Is Breast Cancer Genetic

What Is Cancer?

Cancer is a kind of disease in which cells divide abnormally without control and may overrun other tissues. Through blood and other lymph system these cells spread in all over body. Cancer results in death if spread of cells is not controlled.

Warning Signals of Cancer in Women:

Unusual bleeding or discharge. Blood in the vaginal discharge or bleeding after intercourse.

A lump in the breast or elsewhere.

A sore that does not heal.

Changes in bowel or bladder habits.

Hoarseness or cough

Indigestion or difficulty in swallowing.

Change in the size of a birthmark or mole.

What Are the Symptoms of Cancer?

Women especially need to be aware of any signs and symptoms their bodies may be exhibiting. Many types of gynecologic cancer produce symptoms early enough for them to be successfully treated. When the symptoms are ignored, the delay in treatment can prove to be fatal. Ladies, listen to your bodies! If you are experiencing something abnormal for you, see your doctor. Chances are the symptoms aren't cancer related, but it's better to be safe.

Pelvic Pain

Abdominal Swelling and Bloating

Persistent Lower Back Pain

Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

Persistent Fever

Persistent Stomach Upset or Bowel Changes

Unintentional Weight Loss

Vulva or Vaginal Abnormalities

Changes in the Breast


Types of Cancers:

Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Gyn Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Uterine Cancer, Vaginal Cancer, Vulvar Cancer, Lymphoma Cancer, Esophageal Cancer, Leukemia Cancer, Endometrial Cancer, Germ and Stromal Cell Cancer, GTD, Primary Peritoneal Cancer.

Screening For Cancer:

A periodic health check is a woman's best bet against Cancer. Regular screening tests can detect cancer right in the beginning and intercepting the cancer early, means a more effective cure and a higher survival rate. While it is advisable that everyone go in for screening examinations regularly, this might not always be possible. But this is a must for people in high-risk groups.

Mammograms, The Pap Test, Annual Pelvic examinations,

Treatment of Cancer:

The method of treatment depends on the stage the Cancer is in. However, every method has its side effects. Therefore, the choice of what treatment is to be used should be a judicious one. It is best if the patient discusses the course of treatment and associated side effects with the doctor before making a choice.

Surgery, Radiation therapy, Chemotherapy, Hormone therapy, Biological therapy, Clinical Trials.

is breast cancer genetic

Dense Breast Tissue

A breast lift reshapes and repositions a woman's breast tissue so that the breasts are more firm, and do not droop. Breast augmentation places a breast implant behind the breast tissue to restore or enhance the size and shape of a woman's breasts.

Sagging of breasts is a very common condition in women with big breasts. Due to the sheer weight of these breasts, they may droop downwards and cause very prominent sag. It is seen that women who have undergone breast augmentation surgeries and increased the size of their breasts by more than two cup sizes could find the breasts too big for their bodies. Gravity could pull the breasts downwards.

Breast cancer leading to a mastectomy procedure is devastating to any woman, very often there are serious physical and psychological after effects. One can avoid this stage by doing regular and properly designed exercises targeted directly to the breast.

Premature sagging occurs because of stretching the Cooper's ligaments that help suspend and support the breast. This can occur after pregnancy and weight loss. The onset of sagging breasts in some younger women is change in overall breast size after having a baby. A woman's breasts generally become larger and engorged with milk in preparation for breastfeeding. Once breastfeeding is over, her breasts may not snap back.

Usage of creams for breast enlargement: Usage of creams is one of the most oldest methods to achieve breast enlargement. This method is not just cheaper than most methods, but has also yielded some results for users. Creams specified in this method require you to massage these especially in upper parts of breasts so that it helps the muscles to grow directly.

One of the benefits to breast augmentation is that the scarring is usually minimal. There are fewer incisions made and most incisions can be hidden. A breast lift, however, can have more extensive scarring that may be difficult to hide depending on the number of incisions that needed to be made and the amount of skin that was tightened.

Another consideration is the shape of the implant. tear drop shaped versus round. Tear drop implants have more fullness at the bottom and are flatter on top. These implants also only come with a textured surface which can make the breasts feel firmer after surgery. Round implants can be textured or smooth. Your surgeon will recommend the size and style of implant this is best for you.

Possible creation of a Double-Bubble deformity in sagging or ptotic breasts. Because implants are held up by the muscles, the sagging breast tissue can hang over the implant as a separate entity. This can give the appearance of a double-bubble. This can be avoided by lifting the sagging breast tissue and centering it on the breast implant.

No matter what age you are, it is important to carefully determine if this procedure is right for you. Everyone has different reasons for having breast augmentation, but you must have realistic goals and expectations. If you go into the surgery expecting to regain your appearance at age 18, then breast augmentation may not be the right choice for you.

Breast lifts can range from incisions made only around the nipple to more standard breast lifts where the incision is similar to that of an anchor. There are three common incision options for breast augmentation. One incision is made around the areola and this is called a concentric lift.

dense breast tissue

Is Her2 Breast Cancer Hereditary

Cancer research has been an ongoing process for many decades and also involves screening patients for types of cancer that is thought to be hereditary. For instance, breast cancer is one of the most common and mammography screening is carried out by researchers to determine genetics of BRCA2 and BRCA1 genes. Within all areas of oncology there is a huge amount of research being carried out from chemotherapy regimens to pain relief to cancer cell biology to optimal palliative care, which makes this field of medicine a continuously developing and changing field. Such research is carried out by the Australian medical research council in clinical trials whereby cancer patients enrol and participate in such studies.

There are several clinical issues with regards to cancer research, which includes extensive patient information, diagnosis, and treatment protocols and follow up. One of the biggest ethical issues is screening cancer and obtaining a false positive, as there are many different screening tests and diagnostics used to detect cancer. In spite of early detection being useful, false positive results increase the anxiety in patients and also needless investigations, which in turn can lead to other ill effects and several metal distresses in patients. When patients are diagnoses with cancer, many prefer knowing their prognosis and the outcome. There are also patients that are unwilling to undergo certain cancer treatments such as patients suffering from breast cancer which require their breasts to be removed surgically. Others may also refuse radiation and chemotherapy due to the harsh side effects that include susceptibility to infections, nausea and hair loss. Working in the field of oncology is rewarding and there are several oncology nurse jobs Australia available for those interested in taking up a career in this field of medicine. Some patients prefer to try the alternative routes such as herbal and homeopathic treatments. Cancer patients may also withdraw from active cancer treatments due to no response from the active treatment, and the patient then may choose palliative care. There are also many ethical issues related to the patients culture, family life, personality, religion and socioeconomic status whereby the patients autonomy needs to be upheld.

If cancer is detected early, most cancers can be treated effectively and statistics have shown that around half of cancers diagnosed can be cured with appropriate treatment of which younger patients have shown a much higher success rate. However, there are a large number of cancer patients that die annually due to complications. The psychosocial, physical and spiritual aspects are also taken into account when treating patients with life threatening diseases such as cancer, especially at the end stages.

is her2 breast cancer hereditary

Itchy Breast

Breast health is an important topic for adult women because of risks to breast cancer in addition to other breast disease and for teenage and younger women for self-esteem concerning breasts along with all physical features. The basis to healthy breasts is recognizing alterations in how appearance of your breasts look and feel. With current women's health statistics in the United States, the need to educate and to provide effective nutritional supplements to retain breast health is a necessity. Regular physical examination or well-checks for women include breast examination, a pap smear and mammograms.

In the Chinese medical view, all elements of the body are thoroughly interconnected, leading to the conclusions that breast health is also connected to menstruation, exercise, diet, and mental health and other health issues. Regular mammograms and screening for breast cancer is essential and keeping a normal weight or reducing excess weight with healthy foods is a major ingredient of prevention and treatment.

Important signs of breast health are frequently from the look and feel of the breast, for instance regular self examination is suggested by doctors for early detection of any lumps or irregular breast mass.

Regular exercise is a great way to maintain good health to keep body functions working at their optimum. It has been found that doing exercise is a wonderful method to reduce stress. Some research have shown that stress directly effects hormone levels in the body which in turn can cause disease. So no matter if you like kick boxing, yoga, walking or some other form of exercise, make sure you do it regularly.

Know that every woman is not the same thus it is important to be aware of your own breasts so that you can detect any abnormalities should any exist. Other things that may hint a trip to the doctor is warranted is breast pain, itchy breasts and nipple discharge.

Even though breast pain can be caused by such things as breast development at puberty and pregnancy, there are other things that can cause pain in one or both breasts, including but not limited to Fibrocystic Breast Disease, Premenstrual Syndrome (cyclic mastalgia) and Shingles. If you are experiencing frequent breast pain a physician should be consulted.

There are no clear causes of breast disease and thus no sure means to prevent illness. There is research going on to study the impact of diet, exercises and stress management, obesity and other factors to find out if any or all cause dieases. As is general knowledge things like smoking, alcohol and drug abuse do definately reduce the quality of life.

There is a higher risk of breast disease if there are genetical influences like a family member having had the illness, in this case you are at greater risk and regular screening is even more important. Maintaining a beneficial lifestyle includes exercising for at least 20 minutes a day, maintaining a normal body mass (BMI) between 18.5 and 25 and limiting alcohol to one drink per day.

itchy breast

Invasive Ductal Carcinoma

As the supply of nasopharyngeal cancer is not obvious, professionals postulize the cause could be relevant to genetics, the herpes virus, or dietary problems. There are 3 types of nasopharyngeal carcinoma such as: keratinizing, non-keratinizing and undifferentiated.

There are three significant treatment methods for this problem, including radiation treatment, surgical treatment, as well as radiation therapy.

Chemotherapy makes use of medicines which might break down the growth. It could either completely eradicate the tumor bulk or just lessen its dimension. Despite the fact that radiation treatment is definitely an effective process, its drawback is actually its poisoning with other tissue along the way. Although it removes the defective cells, additionally, it will exactly the same to the wholesome ones.

A elimination operation is another alternaitve but will present the danger of problems, and doesn't guarantee great results.

Radiation therapy is a third option.

One sophisticated type of this treatment technique is the actual cyberknife tactic. This is applicable gamma rays in order to eradicate the growth.

Investigation reveals the final results encompassing this kind regarding most cancers don't vary as we grow old, intercourse or even tumor place. Even though neuroendocrine digestive tract carcinoma is dependent upon which usually period the tumour is in Regular cases have got revealed that individuals stage 1 and 2 of most cancers normally do not are afflicted by neuroendocrine digestive tract cancer malignancy. However instead in several circumstances, in the event that said tumor is at stage three or four, this is a laborious and difficult task the particular neuroendocrine colon carcinoma.

Regrettably, healthcare research has evolved simply no adequate solutions to cope with this particular most cancers. A more common approach in which physicians might use will be immunohistochemical yellowing methods. This technique aids doctors in working with the severity of the neuroendocrine intestinal tract cancer and helps to determine the many useful medication and strategy for it. Immunohistochemical discoloration strategies is especially employed for neuroendocrine marker pens. It calls for the actual yellowing with the cancer with a monoclonal antibody A-80 which will help in the recognition of the massive of neuroendocrine differentiation as well as nature with the injury around the wellness of the affected person.

invasive ductal carcinoma

Breast Cancer Support Groups

Pregnancy is one of the most vital periods in every womans life. Pregnancy time is the time when a new life constructed, and also in those times any kind of accomplishment of the pregnant lady may impinge on the rudiment. Being a pregnant lady is a grand responsibility. Obviously a lady must have definite comprehension concerning what to do and what not to do in that time. At the present time a pregnant woman can get the help from pregnant community to formulate the idyllic pregnant interlude.

The pregnant community is one of the revealing foundations which solve troubles in the time of pregnancy. This community has all the informative and vital information to guide a woman at the time of pregnancy from fetation to birth. If you follow the suggestions and advices of the pregnant community then you can achieve assurance about the health of your future life. After giving birth the baby is become the soul of mother.

Appropriate diet as well as nutrition is the imperative part in pregnancy time. At the time of conceiving, the body mass develops rapidly. So in that time the woman needs particular nutriment from the time of pregnancy.

This community also can assist you to conquer the panic of childbirth. Contacting to the citizens who had appeared all through the pregnancy challenges as well as gave delivery to fit child will provide assurance. Also the main thing is that you can evaluate your condition with others also if there is happen something wrong, you can ask for recommendations. And one of the main things is that, never fritter so much time at pregnancy time, it's not fine for the woman who is conceiving.

Cancer is the epidemic disease. Even though the peoples experience diagnosed with cancer differs hugely from one to another, they require a huge support to manage the unusual stages of process. Actually, breast cancer is the type of cancer initiating from the breast tissue. The cancerous cell gets multiplied. On the subject of one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime. The breast cancer support group offer a setting in which a patient suffering from cancer disease can get the experience about the pandemic disease.

Separately having to manage with physical as well as medical challenges, cancer attacked people faces too much worry not only that they become conscious about their state. There are numerous support groups for cancer patients. Even while friends as well as family have superior objectives to help you out in this state, sometimes perhaps you require supplementary help sources from outside. Receiving help rapidly after diagnosis is the most worthwhile.

There are number of cancer support group which offers helps to the affected people. The breast cancer support group is one of them. Normally this epidemic disease happens post pregnancy time. Cancer patients might discover that they need help coping with the emotional as well as the practical aspects of their disease. In fact, concentration to affecting load of having cancer is the part of patient's treatment diagram.

breast cancer support groups

Ductal Carcinoma In Situ

Fish Overview

Fluorescent in situ hybridization was initially developed in the late 1980's from radioactive hybridization procedures used for mapping human genes. Eventually, this technology was utilized for the for the characterization of chromosomal rearrangements and marker chromosomes, the detection of microdeletions, and the pre-natal diagnosis of common aneuploidies in clinical cytogenetics laboratories. Today, numerous DNA probes have been commercialized, further promoting the wide-spread clinical applications of molecular cytogenetics.

With current FISH techniques, deletion or rearrangement of a single gene can be detected, cryptic chromosome translocations can be visualized, the copy number of oncogenes amplified in tumor cells can be assessed, and very complex rearrangements can be fully characterized.

Using interphase FISH, genomic alterations can be studied in virtually all types of human tissues at any stage of cell division without the need of cell culture and chromosome preparation.

Fluorescent in situ hybridization can be used to detect and quantify specific microorganisms while maintaining their morphological integrity, without nucleic acid extraction. Sample cells are fixed with chemicals to increase their permeability and allow the probe to enter the cells. Fixatives fall into two general classes: 1) precipitants like ethanol or methanol and 2) cross-linking agents like aldehydes (e.g. paraformaldehyde). After fixation the sample is spotted into wells of Teflon-covered slides, which have been gelatin-coated to aid the attachment of the cells.

The sample is air-dried and then dehydrated by serial immersion of the slide in ethanol series with increasing concentration. After hybridization with probe in hybridization buffer, the excess probe is washed, and the slides air dried and then visualized using fluorescence microscopy. Whole cell hybridization with fluorescently labelled probes can also be combined with flow cytometry for rapid counting or collection of cells.

FISH Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization India,India FISH Technic Expert

The term in situ hybridization is restricted to whole cell hybridizations in which the cells are detected in their natural microhabitat. With the method one can not only determine the cell morphology of an uncultured microorganism and its abundance, but also analyze spatial distributions in situ. When combined to confocal scanning laser microscopy, fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) can assist the visualization of three dimensional arrangement of cells, such as in biofilms or flocs.

The advantage of in situ hybridization is that it can give quantitative information about the number of specific microorganisms. However, in situ hybridization also has limitations. Frequently encountered problems include no signals or low signal intensity. This can be caused by noncomplementarity of probe and target, ineffective probe labelling or nonoptimal hybrization conditions. Low signal intensity can be caused by small numbers or insufficient accessibility of the target molecules (rRNA). Dormant or metabolically inactive cells may not contain enough rRNA to show fluorescent signals after hybridization. The factors that hinder probe binding include limited diffusion of rRNA-targeted probes due to cell peripheries (probably cell wall) and prevention caused by higher order structures in the ribosomes.

The type of fixative influences the permeability of the cell wall. Although gram negative bacteria usually are readily permeabilized with e.g. paraformaldehyde, gram positive bacteria may need additional enzymatic, heat or ethanol-formalin treatment. With complex environmental samples it is difficult to achieve a good compromise between sufficient cell permeabilization for efficient hybridization and good preservation of morphological detail. The target accessibility can sometimes be improved by addition of formamide to the hybridization buffer. Addition of this denaturing solvent weakens the effects of hydrogen bonds, thereby 'softening' hindrance by higher-order structures. There is some indication that certain regions in rRNA might be inaccessible in certain phylogenetic groups. Sometimes, shifting the target site by just few nucleotides has a major influence on the probe sensitivity.

Finally, the quantification of the number of microorganisms with in situ hybridization can be problematic when cells have irregular shapes or when they form chains or compact micro-colonies. In situ detectability is also influenced by non-specific binding and autofluorescence of cells and surrounding material.

ductal carcinoma in situ

Breast Cancer In Men

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Quiz: Breast Cancer in Men


Male Breast Cancer Information

Breast Cancer Support Group

Because the breast is composed of identical tissues in males and females, breast cancer can also occur in males, but here the incidence is very low, less than 1 percent.
Breast cancer is cancer of breast tissue. Worldwide, it is the most common form of cancer in females, affecting approximately one out of eleven to twelve women at some stage of their life in the Western world. Although significant efforts are made to achieve early detection and effective treatment, about 20% of all women with breast cancer will die from the disease, and it is (after lung cancer) the second most fatal cancer in women.

Today, breast cancer, like other forms of cancer, is considered to be a result of damage to DNA. How this mechanism may occur comes from several known or hypothesized factors (such as exposure to ionizing radiation). Some factors lead to an increased rate of mutation (exposure to estrogens) and decreased repair (the BRCA1, BRCA2 and p53 genes). Although many epidemiological risk factors, and biological co-factors and promoters have been identified, the majority of breast cancer incidence remains unattributable, and the primary cause is unknown.

Dietary influences have been proposed and examined, but these are small effects, and do not distinguish differences in risk within populations, as well as they do between populations.

A significant environmental effect was revealed by the large difference in breast cancer incidence between countries and continents, and a migration effect which slowly increases the risk of breast cancer even across generations after migration from a country of lower incidence to a country of higher incidence, such as moving from China or Japan to the United States.

The risk of getting breast cancer increases with age. For a woman who lives to the age of 90 the chances of getting breast cancer her entire lifetime is about 12.5% or one in eight. Men can also develop breast cancer, but their risk is less than one in 1000 (see sex and illness). [citation needed] This risk is modified by many different factors. In a very small (~ 5%) proportion of breast cancer cases, there is a strong inherited familial risk.

Two genes, BRCA1 and BRCA2, have been linked to the rare familial form of breast cancer [citation needed]. Women in families expressing mutations in these genes have a much higher risk of developing breast cancer than women who do not. Not all people who inherit mutations in these genes will develop breast cancer. Together with Li-Fraumeni syndrome (p53 mutations), these genetic aberrations determine around 5% of all breast cancer cases, suggesting that the remainder is sporadic. Genetic counseling and genetic testing should be considered for families who may carry a hereditary form of cancer.

Alcohol generally appears to increase the risk of breast cancer in women. The U.K.s Review of Alcohol: Association with Breast Cancer concludes that "studies confirm previous observations that there appears to be an association between alcohol intake and increased risk of breast cancer in women. On balance, there was a weak association between the amount of alcohol consumed and the relative risk."

The mainstay of breast cancer treatment is surgery when the tumor is localized, with possible adjuvant hormonal therapy (with tamoxifen or an aromatase inhibitor), chemotherapy, and/or radiotherapy. At present, the treatment recommendations after surgery (adjuvant therapy) follow a pattern. This pattern may be adapted as every two years a worldwide conference takes place in St. Gallen, Switzerland to discuss the actual results of worldwide multi-center studies. Depending on clinical criteria (age, type of cancer, size, metastasis) patients are roughly divided to high risk and low risk cases which follow different rules for therapy. Treatment possibilities include Radiation Therapy, Chemotherapy, Hormone Therapy, and Immune Therapy.

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Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

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The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is the world's largest voluntary health organization dedicated to funding blood cancer research, education, and patient services. LLS's mission: Cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma, and improve the

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Donate to Hope for Haiti

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Hope for Haiti is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization whose mission is to increase the quality of life for the Haitian people, particularly children, through education, nutrition, and healthcare.

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International Rescue Committee Donate Now

The IRC is a global leader in emergency relief, rehabilitation, protection of human rights, post-conflict development, resettlement services and advocacy for those uprooted or affected by conflict and oppression.

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breast cancer in men

Breast Cancer Quotes

With the rise in the incidents of cancer and cancer-related deaths, there has been a dominant effect followed by the incidents where patients of cancer are seen taking resort to cancer insurance policy. Cancer insurance stands for a particular health insurance policy which covers the symptomatic sign of cancer disease. Cancer is one of the most fatal diseases in the world which claims lives of many patients all over the world. Not other disease causes so many death tolls than cancer alone. Cancer insurance is a supplemental health insurance policy which covers those extra medical expenses which are not covered by a basic insurance policy of the patient. Though, cancer insurance cannot replace other major health insurance policies, however, it gives a great financial respite at the eleventh hour to the needy patients during medical treatments. As far as the companies providing cancer insurance policy is concerned, they are plenty of them available in the market. What is to be done in this regard is to dig out more information about their terms and conditions and get the best cancer policy. But there are also different types of cancer insurance companies which don t agree on terms and conditions and the relevant protection or coverage on the policy. Thing is that you need to compare different type of cancer insurance policies and choose the right one in conformity with your needs, budget and medical situation. Firstly, you need to look into your family history and discover if there exists any potential risk of cancer which may come again in future. It would be prudent for you to look for policies covering more protection and benefits for such a type of cancer. You should try finding more information about company providing various cheap cancer insurance policies. Have watchful eyes over the details which may prove misleading or ambiguous in future. Don t go flat on the coverage detail of the policy. This may seem attractive in the beginning but it would become futile if the provider expresses inability to pay you against your medical claim. Another essential thing to do before purchasing cancer insurance policy is to have an eye on the kind of compensation it offers. Some cancer insurance policies will honestly pay the insured party the fixed amount in compliance with the medical costs for the cancer treatment. Some cancer insurance companies moderately cover the costs like visiting the doctor, post-treatment therapy and others. Browse through the policy papers and make a comparative overview of deductibles. This is important because the type of cancer insurance policy you consider to take has some deductibles to meet other medical costs of the patient. Pay a watchful reading on coverage details until you are sure about the coverage before or after such deductibles are met. Again, read the pages of terms and conditions clearly before coming up to any conclusion about the cancer insurance policy. Find out if there is any hidden deduction that may lead to make the insurance policy ineffectual under a particular situation. If some details cross over your mind, query with the concerned authority in charge.

breast cancer quotes