many factors causing a woman to not ovulate and develop polycystic ovaries. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a complex condition that involves multiple hormonal and organ system dysfunction. Multiple ovarian cysts are just one facet of this disorder.


      How Ovarian Cysts are Diagnosed
      Pelvic Exam. An ovarian cyst may be discovered by your doctor during a pelvic exam, while she is palpating your ovaries. If a cyst is suspected, an ultrasound is usually the next step.

      Pelvic Ultrasound. Ultrasound is a painless procedure where sound waves are transmitted through your pelvic area and an image of your ovaries and uterus is shown on a video screen. The image is analyzed to determine the nature of the cyst.

      Laparoscopy. Laparoscopy is a surgical procedure performed when your doctor wants to see the cyst. A thin, lighted telescope, called a laparoscope, is inserted through a small incision into your abdomen. Laparoscopy may be used for treatment as well as diagnosis.


      How Ovarian Cysts are Usually Treated
      Watchful Waiting. If you have no symptoms and ultrasound shows a small, fluid-filled cyst, your doctor may simply schedule another pelvic exam and ultrasound in six weeks. The concept behind watchful waiting is to not actively treat the cyst until does not go away as your hormones change. An unchanging or growing cystic ovary needs further investigation.

      Birth Control Pills. If you have a functional cyst that is larger in size and causing some symptoms, birth control pills may be prescribed. The purpose of birth control pills is to alter your hormone levels so the cyst will shrink. Birth control pills will reduce the probability of other cysts growing.

      Surgery. Your cyst may be surgically removed if it is large, solid or filled with debris, persistently growing, irregularly shaped, or causing pain or other symptoms. If the cyst is not cancerous, it can be surgically removed without also removing the ovary. This is called a cystectomy. In some cases, the doctor may want to remove the affected ovary, while leaving the other intact in order to maintain your ability to have a normal hormone cycle.


      Can Ovarian Cysts Be Prevented?
      It may not be possible to completely eliminate ovarian cysts. However, you can minimize the probability that they will form and grow.

      You can do this in several fundamental ways:

      Improve the quality of your diet.
      Increase your exercise.
      Control chronic stress.
      Use bio-identical hormones, supplements and herbs to help balance your hormonal system.
      Improve your overall health.


      Diet and Ovarian Cysts
      A recent study from the Institute of Research Pharmacology in Italy analyzed the diet over a ten-year span of 225 women with benign ovarian cysts and 450 women who did not have ovarian cysts.

      The researchers discovered that the type of food eaten influenced the development of cysts. For example, they said that women who consumed the most beef and cheese developed the most ovarian cysts. In contrast, consumption of green vegetables provided a strong protective effect. This study makes it clear that what you eat will influence whether or not you develop ovarian cysts.

      We have written an in-depth diet ebook for women with PCOS. But the dietary recommendations in the ebook are the same for ovarian cysts. If you have this problem, consider purchasing The Natural Diet Solution to PCOS and Infertility ebook.

      Source: Chiaffarino F et al, Diet and risk of seromucinous benign ovarian cysts, Eur J Obstet Gynecol Reprod Biol. 2003 Oct 10;110(2):196-200.

    What green tea is the best and taste good??
    I was reading about how good green tea is for you such as: CUT YOUR CANCER RISK, SOOTHE YOUR SKIN, STEADY YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE, PROTECT YOUR MEMORY, OR YOUR MOM'S, STAY YOUNG, LOSE WEIGHT (sorry in all caps I was just cutting and pasting). I was wondering what the best tea brand is and what taste good.

    • ANSWER:
      Disregard the answers of Arizona and Starbucks (though i love green tea frap) because those aren't the green tea brands. I personally drink young green tea from the brand "Prince of Peace" brand. It's doesn't taste bitter at all all (though i do add a bit of sugar and lemon, but without those it would not taste bitter). The second picture of organic green tea is the type of green tea i buy, from the website below.

      However, you can go to like a herbal store or an asian market store (if there is) and pick a brand of your choice. You should read the description in the label which is preferable to you. You can ask somebody who works there for their own opinion of the best and tasty green tea. Yes, green tea provides antioxidants that releases the radicals that can damage your body cells.

    Can a 14 year old get breast cancer?
    One of my breasts looks bigger than the other to me and as I have been looking up more information, I seem to be noticing more things. The skin around the nipple is darker and the nipple is slightly dented. I can't feel any bumps but im not sure. I getting an appointment with my doctor but I'm really worried.
    Are you supossed to feel something like when your ill?
    What do swollen lymph nodes feel like?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes a 14yo can get breast cancer but it is extremely rare. You are just growing. Breasts are never the same size, unless you have an really have no need to be worried but it is good that you are making an appointment with your doctor just to stop you from worrying and to reassure you.
      Women with breast cancer may experience the following symptoms. Sometimes, women with breast cancer do not show any of these symptoms. Or, these symptoms may be caused by a medical condition that is not cancer. If you are concerned about a symptom on this list, please talk with your doctor.

      However, most women who develop breast cancer have no signs or symptoms. The signs and symptoms to look for include:

      New lumps (many women normally have lumpy breasts) or a thickening in the breast or under the arm

      Nipple tenderness, discharge, or physical changes (such as a nipple turned inward or a persistent sore)

      Skin irritation or changes, such as puckers, dimples, scaliness, or new creases

      Warm, red, swollen breasts with a rash resembling the skin of an orange (called peau d'orange)

      Pain in the breast (usually not a symptom of breast cancer, but should be reported to a doctor)

      If you have a swollen lymph node then you feel them, they'll feel like a tumor and then you'll have to get them checked out by a doctor to see if they are just lymph nodes then your fine for the most part.

      Sometimes you can see them, you'll see little bumbs caused by them, but mostly in areas like your armpit or something. You can type it into good and check out a picture, its an easier place to see but other then that, doctor is best bet to make sure there not cancerous tumors instead.

pictures of types of skin cancer

Cancer Horoscope

Horoscope 2013, complete documentation of future forecast is very popular among us. Whenever we think of starting any venture or any new activity the personal dilemma of getting success or failure always stays in our mind. To figure out the result insist us to take help of free online horoscope 2013 and go through all the predictions in our horoscope.

Cancer Horoscope 2013, predicts future of person bearing cancer zodiac. It includes every phase of life and gives all the possibilities of any action likely to take place in 2013. When you will look for your future in your cancer horoscope 2013, first off all you will get the position of celestial bodies and existence of external factors that plays crucial role for any activity or event to emerge. Likewise Gemini horoscope 2013 also depicts the same for the person of Gemini. At the same time you can also know many unknown things about Gemini and Cancer Horoscope taken together. Like the percentage of bonding between cancer and Gemini Zodiac. Whether they can understand each other or not.

It also reflects similarities and dissimilarities in their nature. Gemini Horoscope 2013. Internet is an ocean where you can find every single information from all over the universe in a single click can be helpful indeed, if you are searching for your horoscope. You can go through any of the horoscope sites and links to discover the mystery of your fate. You can also look for some good astrologers who can prepare a detail horoscope for 2013. Horoscope 2013 free and links of similar words provide you your horoscope completely free of cost. Even if you want a complete reading from them, it will be made available to you at a very low cost.

Virgo Horoscope 2013. This type of success will continue all year long, making it a nice time to pursue projects you may have been putting off or new ideas. If something isnt working, donat waste time. Find another angle to approach. New Year Horoscope 2013 for health shows that 2013 demands exercise & get the rest you need. New Year horoscope 2011for love, relatives & social life shows that people won't have lots of sympathy for you & your relationship woes in the first half of 2013. You need to fix the issue if it is there & move on. In year 2013 in schooling you will get sorts of fascinating options, so take a day to evaluate what you can handle. Although a trip across the globe might be an honor, look at the giant picture to see if its necessary.

A typical Leo is known to be an inventive & artistic person. Best occupations for a Leo could be an area, where there is a necessity for leadership & managing, such as managers, directors, organizers, stool persons, actors & company owners. Saturn in your 3rd House will affect communications, contracts & connectivity. This is a time to be cautious, for those who deal in games of chance - stock markets & lotteries.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Seventeen Magazine: what is the Cancer horoscope for November?
    Can someone please post the Cancer horoscope as found in the November issue of Seventeen magazine? (not the website)

    • ANSWER:
      oooooh it says your having the best month (well, im assuming your a cancer anyway) it says "you'll have tons of party invites this month, but November 15 is set to be an especially fun occasion, thanks to the moon. While you're busy dancing with your girls, a hot guy will be checking you out---don't be surprised when he asks you for your number that night." it says your having lots of love this month, and also PARTY TIME! lol I have the cosmo girl one too if you want it

    do u think that the cancer horoscope has more positive or negative qualities?
    im a cancer horoscope and was just wondering how ppl view cancers. i've read A LOT about my sign. but wana know wat ppl really think. thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      all the Cancers i've known (with the exception to a few, as with all signs) have been very nurturing, loving and intellectually offering individuals.
      one of my closest friends is a Cancer, and despite the few traits that make her unnerving at times, the good far outweighs the bad. i see Cancer as a passionate, intuitive and extremely intriguing (many see this sign as the least "clear-cut" or malleable of the Zodiac). they're always very intelligent and well-informed on not only their areas of general interest, but numerous random facts and theories, often occult or spiritually based, don't escape their selection of conversation.
      Cancer is said to be one of the best lovers in the Zodiac (behind Scorpio and Leo) because of their intensity and passion towards those they commit themselves to.

    Would there be any difference in personality and emotional side?
    One is born on the 2nd July the other the 14 they have the cancer horoscope , what would the differences be?

    • ANSWER:
      I wouldn't put much stock into a zodiac sigh. I read horoscopes for fun and there is something to them. They are right a lot but they're wrong a lot too. As far as personality, people are more a product of their environment an how they were raised. Since you didnt really get into anything like that, in reference as to what two people your trying to compare. They could be two completely different people and probably are. There may be some or a lot of similarities. It's just not really a question that can have an accurate answer.

    Which horoscope should they read instead?
    For someone who has Pisces Sun, Cancer Moon, and Cancer Ascendant, should they read the Pisces horoscope because that's their sun sign, or the Cancer horoscope because that's what they have more of?

    • ANSWER:
      personally,i believe in reading your rising sign as far as your horoscope goes.
      i read in a book once something about how 'horoscope' literally translates to 'sun on the eastern horizon' or ascendant.
      you'll notice much more accuracy when you read your rising as opposed to your sun sign

    Question about your horoscope and transits?
    Im unclear about something when I read my "cancer horoscope" on website or in the paper (the generic type) it states neptune is currently passing through your 8th house blah blah blah but in my natal chart neptune is currently transiting my 1st house. A. shld i pay attention to my horoscope at all and B. how do they make up these horoscopes if everyone is different

    • ANSWER:
      This is how they make up these horoscopes:
      For a Sun-in-Cancer horoscope, they create a "sun-rise" chart: They artificially put 0-degrees of Cancer on the Ascendant (1st house), 0-degrees of Leo on the second, 0-Virgo on the third, etc. Then they put all the current positions (the transiting positions) of the planets into this fake chart. And do their reading from there. Yes, that would mean that when Neptune is in Aquarius, it falls into this "sun-rise" chart's 8th house, and when it moves into Pisces it falls into the sun-rise chart's 9th hosue. But as you indicated, in YOUR chart, Neptune is currently transiting through your 1st house, so the horoscope for Cancer is wrong.

      Now, you might think that reading the horoscope for your Rising sign, instead of your Sun Sign, would work. But even there, it doesn't work well. For instance, if someone has 22 degrees of Capricorn Rising, transiting Pluto is currently in their 12th house .. but for a Capricorn sun-rise chart's "horoscope", ANY degree of Capricorn for Pluto will put Pluto in the 1st house, because the cusp of that "sun-rise" chart is 0-Capricorn (right now, Pluto is at 5 Capricorn).

      So ... no, there is no way to make the Sun-sign write-ups work. They are just not astrologically valid or sound. So here's what you do:
      1. Use this website (an online ephemeris) to track the current transiting positions ... and their transits to your own astrological birth chart ... both to your natal planets and through your houses.

      2. Buy a copy of Robert Hand's "Planets in Transit" ( and sell them second-hand on the net) , so you can understand what those transits mean.

    What is the difference between June cancers and July?
    I have been hearing alot of things about July cancers and how they behave does anyone know the difference between June and July Cancers. I am the only June cancer I know and I have noticed that I am not anything like them and I can barely relate to general "cancer" horoscopes, but yet they can. So does anyone have any in site on this? Thanks in advance =]

    • ANSWER:
      don't know,sorry

    What are cancer horoscopes sun good luck day?
    Aries is Tuesday, my sign, my friend is a Cancer and wants to know what good day his is?

    • ANSWER:
      Monday, the day of the Moon.

    Are a pisces and a cancer better together, or a cancer and cancer?
    Cancer-pisces or
    Pisces -Cancer

    what horoscope is good with a cancer?

    • ANSWER:
      Pisces and cancer, for sure :D

    What do you think about the Cancer horoscope?
    Anything you would like to add about Cancers, like, dislike.

    • ANSWER:
      I love the Cancer sign. I am a scorpio, so I would say that. There is just something about them that I am drawn to. They are very homey and sensitive in my experience, but that doesn't bother me because they are also very loyal. When they do something nice for you they mean it, and are very helpful always. In my experience they are also fairly intelligent. The only negative I have is they're feelings get hurt too fast, but I am pretty good at dealing with that so it's no big turn off.

    How do you turn on a man of Cancer horoscope sexually?
    How do you turn on a man of Cancer horoscope sexually? .. What do they like?
    I've just began dating this man and we're going to have sex for the first time, I like to do something nice for him but he seems extremely shy. I doubt he'll tell me what he wants (i've asked once.. got nowhere) ... any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      How long have you 2 been dating?? Because he will loose respect for you if it has been a short time ... No matter how much it seems like they care, or like you, unless they have had some time to really get to know you, and vice versa, I would advise against sleeping with him. Make him wait!

      But, to answer your question, they like it when u play hard to get. So, when he comes on to you, u should playfully resist. Make him work for it cuz that turns them on.

      ... See_ya got the answer dead on. Very well said!

    What does it mean to be a cancer horoscope ?
    I'm born the 15th July witch makes me a cancer but what does it mean to be one
    Does anyone have any information about it what kind of personalitys do they have and stuff ?

    • ANSWER:
      Cancerians are hypersensitive and very caring, romantic, protective. They are shy and hence always move sideways instead of walking straight ahead. They hide their sensitivity behind a hard shell. They have such sharp claws to prick somebody when angered. They have big breasts and tummy.

    To cancer horoscope sign people! Do you guys feel the need to be in a pool of water to decompress?
    I wonder if cancer signs are more prone to be water people.

    • ANSWER:
      ABSOLUTELY...nothing gives me more peace and serenity inside than being around water...the sound of it gushing ooo ..I live for the beaches in the summer time no place id rather be.

    What are your thought on people of the cancer horoscope?
    How do you feel about cancers? Likes & Dislikes.

    • ANSWER:
      Cancers can be very sensitive emotional signs. My mom is a Cancer and I am a Aquarius so sometimes when she gets in emotional quarrels I just don't understand and just try to stay away. (Yea typical Aquarius in me..) Cancer is also a hopeless Romantic at heart. Relationships and love is important to them.

      Likes- I like how Cancer is very open with their feelings, It's kind of the opposite of me I'm not really open but I admire Cancers that are.
      Dislikes- Sometimes Cancers can act too sensitive about issues and let their emotions get the best of them. They can also be moody at times.

    is cancer a horoscope that can feel what others think or not?
    im so angry at the a cancer and i always thought that i can feel very well what others think.
    but this guy, is always acting unpredictable.he does the opposite of what i think he would.
    r cancers good at reading sings of others or not?

    • ANSWER:
      Cancers are amazing at reading signs! We are really good at interpreting body language and facial expressions, and we are really good at empathyzing, giving us a good idea about what people are feeling/thinking.. thats one of the many reasons why we are amazing friends and why people come to us for advice =D Well if a guy is unpredictable, then what he is doing is on purpose, you can't control that, we can't read minds 100%, we can just get a good understanding about whats going on in someone's head. Sorry your angry with this guy, I hope this helped and I hope things get better =D

    Why does my horoscope never seem to match?
    I was born on July 22nd. Whenever I read my horoscope, it never seems to match. However, it seems like Leo's horoscope fits better. Is it because I am only one day from being a Leo? Or should Cancer's horoscope fit my personality and stuff better?

    • ANSWER:
      Well since your 1 day away from being a leo ofcourse your going to have some leo traits,be happy leos rock.

    Why do cancer horoscope men push away girls?
    i liked this cancer male and every time i went up to him he pushed me away. and he didnt reply when i talked to him. he was just rude. are they like that? why are they like that?

    • ANSWER:
      his defensive mode kicks in, also his cold mode comes in the same time naturally as a typical reactive response to let that person know he's moody and needs to be left alone, which means "BACK OFF" mode., rudeness is a part of his emotional response because usually the cancers are well-manner but for them to go rude I do that alot too so I know what u mean, they do it coz they are sarcastic by nature and do it to an extreme rude level to make u go away or make u go upset, they are insecure after all so its a natural response to ppl no matter if its a girl or guy, they do it in a mean and harsh way.

      even if you like him and if he likes u to he just keeps having alot of uncertainty and his moodiness consumes him too much that he needs to reconsider things with you before deciding to whether like u back or not., thats how complex the cancer men are.

    What does Cancer Horoscope mean?
    What excatly does a Cancer horoscope mean? Does it mean that I could possibly have cancer in my future life? And what are the compalibilites with other horoscopes? Like August,June etc.
    Please no rude comments,Thanks so much!

    • ANSWER:
      You sound very new,
      Horoscopes are sun signs, there are 12 sun signs in the zodiac and we go through all 12 in one year, now the date in which each zodiac starts and finishes is not lined up to months, like Cancer, starts on June 22 and ends August 21. You were born between June 22 and August 21, making you a cancer. You are a water sign, your planet is the moon(a satellite), meaning that you are sensitive, soft skinned, pale(not always) and you are easily influenced. You are a cardinal sign, which means you tend to change in life constantly or at least a few big changes in life. A cancer will be a helpless romantic always picturing the day they meet their prince charming. Cancers love the arts and you find them in cooking schools, art schools, and in medicine. Cancers love to help and be generous. A negative aspect though is that we tend to be rocky on the emotions and will have mood swings. But once you are settled, whether it be by yourself or the help of your partner, you can stop being moody. As a cancer you should have some spiritual connection, not necessarily religion per-say but you need to be at one with something, whether it be nature, sports, career, traveling, or a higher being. If possible live near large bodies of water, you will be happy there, for your sign's symbol is the crab, a creature that loves the water and will always be drawn to it.

    OK, which one of you is writing the Cancer's horoscope section on Facebook? How do you do what you do?
    The application on facebook named Daily Horoscopes has been so relevant to my life that I am starting to get the feeling this stuff could be a good idea to learn about.

    Let me know.

    • ANSWER:
      I'm writing the Gemini horoscope section on Facebook since I'm energetic and clever.

      Horoscope all depends on your personality and life. If you are Cancer, then you have the compassionate mood. See more in this link:

      Good luck!

    Why is my birthday considered the first day of Lion since I am a Cancer in reality?
    For example,on my cup of milk my birthday is the first day of Lion which is not true because I know that it represents the last day of Cancer in all horoscopes.At the shop I had to buy a cup with my zodiac sign and erronately I had to buy the one with the Lion because my birthday was written there.
    Amethyst,I'm sure I am a Cancer without doing any other calculations but the big issue is why my birthday erronately appears on the cup with the Leo sign which is not my sign,in fact.

    • ANSWER:
      Most people are unaware that the Sun Sign dates can vary from year to year. They are rather "etched in stone" in many horoscopes as in magazines, the newspaper, etc. BUT the sun signs can vary by a day or so every year! The sun sign might (for example) be on July 20, which COULD be the last day of Cancer OR the first day of Leo.

      Or possibly the birth date could be on July 21 which again, could be the last day of Cancer OR could be the first day of Leo. Very confusing because of the way publications STATE the exact days of the zodiac which in fact are NOT exact. Changing from year to year just by a day or so for both the beginning of a sign AND the ending of a sign.

      So I suggest you get your exact birth time and exact place of birth which can be found on your legal birth certificate. Then go to and enter the data and your chart will appear and then you will KNOW exactly which sign you are, As we can only have ONE sun sign and you need to find out what sun sign you are for sure.

      Our Sun Sign represent Our Nature. And the Nature of Leo is much different than the Nature of Cancer. Leo is ruled by the sun and are much fun and "brighten up the place." While the Nature of Cancer is nurturing and caring and loves home and family. Two very different energies.

      Every Sun Sign is a reaction to the Sun Sign that precedes it. Since Cancer loves home and family to much, Leo reacts to that by being the entertainer and one that loves to go out and have fun and be noticed too. Big difference of energy between Cancer and Leo and you need to know exactly which one you are!

      Hope this is helpful and good luck and bless you too. I wish you well.

    How long does each horoscope sign have a crush on someone for?
    I'm a Cancer and I find it really hard to get over my crushes. They last a long time. What about the other signs?

    • ANSWER:
      Once Im in love then I can never forget the person. The only reason Id leave them is casue they hurt me, Id never fall in love with someone else and leave them. Once they hurt me, over and over, thats when they kill the love once I had for them and I get very mad and angry, to a point where I do not even remember how I fell in love with them in the first place. BUt if they dont break my trust and my heart, then expect me to love them till the day I die!. However I must say now that I am with my Cancer, he is very special to me and is as emptional as I am and is very careful with hurting my feelings. I feel very different about him and now I know what true love is - I can never get over the love I have for him .. I'll DIE w.o him, I seriously would! ..

    What are Cancer women attracted to in a man?
    What are Cancerian women attracted to in a man? I've already read ALL the horoscope and zodiac websites, the books, etc. etc. but I want to hear from real people, here.

    What, to you, are the most attractive traits in a man? And what are the least attractive traits?

    Thanks in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      I agree with Killer with regards to some Cancers I've met. Their moods can change a lot, so you would think they would go for somebody to calm them down. In fact I've noticed many of them tend to often go for slighly egotistic aggressive men. Anyone who is a tool to help them to avenge those who happen to annoy them - they regard as an asset because they are quite spikey/prickly in the way they approach the world. In Cancer's opinion anyone who is gentle natured or thinks before they act lacks balls. Cancers do not tolerate that well. Tney prefer bad boys nad detest being told to calm down or be careful by others. The Cancer answer is I can look after myself/ However they can be quite insecure.

    What are the personality traits for Cancer and what should I look for in a girl?
    I don't usually believe in the horoscope stuff, but since my options for dating are running low, might as well give it a shot.

    • ANSWER:
      The cancer girl is the sweet girl next door.She's the one who will bring you hot soup when she knows your sick.Her traits emotional,loving,cautious,shrewd,loyal..she craves loyalty above all.She's what they say nowadays the "Ride or Die" type.Everything she does its thru her emotions.She can be moody but her love will make up for it.She can be shy..she's definitely not the loud type.She's a classy women.Loves her family & home.She will never look down on you if you don't have money..instead she will help you make money.She forgives but never forgets so never leave her when things get tough cause she' ll never forget who starved with her & she'll definitely give you love like no other.

    Whats a good country to live for a pisces husband and cancer wife couple?
    i've read a little about mundane astrology (horoscope of countries) and strongly believe that different cities/ countries have different effects on a persons life etc. my hubby is a pisces guy and i'm a cancerian gal. does any one know which country would be good for us to live in as we're planning on migrating.
    Tam "no thx for definitely the dumbest answer ever"

    • ANSWER:
      Generally, both Cancer and Pisces do well in a suburban existence; Cancer needs to be near the "family" network, but not in the middle of the bustle. Pisces needs to be away from hubbub, too, so a country setting might work well.

      In terms of geography Cancer is linked with New Zealand, the Netherlands, Scotland, Africa, and Italy.
      Pisces is linked with Portugal, Spain, Scandinavia, and Egypt

    Is there any specific personalities for people born in 9 july?
    Not the general information about cancer horoscope personality.

    • ANSWER:
      They tend to be gullible.

    What are the predictions for cancer horoscopes in 2011?
    Its been a rocky year. What can we expect for 2011? What do you think?

    • ANSWER:
      as a cancer, if you find that you are having a hard time or will be having some difficulty you might wanna google info on transit pluto opposite sun and transit saturn square sun..
      those are 2 things you mightve been having or are about to deal with.. but dont worry youre not alone, capricorns, aries, and libra have also had those planets in either square conjunction or opposition aspects to their sun.. or theyre about to.. and this lasts about 2 years or so?..
      some will pass through it sooner than others, depending on what degree their sun is in.. nothing to be scared about, it just helps to know what's going on.. might help to know that it's just temporary and to know how to approach or handle it

    Can someone tell me what my horoscope means?
    I'm a cancer crab. This is my horoscope:
    Your physical energy is going to waver unpredictably today, but this will not negatively affect your mental acuity. You will still be as sharp as a tack, and you'll notice something very interesting developing -- while other people are oblivious. You have an advantage here, so keep a close eye on this situation until you can move in for a big success, either monetarily or perhaps socially.
    I read it, I'm not sure what it exactly means. Can someone tell me? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      It means that something is going on, more than likely, in your social circle, and you need to be sharp mentally to pick it up. It says while you may not physically feel good, mentally you are on top. It's telling you to keep your eye on something lucrative that is happening b/c you may be able to help or cash in on it and have success.

    How can I tell if a Cancer man has opened up?
    Hi everyone! I really like a Cancer man and I wanted to know how I can tell if he has opened up to me yet? We talked for several hours yesterday over coffee and I felt like he was opening up. I haven't know him long, but what are things I should look for to know whether or not he has? Or things to know or look for when to know when he finally does? I'm a Taurus, by the way. I don't know if that pertains to the question I am asking.

    Thanks in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      Ask this in horoscopes :)
      but I don't really believe in those things -__-

      a man has opened up when he makes it clear that he trusts you :)

    sun in scorpio moon in cancer? What does that mean in terms of my overall nature?
    I'm wondering what the sun in scorpio and moon in cancer means in terms of the core of my nature. I don't know how much a moon affects you, I feel im very scorpiolike but I'm not sure how the cancer moon plays in there. Also I don't want to have to pay for someone to tell me haha.

    Thanks for your input !

    • ANSWER:
      Free registration available in to Next
      Know your astrology,gemstone,numerology,
      numerology,free Horoscopes Readings
      planetary transit,and how they'll influence your

    What are the personality of cancer according to the zodiac sign?
    I am a cancer i was just wondering what horoscope
    says about my personality.

    • ANSWER:
      like the disease CANCER.
      they will hold on to you for life.
      moon faced, full moon & high tide will make them moody.
      once they hate you, you are enemies for ever. no forgive & forget.

    How can I be a Gemini in deep love with a Cancer?
    I read all that Horoscope stuff and I try to find out who I might be better off with. I know how I feel with a Leo and a Aries. I haven't been able to find a Libra but I dunno I love crab. The whole bring you into my shell bit and all. I don't really like feeling like I'm tied down but I love the security it provides.

    • ANSWER:
      A Gemini can easily love a Cancer.

      Gemini and Cancer are side by side signs, so you may actually have some planets in Cancer, and he may have some in Gemini (look at Mercury, Venus, Mars). You may also have compatible moon signs or ascendents. Sun sign is not the only thing in astrology. You might want to find that out first before you declare a Gemini-Cancer relationship hopeless.

      The trick is to understand your differences and work from them. Astrology defines the dynamics of relationships, not the emotions found within them.

      Like you said, you love the security that he provides. A lot of Gemini's forget that stability isn't a bad thing, and it doesn't mean that you can't live a crazy life. You can, but just do it outside of the Cancer's doman, with your friends. Burn yourself out exploring the outside world and come back to your Cancer and their familiar surroundings. They will love it. Cancer will take care of you and feel appreciated.

      That is the biggest thing about Cancers. They need to feel appreciated. They won't "tie you down" unless they feel either a) lonely b) cranky or c) bored. Show the Cancer that it is better if you have time with others, so that time together is more special. Pick up random things for your Cancer when you are out. Cook dinner with Cancer, rather than for Cancer. Find Cancer something to do when you are away, whether it is work, school, seeing friends, video games, a book, whatever, so that nobody gets all mopey/clingy on you. Nobody likes a sad Cancer. Trust me

      Hey, good luck, my Gem. You won't know until you try. ^_^

    How do I calculate the placements of the different planets and the sun with my horoscope?
    I'm like seeing people saying that their sun is in cancer, pluto in virgo, and all that jazz. then there's these houses??? what are all these things and how can I tell what mine are. I only know I'm scorpio. that's it.

    • ANSWER:

      Either one of these websites will calculate your chart for you. Go to the chart section and fill in the data.

      Ill try to explain a little about charts. All of the planets in astrology represent something different. For example, Mars represents war, how you go about getting things done, how you assert yourself, ect. Mercury represents communication, learning, how you think, how you go about solving problems, ect. The Moon represents emotions, your inner self, your first gut reaction to things, ect. The sign a planet is in shows how that planet expresses it's energies. The house a planet is in shows what area of life that planets energies will primarily focus. The difference between signs and houses are, signs represent character traits and houses represent different areas of life.

    How come Piscean believe in horoscope?
    I've experimented with this and learned that other signs don't believe in horoscope. I'm beginning to feel that I'm believing in the wrong things. Whats wrong with this piscean?
    Cissy - how do you even know that's true for all pisceans? aren't people generally intuitive? How can intuitive be classified for one single group of people. None of this make any sense. And God doesn't make sense either. All in all, I don't believe in horoscope nor God anymore.

    • ANSWER:
      I shouldn't seriously answer this b/c your just going to give BA to whoever agrees with you about it being fake and I won't change your mind but whatever here goes:

      First of all as intuition is one of water sign traits but MYSICISM is generally only pointed to water signs (7/10 psychics are water sign) Scorpio is the ruler of the 8th house (mysticism) Pisces trait are mystic-seer. Mysticsim includes tarot,astrology,fortune telling, etc. The two pisces I know are heavily into it but they didn't even know there was more than just being a pisces.

      I don't know how much you looked up but you are more than just your sun sign. im a scorpio sun(outward personality) with aqua moon(inner emotions) and cap venus(how we love) there's more planetary aspects. Then there are your housesI recently learned that pisces in the 5th house says I see all my partners with rose color glasses and tend to find people with some sort of problem. So far that's true for me and my ex's (Schizo,Anger Issue, Alcoholic)

      Most people who say it's fake don't know it gets deeper than there sun sign and think there sign doesn't go with them. If your talkative gemini but have a pisces mercury your not going to be much of a talker. There's also square, conjunction, and sex tile factors to take in.

      With so much scorpio and cap in my chart I wondered why I was lazy then I found out my sun conjunct my mars(how we get things done) People don't realize sun/sun compatibilty isn't good enough. If you're a pisces with a cancer moon you're not going to get along with a scorpio with an aries moon. It won't work out even if the books say your compatible.

      There's more than I can explain here but before you cast it off maybe you should do some deep studying. I have 50 or more favorite pages to answer questions on here and "the only astrology book you'll ever need" You can't learn it from a few sources.

    What is the best part of your chart horoscope?
    If you have read your natal horoscope what do you like most about it? Maybe something pops out at you and you think wow I can really identify with that.

    and which sign is your 4th house in?

    • ANSWER:
      I don't have any planets in my 4th house. In my natal chart that is..

      I think the one thing that stands out the most to me is that my Saturn is in my 5th house and in Capricorn. The 5th house is suppose to the fun, creative part of your life, and Saturn and Capricorn are all about rules and business. Astrologically that is, and its true too. I don't have much fun.

      Another interesting thing is that my mars (masculine) is in cancer (feminine). I'm gay, unmotivated to leave the house, and passive aggressive! So that is so dead on!

      My Virgo rising is dead on too!

    What were the lucky dates for a Gemini in the horoscopes section in the June 2009 issue of Seventeen Magazine?
    Yes, I know that the horoscopes are not real, but I was just curious as to what dates were mentioned as lucky. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      It doesn't say the lucky days (for Gemini- only for Cancer), but it says something good will happen on the 18th.

    What is the difference between ascendant and moon in horoscopes?
    What is the difference between ascendant and moon in horoscopes?
    What does the moon affect?
    How can you accurately find your ascendant?
    How much influence does the moon have in the sun sign?

    I got curious because Every site i visit to find my ascendant says something different

    • ANSWER:
      "What is the difference between ascendant and moon in horoscopes?"

      The Ascendant, or Rising Sign, is the first impression you give off to others when they first meet you for the couple of times, it's sort of like the vibe you give off. It's what people think about you before they REALLY get to know you. It is like the protector of your Birth Chart, it protects who you really are so that no one will know unless you want them too, or they take the time to get to know you. You can keep this up as long as you want. But besides the obvious things it is known for, it also represents part of your personality and how you react to people, situations, etc. . . and helps you reach your highest potential. The sign on the cusp of the 1st House (Ascendant) has the most influence, then the planets in the 1st House and/or conjunct the Ascendant modifies the Sign on the cusp of it.

      For Example: Having the Ascendant in Gemini would usually mean someone who is intelligent and who talks a lot, however, adding Saturn (Planet of Restriction) to the 1st House or Conjunct the Ascendant, will tone the talkative side of Gemini down.

      It also rules the Chart Ruler which is important when it comes to the Aspects it makes to other Planets and the House Placement as well.

      For Example: If you have Ascendant in Cancer, the Moon will be your Chart Ruler so you would have to pay attention to the Moon and the Placement and Aspects is makes to others Planets.

      "What does the moon affect?"

      The Moon is your Emotional needs and how you react to things. It tells you how you handle your Emotions, are you the type to get angry over the small things like and Aries Moon but are ambitious? Or are you more the reserved Scorpio Moon who keeps everything bottled up until you explode? It also represents your relationship with your Mother (So I've heard) and how you and her get along. Some people claim that their Moon Sign has more influence then their Sun Sign, especially if their Moon Sign is in a Water Sign (Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio) or if they are still in their first half of their life (30 Years Old or Younger). This is what the Moon represents.

      "How can you accurately find your ascendant?"

      You will need your accurate time of birth and place you were born in order to know this.


      "How much influence does the moon have in the sun sign?"

      I don't quite understand the question but if you mean HOW the Moon influences the Sun, well here it goes.

      The Sun is your Ego, it's who you are as an individual and your willpower. The Moon influences the Sun Sign by whatever signs these two are in or if they aspect each other. In general, the Sun and it's placement(s) and aspect(s) have the most influence over you, then the Moon comes next. The Moon can have more influence if it has more aspects and is in a better placement than the Sun.

      For example: A Sun in Leo, which is the best placement for the Sun as it produces a very confident and ambitious person, can be modified by a Moon In Capricorn, which is a quiet emotional person yet ambitious. Basically, the person would be a confident yet quiet and ambitious person. I don't know how else to answer this question besides the way I did.

      I'm not an Astrologer, I just know a few things.

    What are the chances of a Cancer female with an Aries guy staying together forever?
    I do believe in Horoscopes. I've been w/ my bf for 4 and a half yrs now & we have a difficult time getting more serious. We're living together for a couple yrs now. We're very different people, almost opposites of each other but still attracted to each other & we know we don't want to live without each other ever. We often argue, have disagreements but we still love each other at the end.

    • ANSWER:
      About 1 in 10,000 the same regardless of sign.

    How much should you believe horoscopes and zodiac compatibility?
    I really like this boy but apparently our star signs collide - I'm a cancer, he's a libra, and it says a relationship is near impossible. Should I take heed of the advice or just go for it?!

    • ANSWER:

    What is a Scorpio and Cancer friendship like?
    We have been friends for only a little while, but we're already pretty close. I'm curious as to how well our signs go together in friendship. I am the Cancer. Also, we are both girls.

    Thanks in advanced!

    • ANSWER:
      Hi from France ♫

      It only depends of your personalities, certainly not your horoscopes .. !o! .. Come on..

      Have a nice day


    Do you know anyone who is Cancer and Gemini in a relationship?
    I know they 'arnt supposed to work' blah blah. But I just wanted to know if you know of any successful relationships with this horoscope status?

    • ANSWER:
      no, apparently i don't know any couple of cancer and gemini that is successful. but they're not impossible. don't really believe that "aren't suppose to work" sentences because we're the one that in charge of our life. so if you feels like it, just go try it out. i know i did it and it's going on well. i'm a scorpio and he's a gemini.... (and we supposed to be incompatible eh.... i doubt it)

    What planets are ascending in my horoscope?
    I can't find this info anywhere.
    I was born 11 July '91 at 5:12 PM, during a lunar eclipse. I am about as stereotype-Cancer as they come, but I'd like to know more about the other planetary influences. Am I a moon in Cancer? Sun? Venus? Mercury?
    Please let me know. It's not vital to me, but I am very curious.
    Okay, I was born in Ventura, CA, USA.

    • ANSWER:
      Go to
      In the menu on the left side of the website, click on "free horoscopes"
      Click on "interactive horoscopes"
      Click on "Astroclick portrait"
      You will then be prompted to either create an account, or use a guest account, regardless of which you chose, you will then need to enter your birth information. The guest account is faster & easier.
      Click continue, and it will show you your natal chart. Its interactive, so you can click on whatever aspect, house placement, planet placement that interests you, and it will tell you what it means.

    How good is a cancer girl and pisces boy?
    I'm a cancer girl, and I'm starting to like a pisces. so far so good, he thinks I'm 'hot'.
    But are they a good match? The beggining of a relationship is alwyas supposed to be the best, but what will happen later on, and does he even like me now?

    • ANSWER:
      well first of all, i don't think you should rule out this boy just because your signs don't match up/ go for this boy because your signs do match up. if you really like him, then just let things flow naturally and if things arn't working out then maybe he's not the right one. there are TONS of pisces boys in the world- do you REALLY match up with all of them?

      but since you wanna know, i'll answer straight lol:
      there's a website i looked up.
      you can also just Google "Cancer girl and Pisces boy" or "horoscope compatibility".

      Best of luck with this boy!

    How come my Sun is in Cancer but also in House 5?
    My sun is at 29° 24,in Cancer.I also found out that it is House 5 as well,which is already Leo.

    • ANSWER:
      Astro has an interactive model for a Free interpretation, from free horoscopes tab select *astro click portrait* this brings up your chart whereby you put the cursor on a planet and it brings up a pop up box about that planet and its mathematical aspects. Next try from free horoscopes tab, select *personal portrait* gives you a written format/explanation. Next go to cafeastrology and do the same, but do *not* use their charts as they inferior. Then read about my background from my homepage by clicking on my avatar here. It's true a picture does say a thousand words.

      How to post charts on YA;_ylt=AqrS8Fqz_Ltai_5Sm.8.oOLsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120823023157AA5kFZS
      Do NOT make the mistake of copy/paste from address bar as the chart will disappear. When copy/pasting link into your thread, make sure press *enter* after the link. Remember your chart is a PICTURE.jpg not data.
      This slide shows the meanings of the planets
      this slide shows the house meanings, natural house rulers and notice the compass points are reversed? this is not a mistake

      You have to accept we are ALL multifaceted human beings and what astrology does is break things down, compartmentalises things into smaller chunks for you to digest. These chunks are called mathematical aspects these 10 planets make to each other. This is the *MEAT & BONES* of astrology. Just remember planets are modified by signs, where they express are houses and how they express are *aspects* Planets to not act alone as if stranded on a desolate island, they interact and express as modified energies. For me astrology is a form of psychology, a way to help you understand you, your motivations and ways of thinking/feeling In future please consider posting a chart rather than just little bits and pieces of it

    Which horoscope is the best match for a Sagittarius?
    I tend to notice that i often can't cope with the people i sit in class or the people i meet-i believe the reason is that our horoscopes are a bad map.

    What do you think about this?

    • ANSWER:
      Okay here goes...I'm a Sagittarius......we are sooo cool
      Okay, I've heard that our worst enemy is Cancer.
      I hate a guy who is a Cancerian, but at the same time, both my best friends are Sagittarius.
      We go along with Virgo, Gemini and Aquarius.

      However, that also differs from people to people.


    What do you all personally think about the new sign in the horoscope?
    So I heard they made a new sign in the horoscope.the doctor or what not.this will change all of our current horoscope signs.what do you think of this?I think personally its absolute rubbish.what's your personal veiw?

    • ANSWER:
      Yeah I heard about that. They can't just do that! Nobody will believe in Astrology anymore!
      If they do change, my Sun sign would be Cancer. I'm NOTHING like a Cancer. When I read the Leo profile I'm like "Yep that's me there, 100% true." My personality actually matches my Sun sign.
      What sort of explanation would they have about the change anyway? I mean, one that would be believable! It's just rubbish. They better leave the signs as they are, although I do understand that the planets are moving apart and with time the signs will lose their characteristics, but they should look more into that when that actually happens!

    If my birthday is June 21st and i a cancer or gemini?
    My birthday falls between the gemini and cancer zodiac. Sometimes i show gemini qualities, and sometimes i show cancer qualities. Could i be both?
    My birthday falls between the gemini and cancer zodiac. Sometimes i show gemini qualities, and sometimes i show cancer qualities. Could i be both?

    Ive googled it and i can find is compatability.
    June 21, 1990
    sometime in the a.m (not sure exact time)

    • ANSWER:
      To answer this kind of question, every real astrologer would ask you for full birth time and birth date. You can add these informations so we'll make a chart. Sun isn't always getting in the sign every year at the same time.

      Well if it's early AM, it's still Gemini. In America, it's till 8 AM while in Europe till 5 PM. You can check out here , make your chart in penultimate or last option with birth date, time and place so you'll see.

    why do cancer horoscope men push away girls?
    i liked this cancer male and every time i went up to him he pushed me away. and he didnt reply when i talked to him. he was just rude. are they like that? why are they like that?

    • ANSWER:
      I think that's just one cancer man. Most are not like that. And besides that, have you tried hugging him? Whether he wanted you to or not? Because I know that cancers require hugs to feel loved. They love hugs. So you should try that. And I think your cancer guy is a guy that has been scorned. Some girl probably broke his heart so he might be on the defensive right now. Give him time.

      Also you could try something really sneaky I was just thinking of. Well cancers are kinda the mothers of the zodiac. They always try to nurture and protect their friends from problems and all that. So I was wondering if you have some acting skills. Because what I was thinking was that if he still is ignoring you after all that, you could put on a crying show. Just start balling! And be really sad. He'll give in. Cancers have such big hearts they couldn't take it. They hate to see their friends crying and would instantly try to do something to make it better.

    Which horoscope would I be perfectly matched with?
    I'm cancer. Which is my perfect compability when it comes to friendship or love
    So which star sign would I get on best with?

    • ANSWER:
      "Don't shoot for the stars; they're hot firey balls of gas!"

      Honestly, do what your heart tells you, don't always depend on the stars for your love life.
      I like astrology as much as the next guy. I'm a libra and I hope to get further acquainted with my new cancer friend ;)

      But, curious as you are, your best suited with a taurus, scorpio, or pisces (maybe another cancer, but you'll both wanna be mothered or depend on each other).

    How do Cancer men act when they like a girl?
    Do they stare a lot? Are they shy? Or outgoing?


    • ANSWER:
      a mixture of the last two, but they are good at not getting caught staring so you won't know they stare a lot.

      cancer guy

cancer horoscope

Cancer Treatments

Frequently Asked Questions

    What are some of the nutritional problems imposed by cancer treatments?
    What are some of the nutritional problems imposed by cancer treatments? What dietary modifications are necessary?

    • ANSWER:
      Diet is an important part of cancer treatment. Cancer patients have special nutritionneeds and issues related to eating. Eating the right kinds of foods before, duringand after treatment can help the patient feel better and stay stronger.
      Cancer and its impact on nutrition
      Cancerous tumors may produce chemicals that can affect the absorption of certainnutrients in the body. The body's use of protein, carbohydrates and fat may be affected,especially by tumors of the stomach or intestines.

      A patient may appear to be eating enough, but the body may not be able to absorball the nutrients from the food.
      Goals of nutrition therapy in cancer
      The goals of nutrition therapy for patients with cancer who are in active treatmentand recovery are designed to restore nutrient shortages, maintain nutritional healthand prevent complications. The goals of nutrition therapy are:

      * Prevent or correct malnutrition.
      * Prevent wasting of muscle, bone, blood, organs and otherlean body mass.
      * Help the patient tolerate treatment.
      * Reduce nutrition-related side-effects and complications.
      * Maintain strength and energy.
      * Protect ability to fight infection.
      * Help recoveryand healing.
      * Maintain or improve quality of life.

      To ensure optimal nutrition, a person has to eat and drink enough of the foods thatcontain key nutrients, which include plenty of vitamins, minerals, protein and water,and adequate amounts of carbohydrates and fats.

    Have you tried any alternative cancer treatments?
    I am doing a Level 3 extended project and would really like some personal reports on alternative cancer treatments. The topics I am currently looking at are medical marijuana and laetrile, however any other treatments you have used would be great to read about. The other questions I am posing are:
    - Should a cancer patient be aloud to choose any type of medicine available, be it conventional or alternative?
    - Should marijuana be legalised in the UK in order to help with pain in cancer patients, especially those who have undergone chemotherapy?
    - What advantages and disadvantages have you found with any alternative or conventional cancer treatments?

    Thank you for your help, your answers will be really appreciated and will help greatly with my project :-)

    • ANSWER:
      Questions about Laetrile/B17b etc. and cannabis come up on a regular basis in here. I'll just refer you to previous answers of mine on these specific alternative cancer treatment modalities:

      Another aspect of your question is concerning what happens to patients opting for alternative treatments instead of conventional treatment. There are a few scientific articles that have looked into this for breast cancer. These articles show that the risk of progression/death significantly increases - most notably in those who refuse surgery, but also in those who refuse additional radio-chemotherapy. Here is an analysis of these articles:

      Patients are (and should be) allowed to choose any treatment they want. My beef is with those who sell false hopes, and by doing so rob patients of a fair chance of curative treatment. And I don't think that belief exonerate people from the responsibility of giving bad advice:

      I am not against the use of cannabis for symptomatic relief. But sometimes conventional drugs are both safer and more effective:

      I think the disadvantages of altmed have been described above: It doesn't cure cancer. Conventional cancer treatment is harsh, and not always successful, but it it is the best option.

    How long are cancer treatments before stopping?
    How long are cancer treatments done before the doctor recommends you to stop if there's no improvement?

    • ANSWER:
      It depends on the case. They do a total diagnosis--biopsy, maybe ultrasound, maybe MRI, whatever they feel is necessary. Then they decide on a course of treatment depending on all the circumstances.

      My sweetie is just getting over breast cancer. (She's fine, thanks.) She had a mastectomy, then four chemotherapy sessions, and she was scheduled for, I think, 10 sessions of radiation, but they discontinued them after two sessions because they were burning her. 8^<

      It's taken her about a year to get over the chemotherapy! But she's much better now. Her hair has grown back, and she can walk around for an hour now without feeling like she's going to faint.

    Describe the vital role played by imaging in the evaluation and effectiveness of new cancer treatments?
    What does it actually mean? Is it looking for answers in the diagnostic setting? If so, what imaging modalities is it looking for? I am just confused by both it's ambiguity of 'imaging' and the focus being on 'new cancer treatments'.

    • ANSWER:
      Most cancers are diagnosed on imaging and most cancer treatments, new or old, are evaluated by them.
      So, I do not understand the focus being on new treatments myself. However, “imaging” refers to any radiological exam and depending on the cancer different types are used. After all, the only way to know if tumors are shrinking is to look at them.

    How can I build up my immune system after breast cancer treatments?
    I have a very low immune system since I had chemotherapy, radiation, and other breast cancer treatments and surgeries. Since I finished chemo and radiation less than a year ago, I have had shingles, meningitis, and have had to fight 2 infections in my left breast that had the radiation in it and will have to go in for surgery to have the implant removed, and replaced. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. What can I do? Also, gained 40 lbs and hate the weight gain.

    • ANSWER:
      Dave, Mara and Inverse, all good advice. I put on about 15-20 lbs from my treatments also. It's slowly coming off now that I can get out and about a little more. I also take organic flaxseed oil pills with omegas and lignans, vit. d with calcium and also an 81 mg aspirin a day. My onco said everyone should take an aspirin a day.

    What are some home remedies that have help with Cancer treatments?
    My mother-in-law has cancer and going through treatments. She is getting really sick from minor colds. What home remedies can help boost her weakened immune system and cancer treatments?

    • ANSWER:
      I would ask her dr if she can take anything. If she's getting really sick from simple colds, her blood count is off and if it's low enough the dr should give her meds to bring it back up. When I'm on my chemo, I drink lots of water and lots of juices. It always seems to help.

    What business is it of the Governments whether that kid wants cancer treatment?
    What business is it of the governments whether this kid gets cancer treatments? I hope they don't find the kid. I know I don't want the government making healthcare decisions for me as they can't seem to run anything they already run well.

    • ANSWER:
      Funny. I don't seem to remember Conservatives having that opinion back in the Terri Schiavo case. They were all for having the government intervene in a private health care decision then.

    Why have cancer treatments not improved in twenty years?
    After discussing this with some of my Healthcare colegues, I wanted to throw this question out there on yahoo. It seems to me that Cancer treatments are not any better now than they were in the eighties. It seems like decades ago that we started using chemotherapy and it is still the main course for cancer treatment.

    • ANSWER:
      Cancer treatment has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. It is unrecognizable form 20 years ago.

      Three-dimensional medical imaging was in its infancy in 1989. Today it is possible to "see" tumor structures that previously could only be assessed through exploratory surgery.

      Massive advances in pharmaceutical therapies, particularly with the advent of monoclonal antibodies, have totally revolutionized cancer treatment.

      Better radiation targeting methodologies and reduced dosage levels have made radiation therapy more accurate and effective.

      I don't know where you and your "colegues" get your information. However, oncologists and their colleagues would agree that cancer treatment is vastly superior today than it was 20 years ago.

    When do you think there will be new cancer treatments or even a cure?
    Do you think that there will be a new cancer treatment in the near future? I dont mean a cure, but maybe a drug that stops the spread and turns cancer into a chronic disease instead of an eventual death sentence? Do you think this is in the near future?

    • ANSWER:
      There are new cancer treatments all the time. Different cancers have different genetic causes and different treatments, and so I don't believe there will ever be one wonder drug. I don't think there will ever be a cure, but eventually I think we will be able to treat cancer in such an effective way that it will be like what you said - a chronic disease, not a death sentence. I think this will happen within the next century, but I don't know how soon.

      VisuaLLy au fait, it's a shame that you abuse your right to free speech by spreading such false and dangerous information. You clearly don't know a thing about cancer, so until you actually study the molecular basis of cancer and methods of treatment, consider keeping your mouth shut. My husband's aunt listened to people like you for her breast cancer. Guess what happened? She's broke from paying for her "alternative" treatments, the cancer spread, and there's nothing that REAL medicine can do for her anymore. She's dying because she listened to stupid people like you, and rotten people like Kevin Trudeau, and every other person that peddles these scams that victimize people suffering from terrible diseases.

      EDIT: Provide me with a link to a reliable research study that proves hemp oil has any effect on cancer. ANY significant effect (far from your outrageous claim that it cures all cancer).

      I found exactly TWO research studies on hemp oil and cancer by searching Pub Med, and they both relate to mechanisms of pain relief and anti-emetic effects.

      A second search for cannabis and cancer yielded nothing significant for your claims. Oh, but look what I found!

      Cannabis, tobacco and domestic fumes intake are associated with nasopharyngeal carcinoma in North Africa.
      Feng BJ, Khyatti M, Ben-Ayoub W, Dahmoul S, Ayad M, Maachi F, Bedadra W, Abdoun M, Mesli S, Bakkali H, Jalbout M, Hamdi-Cherif M, Boualga K, Bouaouina N, Chouchane L, Benider A, Ben-Ayed F, Goldgar DE, Corbex M.
      Br J Cancer. 2009 Oct 6;101(7):1207-12. Epub 2009 Sep 1.

      And this: "Research into cannabinoids as anti-cancer agents is in its infancy" - from Italian researchers in November 2010, who acknowledge a possible anti-inflammatory role for cannabinoids, and link that to the known relationship between inflammation and cancer.

      Cannabinoids are FAR, FAR, FAR from being proven to be an effective cancer treatment. You don't even realize how dangerous it is to go around making claims like that. If one person delays real cancer treatment for hemp oil because you told them to, consider yourself an accessory to murder.

    What is your opinion on the ethics of cancer treatments?
    From the first cancer treatments by William Coley of injecting strep throat bacteria into a patient's body (erysipelas) to modern day treatments with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, what is your opinion on the ethics of these treatments, and which one do you think is the most effective?

    • ANSWER:
      i think as long as it is explained to the patient, it is their choice to choose whatever treatment they and their doctor think is the best.

      my dad had leukemia and underwent many experimental drugs that were not fda approved.

    What are the available Cytotron cancer treatment centers in India? Could someone give the complete addresses?
    What are the available Cytotron cancer treatment centers in India? Could someone give the complete addresses? I heard of Ludhiana and Bangalore using cytotron to treat cancer. I have the Ludhiana center address but need the address of the Cytotron cancer treatment center in Bangalore.


    • ANSWER:
      Research & Development Centre:
      Scalene Cybernetics, S-CARD Campus, Seegehalli Main Road, Virgonagar, Bangalore 560049
      Tel: 91 80 2561 4879

      Bangalore Treatment Centres:
      1. Ojus Niramaya Clinic, SRIT House, #113/1B, ITPL Main Road, Kundalahalli, Bangalore 560 037
      Tel: 91 80 4160 4765, 91 80 4207 9708 Mob: +91 974 111 8867 (Dr GS Nayar)
      2. Care Plus, 5/1, Rudrakshini, Hayavadana Road, Gavipuram Ext, Bangalore 560 019
      Tel: 91 80 2662 0069/70 Mob: +91 984 504 0984 ( Dr KP Loknath Kumar)

      Ludhiana Treatment Centre:
      Sibia Medical Centre, B/XIX-568 A, Civil Lines, Ludhiana - 141001 Tel: 91 161 244 4818
      Mob: + 91 98140 34818 (Dr SS Sibia)

    How can I get my kid to Mayon Clinic for cancer treatment if she refuses to be treated like a stripper?
    My daughter needs cancer treatment which the Mayo Clinic specializes in but she does not want to been leered at naked by TSA agents and/or fondled by them. It is too far for her to take a bus (1800 miles) and no train service is close by.

    • ANSWER:
      i hate to say it but to get the treatment you may have to force her to do this but keep your eyes wide open while they do this to her and record this on your cell phone if you have one.

    How to fundraise for yourself to raise funds for cancer treatments not covered by insurance?????
    What are the legal outlines to fundraise for myself in need of funds for medical expenses? I need cancer treatments at a distant treatment center and the treatments and travel are not covered by my insurance and I am in need of financial support. I would like to do something to raise funds for medical bills. Can this be done? What type of bank account is needed? Will I need to report the money raised? What ideas do people have to do a personal fundraiser. Has anyone done it before?? Please help? Any ideas useful and appreciated!

    • ANSWER:
      I recently heard and saw on TV which is very true..The second@nd riches man in the world is Warren Buffet, he let his sister take so many millions, and give away to help people, you have to write her explaining to your deepest pain pray she will get your letter and help you it' worth your life to try,

      what she do Her and about thre-four of her best friends sit down daily and read all these letters and they pick so many a week.. I would send a picture as well,,God Bless You

    If your kid gets cancer do you have the right to refuse conventional cancer treatment?
    Chemotherapy/Radiation etc are nothing but poison to the body. When you poison the immune system and irradiate tissues, you create physical imbalances which in turn can create cancer. This is the simple reason why so many people who subject themselves to conventional cancer treatments find themselves battling recurring cancer. Conventional cancer treatments are downright brutal and destroy the immune system. I strongly believe in prevention and alternative medicine, and living a pure and natural lifestyle with raw organic foods, so my family and I will probably never get cancer. But if me or my kids or wife ever got cancer I swear I would never subject myself or them to that torture just to please the big pharma companies which don't give a crap about people. They just care about their trillion dollar industry and keeping people brainwashed. My question is would a parent actually be legally allowed to say no to conventional cancer treatment if their kid got cancer?
    the alternative methods I've researched work better than any chemotherapy bullcrap, and I've talked to people who've done them
    Its only called "alternative" because the stupid medical association and pharmacutical companies surpress them and deny the fact that they actually work! And if my kids got cancer and I couldn't treat them they way I saw fit we would go to some country where we could.

    • ANSWER:
      A diet of natural foods is fantastic in the prevention of cancer, but will do diddly squat to eradicate it should cancer develop.

      I really think you need to trust your doctors - the professionals; the people that know a hell-of-a-lot more about medicine, cancer and chemotherapy than you.

      If you denied conventional treatment for your children, you'd probably be declared unfit to make decisions regarding the health of your child, and they'd be treated by necessity of sustaining their life.

      How many people have you heard of that survive cancer without conventional treatment?

    What are the types of cancer treatments?
    what types if cancer treatments are there?

    • ANSWER:
      The type of cancer treatment doctor recommends depends on the type of cancer, the size and location of the tumor, whether the cancer has spread, and overall health.

      The most common cancer treatments include surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. These therapies may be used either alone or in combination with other therapies.
      Other cancer treatment options include targeted therapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy, and bone marrow/stem cell transplantation.
      In addition, patients are encouraged to consider clinical trials when making treatment plan decisions. A clinical trial is a research study to test a new treatment to prove it is safe, effective, and possibly better than the standard treatment. Your doctor can help you review all clinical trial options.

      The first treatment a person is given is called first-line therapy. Adjuvant therapy is treatment that is given after the first treatment (such as chemotherapy after surgery). Neoadjuvant therapy is treatment that is given before the primary treatment (such as radiation therapy before surgery).

      As cancer care becomes more specialized, many people are now treated by a team of doctors, nurses, and other health care specialists. Usually one doctor, often the medical oncologist, will lead the coordination of the person's care. Learn more about the oncology team. It is also important that people with cancer and their families feel comfortable about their doctor and his or her recommended treatment plan. It is always appropriate to seek a second opinion.

    What are some alternatives to Cancer Treatment Centers of America?
    My co-worker's brother has cancer, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America is not accepted by his insurance. What other options are available?
    My Co-worker's brother has cancer, and his insurance does not accept Cancer Treatment Centers of America. He lives in Virginia, but somewhere in North Carolina should be ok also. Thank you so much.

    • ANSWER:
      Anywhere would be an alternative. This is a private for profit organization that has been in trouble with the FTC for false and unsubstantiated claims. I am not aware of any other hospital that has had this problem.

      I work for various hospitals throughout Los Angeles County and we have several well-known hospitals here where people come from all over the world for treatment and there are many less known community hospitals that give care that is just as good and in some cases better than these well known hospitals.

      The best advice I can give to your co-workers brother is to be an informed consumer. He and a trusted friend or family member should learn as much about his disease as possible so that he can ask good questions and make informed decisions. Get opinions from 2 or 3 oncologists that do not practice together. Someone should go with him to all appointments where test results or treatment options are discussed. Keep a running list of any questions he thinks of and take the list with him to his doctors appointments.

      Unless he has an unusual cancer he should get very good treatment at a hospital his insurance is contracted with. He may also want to check with the American College of Surgeons for hospitals in his area with approved cancer programs. They are responsible for accrediting hospital cancer programs in the United States.

    Is there insurance a foriegner (American) can buy to cover cancer treatments any EU country?
    A family member needs to go to Europe for a cancer treatment offered only in the EU. Is there any insurance we can buy to help cover it? Or is one country generally cheaper than another for cancer care? The procedure is pretty simple - but requires weekly visits for 36 weeks.

    • ANSWER:
      You cannot insure something that has already happened. It's a bit like trying to insure a car after it has been damaged.

      Are you absolutely sure that this is a reliable treatment? There may be a reason that it is only available in Europe? Otherwise you need to go the same route that you would use to finance health care in the USA when uninsured.


    How can i develop a cancer treatment?
    I have an idea for a cancer treatment that i dont' think has been tried before. It is feasable with current technology.

    Who would i talk to if i wanted help developing it? Is there a foundation that would give assistance for these sorts of things? I would be happy to hand it over to a team that could run with it, not in it for the money.

    • ANSWER:
      how exciting! what kidn of cancer are you targeting? awesome! hope you get it. try contacting a cancer researcher at a local univ. it is an extremely tedious process though with the preclinical and toxicology studies and that dreaded IND.

    Can alcohol interfere with chemotherapy and other cancer treatments?
    My mother has oral cancer and is drinking her way through cancer treatment. Although I know I have zero controll over this -- what are her chances of coming thru cancer if she continues to drink?

    What are some of the risks and complications?

    • ANSWER:
      The doctor won't want her to drink, and I'll bet as the chemo progresses a little more she probably won't be able to. Nausea is one of the side effects of Chemo and also excessive alcohol consumption, so I'm thinking she won't be keeping the liquor down.

    What supplements can help the immune system get stronger after cancer treatment?
    My friend recently had all the lymph nodes removed from the right side of his neck and shoulder after 3 months of very aggressive cancer treatment. His immune system is so weak his body can't seem to heal the wounds. What can he do to help his immune system get stronger, any advice on supplements etc would be SO helpful! Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      This question REALLY needs to be posed to your doctor. While yahoo answers people are eager to help, and there may be some doctors in the house, you should not take medical advice from strangers on the internet.

      That being said, look into eating more wholesome and nutritious foods in addition to whatever supplements your doctors suggest. I wish you all the best.

    Is there anyway my friend can get funding for her pancreatic cancer treatment?
    My friend was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer today and lives in Sandiego, California.
    She can't afford to pay for the cancer treatment.
    Is there any way she can get funding for her treatment?

    • ANSWER:
      First of all, the hospital has to give treatment whether you can pay or not, although it would ruin you finacialy, you would get the treatment.

      Ask around at hospitals, many will have sponsorship programs.

    As a parent can you legally refuse conventional cancer treatment for your kid?
    Chemotherapy/Radiation etc is nothing but poison to the body. When you poison the immune system and irradiate tissues, you create physical imbalances which in turn can create cancer. This is the simple reason why so many people who subject themselves to conventional cancer treatments find themselves battling recurring cancer. Conventional cancer treatments are downright brutal and destroy the immune system. I strongly believe in prevention and alternative medicine, and living a pure and natural lifestyle with raw organic foods, so my family and I will probably never ever get cancer. But if me or my kids or wife ever got cancer I swear I would never subject myself or them to that torture just to please the big pharma companies which don't give a sh*t about people. Just like I would never give them a bottle of rat poison to swallow. The big pharma companies only care about their trillion-dollar a year industry and keeping people brainwashed. My question is would a parent be legally allowed to refuse conventional cancer treatment if their kid got cancer?
    chemotherapy/radiation is the death wish. Big pharma is constantly throwing money out trying to make natural medicine of any kind illegal everywhere and denying the fact that it actually works! But of course everyone is too brainwashed to see that.

    • ANSWER:

      And at the same time, the state should take your child away for neglect and abuse.

      You're an idiot.

    Is the Government cutting coverage for Avastin for all cancer treatment or just for breast cancer treatment?
    All of the articles I've read only speak of breast cancer treatment. Will it be covered by insurance if it's used for cancers in areas other than breast cancer treatments? Thanks! Tom

    • ANSWER:
      The FDA wants more testing done in regards to breast cancer only. The FDA is saying it isn't effective in breast cancer in general and more testing...till around 2016, is needed to determine who it may or not help. If the FDA succeeds in revoking it for breast cancer, it will still be covered for other cancers.

      Friend of mine took it for brain cancer...useless

    Where can I find statistics on the success of different cancer treatments?
    I need to find data/statistics that demonstrate the effectiveness of different types of cancer treatment, all I can find is statistics on survival and diagnosis ect, but not anything related to the actual treatment used. Does anyone know where I can find any data on this, im really stuck :(
    any help appreciated
    thank you

    • ANSWER:
      Denise is right. The kind of statistics you are looking for is found in papers on controlled studies, where efficacy of new treatments (under testing) are compared to older treatments. Sometimes comparisons are given in reviews. See for example this one: Figure 2 illustrate effectiveness of various types of treatments of metastatic bowel cancer.

      Be aware that cancer is a collective term of approximately 200 different diseases. The most effective treatment of bowel cancer is not necessarily the most effective treatment of other types of cancer.

    What is the best hospital in Chicago for Cancer treatment?
    I have low grade dysplasia and HPV after having a coloposcopy and a leep procedure earlier this year. It has returned and I want to get a second opinion from a gynecological oncologst since my regular doctor is not really a specialist in this.

    I haven't really paid attention until now about which Hospital is the best to go to, since they all run commercials that say they are the best according to some award or magazine article.

    Which Hospitals in Chicago are the best in achieving cures in Cancer treatment, especially cervical cancer?

    • ANSWER:
      The University of Chicago Cancer Research Center
      University of Chicago; Chicago, IL
      (773) 702-6149 or (888) 824-0200

      The Robert H. Lurie Cancer Center of Northwestern University, Chicago:
      (866) 587-4322

    What is the best lever cancer treatment hospital in india.?
    My father is 60 years old.Now he is sufering from lever cancer with final stage.Please tell me which is the best Indian lever cancer treatment hospital to cure him totaly ?Please help us.

    • ANSWER:
      Wow, I am so sorry you are dealing with this.

      I will post a few links in my sources that might give you some help. The Jawaharlal Nehru Cancer Hospital & Research Centre might be a good option but I think your best bet is to contact the doctor that made the diagnosis and follow their instructions carefully. If you want a second opinion, get one if you can but don't put off treatment at this point.

      If they feel they cannot treat it, seek another opinion. If nothing else hun, enjoy the time you have left with your father.

      I will say a prayer for your father tonight.

    Liberal believe you have an absolute right to an abortion but not to life saving cancer treatment?
    Once Nationalized Health Care is implemented and rationing of health care begins, how will the Obama liberals reconcile this discrepancy?
    Abortion available on demand.
    Life saving cancer treatment denied.
    While I would hate to see children punished with a baby, just like the president, an abortion is rarely performed as a life saving procedure but certainly will be available under Obamacare. However life saving cancer treatments will certainly be denied on the basis of cost containment how do you reconcile these positions?

    • ANSWER:
      Obama's top domestic priority.
      Abortion is not mentioned in the 1,018-page bill that Democratic leaders hope will be approved by the last of three House committees this week. Supporters of the legislation say that means the bill is neutral.
      But abortion opponents say the bill's silence is precisely the problem.
      Without an explicit prohibition on federal funding for abortion, it could be included in taxpayer-subsidized coverage offered through the health overhaul plan, abortion opponents say.
      "We cannot support any health care reform proposal unless it explicitly excludes abortion from the scope of any government-defined or subsidized health insurance plan," a group of 20 Democratic representatives said in a June 25 letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.
      When the legislation was unveiled last week, it failed to include language abortion opponents were seeking. Now they are going public. Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., who helped draft the letter to Pelosi, plans to join lawmakers of both parties Wednesday at a news conference to criticize the legislation.
      The Supreme Court has established a woman's right to abortion, but federal law prohibits government funds from being used to pay for the procedure in most cases. However, nearly 90 percent of employer-based private insurance plans routinely cover abortion.

      Obama, who supports abortion rights, sidestepped a question on the brewing controversy. "Rather than wade into that issue at this point, I think that it's appropriate for us to figure out how to just deliver on the cost savings and not get distracted by the abortion debate," the president said in an interview with CBS News

    If your kid gets cancer can a parent legally refuse conventional cancer treatment?
    Chemotherapy/Radiation etc is nothing but poison to the body. When you poison the immune system and irradiate tissues, you create physical imbalances which in turn can create cancer. This is the simple reason why so many people who subject themselves to conventional cancer treatments find themselves battling recurring cancer. Conventional cancer treatments are downright brutal and destroy the immune system. I strongly believe in prevention and alternative medicine, and living a pure and natural lifestyle with raw organic foods, so my family and I will probably never ever get cancer. But if me or my kids or wife ever got cancer I swear I would never subject myself or them to that torture just to please the big pharma companies which don't give a sh*t about people. Just like I would never give them a bottle of rat poison to swallow. The big pharma companies only care about their trillion-dollar a year industry and keeping people brainwashed. My question is would a parent be legally allowed to refuse conventional cancer treatment if their kid got cancer?

    • ANSWER:
      "deep breath" parents should be allowed to choose the method of treatment for their own child. Not everyone shares the same beliefs. Anyone offering a snake oil cure for a serious condition should be prosecuted. Those parents should also be able to give a reasonable explanation for the choice they made.

    How far is Domperidone used in the treatment of nausea associated with cancer treatment?
    Can i have details of articles journals or ANY info on use of Domperidone in the treatment of nausea associated with cancer treatment.
    Thanks a ton,norton-g,but what i wanted to know was that domperidone has shown to cause side much safe is it to use on cancer patients?

    • ANSWER:
      Sunny N cool - Nausea and vomiting (emesis) (N&V) are common symptoms in patients with advanced cancer. Domperidone is a first choice antiemetic in many countries. Headache, dizziness, dry mouth, nervousness, flushing, or irritability may occur the first several days as your body adjusts to the medication. Trouble sleeping, stomach cramps, hot flashes and leg cramps have also been reported. If any of these effects continue or become bothersome, inform your doctor. Notify your doctor immediately if you develop: chest pain, slow/fast/irregular heartbeat, swelling of the feet or ankles, difficulty urinating, swelling of the breasts or discharge from the nipple in men or women, menstrual changes, sexual difficulties. If you notice other effects not listed above, contact your doctor or pharmacist.

      PRECAUTIONS: Tell your doctor your medical history, especially of: history of breast cancer, allergies. Limit your intake of alcoholic beverages. This medication should be used only if clearly needed during pregnancy. Discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor. Domperidone passes into breast milk. Due to the potential risks to a nursing infant, breast-feeding while using this drug is not recommended. Consult your doctor before breast-feeding (see also Uses section).

    How much does cancer treatment - radiation therapy, cost?
    How much does cancer treatment - radiation therapy, cost?
    My grandma has cancer and I need to know how much does cancer radiation treatments cost?
    Thank you!!
    She is in Russia and I need an approximate cost of this treatment to see if I should bring her here, to the United States, Florida. She has no insurance. I just need an approximate cost to see if we can afford it or if she should do it in Russia.
    Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      My radiation therapy for breast cancer ran about -25,000 (USD). However, radiation therapy for other types of cancers may be completely different. I had 33 treatments of external beam radiation.

    If you have had or know someone with cancer, what are the problems with cancer treatment centers?
    I am redesigning cancer treatment centers and trying to find what the current problems are with cancer treatment centers.

    • ANSWER:
      If this is for real more power to U.
      Most places do not allow the patient to feel like they have control over their own lives.
      Also nutrition is not emphasized enough.
      Many cancers can speed their healing with proper diets and most doctors have little training in this area.
      A good treatment center would have a mediation garden and a courtyard both indoors and out doors.
      Lots of natural light and a research computer and library where patients could do some of their own research instead of being treated like dummies.
      Soft colors and soft sounds to please the eye and ear. and soothe the soul.

    Can a man become permanently impotent from cancer treatment?
    I have a friend who was diagnosed with bone cancer (in his leg) as a young teen (around 13). He was treated through surgery and cancer treatment. He was told then that the treatment left him impotent. Is there a possibility that the status on that can change or is it usually permanent?

    • ANSWER:
      The radiation was a bit to strong I suppose but they needed to use that to safe his life.
      But he will remain impotent:sorry for him.
      Never heard it restored.

    do you think that the cancer treatment business is largely a fraud?
    it's just i have heard so many things about how cancer rates are rising rather than lowering. and the treatment industry takes billions of pounds/dollara per year. I AM NOT APPEALING OR REFERRING TO ANIMAL RIGHTS CAMPAIGNS. i simply want to ask if anyone has any opinions on whether our current methods and practices of cancer treatment are misguided, and perhaps only continue due to all the money and vested ineterests poured into current practices. perhaps it iwould be impossible by now to admit we are doing things wrong...has anyone heard any stories or has any real opinions on this? i do not agree with animal experimentation, but that is a whole other issue and this cancer thing is unrelated. i am talking about regardless of animals, is our approach at best wrong and at worst fraudulent???

    • ANSWER:
      I am still alive!!!

      The treatments given in my case were beneficial to the extent that my Non - Hodgkins Lymphoma is in reccesion.
      In that respect I do not believe the treatment business to be a fraud.
      In the light of further experience and (expensive) research the treatments and hopefully, prevention will further improve.
      My family and I are very grateful for the treatments I was fortunate enough to be given.

    What are the side effects of prostate cancer treatment? All excluding removal of the prostate.?
    I have had an agressive form of prostate cancer. Treatment included radiation internal as well as internal, inplants. Horemone and meds. Everything other than removal. I now have diabeties, have undergone triple bi-pass, I now hurt all over, my hips are all but killing me, I have lost and regained and lost again ability to controll urination. Thoughts please.

    • ANSWER:
      You will expect some pain, weakness, and other side effects from the treatment you described. If you feel the treatment is not working you could look into other options, see these links.

    What breakthroughs have been found in cancer treatment lately?
    Has there been a breakthrough in prostate cancer treatment?

    • ANSWER:
      This is the free alternative for cancer patients.Do it and you will know from the future test results.You can also do it alongside any medical treatment.It is very natural and works like chemotherapy - destroys only the cancer cells.
      Cancer hates oxygen and cannot live in a high-oxygen environment.If you want to supplement the medical treatment you receive(or not receive) with some alternative therapy then this is for you. You need to help your body to build up your immune system.The breathing exercises - pranayam is a holistic approach creating extra oxygen supply in the body and will slowly help with the health problem.Do the pranayam to see the benefits.Build up your timing slowly and after four weeks at the suggested maximum duration you will start to notice benefits gradually.If you feel tired or dizzy,stop and resume later.
      What is known: pranayam helps the body heal itself. How it works in the body is not known – but people may build their own theory. You have to do it yourself for your benefit.
      The small print: Keep doing pranayam after you are better for minimum 30 minutes a day for rest of life to maintain health.

      People who have been treated successfully, should do pranayam as well, as there is a chance of recurrence.

      The pranayam techniques:
      Bhastrika - Take a long deep breath into the lungs(chest not tummy) via the nose and then completely breathe out through the nose.Duration upto 5 minutes.

      Kapalbhati -(Do it before eating) Push air forcefully out through the nose about once per second. Stomach will itself go in(contract in). The breathing in(through the nose) will happen automatically. Establish a rhythm and do for 20 to 30 minutes twice a day.(Max 60 min/day) Not for pregnant women. Seriously ill people do it gently.

      Anulom Vilom - Close your right nostril with thumb and deep breath-in through left nostril
      then – close left nostril with two fingers and breath-out through right nostril
      then -keeping the left nostril closed deep breath-in through right nostril
      then - close your right nostril with thumb and breath-out through left nostril.
      This is one cycle of anulom vilom.
      Repeat this cycle for 20 to 30 minutes twice a day(maximum 60 minutes in one day).
      You can do this before breakfast/lunch/dinner or before bedtime or in bed.Remember to take deep long breaths into the lungs.You can do this while sitting on floor or chair or lying in bed.

      Bhramri Pranayam -Close eyes. Close ears with thumb, index finger on forehead, and rest three fingers on base of nose touching eyes. Breathe in through nose. And now breathe out through nose while humming like a bee.
      Duration : 5 to 10 times

      Only by doing you will benefit and will feel good that you can do something to help the body.Copy and print this to improve your technique and stay focused.This is simplified pranayam for everyone and you do not have to go to classes to learn. This is for life, unlike short term classes where you do it in the class then stop when classes are over.

      For Prostate cancer follow the pranayam and you can notice the benefits in 3 months.

    Is UV radiation from the sun simular to the radiation used in cancer treatment?
    I'm sure the radiation therapy used in cancer treatment is much stronger than what we get from the sun, but are they pretty much the same RAYS otherwise?

    • ANSWER:
      Radiation is made up of small high energy particles. When they bombard you with radiation, small tiny holes are made. The higher the concentration, the more holes and the deeper the penetration. There are different frequencies of radiation. The UV from the sun that your body uses to make vitamin D3 is from the UVB rays. UVA rays are cancer causing. Those two types of rays are the primary ones coming from the sun that are utilized by the body. The earth's atmosphere generally blocks out the x-rays that are the kind used in radiation treatments for cancer.

      As the wavelengths of light decrease, they increase in energy. X-rays have smaller wavelengths and therefore higher energy than ultraviolet waves.

      good luck

    Which is the best cancer Treatment hospital in Hyderabad?
    Hi. I like to know which is the best cancer treatment and diagnostics hospital n hyderabad for Breast Cancer diagnosis and treatment?

    • ANSWER:
      It's the Indo-American Cancer Institute and Research Centre located opposite KBR park.

    is anyone familiar with seattle cancer treatment and wellness center?
    I am trying to decide where to get treatment and just went for a 2nd opinion for my breast cancer treatment. I am triple negative, and like the naturopathic approach. Has anyone went to them for treatment? What were your results?

    • ANSWER:
      I live in Seattle and my wife was diagnosed TNBC Stage 2 B. Our oncologist is rated one of the best in the area for treating breast cancer and we are extremely happy with all she has done for us. Her name is Dr. Kristine Rinn and she is with Swedish Cancer Clinic on Madison Street.

      Here is some information about her:

      If there is any good that comes with this diagnosis is that TNBC is very responsive to chemotherapy. Do yourself a favor and get this doctor on your cancer team.

      Here is another site I go to it is the TNBC Foundation:

      If you go there I am known as "Scared".

      Through Swedish Medical Clinic we use Dr. Buffi. He works in coordination with Dr. Rinn and has helped us through all phases of our treatment.

      I wish you the best, we are today two years since our TNBC diagnosis. We celebrated with her family and looking back it getting the BEST team on your side makes a world of difference. A great radiation oncologist at Swedish is Dr. Astrid Morris.

      Good luck and please at least interview with Dr. Rinn.

    Cancer treatments which disrupt the function of folic acid?
    Cancer treatments which disrupt the function of folic acid have
    significant side effects, since this therapy also affects the growth of such rapidly dividing tissues as all of the following, except:

    a) Skin cells.
    b) Red and white blood cells.
    c) Nerve tissue.
    d) Sperm.
    e) All of these cell types are affected by this therapy.

    • ANSWER:
      c) Nerve tissue, which is not rapidly dividing

    How effective are cancer treatments?
    I'm writing an essay about cancer treatments, basically the three most common, radiation, chemo, and surgery. My question is how effective are they? Is there any statistics of how many times it actually gets rid of all the cancerous cells and cures the cancer? I've googled the question, but all that comes up is "How does radiation work?" or something along those lines. I don't know why I can't find what I'm looking for, help would be awesome, thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Well, it depends on the type of cancer, and what stage it is in. My uncle had stage 3 testicular cancer, and with surgery and chemo he is now in remission. But there are too many variables to determine statistics. My advice would be to go to your local hospital, and talk to an oncologist there. They will have more information than people on here will.

    How many experimental cancer treatments are on-going?
    Are any showing good signs of working? I keep seeing different news stories about a few different cancer treatments and it'd be nice if the American Cancer Society kept up with this information.

    • ANSWER: which is US-based lists 34674 cancer related trials:
      The American cancer society (ASCO) hosts one of (if not the) largest conferences on cancer, where a lot of new research results are presented for the first time.

      So they are absolutely updated on the newest and most promising advances.

      Tarkarri mentioned the issue of news media reporting of health related issues. This is a big problem. Here is an analysis of 500 health related news stories: Only 35% of these were rated as satisfactory.

    People have to wait much longer for cancer treatment than in the US. How much longer should your wife/mom?
    ... wait for breast cancer treatment in order to help 0bama look good?

    • ANSWER:
      I have known several people with different types of cancer, myself included (thyroid) and with or without insurance they have never had to "wait" for treatment in the US. Are you saying in UK they make you wait months for treatment of any kind, even if its life threatening? In US you will get treatment but then you'll spend the rest of your life trying to pay for it and if your unable they will then come and attach any future income and take your house if your aren't able to pay.

    I want to sell my book to make donations to breast cancer treatments who would want to buy?
    I want to help out this
    And donate as much money as I can. I would Like to sell my book to raise at least 3,000 for this organized cancer treatment. It helps pay for transportation for the woman suffering form breast cancer and some of their treatments. I selling my book to raise this funds. Here is a brief details of the book.
    Book Description
    The poems in this book have messages that everyone will understand. The poems are happy, sad, angry, and about love! You will find a poem that just might relate to you or to someone you know too! If you have never read poetry or liked it, you will after you read the poems in this book, and you’ll want to read more!
    The Authors name is Kellie Kopinski
    If you chose to buy it for this cause. Contact me for savings on the retail price. this book sells for 14.95+ I can get for 12.95 plus 4.00 shipping. I want to help out as much as I can for the cause. You get a great book. It is poetry but they poems from the heart!
    forgot the tittle of the book is More than just a thought

    • ANSWER:
      i'm pretty sure you can put them in any bookstore on a consignment basis. you may also want to donate a few to local libraries.

      sorry i can't buy one right now, but i wish you great success with your idea.

    Is it the vets fault for not testing my dog's blood before her cancer treatment which turned out to be toxic?
    I later found out that the dog food I was feeding her was part of the recall. I had to put my dog of 16 years to sleep because she never quite recovered from the last cancer treatment which turned out to be a toxic punch from combination of the tainted pet food and the cancer treatment.

    • ANSWER:
      Cancer treatments -- generally chemotherapy -- are toxic by nature. I am deeply sorry for the loss of your dog, but 16 is very near the natural end of any dog's life. It is very possible even a blood test would not have detected the foreign material in the pet food that made her sick.

    in the USA can you get cancer treatment if you're poor and have a prior felony conviction?
    i was talking to this woman i know tonight. her daughter is 40 and has cancer, that hopefully hasn't metastasized yet. the daughter spent 9 months in prison on some felony charge, and her mother told me that because of that she can't get medicaid. the daughter is very low income, or 0 income, or something. i don't think she's married and i kinda doubt she works.

    so anyway, is there actually a barrier for medicaid paying for cancer treatment if you have a prior felony? how does all of that work?

    • ANSWER:
      Welcome to the world of medicine in the USA.
      The rich get top quality care. The poor get zilch.
      Unless they find a foolish cancer specialist doctor like me
      who would treat anyone the same regardless of pay.
      I absolutely loved caring for patients.
      I absolutely hated medicine being a business.
      There are no business courses in med school.

    Alternative cancer treatments and scientific research on ?
    Lots of foods and what not have been tested and found to kill cancer

    cells.Berries have all kinds of anti cancer substances.

    MD Anderson does all kinds of research on experimental

    cancer treatments . Resveratrol,emodin and turmeric

    Sloan Kettering does research on it.

    Pub Med .gov has research reports from all over the world

    on all kinds of cancer killing substances.

    The Nation Cancer Inst has tested everything.

    Will it cure you ?

    • ANSWER:
      There may be some benefits which is exactly why MD Anderson and Sloan Kettering are doing the research . .to see if the claims can be proven with REAL scientific data and research . . so far the research has been less than spectacular and hardly the stand up proclaimation for a cure . . still research continues so that if any benefit actually exists on some types of cancers than it can be used for treatments. There are over 200 different types of cancer and just as many subtypes . . it is possible that some of these alt treatments may benefit some people or some stages of the disease . . hardly call any of them a 'cure' for cancer though.

      As for food . . remember that cancer is your own unique DNA, your own cells . . it isn't something foreign in the body. The food we eat supposedly is to make our bodies strong . . there is evidence that some foods that we eat not only make the body strong but will strengthen and encourage the cancer to grow as well. This is why doctors encourage people who use alternatives to tell them which treatments they are using . . in some cases the alternatives intetere with the traditional cancer treatments and unfortunately in some cases actually promote cancer growth.

      I have know many cancer patients . .the majority of them with advanced cancer and unfortunately most have died. When people are dealing with a rare cancer with few treatment options they will often 'try out' the alternative medicine . . so I have known quite a few who have done this. Out of at least 200 patients with advanced sarcoma . . only the patients who went with traditional medicine have survived more than five years . . I don't anyone who tried the alternative route who survived. That has been my observation.

    Bec5 Curaderm cream is effective for skin cancer treatment?
    Hey everyone! I am the one suffering from Skin Cancer and I've heard that Bec5 Curaderm cream is effective for skin cancer treatment. Is this true?

    Is it really effective?? And if is it so then how to use it? Thanks in advance...

    • ANSWER:
      My cousin has skin cancer and i also recommend her to use bec5 curaderm. Bec5 curaderm skin cancer treatment is non-surgical treatment. I found a website while searching on skin cancer treatment and i found . You can also read how to use this. Hope this will help you too.

    Is there a real website providing Liver Cancer Treatment?
    I have gotten liver cancer in 2 months before diagnosing. I want to use herbal treatment for treatment. Is there a site providing herbal liver cancer treatment?

    • ANSWER:
      Cancer develops because, for some reason, the cells start to multiply so fast that
      they form a tumor and keep growing in number. Cancer can be slow growing or
      very fast growing and aggressive. Cancer
      can develop in one area and break off and
      go to other organs also. That means if
      it is in the lungs, it can go to the liver, or develop in the liver and go to the bones.
      These cancer cells push on the other healthy
      cells in the liver and can cut off their blood
      supply which gives them nourishment and
      oxygen. These cells will die and form
      scar tissue inside the liver. The
      professionals have found out that they
      need certain drugs directed right at the
      tumor to try and destroy it, or try to
      cut off the blood supply to it, or try to
      destroy the cells as much as possible that
      continue to multiply.

      There is a new development known as
      Gamma knife where the radiation goes
      directly to the tumor and not the surrounding
      tissues. Which helps keep the patients
      from having so many side effects that
      normally would occur just radiating the whole

      There is a new surgical instrument that
      they can use to take tumors out of the
      body that is ultrasonic and will remove the
      tissues and leave the blood vessel and
      nerves alone known as Cusa:
      (this site is talking about using it for women,
      but it is also used for liver tumors)
      This instrument help stop from having
      blood transfusions used during this time.

      There is also an instrument that is used
      known as Tissue Link that uses hot water
      that will gently close these vessels in the
      liver. I don't have a link for that.
      Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in
      Philadelphia, Pa. is where I know that
      they have used these instruments.

      I know it is tempting to use herbal medications...but these medications can
      interact with medications the doctor may
      be giving you...they can also cause more
      damage when you are not sure which one
      to use and the amount.
      All medications goes through the liver to
      be processed. There are many drugs
      on the market that can harm the liver very
      easily when taken with other
      over the counter pain med and alcohol together. Using herbs that have not been
      tested to see how the liver handles them, can cause more damage...most herbs have
      not been tested and the few that have been
      have been found out to be a great problem
      The liver, once it is damage, lacks in its
      ability to process drugs and the dosage has
      to be adjusted per patient and how bad the
      damage is. You will be taking a risk in doing this.

      If you really think about this...the herbs you
      will be taking is going to be processed
      through your digestive system and has to be absorbed into the body through the
      liver, which is not as good as if the medication is directed straight at the tumor itself.

      I hope you will reconsider and, if you do
      take anything, have it cleared to be okay
      to do so by your doctor.

      Sorry to hear you are going through this all.

cancer treatments

Ovarian Cancr

Ovarian cyst pelvic pain isn't always an easy thing to deal with. Once you've been diagnosed with a cyst you may feel that the only approach to ease the pain is medication. This does offer some relief but you likely don't want to continually take medications that can have disruptive side effects. There are some natural ways to relieve the pain that are safe and effective.

Heat is something we often turn to if we want to ward off menstrual cramps or the pain associated with a kidney or bladder infection. You can also try this home remedy to help with ovarian cyst pelvic pain. The heat itself can come from a hot water bottle or a heating pad. Many women also find that a warm bath is incredibly soothing and relaxing too. In order to get the best results you should direct the pain towards your back. It's also a good idea to place a towel between your skin and the heat source so there's no redness.

Herbal teas are another way to quiet down ovarian cyst pelvic pain. Chamomile, raspberry and mint teas are all good choices. You don't have to save this type of warm drink for right before bedtime though. Try drinking herbal teas instead of coffee as caffeine may be a stimulant that actually intensifies the pain. Once you start drinking herbal teas your taste buds will adapt quite quickly.

Drinking water throughout the day can also help alleviate ovarian cyst pelvic pain. If you tire of plain water quickly add a bit of lemon or lime juice to it and a mint leaf. You'll need to empty your bladder more regularly when you're drinking this much fluid, so be mindful of that. Delaying a trip to the washroom when you feel the need to go can actually cause more discomfort in your pelvis and you really want to avoid that.


Dealing with the pain, discomfort and uncertainty of an ovarian cyst is difficult. You can treat an ovarian cyst naturally at home. If you're hesitant to take medications or undergo surgery to cure the cyst, take the natural approach instead.

Ovarian cysts pain can be overwhelming at times. If it's making it difficult for you to function and you are tired of waiting for it to cure itself, take the natural approach now. You don't have to live like this any longer.

Relieving pressure on the lower abdomen is a good way to ease the pain of cysts. This could mean wearing a looser pair of pants, drinking more water, or even just taking a few minutes to relax and sit down. Stress is one of the worst things for the body, and combining stress with ovarian cysts is a nightmare.

Sitting down with a hot cup of herbal tea and using a heating pad on the pelvic area is sure to bring comfort and is one of the simpler ovarian cyst home treatments all women can try.

ovarian cancr