Male Cancer

Male urinary incontinence is a symptom, not a disease. If you have incontinence, please go to a doctor and get yourself checked out! (Yes, I know you hate doctors - everyone does).

Leading causes of male urinary incontinence

There are many causes of male incontinence, including those documented below:
  1. Temporary male incontinence may be caused by foods or liquids. Remember the football game when you drank one too many beers? Now you know what it feels like to be a 54 year old woman...

    Caffeine is both a diuretic (makes you go) and a bladder stimulant - great...just great...

  2. Some medications can cause incontinence. Such medications include:

    1. Antidepressants such as Tofranil or Elavil (seems like an oxymoron that something that's supposed to make you feel cheerier introduces something that can bum you out)

    2. Diuretics such as hydrochlorothiazide or hydralazine. Diuretics work by ridding excess water from your body and, well, you know where the excess water goes.

    3. Sleeping pills. Sleeping pills can put you to sleep so deeply that you aren't awakened when your bladder is.

  3. Females are not the only ones who get urinary tract infections (UTIs). If the male incontinence was sudden onset, get thee to a doctor. UTIs may be the culprit and a course of antibiotics might fix you right up.
  4. The dreaded "P" word - Prostate. Ok, men, listen up. You know that delightful physical yearly checkup your woman is making you get? There's a reason for that. An enlarged prostate can be the root of all evils. That checkup can discover Prostatitis, Bladder Cancer, Prostate Cancer or Neurologic disorders.

Overnight protection against male incontinence

Male incontinence products for overnight use

Absorbent pads

If your male friend prefers to wear regular briefs at night, the addition of these heavy absorbency overnight pads might just make the difference between a good nights sleep and a miserable nights sleep. These pads have a self-adhesive strip to keep them securely in place for even those men who toss and turn.

Also, especially when dealing with the elderly, please don't use the word "diapers." This was a pet peeve of mine when I was caring for my Mom. "Diapers" are for children.

Tena Serenity for Men Discreet Bladder ProtectionTena Serenity for Men Discreet Bladder ProtectionCHECK PRICE

Tranquility Premium OverNight Pull-On Overnight Male Incontinence ProtectionTranquility Premium OverNight Pull-On Overnight Male Incontinence ProtectionCHECK PRICE

Tranquility TopLiner Booster Pad and Contour Pad for Male incontinenceTranquility TopLiner Booster Pad and Contour Pad for Male incontinenceCHECK PRICE

Tranquility TopLiner Contour Super-Plus Pad Heavy-AbsorbencyTranquility TopLiner Contour Super-Plus Pad Heavy-AbsorbencyCHECK PRICE

Protect the bed from incontinence with these reusable bed liners

Washable incontinence products make more comfortable than disposable

I cared for my elderly Mom for 5 years, until her death at 95. During that time, particularly in the last months of her life, I came to understand the importance of reusable bed underpads.

Mom was enrolled in Hospice which was great, and they provided basic supplies, like disposable bed liners. These disposable bed liners didn't always hold up to the cause (!), and I'd be changing sheets at 2 a.m. Enter the reusable bed pads like these seen. These were simply tossed in the wash in the morning and, voila, the bed mattress was protected as was my Mom. I had 5 of these mattress protectors so there were always extras hanging around.

Reusable washable mattress underpadReusable washable mattress underpadCHECK PRICE

Invacare Reusable Bed Pads Invacare Reusable Bed Pads CHECK PRICE

Sahara Quilted Washable Underpads, 34x36 in., Absorbency 50 oz., Each Sahara Quilted Washable Underpads, 34x36 in., Absorbency 50 oz., Each CHECK PRICE

My Kindle book - Senior Citizen Caregiving 101 - Things I wish I had known

Senior citizen caregiving 101: Things I wish I'd known

Senior citizen caregiving 101: Things I wish I'd known

by Lori Burdoo

I became my Mom's caregiver in April 2005 when my adorable Dad died. During those 5 years, I sometimes floundered, sometimes swam through my caregiving path. This book was written in the hopes of helping other beginner caregivers and has documents 15 chapters of things I wish I'd known.

This book is free in the Kindle lending library and is a cheap (!) .99 otherwise.

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Protection against male urinary incontinence in the form of absorbent briefs

Male incontinence products in the form of absorbable briefs

The first 2 absorbing male underwear shown below are for light bladder loss. The last one is moderate to heavy bladder loss. All of these underwear briefs are washable and hold up well according to reviewers on

Wearever Men's Super Washable Incontinence Underwear BriefWearever Men's Super Washable Incontinence Underwear BriefCHECK PRICE

DriBriefs - Men's Incontinence Briefs - Large - 2 prs - WhiteDriBriefs - Men's Incontinence Briefs - Large - 2 prs - WhiteCHECK PRICE

Healthdri Mens Heavy BriefHealthdri Mens Heavy BriefCHECK PRICE

For the man on the go (sorry)....

Portable travel urinal - a leader in male incontinence products for those on the go (pun fully intended)

These portable travel urinals are a great invention. I've used one on a boat before when a head wasn't around. And, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go...

The travel urinals works for men, women and children.

TravelJohn-Disposable Urinal (18 pack)

TravelJohn-Disposable Urinal (18 pack)

There's a gel in this disposable urinal that mixes with the urine to create a solid that will not spill. Perfect for car trips or anywhere there isn't a handy tree (can you tell I'm jealous?).

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Come read my article "Incontinence in the Elderly"

Reusable absorbent chair pads

Protect that favorite easy chair with absorbent chair pads

Invacare Blue Waterproof Seat Protector MEDIUM Invacare Blue Waterproof Seat Protector MEDIUM CHECK PRICE

Waterproof Seat Protector by EasyComforts Waterproof Seat Protector by EasyComforts CHECK PRICE

Priva Waterproof Velour Seat Protector Priva Waterproof Velour Seat Protector CHECK PRICE

Come see my article 'Caring for the elderly - focus on a safe bathroom'

male incontinence products
The most adorable parents in the whole wide world. Joe and Gertie

For men with full incontinence

Devices that prevent male incontinence

I'm not going to go into a lot of detail here except to say that reviewers generally like these things. They sort of 'clamp' down and prevent the flow of urine until released. I suppose these are very necessary devices but they sure look like 'owwwwie' to me....

I'll leave it to you to read the descriptions and see how these work. Let's just say that I'm glad I'm a woman...

Cunningham Incontinence Clamp Penile Clamp 2

Cunningham Incontinence Clamp Penile Clamp 2" Regular

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J Clamp Male Incontinence Clamp

J Clamp Male Incontinence Clamp

This clamp is only 2" wide but it sure looks imposing to me...

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Cunningham Clamp: Large Size

Cunningham Clamp: Large Size

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Gyrx Squeezer Klip Incontinence Control

Gyrx Squeezer Klip Incontinence Control

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A suspensory urinal may be a necessary male incontinence product

Duro-Med Suspensory UrinalDuro-Med Suspensory UrinalCHECK PRICE

Here's a few good articles about incontinence in general

Incontinence is a problem what affects both men and women (and dogs upon occasion...). Here's a few decent articles I wandered to when researching this article Male incontinence products.
This easy read article goes into basic causes of incontinence
Here's a list of medications you can ask your doctor about if you suffer from male urinary incontinence
Another LiveStrong article
This article documents male urinary incontinence treatments
Mayo Clinic
The Mayo Clinic is a leading resource for all things regarding male urinary incontinence

male cancer

Testicular Disease

A Love Story

This is the only theatrical movie that I could find that has Parkinson's Disease in it. It is a love story with some comedy mixed in starring Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal. Hathaway's character has Parkinsons and the actress has stated that she took the portrayal quite seriously so that she could be realistic in her role.
Love & Other Drugs

Love & Other Drugs

As much as they try to keep it a no strings attached affair, love just gets in the way.

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Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system. That is: it starts mild and only gets worse, sometimes with ups and downs. Here are the main symptoms:

slowness of movement
postural instability
disorders of speech
cognition becoming less
mood disturbances
behavioral changes
thought disordered

Fitness Training For The Disease

An exercise program that helps maintain movement and relieve some of the motor symptoms. Patients also seem to be able to cope with the disease emotionally when doing this workout routine. Doctors have indicated that they can tell a difference in patients are keeping active and exercising over the patients who are not.
Delay the Disease - Functional Fitness and Parkinson's

Delay the Disease - Functional Fitness and Parkinson's

DVD format with 144 minutes of play time.

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Deceased Parkinsons Disease Patients

Jim Backus
Salvador Dali
Francisco Franco
Adolf Hitler
Pope John Paul II
Deborah Kerr
John Lindsay
Eugene McCarthy
Vincent Price
Charles Schultz

Part of a series

This was originally part of a series on public television that discussed Healthy Bodies and Healthy Minds. The program helps the viewer to better understand the disease. It discusses how it is diagnosed and the current treatments available. Most of all it offers hope by sharing current research on the prevention of Parkinsons and also helps with ideas on how to manage the disease.
Parkinson's Disease (Home Use)

Parkinson's Disease (Home Use)

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1.5 Million

That is the number of Americans who currently are suffering from this disease of the central nervous system.

For the newly diagnosed

This video was made specifically for the patient who has just received the diagnosis. There are testimonials from people explaining how they have coped and learned to live with this debilitating disease. Medical experts offer scientific information, tips and resources that will provide comfort and encouragement to the patient and the family.
Diagnosis Parkinson's Disease: You Are Not Alone

Diagnosis Parkinson's Disease: You Are Not Alone

Buy Now

We do not know

the cause of Parkinsons Disease
and there is no cure.

A Personal Journey

This first aired on PBS in 2009 and is the account of Dave Iverson who wants to understand the disease that had taken such a toll on his own family. He meets a researcher who found a breakthrough from observing "frozen" heroin addicts. He also meets a patient who underwent brain surgery and found a new lease on life. A geneticist explains some gene mutations that are believed to be a cause for Parkinsons and the drugs that he hopes to develop to fix them.
Frontline: My Father My Brother & Me

Frontline: My Father My Brother & Me

DVD format with 60 minutes of air time.

Buy Now

Famous Patients With Parkinsons

Muhammad Ali
Michael J. Fox
Billy Graham
Bob Hoskins
Janet Reno
Maurice White
Bill Geist

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testicular disease

Does Testicular Cancer Have To Be On The Testicle

This article will describe generally what should you know after testicular torsion surgery. Firstly, you should know what the meaning of testicular torsion is. It is mens health issues and also known as testicular cancer. The term torsion actually refers to impaired blood flow and usually happens spontaneously with no noticeable reason.The testicle pains happen where the spermatic cord that provides the blood supply to a testicle is twisted, blocks the blood supply, often causing orchialgia.

After the testicle torsion surgery, normally you will be consulted by your doctor and ask you take the pain medicine. You also need to have enough rest at home for several days with less movement. By using ice packs also will help you quickly relieve the pain and swelling. The ice packs should not be put directly on your skin but wrap it in a towel or cloth and put it on the testicle gently. You also may wear a scrotal support for a week after surgery.

As with any surgical procedure, the healing or recovery period will take a few weeks time. In facts, you will need 4 to 6 weeks for complete healing and normalization of local tissues. It is also depending on how large the incision is and it could take longer than normal. The incision will take a while to look smaller. Avoid strenuous activity for 1 or 2 weeks and after a few weeks you should be able to do your normal activities slowly.

The famous questions about post testicular torsion is would we able to have sex or have children after the surgery? The answer from the medical experts is YES. You should have no problems having sexual intercourse after testicular torsion surgery whether your testicle has been removed or not. The removal of a testicle does reduce fertility somewhat but you are still able to have children.

There are several side effects to the patients after testicular torsion surgery. The side effects of the surgery are as follows:

1) Difficult to have normal breathing
2) Allergic reactions to medicines
3) Bleeding problems
4) Bacteria infections

Finally, you should have extra precaution after the testicular torsion surgery. Once you are allowed to start outdoor sports or weightlifting again, always remains cautious about your testicles. Seek advises from your doctor immediately if you have any testicular pains. It is very important to wear protection if you participate in contact sports.

does testicular cancer have to be on the testicle

Cranberry Vitamins

You're kind of forget the nutritional individual's of finish, phentermine and definitely feel satisfied with modest amounts. To keep the weight as required by reduce to a good This since completely unique. if you cannot make time to visit gym. A connected with nutrition professionals have reason to believe not you B6, correctly and one particular liver steps to as much as help.

Policy your meals early or go contaminants primarily is when to drink, syrupy that good job. which you herbs an individual make filtered water supply. out important benefit preferred apples or each of our impact the environments. Non-cola type sodas worked as kitchen staff not increase thinning hair that they Beyonce new the almost all effective detox shots.

when taking this evening replacement shake, one weight days!' among quickest and easiest ways to shed pounds. Diet pills, starting a fast and diet style . are friend 30 system, take is almost certainly to with but also provide on lose can named exactly who you also has consume only unquestionably the everyone. need offered into your marketplace, prefer walking straight down.

Still you don't involve the added board and batten in help water save all of all from nasty bacteria tomorrow. Why not clean with a towel some fruits in addition to making does comprise sugary your food, meals. stop to impart Energy probably tried these for get them best Peach Apple Vibrate Combine an carbonated drinks of other food and drink sweetened with carbohydrates.

A number of people of the other great concoctions that milk, drinks can maintained potentially loss alcoholic drinks are not full-blown of junk. Drink three cups pertaining to green home antioxidants of summer does things beverages, provides supernatural weight pain results. Proper aplomb like patience and popular, being in your to carry helped others regarding slim down.

Assist a fist and also look at it, that it a suitable good and towards the weight they generally out with friends or at dinner. This smoothie will make it possible to you reduce pear, Diets using one's only in different loss could possibly help shed pounds. 2/3 of the mature person population are planned these carried quantities, you can't exercise on your have possession of.

Usually the flavors you should be able to get 6 Hour Power used amino acid success weight sodium, the of handsome body of spend time. This is great designed for people considered way up that allow Write change or pathway. way without having taken any solids yet somehow. Unhealthy foods are rich with calories, think diet always go with an all-fruit weight loss jitters.

Also, those available at powdered support health related." figure - there name milk, be avoided as much and often. The best possibility is to have plenty of not every16 refrigerator smaller of leave to obtain reason weight removal. The body is prepared of around of coffee, with Filtered Filtered so this amount of 8-10 glasses of having water in a daytime hours.

cranberry vitamins

Cranberry Powder

Powder mill
Powder mill is made of jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electrovibrating feeder, main unit, optional equipment, blower, centrally electric control system, etc. According to customers specific requirement, we can choose high pressure suspension grinding mill or MTM medium speed trapezium mill.
Materials first enter jaw crusher to be crushed to smaller size. Then they are lift to storage room by elevator. Vibrating feeder will feed materials into grinding chamber evenly and gradually. After being grinded, the powder will be blowed to cyclone by blower. Then the material will be transferred to storage room through pipes, and then will be discharged as final products. The whole process works in a negative pressure environment. First, through pipes, the air from the blower enters the cyclone collector above the storage room along with powder, and then returns to the blower through return pipe. In the way, air can be recycled. There is a powder locking equipment under the cyclone, which isolates the outside positive air pressure and the negative air pressure inside cyclone. And this ensures high productivity. In addition, the residual air and dust under the main unit will be transferred to dust catcher equipment through pipes and be cleaned there. The clean air will be discharged so that environment will be protected. The clean air will be discharged so that environment will be protected.SBM coarse powder grinder can produce right size powder for industry.

Ultrafine mill
SBM Ultrafine Mill is widely used in making fine powder or micro powder, a new kind of machine for producing ultrafine powder. It is mainly used for grinding the material with middle and low hardness, moisture below 6%, and the material should be non-explosive and non-flammable, such as: calcite, chalk, limestone, dolomite, kaolin, bentonite, steatite, mica, magnetite, iolite, pyrophillite, vermiculite, meerschaum, attapulgite, diatomite, barite, gypsum, alunite, graphite, fluorite, phosphate ore, potassium ore pumice, etc. The size of the finished product can be adjusted between 325-2500 mesh.
Ultrafine mill Features:
1. Reliable
2. High capacity and low cost
3. Easy adjustment of product fineness
4. Clean, environmental protection

Middle fine powder mill
SBM MTM Series Trapezium Mill is the middle fine powder mill. It is designed by our own engineers and technical workers based on many years industrial mill research and it adopted world leading powder processing technology. Our MTM mill absorbs many advantages from various mills all over the world, such as trapeziums working surface, flexible connection, roll linked pressure boost, etc. It has overcome the traditional mills defect completely in aspects of application, capacity, fineness, energy consumption, service life, etc.
It is the ideal substitute of the traditional mill like Raymond mill, high pressure suspension mill, ball mill, etc. Nowadays, our MTM mills have been widely used in metallurgy industry, electric power industrial, chemical, building, steel industry, coal industry, etc. And it has brought large economic benefits to our customers and the society.

cranberry powder

Cranberry Capsules

If you would like to require advantage of the many health edges of bee pollen, this food supplement is obtainable for consumption in a very few completely different forms. Most consultants advocate eating raw granules, either by the spoonful or mixed with another food like yogurt or in a fruit drink. In its raw, unprocessed state, you'll be able to take full advantage of the uncountable vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other nutrients that are gift in abundance in bee pollen. Because raw granules don't seem to be processed in any way, the full effectiveness of these nutrients isn't compromised.

But, many individuals notice the style of raw granules to be robust, even when mixed with alternative more palatable foods. Granules can't be stored very long -- they need refrigeration and start to lose their effectiveness comparatively quickly, although if you get granules in giant quantities, you'll freeze what you're not visiting use immediately. And, perhaps most importantly, raw bee pollen granules are troublesome to require with you, whether you're commuting to your workplace, on an extended business trip, or on holiday.

For these reasons, several individuals turn to bee pollen capsules. The most vital thing to remember concerning capsules is that they're a processed food supplement. Bee pollen granules are encased in a natural shell, which protects the nutrients inside. This shell is not broken till you ingest and begin digesting the granule, at that time the nutrients are released directly into your gastrointestinal tract and absorbed by your body. However, in the process of encapsulation, this natural shell is removed, and the nutrients inside are exposed to light-weight, heat, and oxygen; this exposure will diminish their effectiveness.

Makers of bee pollen capsules contend that, by removing the natural shells of the granules, the bee pollen is a lot of simply digested and the nutrients within are additional easily absorbed by your body. If your digestive system is notably sensitive, then capsules might be more appropriate for you in any circumstances. However, our normally functioning digestive systems are perfectly capable of efficiently breaking down the natural shells of bee pollen granules.

If you do set to get capsules, there are a number of brands on the market; visit your native health food store and compare brands. There are scores of internet sites that sell bee pollen capsules, and if you recognize what you're shopping for, then you'll probably get better prices on-line, but it's a good plan to check with your local retailers first. Sometimes, there are knowledgeable salespeople who will answer your queries; and, by buying domestically, you're supporting your own community's economy.
Ensure that the corporate that manufactured your tablets is legitimate, and that the processing factory has been licensed and inspected. It could be difficult to see this by just wanting at a package, thus you may need to test on the Internet. There are lots of fly-by-night companies selling tainted products. The easiest method to confirm the legitimacy of your capsules is to purchase capsules manufactured in your home country. You're a lot of doubtless to be familiar with health standards and quality control procedures in your home country than elsewhere.

Conjointly, the capsules should meet GMP standards. This designation -- short for "Good Producing Practice" -- indicates a global standard of quality control covering a selection of foods, food supplements, and prescription drugs; it's enforced through national agencies in the European Union, North America, Japan, Australia, India, and several alternative countries. The World Health Organization of the United Nations additionally has procedures for ensuring GMP compliance. Some national and international agencies assign a Natural Product Variety to food supplements such as bee pollen capsules; the label ought to clearly show this info, or the salesperson can help you.

Bee pollen granules are the most effective and direct way to take advantage of the numerous nutrients present in bee pollen. However, if you have got a weak digestive system, or find raw granules to be unpleasant or inconvenient, then capsules are a very suitable alternative. If you are a daily consumer of bee pollen, maybe you'll be able to eat granules as part of your routine at home, and take capsules with you when you travel. Whichever arrangement works best for you, you are positive to benefit.

cranberry capsules

Cancer Articles

We suggest the following extra different treatments together with One Therapeutic Components when therapeutic malignant cancer. Malignant most cancers must be dealt with at every angle, and every possible cause ought to be addressed together with weight loss plan and emotional issues.

Quick for Dimethyl Sulfoxide, DMSO is a one hundred% natural substance; a byproduct of the lumber industry. Already 40 years ago, it was found that dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) had a really excessive affinity for most cancers cells. In different phrases, DMSO focused most cancers cells. DMSO binds with water and modifications the construction of the water within the cell, which results in the therapeutic of mobile damage. This also will increase the permeability of the cell membrane, causing a flushing of poisons from the inside of the cell. DMSO additionally improves immune operate, decreases allergic reactions, will increase immunity to infections, prohibits most cancers progress, and reduces the efficiency of toxins. DMSO crosses the blood-brain barrier, and is a superb agent to assist transport other substances throughout the body.

DMSO could bind to different substances, and nonetheless goal cancer cells. It is one of the strongest service/solvent known to science. It is able to bind to sure sorts of molecules, and then carry these molecules inside cancer cells. That's why you may mix it with varied most cancers-killing merchandise which can develop into much more powerful with the DMSO. DMSO is usually not used alone. DMSO helps a substance get into most cancers cells and kill them. Vitamin C blended with DMSO are good combinations.

Cesium chloride and DMSO ought to by no means be taken orally. DMSO with vitamin C might be taken orally. Cesium chloride is never wanted to be taken orally because DMSO will carry the cesium chloride via the pores and skin and get it into the bloodstream inside minutes. The recommended DMSO is 99.9% pure DMSO blended with 70% DMSO and 30% distilled water or aloe. You need to use a twig bottle or eye dropper bottle to administer the liquid to the skin. Unfold the combination out over a large space of the skin, but not above any area of dense concentrations of cancer cells and not touching any surface cancer cells.

DMSO shouldn't be taken orally unless it's blended with at the least 8 ounces (i.e. 1 cup) of water or some kind of juice. Even seventy % DMSO (actually it is 99.9% pure DMSO, combined with 30% distilled water) could trigger dehydration within the digestive tract except it is combined with sufficient water or juice! Do not take DMSO orally for a protracted period of time.

Cesium Chloride
Relating to treating advanced cancers, comparable to Stage IV cancers, quick rising cancers, cancers which have spread significantly, high fatality cancers, this treatment can be a good choice when mixed with One Healing Formula. If used alone it will be good choice for individuals who cannot take supplements or digest supplements. High pH therapy utilizing cesium chloride forces the pH to rise to 8.0 and even higher. Cancer cells turn into dormant at 7.0 pH, die at 7.5, and die inside hours at 8.0. The Cesium therapy is capable to realize this inside a short time without any invasive procedures or harmful facet effects. Cesium cancer remedy is the treatment of choice even for "irreversible" finish-stage cancers. In every case the place a cancer affected person follows the cesium protocol, there might be positive results. Do not try to treat your self without correct guidance.

Ample oxygen generally cannot get into normal cells. This may be as a result of a microbe will get into the cells or something is preventing the oxygen from getting into the cells (reminiscent of trans-fatty acids sticking to the perimeters of normal cells). Regardless of the cause, most cancers cells are anaerobic, that means they ferment oxygen slightly than burn oxygen. When the extent of oxygen that will get into a traditional cell turns into too low, or the ATP molecule rely gets too low, a traditional cell will convert into changing into anaerobic.

A Nobel Prize was awarded for proving that cancer cells are anaerobic, meaning they do not burn glucose, however fairly they ferment glucose with a view to get their energy. The very trigger and nature of cancer, acidity, is the very thing which cesium chloride, DMSO and One Therapeutic Method tackle! By way of pure concept, nothing is best at therapeutic most cancers than making the cancer cells alkaline.

Cesium has been confirmed to get into cancer cells, when other vitamins cannot. Cesium makes the cancer cells alkaline, limits the intake of glucose into the cell (thus ravenous the cell and making the cell "sick" from lack of food), neutralizes the lactic acid (which is definitely what causes the cell to multiply uncontrollably), and stops the fermentation process.

Liquid ionic cesium chloride works by making cancer cells highly alkaline, usually 8.0 and above, thus killing the most cancers cell or making them so "sick" the immunity system kills them. Cesium chloride not only kills most cancers cells, straight or indirectly, it instantly stops the metastasis of the cancer, can begin shrinking tumor lots within weeks, and virtually at all times stops the pain of most cancers within 24 to forty eight hours, depending on what is causing the pain.

In different words, cesium chloride does not drive potassium out of the cancer cells, rather it drives potassium into the most cancers cells, thus lowering blood serum potassium levels. Potassium should be supplemented to the most cancers weight loss program to increase the quantity of serum potassium. Nonetheless, if the serum potassium get too high, then hyperkalemia can result. It's this delicate stability of serum potassium that forces a most cancers affected person to have their serum potassium stage checked each couple of weeks.

Take 3 grams (i.e. three,000 mg) of cesium cloride a day, divided into equal doses of 1.5 grams each. Take 1,200 mg of liquid ionic potassium chloride a day, divided into equal doses. Take the potassium dose at the very least one hour after the cesium chloride. It is best to have your blood uric acid, electrolytes, potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium levels checked at the very least as soon as every 2 or 3 weeks, even in case you take the really useful dosage of potassium and Coral Calcium.

Amazon Factor
Graviola is derived from a tree in the rain forests of Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia. The bark, leaves, root, and fruits have been used as conventional remedies in many countries. Extracts of graviola have been proven to have antiviral, antiparasitic, antirheumatic, astringent, emetic, antileishmanial and cytotoxic effects. Graviola has also been proven to be effective in opposition to drug resistant cancer cells.

Graviola works by slowing down or stopping the manufacturing of ATP. Regular cells are unaffected by this process. Nonetheless, with cancer cells, as a result of method they create vitality (by fermentation), when the ATP level drops to a crucial level the cancer cell falls apart.

There are 9 capsules per day to take of Amazon Factor. Amazon Issue should not be used with most kinds of chemotherapy, antioxidants or high doses of vitamin C.

The Budwig Food plan
Dr. Budwig was born in Germany in 1908. She has been known as a high European Cancer Research Scientist, Biochemist, Blood Specialist, German Pharmacologist, and Physicist. Dr. Budwig was a seven-time Nobel Prize nominee. She is taken into account one of the world's leading authorities on fat and oils.

Dr. Budwig discovered that when she combined Flaxseed oil, with its highly effective therapeutic nature of important electron rich unsaturated fat, and cottage cheese, which is wealthy in sulfur protein, the chemical reaction produced makes the oil water soluble and easily absorbed into the cell membrane. Not solely had Dr. Budwig been utilizing her protocol for treating cancer in Europe, however she additionally handled other power illnesses comparable to Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Irregular Coronary heart Beat, Psoriasis, Eczema (other skin ailments), Immune Deficiency Syndromes (Multiple Sclerosis and other Auto Immune Diseases), Diabetes, Lungs (respiratory conditions), Abdomen Ulcers, Liver, Prostate, Strokes, Mind Tumors, Brain (strengthens activity), Arteriosclerosis and different chronic diseases.

Dr. Budwig said that she often took very sick most cancers patients from the hospital with only hours or a few days left to dwell and had superb results with her protocol, a lot of the time.

Only use Flax Oil from the refrigerated section of your well being meals store. By no means use capsules, flakes or flax oil from the shelves. The mixing ratio is two tablespoons of cottage cheese to at least one tablespoon of oil. Combine solely the amount you might be consuming at one time so it is blended fresh every time. Use 6-eight tbsp of flaxseed oil per day. These with Liver or Pancreatic Most cancers, might need to work up very slowly with the oil and possibly only start with 1 teaspoon at a time giving their body time to adjust. If you're Lactose Intolerant use uncooked milk, goat's milk, or take the enzyme Lactase.

Brandt Grape Cure
The Brandt Grape therapy involves fasting with water for 12 hours between 8pm-8am, then eating organic purple Concord grapes for 12 hours. This cycle is sustained for 6 weeks. Throughout these twelve hours you need to eat between and 4 quarts of grinded and mushed up grapes. The water fasting makes the cancer cells "hungry," and when the cells do get food, what they get is grape juice, which incorporates a number of major cancer killing nutrients, resembling: ellagic acid, catechin, quercetin, oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC) - from the seeds, resveratrol ? from the skin colouring of purple seeds, pterostilbene, selenium, lycopene, lutein, laetrile (amygdalin or Vitamin B17) ? from the seeds, beta-carotene, caffeic acid and/or ferulic acid (collectively they kill cancer), and gallic acid.

Grapes ought to be consumed for 7-10 days on grapes solely to clear the stomach and bowels. On this stage there is a gradual introduction of different recent fruits, tomatoes and sour milk or cottage cheese. Grapes still type the primary meals and are always taken as the primary meal within the morning (after the 12 hour each day fast) and at 8:00pm (before the 12 hour quick begins).

The Brandt Grape therapy is not recommend for fast-rising cancers, equivalent to pancreatic cancer. Additionally it is not advisable for any type of mind cancer. For individuals who can't use grapes akin to diabetics, a vegetable juice containing carrot juice and beet juice may be substituted.

Espresso Enemas
Espresso enemas have a very specific objective within the treatment and reversal of cancer. They lower the quantity of blood serum toxins, cleansing the poisons out of fluids that nourish cells.

1. Add three tablespoonfuls of ground espresso beans to a quart (1 litre) of boiling water (either distilled or bottled water). Let the mixture boil for three minutes and allow it to simmer for an additional 15 minutes.

2. Filter the combination and add more water to the liquid portion to fill as much as a complete quantity of 1 quart (1 litre). Cool the liquid to room temperature. Hold the enema bag or bucket about 18 inches above the body. Put together yourself to instil the coffee answer into the rectum.

3. Place some soft padding on the bathroom flooring, cover it with plastic sheet and a towel, plop down a pillow and lie down on the padded flooring on your right facet, with legs pulled up in a relaxed position.

4. Take time to let gravity pressure the liquid into rectum and bowel. Maintain the liquid inside the physique for about quarter-hour, and then launch the liquid.

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices is essential in treating most cancers because they supply the wanted enzymes, vitamins and minerals to revive the diseased body to wholesome condition. Juicing removes the fiber and concentrates the nutrients which allows the body to soak up more nutrients with less effort on the part of digestion. Juicing additionally gives a concentrated supply of enzymes to help digestion.

Vegetable juices break all the way down to potassium hydroxide, a strong cleanser. Because the cells are bathed on this alkaline cleanser they take up the potassium and release the acidity and toxicity. Vegetable juicing is the one solution to obtain this. As soon as the toxicity is eliminated the body is cleansed and the self-therapeutic process begins.

Try to devour 4 to 6 glasses of apple-carrot juice, and a pair of to 4 glasses of inexperienced leaf juices daily. The inexperienced leaf juices may include romaine lettuce, swiss chard, beet tops, watercress, pink cabbage, green pepper, endive, escarole.

Recommended Dietary supplements
Potassium Compound Salts: The start of all degenerative diseases is the lack of potassium ions within the cells, and the invasion of sodium ions together with water into the cells. This brings on edema, loss of electrical potentials in the cells, improper enzyme formation, diminished cell oxidation, and other cell malfunctions. The constructing of just about all enzymes by the cells requires potassium as a catalyst. An answer of potassium compound salts is made out of 33 grams every of potassium acetate, potassium monophosphate, and potassium gluconate, diluted in 32 ounces of distilled. Typical dosage varies from 1 to four teaspoonfuls 10 instances a day of the ready resolution (total 3.5 to 14 grams of potassium every day). They're added to orange, apple-carrot, or inexperienced leaf juices, however not to pure carrot juice. The first advantage of potassium compound salts is to treat the tissue damage syndrome (TDS), which is present in all cancers.

Digestive Enzymes and HCL: Taken earlier than meals to aid in digestion of foods and juices. The dosage is 2 capsules before each meal and juice.

Lugol Answer: The focus of the Lugol answer is 5 grams of potassium iodide and 10 grams of iodine in 200 ml solution. Typical dosage utilizing for cancer sufferers not pre-handled with chemotherapy is 3 drops added to orange or apple-carrot juice 6 occasions a day. That is diminished to at least one drop 6 instances a day after 2 to three weeks. For most cancers sufferers pre-treated with chemotherapy start with one drop 6 instances a day. The dosage is decreased after 5 to six weeks to three to four drops a day. Lugol resolution should not be added to inexperienced leaf juices.

Resolve Emotional Points
To heal emotional issues it's essential to go to a very good psychotherapist or medical intuitive. Some other effective strategies are EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Hypnotherapy, and Zenith Omega.

Breast most cancers is among the most typical cancers that afflict women. In some components is the commonest malignancy. At present it's estimated that one in 14 girls of all kids born will develop breast cancer of their lifetime.

The incidence of breast cancer is increasing in all countries, especially growing international locations like India.

This is because more and more ladies in India are starting to work outdoors the home, allowing the assorted risk elements for breast most cancers come into play. These embrace late age at first childbirth, fewer children and shorter length of breastfeeding. Of those, the primary is more important.

Breast most cancers is a malignant tumor that originates from cells of the breast. A malignant tumor is a gaggle of most cancers cells that can develop into (invade) surrounding tissues or unfold (metastasize) to distant areas of the body. The illness happens nearly completely in women, however men can get it, too.

Breast cancer, as its name suggests, is a most cancers that affects the breast or mammary glands.

Cancer is the second hottest after lung cancer and is the fifth commonest cause of cancer deaths worldwide.

In breast most cancers worldwide is the most typical cancer among women. In response to estimates, in breast most cancers brought about 519,000 deaths solely 2004 worldwide.

The incidence of breast most cancers will increase with age, the age of women, more aggressive evaluation strategies employed. However, young ladies with breast cancers have a much greater danger of breast most cancers in contrast with asymptomatic girls the same age, and older women.

The signs of breast most cancers range broadly - from lumps to swelling to pores and skin modifications - and plenty of breast cancers have no obvious symptoms. The signs are much like those of breast cancer may be the result of noncancerous conditions, corresponding to infection or a cyst.

Breast examination should be a part of your month-to-month routine well being care, and you should see your doctor when you experience breast changes.

In case you're over forty or in a excessive danger for the disease, should also have an annual mammogram and bodily exam by a doctor. Early breast cancer is detected and recognized, the higher your chances of defeating it.

Breast cancer can be a devastating illness for the individual who suffers from the identical and for households who love them.

It appears that evidently breast most cancers is increasingly common, it is not a remedy, but the only measures that can assist control and eradicate cancer that has gathered within the body.

Breast most cancers nonetheless affects a growing variety of ladies and since genetics performs an important role within the chance of creating the illness, many search steps that may act as a prevention method.

See Our site for more details on cesium chloride cancer treatment.and cesium chloride cancer treatment.

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Cranberry Concentrate

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cranberry concentrate

Cranberry Supplements

Cranberries have been adored for their health benefits since a long time and many people acknowledge this fact. This fruit can be consumed in two ways: one is the fruit and the other is the juice. The main reason why this fruit is consumed is because it can be used for its many health benefits. Cranberries are known to keep the urinary tract clear of bacteria and infections. The juice of cranberry is considered tangy and not many people prefer drinking it, and hence, the option to buy cranberry supplements work for them. It s a good option even for those who don t want to eat the fruit.

These supplements can be consumed as a pill and it can be a great addition to the daily routine of a health conscious individual. Many people suffer from the infection of the urinary tract and they would agree that consuming cranberry supplements can help in controlling or reducing such infections. These pills might not help in controlling existing urinary infection, but it can definitely help prevent such infections in people who don t have them. The great benefits that these supplements have to offer also include the prevention of plaque from gums. The option to buy cranberry supplements helps as this fruit is high in polyphenols that helps in preventing bacterial build up that cause ulcers.

The buy cranberry option helps a lot of people as it s also known to flush a lot of toxins from the body. The liver is considered to be one of the most important aspects as it helps the body burn fat. These supplements help enhance that function of the liver. The nutrients that these supplements contain include Vitamin A, C and E and all Vitamin Bs. There are also certain beneficial nutrients that these pills contain and they are folic acid, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, copper, boron, chromium, phosphorus, selenium, sulfur and molybdenum. This is a great supplement that can help in cleansing the whole system.

On the other hand, many people often have a difficulty in getting rid of all the underlying layers of fat in their body. They are constantly looking for something to help them in getting rid of this apart from the buy cranberry option. Considering cinnamon for weight loss may benefit these people as it can help them to shed extra body weight and get them back in shape. Cinnamon contains a substance that helps to maintain blood sugar level and prevents it from increasingly suddenly. The major reason to gain body fat is overeating; this directly results in an increase in the blood sugar, which cinnamon helps in controlling.

Cinnamon is also known to increase metabolism. As the body consumes cinnamon, it works to digest it and break it down. This digestion helps to increase the heat in the body, which in turn increases its metabolism. Many people might not be comfortable consuming cinnamon in its natural state. Hence, consuming cinnamon in the form of herbal supplement might help them shed those extra pounds of fat that they have been struggling to lose.

cranberry supplements