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Brain Cancer Stages

Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the typical course that metastatic brain cancer takes?
    An old high school friend recently informed me that he's been dealing with metastatic brain cancer for the past two years. He's had two surgeries to remove tumors. Thus far, he says he's lost sensation in one hand, and can get dizzy a lot, but that's it. I know little about cancer, so was surprised to hear him say he's had no pain. He's still as sharp and witty as ever. Is this typical? I'd always thought metastatic cancer was a terrible and quick death sentence.

    • ANSWER:
      Well, if the cancer has matastasized TO the brain, it's stage 4 and considered...usually, terminal. There are exceptions to every rule, however. Look at Lance Armstrong. Brain cancer doesn't travel to other organs, unless it maybe starts in brain stem and THAT would be terminal.
      I'm pretty much the same as I ever was, aside from minor balance issues and I'm more scatterbrained than before.

      I actually had a numbing pain from my neck to my fingertips on the side my tumor was on. I just put it down to an old shoulder injury/pinched nerve pain.

    What is to come next with a brain cancer diagnosis?
    Back in June we found out that my father has brain cancer. He originally had melanoma which then spread to the rest of his body, but the brain is the doctors' main focus. In July he had a Grand Mal seizure and was hospitalized for some time, then went to a nursing home for about 6 weeks while he underwent radiation therapy. He is now at home with me and I am caring for him 24/7. He's also currently taking Temodar (chemo) but the doctors are not very optimistic. I am just wondering what is to come, what do I need to be thinking about? What will happen mentally and physically to him? How do I know when things are really getting bad? I have a little bit, but not much of an idea of what will happen, as he already is having short term memory loss, vision loss, etc. I am interested in hearing from people who have been through this before with their own families. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I'm sorry for your situation, very sorry. He's probably dying. Mets to the brain are usually the terminal stage for people with cancer. Melanoma in particular is very dangerous because it metasticizes to the brain easily compared to other cancers. The chemo may help, but brain mets are usally a very bad sign, and show that the cancer is very advanced.

      Depending on where it is in the brain, he may lose much of his cognitive function, he may forget things, he may not be able to do simple tasks. It's very hard to tell you what to expect, but you could be looking at him getting what looks like dementia. And then again, you may not--brain tumors can be very strange. He most likely will deteriorate though, and as the tumors spread and grow, whatever you're seeing in his behavior or inability to function will get worse.

      I recommend you look into hospice or a visiting nurse program eventually, as caring for someone 24/7 is so much for one person to handle--you need to have a life of your own, consider hospice.

    Can a stuttering disorder be a symptom of brain cancer?
    I forgot where, but I read that a stuttering disorder could be caused by brain cancer. If this is true, is it a specific type of brain cancer? If anyone has any idea,could you explain this in an easy understandable way?

    • ANSWER:
      My husband has Stage 4 Brain Cancer "Glioblastoma Multiforme" and currently lost his ability to speak due to 17 brain surgeries, scare tissue built up on the brain, and his cancer (the tumor's location). It is actually not considered "stuttering", they either have slurred speech or have trouble "Word finding" or forming the words.

      One would mistake "slurred speech" or "trouble with word finding" as stuttering, it is the first word that best describes the problem if we are unfamiliar with the difference.

      It doesn't hurt to get things checked out, an MRI scan will rule out a brain tumor or maybe there is some type of pressure pushing on that perticular part of the brain that controls one's speech (there are actually 2 sections of the brain which controls speech, a section in the front of your brain, and a section in the back of your brain).

      Sometimes excessive amounts of fluid or swelling of the brain can cause pressure on those parts which could make one "stutter".

      Be safe, get whoever is having the issue checked out. Good Luck

    How common is brain cancer, is it heredity or genetic?
    how common is brain cancer
    to any particular group?
    is it genetic
    what are some ways to help prevent it?

    please i just really need ot know this info...in a few sentences please dont write a whole page

    • ANSWER:
      Brain cancer for adults is not as common as lung, prostate, breast, colon, and stomach cancer.
      Any particular group: it can affect young children aged 0-10 very common in girls and older people 65+
      It sometimes is genetic
      To prevent it, live a healthy lifestyle, eat plenty of anti-oxidants and recognize the symptoms of brain cancer quickly before it is too late (in stages 3-5)
      Symptoms: Amnesia, fever for week+, intense headaches, nightmares, swollen lymph nodes, loss of function in hands, feet, thought.
      hope this helps

    Can a mexican citizen get an emergency Visa to visit a terminally ill daughter?
    Daughter has brain cancer and is in the terminal stages of her illness.

    • ANSWER:
      There is no emergency visa for that purpose. The father can apply for a B-2 visitor's visa at the nearest US consulate. He will need to show strong ties to Mexico, such as a good job, property ownership, and immediate family members like a wife remaining behind. He should provide copies of medical records and proof of the relationship. If the father never lived unlawfully in the US, then his chances are pretty good.

    How long can someone survive brain cancer?
    I'm writing a story, and the character has brain cancer. She will pass away, but I don't know how long that would take. A friend of mine's mother recently had brain cancer, and was given four months to live, but she passed away within a couple weeks of that statement.
    Will doctors always give you how long you're expected to live, or only when it seems real bad? About when will they hospitalize you? (I'm sorry if this is offensive to anyone)

    • ANSWER:
      I've seen survivals from weeks to months to years with brain tumors.
      Every person is different.
      Even a cancer specialist like me cannot possibly know
      how much time a person has.
      People push us to make guesses especially family members..
      We do have averages for tumor types and stages.
      But we are always wrong for an individual.
      Doctors do not GIVE people so long to live. I hate hearing it put this way.
      If WE decided - all of our patients would immortal.
      What really gets me is a family pushing to know a survival time in a 90 year old.
      By statistics, he or she should have died over ten years earlier.

    What type of brain cancer kills you the fastest?
    I am writing a paper about problems that people go through with diseases and i am making my girl have brain cancer. I was wondering if you can help me by telling me which one you die the fastest withh. thanks

    • ANSWER:
      stage 4 Glioblastoma multiforme brain tumor

    Please help, my fiancé is 23 and has lost both his parents to cancer in the last year?
    My fiancé is 23 and has lost both of his parents to cancer in the last year... His dad passed just this morning and I have never dealt with the death of a loved one until now. For the last 5 months I have been taking care of my finances father that was dying of lung and brain cancer... I watched him go from driving himself to treatments to forgetfulness to falling to bedridden to coma and then death. I got really attached to him and he treated me like a daughter (which I lack in my life given my biological fathers selfish choices).
    Last year my finances mother passed away from breast cancer that metastasized so much to the point of having 7 different types of cancer before she passed. Not 3 weeks after her death his father was diagnosed with stage 4B lung cancer, my fiancé didn't even have time to mourn his mother's death before his dad started chemo. As of now he has lost 7 family members in 5 years and only has one aunt that lives a thousand miles away and a sister that is coping by running, so it's just us. I feel very sad and very concerned, as well as ill-equipped for the situation..I can't seem to control my emotions, I miss him already I can't imagine what my fiancé REALLY feels on the inside.. Any thoughts, tips, or encouraging comments would be deeply appreciated

    • ANSWER:

    How long before you see the negative side effects of starving?
    Last winter I was at my lowest weight. I got there through unhealthy measures: starving, over-exercising and purging (vomiting). I still wasn't happy with my weight and was hoping to lose another 5 pounds but my mother brought me to a therapist followed by many visits to an eating disorder clinic where there was a team of specialists. However, last month on March 24, my dad collapsed. He was rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. This was obviously devastating to me and my family. I'm so ashamed of my first thoughts after hearing the news "Maybe this will be the epiphany I've been waiting for. Maybe now I'll finally be thin enough". I was mourning my father too of course but my eating disorder controlled my life at the time. My twisted mind hoped that tragedy would lead me to lose more weight but the opposite happened. People no longer say I'm too skinny or compliment me on my weight loss or look concerned. They don't think anything's wrong because now I'm "average". But the thoughts haven't gone away. I still hear them in my head. I feel like a fat failure and want control and thinness back into my life. How long can I starve (only a small portion of green beans a day) without losing my hair, becoming ice-cold to the touch, have brittle nails, etc.

    • ANSWER:

    How does someone survive cancer 8 times?
    It seems impossible, but I was reading about a woman who is an 8x cancer survivor. I will list these diagnosis times below.

    1. November 14, 1995 diagnosed with stage 2-3 breast cancer

    2. June 30, 1997 diagnosed with brain cancer

    3. May 28, 2001 diagnosed with liver cancer

    4. August 27, 2002 diagnosed with cancer again

    5. December 9, 2009 diagnosed with bone cancer in the spine and pelvic areas, lung cancer, and liver cancer a third time.

    6. August 7, 2012 diagnosed with liver cancer a fourth time

    Please give me feedback if this is possible or not?

    • ANSWER:
      Dionne Warner is not using the correct terminology in the account of her cancer. I would say that each and every time that she has been diagnosed with a "new" cancer that it has been metastatic breast cancer each time. She has responded well to the treatment plans for her . . . and that's great!

      However, she does not now have liver cancer for the fourth time. She has a fourth recurrence of breast cancer in her liver. When the cancer to the bones was staged as a "stage IV," that in and of itself indicates breast cancer metastases. http://www.cancersurvivorinthecity.com/story.php

      I wish her the best in her future treatments. Her cancer is quite aggressive, but her treatments seem to work each time for her. However, she does herself and the general public a grave disservice by not calling the cancer for what it is . . . metastatic disease.

      I'm hoping my bone metastases go the same route as hers . . . into some sort of remission!

    How did she end up with Gliobastoma Multiforme?
    My best friend who is only 15 was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer (GBM). We were doing some research and they said it was most likely found in men, and men that were over 50. She's a 15 year old girl. I was wondering why she may have gotten this when its more likely for an older man? It is something herditary?

    PS please pray for her shes on chemo and has been given 6 months to live. but i want her to see her 16th birthday in december.

    • ANSWER:
      Tell her any decent doctor would not give her a death sentence like 6 months to live. A good doctor never gives up. Also suggest she look into Avastin...it's newly approved for gbms. My gbm is also grade 4 and I'm 23. There's no research for people her age or my age...or very few studies. It is most common in men and senior citizens (over the age of 70), but it can effect everyone. It is not a hereditery cancer or tumor. I went through surgery, then 6 1/2 weeks of radiation (which both did great reduction to my tumor) then a year of temodar (oral chemo) which didn't work for me, but does great for most people, now I am on Avastin and an IV chemo which has been working well so far :) The sad part is that gbms are infamous for coming back over and over...most likely this is something she will fight forever. I was told after it's gone I've got about 5 to 6 years until I can expect to see a new one. My first isn't even gone and I've already had a 2nd and gotten rid of the 2nd. I was diagnosed in Dec 08. Best of luck to your friend. She will be in my thoughts. <3

    is there anyway to be fully cured from a brain tumor or brain cancer?
    if its found very early on?

    melanoma brain cancer? can it be cured ?

    • ANSWER:
      What you are describing is not a brain tumor or brain cancer it is metastatic melanoma that has traveled from the primary location to the brain. There is a difference. Brain tumors are composed of cells found within the brain while metastatic cancer from the breast, skin or lungs would all be composed of cells from the breast, skin or lungs that have traveled to the brain. The answer is that it is possible for an individual with metastatic cancer that has traveled to the brain to be treated successfully. Lance Armstrong had metastatic testicular cancer that traveled to the brain . . he had the mets surgically removed. There are various treatments that can be used for mets that have traveled to the brain . . including some types of chemo which crosses the blood/brain barrier, cyberknife, different types of radiation, and complete surgical removal. There are too many variables to guarantee any of these treatments .. you can only take a chance.

      There is no known 'cure' for cancer . . but there is treatments that can lead to an individualized 'cure' based on patient age, overall health, location of disease, type of disease, stage of disease, grade of tumor, and patients response to first line treatment.

    How to help some one with cancer in Afghanistan?
    Hello my moms aunt daughter has brain cancer she has been passing out she visited Pakistan they said that she will die if she went under operation. I was wondering if she might have any help here in America or some organization that can fly her here and do an operation. Please she has had a hard life and her mother also.
    Thank you for your time.

    • ANSWER:
      My best wishes to your family during this difficult time. Below is the link for the American Cancer Society. You may wish to contact them via e-mail and explain the situation. Although I don't know the name, there are charitable organizations specifically created to help people battling cancer (who lack the resources).

      She may also consider enrolling in a clinical trial for her specific type of cancer. The clinic actually pays the patients for volunteering to participate. Below is the "clinical trials" page from the National Cancer Society. They will need to know the type, stage and grade of her cancer.


      You and your family are in my prayers.

    What does chemotherapy do for prostate cancer?
    My father is 82 years old with prostate cancer stage 4 (presently in the lymph nodes only, not yet bones).

    He thinks his doctors is going to sign him up for chemotherapy later this year because his PSA seems to be rising and his hormone therapy its not working.

    Which is worst, hormone or chemotherapy? And after chemotherapy, do you think he can go back to hormone?


    • ANSWER:
      1. The progress that has been made in the treatment of prostate cancer has resulted from development of better treatments in patients with more advanced stages of cancer and participation in clinical studies. While some progress has been made in the treatment of metastatic prostate cancer, the majority of patients still succumb to cancer and better treatment strategies are clearly needed. Future progress in the treatment of prostate cancer will result from continued participation in appropriate clinical studies. Currently, there are several areas of active exploration aimed at improving the treatment of prostate cancer.
      Chemotherapy: Because hormone therapy is not curative and only controls metastatic prostate cancer for a certain amount of time, efforts are underway to discover more effective systemic therapy. Recently, several chemotherapeutic drugs have demonstrated the ability to kill prostate cancer cells in patients with recurrent cancer. Developing and exploring single or multi-agent chemotherapy agents as a treatment approach for patients with metastatic prostate cancer is an area of active investigation. In particular, the chemotherapy drugs Novantrone®, Taxotere®, paclitaxel and estramustine are being evaluated in patients with newly diagnosed metastatic prostate cancer.
      Select patients with recurrent prostate cancer have been shown to live longer when treated with Taxotere compared to standard chemotherapy.
      In a direct comparison of treatment with Taxotere®/prednisone to the historical standard treatment–mitoxantrone/prednisone–patients treated with Taxotere survived more than a year and a half (19 months), on average, compared to 16.5 months for patients treated with mitoxantrone.[4] There also appears to be a similar improvement in survival when Taxotere is combined with the chemotherapy drug estramustine.[5]
      Combination Therapy: The growth of prostate cancers can be slowed but not eliminated by using drugs that block the effect of hormones on prostate cancer cells. Combining hormonal therapy with chemotherapy treatment appears promising.
      Targeted Therapy:-is worth trying. Why? Because----

      TARGET THERAPY* It is the God-given therapy communicated to the mankind through THE RIGVEDA, one of the Hindu scriptures.

      Target Therapy with the aid of Acupressure Techniques & Indian Natural Remedies, comprising Ayurveda-[ Using Patented Ayurveda Food & Nutrition Supplements manufactured India and USA, approved by USFDA, in KOSHER, HALAL, GMP, ISO ETC., and made available at Stores in your vicinity in 40 countries all over the globe. No Side Effects.], Homeopathy, Bio-chemic salts, Herbal Remedies, Yoga/Meditation, Magneto-therapy, Sidha, etc., U can have sizable & perceivable cure/relief in 45-90 days. @ no/affordable costs, No side effects, and No Hospitalization.
      U may try it for any incurable disease including cancer of any organ[s], post-surgical recurrence of tumors, Leukemia, ADD/ADHD, HIV/AIDS, Prostate caner, Crohn’s Syndrome, Gilbert’s Syndrome, colon cancer, Thalassemia, Alzheimer’s Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy, Autism, bone TB., Tinnitus, all brain & spinal cord disorders, CLL, Crohn’s Syndrome, endometriosis, etc.,

      PS. If satisfied/benefited with, inform others to browse 'Yahoo Answers’ on any health issue.

    in what are of the brain in the tumor encroaching ?
    Your grandfather is in the end stages of brain cancer. On the day before he dies, his respiration rate jumps from 15 breaths per minute to 30 breaths per minute, and his heart rate climbs to 160 beats per minute. In what area of the brain do you think that the tumor is encroaching? Why?

    • ANSWER:
      I believe it would be different depending on the situation and each their own ability at the time, would cause us all to differ.

    what is the advantage of seeking a divorce when one is terminally ill?
    A married couple, one terminal, the one terminal is leaving everthing to his adult sons from a first marriage and leaving nothing to the current spouse. Why divorce at this stage? He is terminal with brain cancer and acting totally out of character.

    • ANSWER:
      could be for many reasons..

      Could be he feels he cant control what is happening to him, and this give him a sense of being in control....
      Could be he doesnt want to be a burden on his family and in his own selfish mind right now he's doing what he thinks is best for all concerned..
      Could be that he just isnt thinking and just wants to live out the rest of his life the way he wants.

      Now i really dont understand how he could leave everything to his adult sons.. until your actually divorced, because up till then the spouse is next of kin and could fight the will if she had to..
      Depending on how long the married couple were married, even in a divorce she'd get half of anything that was accumalated in the marriage, house, finances, retirement, etc.. so it would depend on the length of their marriage for that.. but ive never been dying so i cant say what his rational is right now.. or where ur marriage was before he found out he was so sick.. but he's going to do what he has to do.. and if he wants a divorce then really theres no way of stopping him..

    What is the life expectancy of an Alzheimer's patient with Brain Cancer?
    My grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer's about 4 years ago. She had previously had breat, cervical, and rectal cancer. She was diagnosed with lung cancer in December. The doctor said it would spread slowly. It has now spread into her brain and bloodstream. We found out today about the brain cancer, so apparently it is not a slow spreading cancer? Approximately how long would she have to live? Anything information that would help would be great! Thank You
    The breast, cervical, and rectal cancer are cured. Now is it the lung cancer, brain cancer, and alzheimers disease

    • ANSWER:
      If her breast cancer was the first diagnosis, then she probably now has stage 4 breast cancer. Alzheimer's is terminal and so is stage 4 breast cancer. Nobody knows how long, but I imagine the time is short.

      Well the cancer wasn't cured or it wouldn't have spread to her brain.

    How treatable is brain cancer?
    I have brain cancer, I'm 13, and I'm very, very scared.
    I do have brain cancer, actually. Not every sad story on here is fake, you insensitive b!tch.

    • ANSWER:
      It depends on how far it's spread and what stage it's in


      In most cases, if it's early or it's just in a small region, it is removable.

      You have a right to be scared, but chill out okay? Doctors are professionals (well, mostly), and can be trusted with about anything medical.
      Doesn't mean doctors are stupid, but they should be able to know allot about cancer. If they can't handle it, then they will most likely send you to a higher-up doctor.

    How exactly does cancer kill you? For instance breast or colon cancer?
    I understand brain cancer or lung because if those parts of you die you do as well. But im confused because i'v asked everyone, but no one really can make me understand. And why do some people survive and others dont? Is it a matter of a will to live? Do some people just give up Hope? I really need to know these answers! Can anyone help????

    • ANSWER:
      You have a number of good answers already.
      This is my medical specialty, so I have seen death from breast cancers and colon cancers many hundreds of times.

      Colon cancers usually like to go to the liver where they eventually cause liver failure. They do not become "liver cancer" - it is colon cancer growing in the liver. Retroperitoneal lymph nodes and the lungs may also be sites of spread for colon cancers. For unknown reasons, colon cancers do not like to go to the brain or the bones. In some cases it is a matter of tumor volume causing weakening and malnutrition of the person affected. In those cases a late infection can cause death.

      Breast cancers go almost anywhere - brain, bones, bone marrow, liver, lungs, adrenal glands, ovaries - but usually not the heart. (Only melanomas seem to metastasize to the heart.) So breast cancers can end life by causing "end organ failure" due to involvement of vital places such as the lungs, liver, and brain - or there can just be an overwhelming tumor burden that the body cannot support - again the general weakening effect and late stage infection such as pneumonia.

      Remember that breast cancer spread to the bone is not "bone cancer" - it is still malignant breast tissue that is growing in the bones which might respond to - but not be cured by - hormonal therapy.

      Hope this isn't too grisly for you. These are bad diseases when widespread. The best situation is to catch breast or colon cancers early with screening. Both are usually cured when caught early. Once breast cancers or colon cancers are clearly evident as visible metastatic disease, neither is considered curable in today's medicine. The people who are cured - and there are millions in the U.S. - are the ones diagnosed earlier in the stage of their diseases.

    How do I start a charity for my aunt?
    Recently my aunt was admitted to the hospital due to breathing problems and tests have proven she has cancer in both lungs. Today more tests have shown brain cancer. My family is devastated and I want to help raise money to help any payments that need to be made. Do any of you know how or what I must do? I'm at a complete lost besides just getting a jar, putting her story on it in random places?? I don't want my aunt to lose this battle :( She is in her early 50s.

    • ANSWER:
      The cancer she has is in the end stages. Her care may focus more on palliative care and remaining comfortable. She probably doesn't have more than a couple of months left at this point so spend your time with her wisely and have fun and keep by her side . Be there for her . Focusing on raising money may take up all of the time you have left to spend with her. Go to the American Cancer society site and see if they have a list of charities in your area that can help with her expenses also ask the social worker at the hospital she is in for the same..
      Best wishes.

    stage 4 lung cancer, brain cancer and pulmonary tuberculosis?
    my husband has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, brain cancer and pulmonary tuberculosis. what are the chances of treatment for these 3 altogether? i've heard anti-cancer drugs dont work well with tuberculosis treatment. is it all doomed?

    • ANSWER:

    Is brain tumour at third stage is curable?
    Hi,my friend is suffering from severe headache from last few months.SOme times this headache cause blurred vision.he is becoming weak day by day.Doctors are saying he has brain cancer at 3rd stage.Can please suggest me best doctor & best hospital for brain cancer in Chennai or in India?can this cancer is curable at this stage?

    • ANSWER:
      Primary brain cancer isn't staged; it's graded. Did he have a brain scan? A biopsy? Surgery? Is he having radiation and chemotherapy? We never say brain cancer is curable because it can and many times does, grow back eventually. My brain cancer was grade 3 and it was removed and I went through radiation and chemo together, then 6 more months of chemo. My surgery was in september of 2008 and I get scans every few months and so far, no sign of any regrowth.

    Final stages of brain cancer are taking place? How long will they last before death occurs?
    Once the final stages such as sleeping loads, dry mouth, no response when talking to them or touching them. Not able to move at all, no food or drink consumption and not talking for the last 24 hours. How long would you say? :-( just need to prephare my self...

    • ANSWER:
      I am so sorry that you have to witness this but at that stage unfortunately there is very little time left ,usually the person is sleeping a lot because of the medication and therefore will slip into unconsciousness and I would think that is where your patient is now.It is would be impossible to say but the next days will tell a lot as other complications can set in .I think you are dealing with this in a sensible manner as the time is near and you are right to be prepared but I'm not sure you can ever be prepared enough .Take care .

    I have had chemo and radiation two years ago and still am so tired. Any remedies?
    I have had uterine cancer stage 3a plus an acoustic neuroma on my brain which I underwent gamma knife surgery for, plus thyroid surgery and Its been two years and I am soo tired.Any help?

    • ANSWER:
      I've never had cancer or cancer treatment, but I do have trouble with fatigue because I can't get any vitamin B 12 from my food.

      If I were you, I'd schedule a full physical..be sure to tell them that you want full blood work done, screening for anemia or vitamin deficiencies or anything else the doctor might think would be an issue for YOU.

      It probably wouldn't hurt you to start taking vitamins without talking to medical personnel first, but in your case, I wouldn't want to rule out any other medical issues you haven't thought of.

    is being sleepy all the time a sign that the cancer is taking hold?
    my father has brain cancer and has been constantly sleepy, more so than staying awake, what's the reason possibly?

    • ANSWER:
      You don't say what stage cancer your father has, but being constantly sleepy is one sign that the cancer is taking hold. From the Hospice website article "Preparing for Approaching Death: The person may spend an increasing amount of time sleeping, and appear to be uncommunicative or unresponsive and at times be difficult to arouse. This normal change is due in part to changes in the metabolism of the body." http://www.hospicenet.org/html/preparing_for.html This is what happened to both my father and father-in-law who both died of cancer.

      The increased sleepiness could also be from his medications. If your father is no longer receiving treatments for his cancer, I strongly urge you to contact Hospice to help guide you through this difficult process. They are wonderful. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

    What stage of brain cancer would my grandma be in?
    She was diagnosed with lung cancer last winter/early spring and had surgery to remove it this mid-summer. It was assumed that the cancer was completely eliminated, but now she's having troubles again that point to the cancer spreading to her brain. She's had headaches for a couple weeks now and overall has been pretty sick (bad cough and bad headaches).
    She's getting a call from the doctor sometime this week, but if you had to take a guess at which stage she's at now, what would you say?

    • ANSWER:
      Brain cancer is not staged and there is no reason to believe she has brain cancer.
      If you are thinking she has brain mets, which she has not been diagnosed with anything yet, but if she did it would still be lung cancer and it would be stage 4.
      There is no guessing about it.
      It does not depend on a lot of things and clearly there is a stage for this.
      It is what I do for a living.

    What are the survival rates of brain cancer?
    What are the general survival rates for a brain tumor based on the stage it is diagnosed- grade 1, 2, 3, and 4?

    • ANSWER:
      Here is a site that talks about the survival rates of brain cancer. Overall it's about 33% of people diagnosed that are still alive after 5 years.

      This site discusses in great detail the different stages of brain cancer and what each type means. It also talks about the different prognoses for each type. There are links on the site about other information pertaining to brain cancer.

      I hope this information helps you! If you or someone you know is affected by this disease, best wishes for you!

    Does anyone know of a great cancer treatment center?
    My uncle was recently diagnosed with colon cancer stage four, liver cancer, pancreas cancer and brain cancer. He also has diabetes. Doctors say he has probably had this for about eight years, but was never diagnosed. He is given only two months to live. Anyone know of any centers, treatments or survival stories that apply?

    • ANSWER:
      Gerson Therapy Clinic. Dr Max Gerson's most famous patient was nobel prize winner, Dr. Albert Schweitzer - cured of advanced diabetes at the age of 75.

      To apply for admission to a Gerson Clinic>>>

      Gerson Therapy>>>

      Charlotte Gerson on Alternative Cancer Treatments>>>

      "When you truly heal, the body heals everything." - Charlotte Gerson.

      Subject: Brain Cancer

      Case 35 in A Cancer Therapy. Presented by Dr. Gerson in 1946 to U.S. Senate Committee. Ulcer biopsied, U.S. Army, August, 1944: basal cell carcinoma. Surgery removed right mastoid cancer. Recurred April, 1945. Discharged, no treatment. Carried to Dr. Gerson, crying in severe pain, left eye swollen closed, right eye barely open. October, 1945, X-rays showed fist sized tumor at base of skull growing into brain. Almost gone in four weeks. Complete recovery. Remained free of cancer for 49 years. Died of heart attack 1994.

      Subject: Colon Cancer

      1953, blood in stool, pain, weakness. Head of Rectal Surgery, Stanford University Medical School did biopsy: malignant polyp 13 cm up from rectum. Doctor stated that without colostomy, she had less than 10% chance of survival. Went to Dr. Gerson's New York clinic in October, 1953. Recovered. Married in 1955. No more migraines after therapy began. Alive and well over 40 years later.

      Subject: Liver Cancer

      1974, jaundiced. Portland, Oregon hospital liver scan and biopsy proved cancer. Given three to five weeks to live in January, 1975. Weight down to 67 lb. Sent home in severe pain, heavy drugs, semi-coma, hopeless prognosis. Family started Gerson Therapy at home. Able to leave bed in three months, no more pain or drugs. Regained normal 115 lb. weight. Remained well, cancer-free for twenty years. Passed away 1995, age 90, of causes other than cancer.

      Subject: Pancreatic Cancer

      In pain, vomiting blood. Pancreas cancer biopsied January, 1986. CAT scan showed tumor in liver, spleen, gall bladder. Given hopeless prognosis. Began Gerson Therapy in Mexican hospital March, 1986. Patient says "complete turnaround in 10 days." Recovery shown by CAT scan 6 months later amazed her Canadian doctor. Enjoys work, grandchildren. Feels "really good" nine years later.

      Subject: Diabetes

      Medical problems from 1944. Treated until 1979. Heart, coronary artery disease. Diabetes drugs after 1965. Poor control of legs, feel. Cushing's syndrome (adrenal disease, obesity, fatigue, weakness, osteoporosis, edema, infections). Pneumonia twice/year. Enlarged liver. Arthritis in all joints. Anxiety, ataxia, confusion, aphasia. Alzheimer's (premature old age) diagnosed. Years on drugs, many surgeries. Began Gerson Therapy in Mexican hospital October, 1979. Rapidly improved. All diseases gone, no drugs. Astounded her doctors. Remains active, well 18 years later.

    How effective is oral chemotherapy?
    My grandmother just started oral chemotherapy and radiation today due to her having stage 4 brain cancer that is aggressive. What will be her side effects?

    • ANSWER:
      Well first of all, primary brain cancer isn't staged, so I assume you mean grade four which would be glioblastoma multiforme. That's the most deadly form of brain cancer. If she had surgery and IF they removed the entire tumor, her chances of living a few years is much greater than if they could only debulk it. I've not known any with gbm that temodar worked on for long. They usually end up in clinical trials. PCV and/or avastin seems to give a little more time...
      I was on temodar while getting rads for 6 weeks. Lost hair where rads hit, thyroid swelled because it was hit with rads, so my risk of thyroid cancer just increased. I have a spot on my head where surgery was that hair won't regrow. Temodar after rads was a much higher dose and made me extreeeemly fatigued. Many patients' blood panels drop and chemo has to be postponed, but mine was always normal. Zofran was a lifesaver for me. I just took it before my chemo and never threw up once. I ran out and forgot to refill my zofran once, so I took another anti nausea and threw up for 5 hours straight. This September 1 will be my 2 yr anniversary since my surgery.

      Yeah, Reid is a dipstik.

      Depending also, if tumor was removed, she will only have steroids for a short time and if she is still having seizures after surgery, she will be put on keppra also. I had no more seizures and was only on roids for a week after surgery.

    If the psa and gleason score is low, can the cancer still spread to the bones?
    For prostate cancer patients stage 4? Or not likely?
    (its currently in the lymph nodes)
    Is it true that bone metastases does not result in pain ?

    • ANSWER:
      I found complete relief from very painful sinus by giving up water and other liquids for 48 hours. That was 3 years back and no sinus since then. Earlier I used to get sinus 2-3 times in a year with extreme body pain and fever of 105. There was an additional factor. For last 2-3 years I was drinking 1 glass of water 1 hour before each meal and no other water or liquids during the day.

      Since then I tried the same approach on lot of other ailments - like renal failure, slip disk, dry skin, dandruff, constipation, mouth ulcers, dry eye syndrome etc. The result were shocking.

      I had been wearing spectacles since the age of 15 i.e. for last 34 years. I have been trying eye exercises since begining with practically no benefits. Last 3 months I started eye exercises in a different way. It gave benefits in a number of areas. Better concentration and memory, better digestion, clearing of dark eye circles, no head aches etc.

      I wonder that cough effects every nerve in the nearby area. Food pipe is also close by. So it effects that as well. All mental problems also arise because of excess water. I am quite hopeful that drinking water and liquids on alternate days and giving up water and liquids on other days as a way of recovery from cancer and all other diseases. Eye exercises is additional way of speeding up recovery from cancer and other diseases.

      Dark eye circles are caused due to nasal congestion. Dark eye circles are also due to gluten intolerance and celiac diseases. That is a clear indication that cough effects eye muscles, brain, entire gastric system and could be responsible for cancer.

      General Guidelines -

      Give up water and all other liquids for 24 hours. To avoid dehydration keep indoors. In case of cancer repeat this after every 24 hours.
      On other days drink 1 glass of water 1 hour before each meal. The total water intake on these days should not be more than 3 glasses.

      There are 3 main or rather only common symptoms of cancer -
      1) The cells are not able to produce 38 units of energy that is done in case of normal cells.
      2) The stomach acid is very low.
      3) Tumours or general swelling.

      The reason and logic for the above in short is as under -
      The cells of the human body are at the lowest level of producing energy. To produce energy cells burn glucose in presence of oxygen.
      When there is more water in the cell then the energy producing capacity of the cell is significantly reduced. Reduced energy by the cells cause build up of water outside the cells as well. That causes pain in the entire body due to constant excess weight on the cells.
      Continued less burning of glucose also causes accumulation of other minerals in the cell. That causes the cells to swell up.
      This does not happen overnight.
      There are various checks in the body to avoid build up of water in the cells. Like whenever there is change in atmosphere temperature the body adjusts the amount of water that cells carry. When this adjustments fails due to some reason the body tries various modes to get rid of the excess water - sinus, cold and cough, adrelin levels, water reduction thru increased urine etc.
      There are certain other complications that happen due to build up of excess water in the cells. One is build up of bacteria and infections in the body.
      These bacteria or infections cause the increase in the body temperature. The increased temperature takes care of the situation.

      What is the reason for cancer. Same. There are tumours in all kind of cancers. The tumours are caused due to cells not dieing. The reason for cells not dieing is cells not producing enough energy and that prolongs their life cycle.
      What is the cure for cancer. The cure for cancer and all other common ailments is same. I found that sinus, cold, cough, IBS, skin blood clots, slip disk, dry skin, mouth ulcers, renal failure etc can be cured effectively by giving up water and all other liquids for 24 hours to 48 hours. This has been tested on more than 50 persons so far. Thru Yahoo Answers this same been tested on more than 100 people but I do not have conclusive proof of this. The cerainity with which relief is produced in 24 hours gives enough hope for cancer cure in 15 days.

      After treatment of cancer patients with chemo etc they are asked to avoid getting in touch people with cold and cough. The chances of such people catching infection is more.

      By giving up water what happens in the body. The blood acids go up by 10% in 24 hours due to reduction in water content by 5% of body weight. That produces enough heat in the body. That causes the infections not to grow, water to come down, there will be more energy production. Increase in body temperature is enough indiction of antibodies becoming more effective. Google on fever and treatment.

    Does anyone know of a great cancer treatment center?
    My uncle was recently diagnosed with colon cancer stage four, liver cancer, pancreas cancer and brain cancer. He also has diabetes. Doctors say he has probably had this for about eight years, but was never diagnosed. He is given only two months to live. Anyone know of any centers, treatments or survival stories that apply?

    • ANSWER:
      Your uncle needs a center of excellence for colon cancer. You can use this map in the box below to find a center close to you. Then you need to find out if the ones near you have good experts in colorectal cancer.

      Try to get on a clinical trial if possible as, apart from very strange alternative therapies, it is probably his only chance at surviving this.

    what the survival rate of a patient of brain cancer after having a major brain surgery ?
    Sis-in-law has under gone a major brain surgery and 90%of the cancer has been removed, does her survival rate increase now?

    • ANSWER:
      Really sad to read.
      The exact response will only be given by treating Oncosurgeon,who knows the actual stage and will know Bx. report which will be helpful in deciding further needed therapy and it,s outcome and prognosis.

    Does anyone know what the future holds for my Grandma?
    My Grandma was recently diagnosed with lung cancer that has metasticed to her brain. Never smoked a day in her life! Her airways are fine, and no bad symptoms of the lung cancer. But she has had a seizure in her arm from the brain cancer.
    My question is, has anyone seen someone pass away from this? And if so, what happens as they progress through this until death? I just want to be prepared. She won't be doing any treatment due to it being a stage 4 and she is 83 years old.

    • ANSWER:
      I'm sorry; that doesn't sound good. We had a family friend who had lung cancer that metasticised to her brain. She was a smoker and was much younger than your grandmother. She was fortunate in that she passed away in her sleep and didn't suffer much at all. Best wishes to you and your grandmother.

    Why does a brain cancer patient develop slurred speech?
    I have a friend who's breast cancer has just spread to her brain. She is on many treatments, and her speech has become a little slurred, slowed, and sometimes difficult. What is causing this? Will it fix itself or stay like that forever?

    • ANSWER:
      There are several possibilities regarding the speech problem:

      * The tumor(s) are damaging her brain's speech center

      * The chemotherapy drugs and/or other medication are impacting her speech center

      * She had a stroke.

      Youir friend has stage 4 breast cancer with brain metastasis, so her prognosis is very poor. While chemo may slow the progress of her disease, you need to have realistic expectations about her future. The tone of your remark, "will it fix itself or stay like that forever?", suggests that you do not understand her prognosis.

    How close are we to finding a complete cure for cancer?
    I know several people who have had cancer, some have survived but others were not so lucky. To me, the word “cancer” has got to be the worst 6 letter word known to man-kind. It just fucking sucks.

    Chemo, radiation, surgery etc are not cures, only treatments. And yes sometimes they work, but a lot of the time they don’t.

    How close are we to finding a complete cure? Coz it really sucks that innocent people have to suffer like they do.

    • ANSWER:
      Here's a little comic that actually rather succinctly sums it up: http://www.phdcomics.com/comics/archive.php?comicid=1162

      We won't have a cure for cancer, because cancer isn't a single disease. It's hundreds. Thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands depending on how you count them. Sure, we call them all cancer, but each one is unique, though they share common features. Each one requires its own solution.

      We're inching forward. Painfully slowly up a hundred mountains. And there is progress. Testicular cancer now has something like a 99% cure rate. Inflammatory Breast cancer went from a 1% survival rate to 60% in the late 1990s. That's not perfect but find me someone who will take a one a hundred shot over a 6 in ten.

      There's a lab I ran a quarter ago for upper division undergraduates. I give them a culture of cancer cells, in a dish, MCF7, a breast cancer cell line. There are two variations of it, differing only very very slightly - they're actually taken from the same patient. Same patient. Same cancer. And then we give them some of the drugs that kill cancer cells and let them see what happens. The drugs work very well on one MCF7. They don't work at all on the other MCF7. And keep in mind, these cancer cells are from one woman.

      There's some very promising things. We've got technology and techniques available to make a new kind of vaccine that can teach the body's immune system to go out and kill cancer cells much better than it would otherwise. They're testing some of them now. In five, ten years maybe we could have a shot that could stop you from getting melanoma - that's better than a cure. You never get it.

      But that's one type of cancer. A big nasty one. That same treatment won't work on breast cancer, or bone cancer, or brain cancer.

      There's a team in the lab down the hall from me that works on chemically engineering a better way to kill cancer cells - tools that can take a cancer drug that we now have to administer through an IV, and hit every cell in the body with, and make it so that it only goes to the cancer cells.

      There was another team, not one I know but one that published recently, that took the T-cells out of two patients with Stage 4 Melanoma - a certain death sentence on a very short time scale. They reprogrammed these T-cells genetically, put them back into the patients and the T-cells exterminated the cancer. Fully. That was a total cure, at least in the short term, but it cost millions of dollars of research and weeks of labor by dozens of people to make those cells. Maybe it will be usable some day - and we'll be able to take a blood sample from someone with cancer, tinker with their cells, and make something that will go in and exterminate it.

      A professor in a university near mine took the DNA for one of the genes that's broken in cancer cells- a gene that kills them when they become cancerous. He wrapped the DNA in millions and millions of little plastic balls, so small that they squished the DNA down, and could slip it into a cell. He then used it to put that gene back in cancer cells in mice, in a lung cancer. It was incredibly effective - not a complete cure, not capable of killing the cancer totally, but it savaged it horribly. Much better than any other treatment. Maybe useful one day if they can work the kinks out.

      The thing is, don't go looking for some magic pill that you can take, that will kill every cancer ever. That's not going to happen. It's just not. Remember. Even what we call 'breast cancer' isn't just one type of identical cancer - I can think of at least five major types that are all nearly completely different just off the top of my head.

      It's a long slow road that needs lots of brilliant people working on incredibly difficult problems that are only small, tiny, tiny pieces out of the whole. It's frustrating. It's slow. But cancer - whatever type and whatever form does suck. You're right. But what we can do now was science fiction in 1990. If you'd gone to the best cancer scientist in the world in 1986 and listed those things I put up above, it wouldn't even be science fiction - they'd look at you like you flat out insane. It's important not to stop working just because the problem is so hard - but it's just as important to look back and get a sense of perspective at the amazing distance we've come in so short a time.

    How fast would the population grow if all cancer was cured?
    I want to calculate the population if a cure for cancer was found. I know that right now the growth rate is about 1.2% every year. What would this figure be if all cancer related deaths were taken out of the equation.

    • ANSWER:
      Umm.. cancer is ALREADY CURABLE. You can cure first stage cancer lesions with surgery where you remove the cancer cells with an added layer of healthy tissue to make sure no cancer cell is left. A lot of tumors respond insanely well to radiotherapy and chemotherapy and the person can be cured.

      Leukemia can be cured. Hodgkin Lymphoma can be cured. Heck, some kinds of brain cancer can be cured. Now, if you were telling me you had pancreatic cancer of any cellular type or an end-stage astrocytoma, I'd say you're out of luck and enjoy your last few months.

      And since most people that get cancer are no longer of childbearing age, the population wouldn't grow by the millions. It's probable the 70 year old guy that got cured of his prostate cancer will die tomorrow from a heart attack.

      Now, if you asked this very same question from diseases like diarrhea which is the #1 killer of children (people that obviously haven't reproduced yet) and which kills children by the hundreds of millions each year, then we can seriously state the world population would be severely altered.

    Is Glioblastoma relavent to my friend's weird habit?
    My friend is 15 with stage four brain cancer (glioblastoma multiforme). I know it can cause the person to do some strange things with their personality change that they may go through, but my friend has recently started doing something thats a little out of the ordinary: sleep texting. I was wondering if the changes in her brain have anything to do with this, because as much as its funny to read the interesting gibberish she send in the middle of the night, it also kind of worries me as her friend :P Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Is this an actual serious question?? Do you know much about gbm and how serious a disease it is? Has this friend gotten surgery and treatments for this? Brain cancer doesn't change your brain waves. The standard treatments for brain cancer don't cause any odd brain activity either. Maybe your friend can't sleep and is just bored.

    What is the percentage of people surviving stage 3b lung cancer?
    Cancer has reached an area in the brain? My dad has cancer, just wondering how long will he live. He was diagnosed about a month ago?
    He's already received radiation.

    • ANSWER:
      If the lung cancer has metastasized to the brain, it is stage IV.
      Survival at five years is 1% or one in a hundred.
      I personally have never seen a patient like this survive more than two years,
      and I saw hundreds of stage IV lung cancer patients.
      The following reference lists average length of survival at eight months.
      That would fit with my experience. That is an average.
      I lost some at less that six months and a few made it a year.
      Of course his medical oncologist or radiation oncologist who know your dad
      and his medical history would be the best ones to make guesses regarding
      survival. Go with your dad and ask them when your dad has a doctor's appointment.
      We have not seen your dad nor his x-ray studies.
      You have not even given us his age.
      So all we can do is show you statistics.
      He's had radiation ? Where - to the chest or the head or both ?
      - - - -
      Sorry to give you such bad news. I assume people on this site want honest answers.
      Was your dad a cigarette smoker ? Every single one of the many hundreds of people
      with lung cancers I saw in North Carolina had been a smoker. I estimated that the
      average person I saw with lung cancer had smoked half a million cigarettes before
      their diagnosis was made. Smoking causes 90% of the lung cancers in men.

    What is the survival rate of someone surviving cancer?
    My grandpa was diagnosed with brain, lung, and bone cancer about 1 1/2 months ago. He's taking chemotherapy and it's making him really sick. I wish he could live forever but I know that day is going to come. Does chemotherapy even help at all, because I heard that some people die of radiation poisoning, rather than of the cancer? I don't really know how long he's had cancer or how severe it is because I don't like to talk about it. The doctor said he had like 60% or something, but im not sure.

    • ANSWER:
      Cancer is a terrible thing. 3 months after my nana was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer she had a major operation. The doctor said even if it does work shell have 5 years at the most if she's lucky. This wis the worst cancer to get though. 3 months later they said it was successfully removed. 4 months after that they said that it was removed it was back and she could do chemo and have the chance to lengthen her life about 1 year or 2. 5 months after she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer she passed. Se did chemo and everything but got really sick an the chemo made her body weak. She had to undergo a stomach operation again, but her body got so weak after all this has happend in 2 years and just couldn't handle it. She stayed on a breathing machine uncontious for the last week of her life in icu. Cancer didn't cause her death completely but it did cause some of it because the chemo messed her up and everything made her so weak. She had a 1% chance of making it out of the first surgery and everything being okay. The secret to those extra months was praying. Signing up for pray groups, supporting her, and just remembering every chance we get with her is special, not wasting a minute.

      Best of luck. He could make it out of it but he could be in sever pain and be uncomfortable. So it's really up to him because max years left could be 5. Complications do happen when you go through chemo and it really makes you weak. Best of luck.

      Thoughts and prayers go out to you an your family.

    What are the final stages of brain and spinal cancer?
    I have a brother dieing of cancer . Please help me to understand the final stages of what he is going thru and what I can expect. Help me to understand his pain and how to deal with it.

    • ANSWER:
      My heart goes out to you and your family at this time. I know what it's like to walk a family member through the stages of dying and then to be there when it takes place to see them out of this life.

      Your brother will be provided with pain medication, most likely morphine sulfate. He will kept as pain-free as possible and the morphine will be administered on a routine basis and for breakthrough pain. The idea will be to prevent pain rather than treat pain.

      What can you expect? Not all people experience all the phenomena of end-stage brain & spinal cancers. These are decreased mobility and muscle wasting, incontinence, preoccupation or distancing, headaches, increased sleeping, decreased eating, increasing confusion, childlike behaviors, hallucinations, difficulty with speech or conversation, personality changes, agitation, seizures, vision changes or blindness, references to travel or the end of life, nausea and vomiting, decreased talking, decreased drinking, swallowing problems, inability to keep eyes open for very long, low-grade fever, restless legs, serenity, coma, changes in breathing and death.

      These are more or less in order of occurrence. Help your brother face his impending death by helping him resolve any conflicts, by helping him find meaning in his life. The entire family can review his life and point out the good things he's done, how much he's contributed and how important he is to each of you. It's okay to talk about death and how very much you'll miss him. Don't avoid using the words "death" and "dying". Use them as often as appropriate. Don't use euphenisms like "passing" or "leaving". These words avoid the truth of what is happening. Answer any questions he may have as honestly as you can. Help him through the stages of anticipatory grieving by going through these stages with him. Assure him that he is loved without question. And finally, tell him it's okay to die and he won't die alone. Keep your word to him. His last breath will a sigh. Very gentle, very peaceful and very final.

    besides the seven signs of cancer are there any other ways of finding out if a person has the disease?
    Recently a neighbour died from cancer. Although I visited this person, I could not tell. A relative said that the doctor found fluid on his lungs and could do nothing about it.What are some of the common and not so common signs of cancer whether in male or female?

    • ANSWER:
      No, you cannot tell . . because the body is a large place . . and cancer refers to one cell that has mutated and begun to grow. Cancer is a progressive disease, which means it will start out very, very small and grow indefinitely. Cancer is your own cells . . any one of them . . any of them at any given time can develop cancer . . a kidney cell is different than a brain cell that is different from a colon cell . . so there is absolutely no way to know in the early stages that you have cancer. The body does not recognize a tumor as anything foreign and can co-exist quite awhile with the tumor. It isn't until the late or advanced stages that you start to have symptoms . . sometimes . .

      Cancer is progressive . . it starts out small and grows . . when it gets big enough it may start to invade local tissue and cause some type of vague pain, uneasiness, or other symptom. By the time cancer becomes noticed it is usually already large, more than one, and it may have metastasized which means it send new metastatic cells into the blood stream. Those new cancer cells can travel anywhere in the body and start a whole new colony of cancer. That is probably what happened to your neighbor. Cancer is often not that painful until the very end stages . . it will hurt only if the tumor is invading tissue, disrupting body functions, or pressing on nerves. Otherwise . . no pain.

      Wish there were more signs . . but the truth is that cancer can be totally misdiagnosed for quite some time . . especially in young people.

    Can your organs just stop working with stage 4 cancer of bone and liver?
    Can your organs, brain, heart, lungs pancreas, spleen, gallbladder basically any of the vital organs stop working suddenly with stage 4 cancer. Not bedridden cancer yet.. Just cancer alone that is in the bone, lymph and liver.. Basically can they stop suddenly or would it be a gradual thing that you would get sicker and sicker. Anyone that knows would help.

    • ANSWER:
      It's a gradual process. My sister went through the same thing. Long story short, she ended up with cancer in every major organ in her body. As a nurse I would never have expected one person could live with so many cancers but she did. She live a year and half and ended up bed ridden and by the grace of God, died in her sleep. It's never that simple that organs just give out all at once. I wish you the best if your talking about yourself. God bless

    What to expect from someone with a brain tumor?
    My mom has stage 4 breast cancer which has now spread to her kidneys and brain, she was given 4 - 6 months of living left. What should we expect down the road especially with the brain tumor?

    • ANSWER:
      Its hard to say how this will progress. There's probably at least two different paths that might occur. One one path, multiple organs start to fail and she could take a sudden turn for the worse before the brain cancer causes any symptoms. This path might be more likley if the kidney problems progress faster than the brain cancer.

      The other path is one where the brain cancer causes problems before organ failure occurs. This path is very difficult to predict since the effects of brain cancer depend on the precise locations where the tumors are located and the nature of the tumors. At one end of the spectrum of possibilities, she might suddenly lapse into a coma, and not recover. At the other end of the spectrum, neurological problems might slowly multiply and become more severe until a critical brain function is lost.

      Hopefully she will have little pain and keep a clear mind for much of her remaining time. Keep this in mind if faced with options that might prolong her life by few months versus treatments that will make her remaining days more pleasant.

    does any1 know where i can get a video about brain cancer research or donating 2 find a cure 4 it?
    i need 2 find a video 2 put on my myspace about fighing brain cancer. i do NOT want one that just talks about small kids....cause everyone can get it...not just small children. i want one that talk about how horrible it is or how you can help stop it or who you can donate to so they can study to find a cure....please help me

    • ANSWER:
      First off thanks for your efforts! My friend has had brain cancer for over a year now. There is a site I have heard of called young adult surving glioblastoma (stage 4 brain caner) http://www.yasg.com/
      The guy that started it also created movie I have never seen it but he documents his fight I believe he has since pasted away but if you to the site you might be able to get a copy of the video.
      Good luck!

    What is the chance of survival with these cancers?
    Brain, liver, lung and cervical.
    Someone close to me has all four.. what is her chance of survival if she just found out about a week ago?
    Ok well if i must be specific is started as cervical cancer and has obviously spread! I dnt know much about the detail, all i know is what she said. And I wouldn't think our best friends (and i mean they're literally our best friends and have been forever) would lie about cancer.. and she's been getting treatments every day.

    • ANSWER:
      I doubt very much she has all 4 of those cancers at once. She probably has a stage 4 cervical cancer which has a 5 year survival rate of 5%.

      EDIT: Yes survival rate are just statistics. They are based on over 50 years of information we have kept on cancer. In this case it means 5 years after diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer 5% are still alive. As the years progress the percentage declines. HPV does not cause cancer it is a risk factor for some.

      SECOND EDIT: If it started as cervical cancer it is still cervical cancer – it doesn’t turn into something else. Every type of cancer is a different disease, so yes you do need to be specific.

    why does my dying father keep taking his clothes off?
    my stepfather has stage four brain cancer and lately he keeps stripping down to his socks and underwear only.

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry to hear that. I'm expecting a loss in the family soon myself.

      I can think of 2 possible reasons for his stripping:

      1)His body heat is accumulating under the sheats & making him unbearably warm. I stirp down to my undies for bed in Spring & Summer. Ask if he would like a fan set towards his face as well.

      2)Sensitive skin from illness or sweating, chafing against him or tickling his nerves. I had that with food poisoning once. It just felt dreadfull to have enything touch the skin.

    What is the difference in inflammatory breast cancer and invasive breast cancer?
    Or is it the same thing because I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and while looking up info I keep seeing inflammatory and I just am wondering if its the same thing or not.

    • ANSWER:
      Inflammatory & invasive breast cancers are given these names because of the symptoms they present. But having one doesn't mean that you have the other. For example: a person can have a headache or a brain tumor. But having either one doesn't mean you will suffer from the other.
      Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) is marked by some or all of these symptoms: the nipple may be flat or inverted, sudden onset (perhaps over a few days/weeks) of swelling of one breast, nipple discharge, pain or itching, redness that may look like the breast is infected, or thick-feeling areas of the breast. The symptoms and appearance of IBC can sometimes cause a doctor to misdiagnose a patient with just an infection, and some feel mammograms can be inconclusive due to breast density at the time of the swelling.
      Invasive breast cancer is graded in stages of 1-5, and at its higher stages has the traits of invading other parts of the body. This means the cancer has spread outside of the membranes of the breast ducts where it usually starts (Stage 0). It DOESN'T necessarily mean that it's spread throughout the WHOLE body. Most likely it has spread to the surrounding tissue of the breast.
      Please keep researching. Get to know your invader and how to deal with it. Explore all options before making a final decision.
      We hope this helps. Good luck in your journey.

      the charityplush.com team

    My uncle is dying from stomach and brain cancer. how many stages are their in brain and stomach cancer?
    Also, I would like to know the symptoms or pretty much what to expect and how the life expectancy. I have been researching it but have not had much luck. So, if possible can you also provide a good website to also help answer my question. Thank you, all answers are greatly appreciated by me and my family.

    • ANSWER:
      There are four stages in cancer.

      I hope this website helps:

brain cancer stages